Doomsday Ring Chapter 284

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Looking at Zhou Kai’s uncomfortable expression, Lu Luo was also a little uncomfortable.

All brothers came out of the orphanage, and they bleed together.

The family has been poor for more than a year, and Brother Kai has suffered!

“Brother Kai, at the eighteenth year of that year, at the school gate, we stood like myself

Since that day, I, Lu Luo, vowed to rise up.

Go for wealth and do not forget each other. Starting today, this is the opportunity for our rise!”

[So the way you are rich is to ask Brother Kai for money? 】

Lu Luo ignores the observer at all.

He strangled Zhou Kai’s neck with his arms, almost holding Zhou Kai out of breath.

“Well, you Lu Luo, you want to kill someone!”

“Brother Kai, look back, there are hunters outside.”

Zhou Kai knows If you don’t give me money today, I’m afraid I can’t leave.

“Brother Luo, stop struggling, I’m really dying, how much do you want, can’t I give it to you?”

The hand of Zhou Kai patted Lu Luo finally recognized Confuse.

When Zhou Kai let go, Lu Luo said embarrassedly:

“This is not a matter of more money and less money…”

Zhou Kai One Listening, I wiped the sweat from my forehead.

He has understood what Lu Luo means.

Since it is not a question of more money and less money, it is a question of continuing to give money.

And looking at Lu Luo’s appearance, I’m afraid it is the kind that can be done by continuously giving a lot of money.

“Brother Luo, it is not easy for Yuanhuan to develop to the point where it is today!”

“I know.”

“Making money is such a thing, It’s not easy.”

“I know.”

“Do you know you still have to ask for money all day? Is it bad to be a person?”

Zhou Kai His eyes flickered a little, as if tears were about to fall.

Paying for money makes it hard for anyone to come.

Zhou Kai, who has been scared of being poor since childhood, has an inexplicable intimacy with money, so it is even more uncomfortable.

Lu Luo hurried to appease Zhou Kai. They are all good brothers, so things should be made clear.

“Brother Kai, at present I have a method that can hardly require a particularly high price.

You can improve your basic strength.

This method It has greatly improved your basic strength.

It can even allow you to have physical attributes comparable to alien species in a short period of time.”

“What did you say?” Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu spoke in unison.

As a very good transcender, they naturally understand the importance of physical attributes.

Not only them, almost all transcenders understand the importance of physical attributes.

But not all transcenders can exercise their physical attributes to the point where they can be compared with different species.

There is also only Lu Luo because of Devourer.

Only in 1 year, the attribute value can be increased to the point where it can be compared with the lord alien species.

hunter Strength Path is also because all the dark energy is used to nourish the body, so that it can have an attribute comparable to that of a different species.

But even so, their attributes will have huge flaws.

For example, Yang Liya’s strength and agility are both over 300, but physique does not reach the level of 100.

If a person can achieve attributes comparable to different species, and can stably cultivation various energy cultivation techniques.

Then their battle strength strength can reach Lu Luo this level!

If their attribute strength can be close to Lu Luo.

Then their battle strength can reach the level of the little Lu Luo.

This is why Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi are shocked.

They can understand the power of this ability, but Zhou Kai and Bai Yuetong do not understand the meaning of Lu Luo’s words.

Bai Yuetong is not interested in cultivation at all, while Zhou Kai is a mixed, pure mixed kind!

Moreover, his way of thinking is very peculiar, which is kind of peculiar which makes sense.

Yuanhuan now has a lot of battle strength, if the ring is really forced to require him to take action.

The circle is not far from extinction.

Since once he takes the shot,

the company is not far from death, then why should he cultivation?

The company is so busy, don’t you want to make money?

If he doesn’t earn money well, where does the cultivation cost of Brother Luo and Brother Gu come from?

Where does the research funding for Duan Mao come from?

Brother Luo is now working on a new project, where does the money come from?

So for Zhou Kai, helping the company make money is the most important thing.

Cultivation is not important at all.

If Luo Ge Gu Ge, Qi Xinzhu these people can not withstand it.

Then there is no use for him to fight.

So, if the brothers’ battle strength can be greatly improved, Zhou Kai is more willing to pay.

“Brother Luo, is the kind of thing you said, very difficult to deal with?”

Zhou Kai looked towards Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu for unknown reasons.

Don’t say Qi Xinzhu, Luo brother’s wife, two of them wear a pair of pants, I can’t believe it.

Gu Ge is still more reliable.

Wait, Brother Gu and Brother Luo…? ? ?

Sure enough, Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu hadn’t spoken to explain yet, Gu Fangyi took the lead.

“Brother Kai, if what Luo Ge said is true and effective, our strength will be an amazing improvement.

The company can indeed take off.

I believe in Brother Luo, so, give the money Brother Kai!”

