Doomsday Ring Chapter 287

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Eastern Ring’s spring is not particularly cold anymore. Lu Luo and the others are eating a midnight barbecue while thinking about their future.

Up to now, Lu Luo has already determined his ideals, such as marrying a few wives and giving birth to more than 20 children.

Of course, it is very difficult to realize this ideal, because the identities of his wives are so special.

He has to pass the church pass, the Parliament pass, and the judge pass, and finally the whole wasteland alliance rule pass.

Unless one day he is really strong and unimpeded.

Otherwise, it is still very difficult to realize this simple ideal.

Compared with Lu Luo, Gu Fangyi’s mind is much purer.

He wants to become stronger quickly, cultivation.

The substantial increase in attributes gave him more ambitions.

The gap between the original and the inner ring transcender, especially the church transcender, has been completely made up this time, and even surpassed.

Now he can already help Lu Luo and guard the circle!

Zhou Kai is even simpler, if the previous circle will be considered for comprehensive development.

But now the strategy is even more straightforward, Dark Spirit Stone! Rare metals! Undercut item.

All the resources of the circle should be moved towards these three directions, especially the Dark Spirit Stone, the current gap is very large.

Because 100 poisonous candies, it is necessary to consume nearly 4-5kg Dark Spirit Stone.

They need more money to be able to grow stronger.

But this kind of growth is also worthwhile, they will soon have a very strong team.

Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong have similar ideas.

They are all worried whether Lu Luo will be hindered when he goes to the inner ring after more than 20 days.

Will their family like Lu Luo?

This is a very important thing.

Although they are all grown-ups, adults can also control their lives.

But their identities are different, they are too special.

Qi Xinzhu is also worried about whether his loss will cause Lu Luo trouble.

Although the church is a place of bright faith, there are also many lunatics in the church.

If things about myself and Lu Luo are together, if it spreads in the church.

Some of the younger and crazy believers are likely to line up to challenge Lu Luo.

Qi Xinzhu knows Lu Luo’s temper.

Although he looks hehe haha, he is not willing to suffer.

“Hey! I hope everything goes well.”

When Qi Xinzhu struggled, Bai Yuetong also had a similar struggle.

In fact, Luo Family’s pressure is not bad. Although she does not follow Luo Xuemin’s surname Luo, Luo Xuemin loves her very much.

Luo Xuemin will try her best to satisfy what she wants and things.

Therefore, Bai Yuetong is not particularly worried about the pressure on Parliament with his own father.

But her mother is different, Bai Qingshuang is too strong.

Her identity, status, and strength will give people a feeling of breathlessness.

It can be seen from the fact that she has been living with Luo Xuemin, but her name has been changed to Bai Yuetong.

Bai Qingshuang is a person with a very strong desire for control.

She will not allow others to disobey, even her own daughter.

For this reason, Bai Yuetong is a little anxious. She wants to go to the last step with Lu Luo as soon as possible.

Bai Yuetong felt that his mother would recognize Lu Luo only after the two had a definite relationship.

The five youngsters, with their own minds, ate the barbecue on the table one by one.

The sky is still cloudy, but they are all hopeful!


2nd day, Lu Luo packed his luggage and got up from his bed.

Although he has the intention to go further with Bai Yuetong, he can’t be in front of Qi Xinzhu.

That’s too much, so I can only come back to sleep on my own!

Today should be what Lu Xiaotian said,

Lu Luo decided to wait near the security bureau by himself.

He has never seen anything special about the 7th-level expert.

If you can see the speciality of the 7th-level expert this time, it will be very helpful to his future strength development.

“I’m leaving!”

“Be careful.” Daimao and Qi Xinzhu came out to give him away.

They also heard about Lu Luo going out today, and they also knew the reason for this incident.

At this time, I was naturally obedient and didn’t want to mess with Lu Luo at all.

“Well, it’s okay.”

And Lu Luo is also happy that the two women get along with each other, which is a comforting thing.

However, Qi Xinzhu obviously does not want to simply stay in the base.

She is also a transcender, she also has her own pursuit.

“Lu Luo, let me go with you! I also want to see battles belonging to Tier 7.”

Such battles are not easy to see even in the inner ring. .

Because of the peculiarities of the 7th level, many times the 7th level expert will not make a move. Now that there is a chance, she naturally wants to see it.

“Brother Luo, I want to go too.”

After Qi Xinzhu spoke, Gu Fangyi also stood up.

But he has the responsibility of guarding the base. If Lu Luo does not let him go, he has nothing to say.

But this time Lu Luo was unexpectedly easy to talk.

“Okay, let’s go together.”

Because he also knows that for the transcender, the battle of Tier 7 is really not to be missed.

