Doomsday Ring Chapter 283

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The enhancement of the observer is basically in line with Lu Luo’s expectations.

One of the more pleasant surprises is that the effect is copied, and skills can be copied directly, which has greatly improved Lu Luo’s fighting style.

“Continue, strengthen the fusion person.”

[We are strengthening the S-04 fusion person, need: 5000 energy + 3rd class + sequence value 200+Dark Spirit Stone 500g+ A weapon for the elite. 】

【Sequence S-04-Fuser advanced to LV3, the basic effect of the fuser is fully improved. ]

[Your fusion person can synthesize item level +1 at most, and there is no item level limitation.

[Your fuser can fuse energy for you. ]

[Your fuser gains a new effect: improved. ]

Effect 1-Fusion: Fusion item.

Effect 2-Change: Change item.

Effect 3-Improvement: Use a certain item as a benchmark to make improvements.

Introduction: Creator’s hands.


Everything went well. Lu Luo didn’t spend too much effort here and successfully raised the 2 S-Rank sequences to LV3.

But this is just the beginning!

Lu Luo took out the witch’s candy again. This candy is the kind of poisonous candy that the witch Rowling later made.

But with LV3 observers and fusions, the witch candy in front of you has a new role.

【The observer is testing the poisonous candy of the witch for you, and has found 2 effective solutions. 】

【Lu Luo’s Breath of Favor: Witch’s Poisonous Candy*12+Energy 2500+Lu Luo nether flame+Any 3 heterogeneous hearts. ]

[Witch’s Candy: Witch’s Poisonous Candy+ Energy 300+Dark Spirit Stone 5g]

[The great observer once said that you, who have a fusion, originally The most powerful alchemist in the wasteland.

Maybe you used to be a bit misleading, but now, it’s different! 】

Lu Luo’s two advanced transformation schemes for poisonous candy are lost in thought.

This is probably the castrated version of item, and the high-end version of item!

This thing is the benefit of care, although it consumes a lot of money.

But his final product should also be much stronger than witch candy.

However, the judgment of this kind of thing still requires item specific data.

So Lu Luo directly took out 12 poisonous candies of witches and merged them on the spot.

[Integrating Lu Luo’s blessing breath: please wait…]

Energy is constantly being drawn away from Lu Luo’s body, and 12 poisonous candies gradually converge naturally.

Immediately afterwards, Lu Luo took out a Tier 3 heterogeneous heart from his ring and set it aside.

Looking at the fusion candy slowly enveloping the heterogeneous heart.

Finally, Lu Luo released a nether flame!

This strand of nether flame began to continuously refining the mixed items, causing these candies and heterogeneous hearts to gradually lose their original properties.

Finally, after the nether flame is exhausted.

Lu Luo actually got an item between the real thing and the illusion.

This item is a bit like a glittering and translucent small crystal ball, and even has a certain level of floating!

[Lu Luo’s Breath of Favor]

Grade: Epic

Effect: Increase the yearning according to your own will, and increase the attribute by 25 points.

Introduction 1: Great alien alchemy product. Those who are loyal to Lululu can use up to 5 Breaths of Favor, and those who are unfaithful can use up to one.

Introduction 2: This is a product of Lu Luo, the fusion person. Lu Luo cannot be used, and the user’s attribute cannot exceed Lu Luo.

Introduction 3: Breath of Favor cannot be reused with Witch Candy, otherwise it will be invalid.

? ? ?

What do you mean, you can’t use something you make? Bullying honest people, right?

Although Lu Luo can rely on Devourer to greatly and evenly improve the attribute.

But this thing can’t be used by yourself, it’s too bullying.

Fortunately, Qi Xinzhu did not eat candy for them.

Otherwise, the attribute value would be wasted!

Moreover, this thing can also test loyalty, which is Interesting.

“If you can use 5 of this thing, Qi Xinzhu’s single attribute can increase by 125 points!

I’ll drop a boy, this increase is a bit scary! “

Lu Luo thought of the probability of many development directions in an instant.

Not only the development direction of the attributes of one’s own subordinates, but also his own development must be considered.

Then Lu Luo took out the Heart of Nightmare.

【The observer is testing the Heart of Nightmare for you, the observer level is insufficient, please upgrade. 】

Well, this thing about the 8th-order disaster heart, you don’t need to think about it for now.

Since level 8 is not good, what about level 5?