Zhou Kai has a bitter face, meow, Gu Fangyi and Lu Luo absolutely have an affair.

As a result, no company is a money-saver.

“Okay, okay, even if the thing you said is very difficult to deal with, it’s okay.

Then you guys, what do you want to do now?”

< p>All the shareholders have unanimous opinions, which is naturally something to be happy about.

Lu Luo smiled nodded and began to issue his own commands.

“I want Dark Spirit Stone, enough Dark Spirit Stone, rare metals, and Blue Heavens’ purple bottle solution.

Then I need to deploy my troops and reorganize the defensive end of the base. .

The position of the witch Rowling also needs to be transferred.

She will move from the position on the third floor of the base to the bottom of the base, which is the rock cave.”


“Rock Cave?”

The expressions of the other people were a little confused, they all knew that although the base had only 3 floors.

But the so-called 3-story is just an area with human buildings.

Under the third floor, at the bottom of the base, there is a layer of rock caves.

Lu Luo’s white snake has always been there.

In fact, Lu Luo did not tell them that besides the white snake, there are many other kinds of alien species at the bottom of the rock.

They will be the last line of defense for the entire circle base.

Now Rowling the Witch has become the highest strategic material of the entire company.

Then naturally need to be placed in the safest place.

In this way, I can take Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi to move a little bit more freely.

Now he doesn’t need Rowling the Witch to spend lifespan to make candies.

It shouldn’t be Rowling the Witch to reject her proposal.

After hearing Lu Luo’s arrangement, Zhou Kai still gave different opinions.

“Brother Luo, let’s not talk about the eclipse item. Now the Fourth Ring also has the generation of eclipse item.

Although there are not that many outside, it’s okay.

But rare metals will not work. That thing is too expensive.

Generally speaking, only the alchemists in the inner ring can make rare metals.

The price was still good before. Reasonably, in the current situation of the inner ring and outer ring, the price of rare metals is about to break through the sky.”

What Zhou Kai said is the truth, in fact, the current ring is not particularly short of money.

Because the work system arranged by Lu Luo is a very reasonable hidden exploitation policy.

It is the system of extra pay for overtime work. The people of the wasteland who have not experienced the extra pay system for overtime work are as crazy as they are fighting.

Lu Luo even set up rest days for these people, but set up double wages for the rest days.

This has caused the workers in the Circle Territory to work frantically, working overtime, working, and continuing to work overtime.

Work overtime at night, and work overtime on rest days!

In the past, the wages of the bottom employees were 160. Now the circle points given by Lu Luo are the economic currency circulating inside the circle.

It can almost reach the purchasing power of the previous 500-600 alliance currency.

It turned over 3-4 times, and they didn’t want to work overtime.

But there is no way, Lu Luo has given too much.

The workers are afraid that they will not be able to make that many money in the future, so they are all willing to make money at this knot.

Whether you are looking for a woman or saving it, you can get the money first.

Because of this policy, the current circle is abundant in terms of resource collection and Dark Spirit Stone.

But things like rare metals are different.

The ring does not have the technology to produce this thing.

Not only the ring, the entire Fourth Ring does not have such technical conditions.

If you want large quantities of rare metals, I’m afraid I can only import them from the inner ring.

Lu Luo frowned slightly, if there is no way to make up for the gap in the rare metal.

Then you can only implement the attribute plan, not the equipment plan.

Because of the fusion equipment manufacturing, rare metals are necessary.

“If this is the case…then the equipment development, let’s slow it down for a while.”

Lu Luo said with some regret.

However, at this time, Dumao took the initiative to pull Lu Luo’s finger.

“Rare metals, I have a way.”

“You have a way? You haven’t been in contact with the inner ring for so long, what can you do?”


Lu Luo doesn’t really want Bai Yuetong to connect with the inner ring.

Because I have not given Bai Yuetong a satisfactory answer so far.

Lu Luo always feels that it is better not to contact the inner ring until the dust settles on his relationship with Daomao.

Because he found that there are quite a lot of people thinking about dumb hair.

“When it’s about the development of the circle, you don’t want to be machismo, Lu Luo.

I said there is a way, then there is a way.

And it is ready-made, no need to contact the inner ring.”


“Come with me.”

With doubts, Lu Luo followed Bai Yuetong to her giant office.

Bai Yuetong opened his mecha storage room, and the white mecha with scars was standing there quietly.

“What do you mean? Your mecha?”

Lu Luo asked uncertainly.

“Yes, the main armor material of this mecha is rare metal, Crow defensive alloy.

The main defensive armor part is about 55%.

My estimated weight of rare metals can reach 2 tons.

2 tons of rare metals should be able to maintain the company for a period of time, right?”

Bai Yuetong’s straightforwardness and generosity made Lu Luo a little not knowing what to do for a while.

The mecha in front of her was clearly followed by Bai Yuetong from the very beginning. This mecha should be very important to her, right?