Not many people know this news, and the three main forces of them leave without any problems.

And even if something goes wrong, the white snakes are still there, enough to defend the base.


Qi Xinzhu and Gu Fangyi were very excited when Lu Luo agreed.

This is a rare opportunity for thousands of years. I must take a closer look.


In the early morning, the three of Lu Luo had already used jet belts and came to a tall building in the north of the security bureau.

The location here is high enough to be the tallest building in this area.

Observing the surroundings here, you can take the process of the battle in the entire scene.

Lu Luo has observers and Gu Fangyi has eagle eyes, so the two of them don’t need to bring any auxiliary equipment.

Only Qi Xinzhu has Telescope here. No way, she doesn’t have a reconnaissance sequence. In this case, she can only use item assistance.

As soon as they set foot on the tall building, Lu Luo felt something was wrong.

Here, there are others!

“Who? Come out!”

Gu Fangyi and Qi Xinzhu immediately took out their weapons and were ready to fight.

The people behind the roof of the building were not unexpected by Lu Luo.

Tong Meng, Tong Yan, Tong Yuan, and Qin Wanyu.

The four servants of the nightmare.

These four servants, Lu Luo has been in contact many times, and the four of them are indeed Lu Xiaotian’s most ideal team.

Maybe the strength of the four of them is not the strongest in the Nightmare camp.

Don’t say anything else, even the old Lizardmen Kuding, I’m afraid they are better than these.

But the four of them also have their own special advantages, that is, they are definitely the alien species closest to humans in the nightmare camp.

Qin Wanyu does not say that she is a human being.

The three daughters of Tong Yu, Tong Meng, and Tong Yan also have the complete appearance and body shape of a human being.

In addition to child resentment, there are also some expressive qualities of cat demon, Tong Yan and Tong Meng are completely normal women.

Lu Luo would not be able to distinguish the identities of these people if he did not know that the other party was a different species and did not use observers.

This is the reason why Nightmare has been carrying a few of them.

Qin Wanyu and Lu Luo looked at each other and didn’t speak, but the white fox Tongyan on the side spoke first.

“Where do you not meet in life, Mr. Lu Luo.”

For these servants of Lu Xiaotian, Lu Luo is still not sure about his attitude and relationship with them. .

If it is an enemy, it is not suitable for his current relationship with Lu Xiaotian.

If Lu Xiaotian wins next, she has a high probability of starting directly from Yang Liya and taking over the hunter.

When the time comes, the Lu Xiaotian camp is the real East Fourth Ring barrier.

Lu Luo needs to quietly develop his own power under the wings of Lu Xiaotian.

But if they are friends, there have been various grievances between the two parties before.

Including the arrest of Qi Xinzhu, Qin Wanyu’s care of him, etc., it is very complicated, but Lu Luo does not think they are friends.

So when the two groups of people meet, the atmosphere is still relatively rigid.

“Your master asked me to come. If you don’t want to fight, there will be extra branches.

If your master’s plan fails, it is best to shut up here, fox. “

Baihu Tongyan is one of Lu Luo’s most annoying.

The reason why he hates Tong Yan is also very simple. He used to be outside the Red Bai City Fort, although it was Tong Yan.

But the observer’s information told him that Chen Mo got his strength from Tong Yan.

Moreover, the rescue of Chen Mo was also led by Tong Yan.

At this time, Tong Yan speaks first. Of course, Lu Luo will not give her a good face.

After Lu Luo’s threat, Tong Yan’s expression is also ugly.

Lu Luo is right. In order to avoid extraneous branches, it is impossible for them to fight here at this time.

In case their battle attracted the attention of the inner ring expert, which caused Lu Xiaotian’s plan to fail.

The character of Lu Xiaotian will definitely kill them all.

Don’t look at Lu Xiaotian’s usual smile, she will never be soft when she starts her hands.

Because the nightmare itself is the source of pain and resentment, the power of level 8 calamity is not cracking a joke.

“It seems that Mr. Lu Luo doesn’t like us very much, Qin Wanyu!

Since the other party doesn’t like us, there is no point in staying here.


Let’s go, change a place, stay here, it will only be embarrassing.”

After Tong Yan finished speaking, she stroked her long white tail. Then turned and left.

But after she left, the other three women did not leave.

Lu Luo Mimi did not speak, but stared at Tong Yu, Tong Meng and Qin Wanyu on the opposite side.

Tong Yuan looked at Lu Luo, subconsciously began to lick his palm.

However, this action naturally attracted Lu Luo’s attention. After more than 2 months, this habit has not been changed.

“Black cat Young Lady, this behavior of yours is not too human.

The environment you are in now, the identity you need to adapt to, should not allow you to do it This kind of thing?”