[The observer is testing the witch’s brain for you, and one effective solution has been found so far. 】

[Ball of Vision: Witch’s Brain + Energy 5000+ Rare Grade Crystal Ball 1 + Dark Erosion Item 15kg]

[The observer is testing the fetal sac for you, currently 1 valid solution has been found. 】

【Regeneration spiritual medicine: Child and mother fetal sac + energy 10000 + dawn holy water + holy splendor stone 500g. 】

【The observer is testing the rotten tongue for you, and has found an effective solution. 】

[Tongue Armor of the King of Rotten: Rotten Tongue + Energy 5000+ Rare Grade Metal 25kg + Dark Erosion Item 9kg]

“Fuck, it really works? What a pity to watch There is no specific effect.”

Although no specific effect can be seen, Lu Luo can still get some information from the name of each item.

The Sphere of Vision is obviously a reconnaissance item.

If it is like the surveillance effect of the witch’s orb.

Then the ring base must get one, which is not quite clear how large its surveillance range is.

Then there is the regeneration of spiritual medicine. The concept of this thing is rather vague.

I don’t know if it is a one-time-use item, or if it is continuously effective.

If it is a one-time use item, is it the kind of potion that restores its effect, or the kind of rebirth from a severed limb?

For example, if someone’s cow is broken, can it grow back after drinking it?

These are all questions worth pondering.

In the end, it is the tongue armor of the Lord of Decay, and you know it is an armor item when you hear it.

The armor made of the tongue?

Needless to say, Lu Luo also knows that Qi Xinzhu will definitely not wear this thing.

Gu Fangyi is impossible to wear this kind of heavy armor, which is not in line with his fighting style.

If Qi Xinzhu doesn’t wear it, the meaning of making this armor becomes very small.

Of course, the above situation belongs to Lu Luo’s guess.

The real key to the problem lies in the integration of the integrator and the subsequent resource integration.

If the fusion can be used in this way, then the strength of Ring Studio members will be greatly improved.

Not only in terms of strength attributes, Lu Luo who has a fusion can also greatly increase the equipment of high-end members.

When the time comes brothers, everyone wears epic equipment, how horrible is that?

【Wake up, let’s not talk about the pride of the lord that epic equipment needs, but talk about a piece of equipment 25kg rare metal.

The 9kg eclipse item is not something you can afford to play.

Face reality early and work hard to make money! 】

Lu Luo twitched his lips, if it were before, that many things really cost him a lot of time and energy.

But it is different now. The base is my home, and development depends on everyone.

He that many brothers fight together, can’t make up so much money?

Lu Luo seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, and took out his core weapon, which is Fenrir Six.

【The observer is testing Fenrir’s six formula for you, and has found an effective solution. 】

[Fenrir Six Forms Strengthening: Fenrir Six Forms + Energy 10000+ Unique Nature Lord’s Pride + Dark Spirit Stone 1000g]

“Other things are fine. , What is the pride of a unique lord?”

[For example, the pride of a lord with obvious attributes, such as the rotten tongue, is highly toxic and corrosive.

Or the pride of some lords such as thunder and lightning, flames, and frost. ]

“That’s it!”

Fenrir’s Six Forms are already very strong.

With Lu Luo’s Breath of Thunder and Sword Heart Four Styles, it has already had a strong attack effect.

I don’t have the right lord’s pride to strengthen, so let’s give up decisively!

After the observer and fusion are greatly strengthened, Lu Luo’s thinking becomes clear at once.

What they have to do now is to integrate resources and think about the development direction of the main team.

Then… Ask Brother Kai for money!

“That’s it.”


30 minutes later, Lu Luo returned to the bottom of the base.

This time, Lu Luo found both Zhou Kai and Bai Yuetong.

This is a major event that belongs to the future development of Yuanhuan. They are all shareholders of Yuanhuan, so they all have the right to know.

Furthermore, the fusion of the enhancement of the strength attribute and the fusion of equipment require too much company resources.

These require the approval of all shareholders.

Lu Luo cannot be a dictator just because he is a boss.

Although he can indeed be a dictator.

But sometimes everyone discusses together, there will be some different results.

For example, Gu Fangyi has his own unique understanding of combat and cultivation.

Dimao will also have many constructive suggestions in terms of equipment and vision.

Brother Kai is responsible for such things as operations and fund co-ordination.

As for Qi Xinzhu, she just needs to be responsible for looking good, and she is not a shareholder, she is just Lu Luo’s wife.

After the crowd, Lu Luo did not immediately announce the matters of the meeting, but first went to the witch Rowling.

“Rolin, can you continue to make this kind of candy?”

Lu Luo said, took out a poisonous candy!

But Rowling’s reaction was a little surprised.

“The master asked me to make this kind of candy?”

Lu Luo was taken aback by Luo Lin’s words. What do you mean, do the two kinds of candy have different manufacturing conditions?

