Doomsday Ring Chapter 285

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In Bai Yuetong’s office, the smelting of white mecha has begun.

The ghost bride Lu Mengna lay on Bai Yuetong’s shoulder very considerately.

As a ghost species, she can better feel human emotions.

So she also knew that Bai Yuetong’s heart was not as indifferent as she showed.

Bai Yuetong looks at the mecha that has been hung up and put into the melting furnace at any time, whispered:

“Goodbye, little white flower!”

At this time, the white mecha was covered with scars, and these are all driving marks of Bai Yuetong.

It is precisely because the armor of little white flower is made of rare metals, Bai Yuetong has never repaired it.

When the white mecha was put into the smelting furnace, Bai Yuetong’s heart seemed to be fiercely grabbed.

Lu Dina hurriedly hugged her, indicating that she was still there.

But Bai Yuetong’s face is still expressionless.

“It’s okay, Sister Na, everyone will grow up, and I am no exception!

Little white flower has done everything mecha can do.

< p>Now it can help me and Lu Luo. This is its final mission.”

As Lu Luo once said, Bai Yuetong is proud, naughty, and Like to be emotional.

But on the main issues, she can handle everything.

Bai Yuetong’s super high IQ gave her enough reason.

In the matter of smelting mecha, her sanity tells her that doing so can greatly help Lu Luo and the company.

So she did.

Her emotional intelligence is not high, so reason is the main reason that governs judgment.

But the pain in my heart is not fake.

Looking at the smelting furnace, Bai Yuetong’s eyes did not blink, and no one could say that he felt uncomfortable.

But at this time, Qi Xinzhu slowly walked over and put his palm on Bai Yuetong’s shoulder.

The rays of light of the holy splendor and the healer gradually dispelled the haze in Bai Yuetong’s heart.

“Are you sad?”

Qi Xinzhu knew that he came to comfort Bai Yuetong, which was a bit unreasonable.

But Lu Luo is not there, and the relationship between other people and Bai Yuetong is not up to that point.

At this time, it seems that only oneself can comfort her.

However, Bai Yuetong naturally doesn’t appreciate it at this time. She looked at Qi Xinzhu and raised her head slightly.

“Qi Xinzhu, don’t you talk to me as a winner, okay?

You are just one step ahead.”

Bai Yuetong’s mouth is hard, but his body is more honest.

The dispelling power released by Qi Xinzhu was very comfortable, and she couldn’t help but rubbed it.

Qi Xinzhu was stunned by Bai Yuetong. Although he was a little angry, it was just like what Bai Yuetong said.

She already owns Lu Luo completely, so, um, be generous.

“The word “successful” is not used well. If you want to, you have to think of a way.

After all, we will be back to the inner ring soon, you should understand What do you mean?”

Bai Yuetong stayed in a daze, why Qi Xinzhu didn’t stop it, but instead encouraged her.

Do you want to pull an ally of your own before returning to the inner ring?

“Qi Xinzhu…what does it feel like?”

Qi Xinzhu hasn’t answered yet, Gu Fangyi on the side can’t stand it anymore.

These two women, what are the words of tiger and wolf? He cleared his throat.

“cough cough, mecha has already begun to smelt. If nothing is wrong with me, I will go out and let the wind go.”

Farting wind in the base, Gu Fangyi just doesn’t want to stay That’s it.

How can anyone kill a dog in the house? It’s too much.

After Gu Fangyi left, Qi Xinzhu looked at Bai Yuetong a little embarrassed.

“The beauty of the world, if you want to know how it feels, then try it yourself!”

“che, what’s so great.”

Dai Mao is still arrogant,

But what she is thinking at this time is if Qi Xinzhu didn’t make that call before.

She and Lu Luo, are they already…

What are you thinking about? They are not romantic at all.


At night, the five Lu Luo gathered again in Lu Luo’s office.

Different from the previous few times, Lu Luo is ready to show his power to these trusted companions this time.

In other words, I haven’t actually seen the huge impact brought by the real thing.

Let them understand the new effects of the Fusion, which will help them increase their confidence.

“Are you ready?”



Enough Dark Spirit Stone, a solution for storing life energy, and rare metals smelted from Bai Yuetong.

The items are placed in front of Lu Luo the same.

When everything is ready, Lu Luo is ready to start directly.

“Do you need to avoid it?” Qi Xinzhu asked actively.

Qi Xinzhu knows that Lu Luo has many secrets, as the closest person to Lu Luo.