Lu Luo didn’t say anything like this or something like that, and there are suspicions for saying that.

There is no doubt that they really need rare metals now.

If Bai Yuetong is really willing to melt mecha out, then he will definitely want it, Lu Luo.

But on Bai Yuetong’s side, he also needs to give enough compensation.

“Bai Yuetong, are you serious?”

Daimao brushed his hair and said generously:

“Are you Think I’m generous and want to repay me? Too naive Lu Luo.

You probably not quite clear our family’s financial resources, and not quite clear if I return to the inner ring, they will give it to me. Support.

It’s just a mecha, we will return to the inner ring soon.

After returning to the inner ring, I will immediately get a new mecha.

even more how, I have now begun to design and research the structure mecha.

This kind of mechanical mecha may never be used in the future.”

That’s right, but Lu Luo always feels that being dumbfounded is a disadvantage.

“But these things are all yours after all…”

“What mine is yours, Lu Luo, you remember for me, my things are yours.

If it weren’t for you, maybe I would have lost in Noah.”

Bai Yuetong looked at Lu Luo seriously, while Qi Xinzhu on the side turned his head away.

These two guys, they really don’t exist anymore!


Forget it, staying with Mao is also for the company, so it’s better not to deal with her.

Lu Luo frowned. Now the Dark Spirit Stone, rare metals, and energy are already sufficient.

So next, we can really try some things.

“Well, Brother Kai will prepare supplies now. I will go to Rowling the Witch to collect poisonous candies.

Qi Xinzhu, Gu Ge, Bai Yuetong, the three of you are smelting here This mecha.

We split up and gather at the bottom of the base at night.”


With Lu Luo, it’s clear After the order, Yuanhuan, a group that was already considered a large company, became fully operational.

Some members of extraordinary battle strength were transferred to the third floor of the company to take turns on defense.

After scheduling, the defense force here has surpassed the outer defense force of the ring.

The players are also curious about what is at the bottom of the base, but no one dares to ask.

And even if you ask, no one will say.

Zhou Kai began to quickly adjust the Dark Spirit Stone and some other materials that Lu Luo needed.

Lu Luo himself began to supervise the witch Rowling to make poisonous candies.

Because it was the first batch, Lu Luo asked the witch Rowling to make 60 poisonous candies.

This puts a lot of pressure on Rowling the Witch.

Although poisonous candies do not need to consume Rowling’s lifespan, the consumption of Dark Spirit Stone and the dark energy of the body is real.

Moreover, it consumes more than normal witch candy.

So after making another 60 poisonous candies, Rowling was already too tired and lying prostrate on the ground.

“Sorry, master, I really don’t have dark power.

Moreover, my physical exertion is very huge and I need time to recover. I’m sorry.”

Lu Luo is very satisfied with 60 poisonous candies in his hand. Naturally, he can no longer force Rowling at this time.

“You have done a good job, Rowling, I am very satisfied.

Next, take a good rest. This is the reward you deserve.”

Lu Luo took out a bottle of life energy potion with about 200 points and handed it to Rowling.

This thing is a poison to humans, but it should be a very attractive thing to alien species.

Rowling lying on the ground was a little surprised. She didn’t expect that not only did her current job not need to consume lifespan, but she could also get rewards.

In the past, this was simply impossible.

“Thank you for your generosity, my master, I will work hard.”

“Okay, take a good rest!”

Lu Luo take With the candy, he left the bottom of the base with satisfaction.

Rowling panted while lying on the ground until the white snake suddenly appeared next to her.

si si hiss!

Rowling looked at the white snake, especially the long eyebrows, with some surprise.

“Are you kind of Thunder Beast! Are you also a master’s summon?”

White Snake looked at Rowling a little arrogantly, as if to express his status, and then nodded .

Although it has not broken through to the lord level, it does not hinder its pride!

“The beast of the contract! It seems that the owner still has a lot of things that he doesn’t know. UU reading”

The witch Rowling was grinned, and Lu Luo’s performance made her Seeing some hope, it also gave her a new idea.

She originally thought that Lu Luo would exploit her until death.

But now it seems that this master is still somewhat different.

If she can show her value, can her life be more stable and safe?

“Don’t be proud of the little white snake! Battle strength this thing is very important.

But humans can deal with different species for that many years, in addition to battle strength, but also their Wisdom.

The difference between me and you is that I have enough wisdom!

Little white snake, learn it!”

The white snake has some thunder scales I don’t quite understand Rowling’s meaning.

In its view, Rowling is just a dilapidated and weak lord level, and there is nothing to be proud of.

But it subconsciously felt that what the witch Rowling said seemed to make sense.

Is wisdom really more important than strength?

It hopes that it can break through to the lord level, so that it can better help the owner.

So, can the witch in front of him help it?

Just use what it says, wisdom?

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