[Of course it’s not the same. One is a perfect alchemy item, and the other is a defective alchemy item. How can it be the same? 】

The problem is that what Lu Luo needs now is a defective alchemy item!

“I know the effects of the two kinds of candies are quite different.

Then you can tell me, what are the manufacturing conditions of toxic candies?”

Luo Lin didn’t know if Lu Luo was cheating her, or if she really wanted the conditions for making poisonous candy.

How could anyone need that kind of defective defective product?

“My master, do you really care about that kind of thing?”

Luo Lin began to doubt, but Lu Luo did not show any extra expressions.

This thing is bad information, too important.

“Do I care, is it that important?

I just want to see, Rowling, how much loyalty you have left that’s all.”

At this time, Lu Luo perfectly demonstrated the compelling character of a superior.

Although his strength is not as strong as Nightmare, the appearance of Rowling and Ai Li is also very different.

Luo Lin was originally from Lu Luo summon. She has a level of awe for Lu Luo.

So Lu Luo at this time, pretended to be successful.

“My master, I always remain in awe of you. I just want to live well.”

“I need to see your sincerity, Rowling. “

“Poisonous candy does not need to consume my lifespan.

It is because there is no evolution of lifespan, so it is poisonous.

To make it only I need to consume my dark energy and Dark Spirit Stone.

Of course, I also need enough alien Life Power, which is the purple medicinal liquid made by the Master.”

Lin’s words, Lu Luo’s pupils suddenly shrank!

Perpetual motion machine, he suddenly…obtained a perpetual motion machine!

A perpetual motion machine that can manufacture attributes in batches, enhance strength, and even create large quantities of perpetual motion machines that can be compared to heterogeneous attributes!

This is more than just a wealth password!

As long as there is enough time, resources, Dark Spirit Stone, and if the witch does not die!

The flow channel is the power code, power code, and power code!

Lu Luo’s fingers trembled slightly, but he held it down with his other hand.

Then, the other finger trembled.

[Yes, yes, a little bit of success, OK? 】

Good-for-nothing is good for you?

Lu Luo was silent for a long time and calmed down his shocked mood.

But his silent appearance was in Rowling’s eyes.

That is the profound mystery that cannot be explored.

“What the hell do I have to do, how much candy do I have to make before the master will let me go?”

When Lu Luo was thinking, Rowling was thinking too.

If you can’t beat and beat, you will die if you resist, but obediently and honestly making candy is also dead!

Then the question is, if you manufacture candies obediently and honestly, you can get a lifespan of 20-50 years, is it feasible?

Although it is a bit cruel, it seems feasible.

Since it is feasible, take the initiative to admit it!

“Master, I am willing to give everything for you, earnestly make witch candy for you, and will never make rude behaviors again.

I only hope that the master can give more I will leave some lifespan.”

Luo Lin was talking seriously while dragging her broken body, crawling in front of Lu Luo.

Looking at Rowling, who was already crawling under her feet, Lu Luo smiled slightly.

If Rowling cooperates enough, then this matter is basically settled.

Witch Rowling, will become the most advanced strategic material of Transcender Company.

Her existence means that the future of Circle will become stronger and stronger.

It can even be strong enough to fight against the hunter in a short period of time.

“Rowling, I feel your sincerity, but…”

“But what?”

“But I don’t need you anymore. Went to make witch candy for me.

Compared with that kind of troublesome thing, I think now.

Poisonous candy is more convenient and effective.”

Lu Luo took out a poisonous candy and placed it in front of the witch Rowling.

Luo Lin was surprised to pick up the poisonous candy. This time, she really didn’t understand Lu Luo’s meaning. UU reading www. uukānshu. com

“Master, are you cracking a joke?

This thing can damage your body, and even the strongest lord-level monster cannot avoid it.”

< p>“I know, but the thing I need is poisonous candy.

Make it for me, which is what you need to do next. Don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly.”< /p>

Rowling was stunned for a long time, then crawled on the ground again.

“Thank you, master, I will work hard for you.

This World will become great because of your existence.”

“Although rainbow farts are nice, you obviously don’t know how to shoot my flattery.

Work hard, work hard is more important than anything else.”

“I I understand.”

Ending the conversation with the witch Rowling, Lu Luo took the shareholder group of four and held a small meeting on the spot.

“Brother Luo, what’s the situation?” Zhou Kai spoke first.

“Brother Kai, we posted it!”

Looking at Lu Luo’s excited expression, Zhou Kai’s heart was convulsed.

Because every time Lu Luo shows this expression, he needs to ask him for money.

“Brother Luo, let me tell you the truth, the family is quite poor.

Let’s stop posting and live a good life, okay?”

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