She feels that she has the responsibility to protect Lu Luo’s secrets.

There are some things that Lu Luo is inconvenient to say, so let her be the villain.

But this time Lu Luo waved his hand directly.

“No, everyone will watch this time.”

Lu Luo took out the candy he had brought back from Rowling from his pocket.

Then use the Fusion directly to start fusion.

[Integrating Lu Luo’s blessings: please wait…]

It is still the previous scene, the life energy is constantly being drawn away, and 12 poisonous candies are once again The land converges naturally.

This refining seems to be more skilled and faster than the last time.

“Layer 3 heterogeneous heart.”


After Lu Luo’s order, Zhou Kai took out and was ready The third-order heterogeneous heart.

Lu Luo controls the mucus formed by the candy and slowly wraps the heterogeneous heart.

The final step is still the burning of the nether flame.

nether flame can burn all the impurities of the item. Although it does not have any temperature, it can extract many objects from their original state.

For example, the physical form of an object.

After a period of heating, the nether flame is gradually exhausted.

An item between the real thing and the illusion appeared in front of everyone.

It’s still the same as the previous one, this blessing breath is still in a floating state.

“Brother Luo, Brother Luo! This thing is actually floating.”

Zhou Kai said in a little surprise, not only him, including Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi. Very surprised.

After all, this is the first time I have seen Lu Luo use Fusion.

This peculiar ability is really amazing.

“Yes, it is floating.”

“Does it have any effect?”

Lu Luo doesn’t know how to describe this thing After thinking about the effect, he decided to write it down on paper.

“This thing is called Breath of Favor.”

Lu Luo did not say the full name of Breath of Favor. It would be too arrogant to do that.

However, after he wrote down the specific effects of Breath of Favor, Zhou Kai became curious again.

“Brother Luo, what is the 25-point attribute based on?

How do you know the effect? ​​Have you ever tried it?

How do you feel when you eat it? Are there really no side effects?”

[What a clever ghost! 】

“Brother Kai!”

“What are you doing?”

“I really want to give you a punch.”

” Understand, I shut up.”

After finishing the refining of the Breath of Favor, Lu Luo took out the previous Breath of Favor.

“Although I can guarantee that this thing is absolutely non-toxic and harmless, I still have to say, think about it, and then use it.”

Lu Luo tone barely fell, Qi Xinzhu He took a blessing breath.

This behavior is like the previous questioning, helping Lu Luo make a statement in front of everyone.

“Eat directly?”

Lu Luo also understands what Qi Xinzhu means, but this kind of trust is still very comfortable.

He first checked the attributes of Qi Xinzhu today.

[Qi Xinzhu, Level 3 Light Admirer, Sequence S-05 Healer, Sequence Aillusion, Sequence B Bright Affinity.

attribute: Strength 31, Agility 29, Physique 25. ]

After the observer is upgraded, the prompt is much more detailed.

As a powerful milk, Qi Xinzhu didn’t know the strategy of adding physique, which is too wasteful.

Starting from today, I will teach her a lesson.

“Xinzhu, wait.”

“What’s wrong?”

“In the process of eating, bring your mind closer to physique, body, Defense.

My requirement for you is to improve the defense attributes as much as possible!

Don’t think about speed and power, trust me, understand?”

< p>Lu Luo’s request is very strange, Qi Xinzhu also became a little confused.

The most important cultivation direction of transcender, shouldn’t it be power and speed?

Everyone is pursuing faster and stronger, whether it is the church, the gendarmerie, or the hunter.

There is usually nothing wrong with pursuing power and speed.

But now Lu Luo actually asks her to favor physique, Qi Xinzhu doesn’t quite understand it.

“Does Lu Luo really want to do this?”

“Yes, physique!”


As a Light Admirer, a real warrior, Qi Xinzhu has always grasped the cultivation of his speed and strength very tightly.

But now Lu Luo asks her to develop in physique and defense, she can only do so.

No way, she is now Lu Luo’s woman. Cooperating with Lu Luo is what she should do.

“He asked me to improve physique. Isn’t it a weird idea?”

Qi Xinzhu, who was cranky, finally swallowed a blessing.

When this thing is put in the mouth, it is like a sudden crack of ice.

It melted quickly, and then flowed into my own limbs!

Physique, defense!

Qi Xinzhu muttered silently while feeling the enhancement of his body attribute by the breath of blessing.

Dan energy and something that is not easy to describe are gradually changing their physique.

Qi Xinzhu can feel that his mental state is more complete, and his physical strength seems to be gradually increasing.

She slowly extended the hand, and suddenly found that the effect of her healer had been enhanced.

“Lu Luo, this feeling?”

“Don’t worry, continue.”

The other three are also looking at Qi Xinzhu at this time , How should I say, after Qi Xinzhu swallowed that blessing breath.

She actually exudes a unique temperament of Lu Luo!

Bai Yuetong is most sensitive to this kind of temperament.

“Lu Luo, does this thing have a lot to do with you?

After Qi Xinzhu uses this thing, he has your breath.”

< p>Bai Yuetong’s sudden question made Lu Luo a little surprised, but there is nothing to hide in this regard.

I didn’t say before that it was just that he didn’t want to pretend, but now I have asked all the questions, so let’s say it clearly.

“Yes, the full name of this thing is called Lu Luo’s Breath of Favor.

It was created by my power, and only my companions can use it. “

Lu Luo didn’t say that he must be a person who is loyal to him before he can use multiple blessings.

He didn’t want the relationship between himself and these people to change.

However, Bai Yuetong seemed to have noticed something, but she was only gently nodded and stopped talking.

On the other hand, Qi Xinzhu’s enhancement is finally completed.

When Lu Luo looked towards her again, Qi Xinzhu’s physique attribute had reached 50 points.

Qi Xinzhu looked at Lu Luo with some surprises, and she was naturally very happy because the breath of care was effective.

“Lu Luo, I feel my physical strength has increased a lot!”

“Don’t worry, let’s continue.”


Rowling made more than 90 candies last time, a total of more than 40 are poisonous.

In addition to the current 60, Lu Luo can create a total of 8 Breath of Favor.

Because of not wanting to have any accidents, Lu Luo decided to directly fill the attribute values ​​of Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi.

“There are still 7 in my hand, and up to 5 for Breath of Favor.

Qi Xinzhu will eat 3 of these seven Breath of Favor, and 4 will be eaten by Brother Gu. One.

The strengthening of others, temporarily postponed.”


In fact, the most reasonable plan is for Qi Xinzhu to eat 5 directly. Avoid extraneous branches.

The worse situation now is that Lu Luo’s own attribute value does not meet the standard.

The attributes of the patrons cannot exceed the attributes of Lu Luo. Lu Luo’s current physique is only over 140, so Qi Xinzhu can’t eat 5.

This is more embarrassing, after eating 4 Breaths of Favor.

Qi Xinzhu’s physique has come to 125, all enhancing physique.

Gu Fangyi has 98 agility, 40 strength, three agility, and 1 strength enhancement.

“Xinzhu, Brother Gu, how do you feel?”

“My physique has become stronger?”

Qi Xinzhu’s expression is a bit weird, but Lu Luo is only satisfied with nodded.

“Your future combat strategy, I will tell you slowly later, where is Gu?”

“I am now, really strong!”

Compared with Qi Xinzhu physique’s less obvious improvement, Gu Fangyi’s strength and agility are improved, and the effect is too significant.

His speed and control are several times stronger than before.

Just took a few pills, which is incredible.

“It doesn’t matter, there are still many opportunities to be strong in the future. This is just the beginning.”

Lu Luo is pretty sure that the effect of the Fusion is definitely not as simple as a blessing.

He is going to the inner ring, he is looking for more peculiar alchemy materials, and then reforming them. UU Reading

Even if he can’t use many things himself, it doesn’t matter. If brothers can use them, he will have many more powerful helpers.

A person’s energy is limited. The more people who are available, the faster one’s development will be.


After helping them to strengthen the attribute, Lu Luo’s current energy is only more than 7000 left.

This energy value can only create a lord epic item.

Choose one of the crystal ball and the tongue armor of the rotten king.

Under normal circumstances, Lu Luo would definitely choose crystal ball, but now there are no rare crystals, only rare metals.

The crystal ball project can only be temporarily shelved, and the tongue armor can be made first.

Lu Luo took out Gaum’s tongue and placed it on the ground.

“Okay, the attribute is strong. Next, I will use Gaum’s tongue to make an armor.”

Compared with the previous refining drugs, this armor refining System, the interest of Mao Mao is mostly.

“You make armor? How do you make it?”


“Biological items are directly refined into equipment? Hands?”


“Strong hands, create miracles?”

“It’s me, I use my hands to achieve your dream.”

“Lu Luo, do you play too many games?”

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