Lu Luo’s prompt made Tong Wei a little dissatisfied, she said fiercely:

“How do I mind your own business?”

“Child resentment!”

Qin Wanyu on the side also reminded the black cat, and then the black cat put his palms away.

Qin Wanyu also reminded her of the child complaint many times before.

If you can’t change the habit of being a foreign species, then the child resentment is destined to be abandoned by Lu Xiaotian.

This is inevitable.

It is precisely because of this that Qin Wanyu has always acted with Tong Yu.

With her, you can more or less restrain the behavior of child resentment.

“Qin Wanyu, you will face him.”

“I don’t have one!”

The relationship between the two is very good, Qin Wanyu is facing Lu Luo slightly nodded.

At this time, Qin Wanyu is no longer as strong as before. Facing Lu Luo, she seems very calm.

“Sorry, we are leaving now.”

Lu Luo glanced at Qi Xinzhu and saw that Qi Xinzhu not only did not speak, but also did not generate special hostility and moved towards him nodded.

Lu Luo understood what Qi Xinzhu meant, and he called Qin Wanyu and Black Cat.

“Qin Wanyu, although we can’t talk about friends, they are not enemies.

As for alien actions, I think it’s better for you to take seriously.


After today’s battle is over, if the nightmare wins, then she will take over the hunter with a high probability.

As her heterogeneous subordinates and confidants, it is very likely that you will completely enter the human race. Vision.

When the time comes, Lu Xiaotian may even go to deal with the humans in the inner ring.

Once your alien identities are discovered, it’s not just your own It’s a huge danger, even Lu Xiaotian himself will be in trouble.

So, whether it’s for yourself, or for your master.

Alien form, it’s best Don’t expose it anymore.

Because from today, Nightmare will never allow the exposure of alien identities.

If you expose it again, especially you, the black cat Young Lady, you I will definitely be abandoned by the nightmare, or even killed.

My words, whether you are preaching, or comforting, it will be with you. I will only do this.”

This time Lu Luo did not show any hostility, and the black cat Tong Yu gradually let go of his already outstretched paw.

She looked at Qin Wanyu and asked with some uncertainty:

“Qin Wanyu, is what he said true?

If this continues, the master will abandon me?”

The relationship between the black cat and the nightmare is very special.

It’s not just her, the relationship between Santong and Nightmare is very special.

They themselves are produced by the combination of ordinary animal species and the three childhood sustenances of Nightmare.

Childhood resentment, childhood dreams, childhood love.

It is precisely because of this special relationship that child resentment is somewhat unscrupulous.

In fact, she also felt the distance between Nightmare and herself after she came into the wall, but she has never been willing to admit that’s all.

Qin Wanyu looked at Tong Yu’s eyes, and finally nodded.

“What he said…is true.”

Qin Wanyu said that, the cat hair on Tong Yuan’s body immediately stood up.

But after a while, she relaxed again, stopped talking, and left here sadly.

It looks like it should have been heard.

“Lu Luo, thank you.”

Qin Wanyu thanked Lu Luo, but Lu Luo was only slightly nodded.

After the three girls left, the last Tong Yan raised her head slightly and looked at Gu Fangyi with her narrow green eyes.

“Gu Fangyi, if you are still a man, come with me.”

Lu Luo just wanted to say something, but this time Qi Xinzhu stopped him.

“Brother Gu has a story with the other party, you’d better not stop him at this time.”

Qi Xinzhu’s reminder is still useful. After Lu Luo thought for a while, nodded .

“Forget it, let him choose.”

Lu Luo looked towards Gu Fangyi, and Gu Fangyi also happened to look towards Lu Luo at this time.

“Brother Luo…”

“Brother Gu, UU reading www.uukā I know that you have a story, and if you have a story, just solve the story.

I believe in you, and they all believe in you.”

Gu Fangyi tried hard to nodded, feeling a little bit about the kindness of Lu Luo, a good brother.

But then, Lu Luo gave him a knife very untimely.

“Gu brother, when chatting with my sister, must forget New Hope and the bowl of powder!

Now that New Hope is gone, the bowl of powder has also passed away !”

“Climb! Fuck!!!”

Under Lu Luo’s roar of laughter, Gu Fangyi left with Tong Meng.

Qi Xinzhu is a bit strange why Lu Luo said such things to stimulate Gu Fangyi.

“Lu Luo, why are you irritating him?”

“I just want Brother Gu to let go of that’s all. Brother Gu is a dedicated person.

< p>He couldn’t let go of that bowl of powder!”

Qi Xinzhu looked at Lu Luo’s serious expression, feeling a little bit of Gu Fangyi’s affection.

A bowl of fans for so long, is really an amazing man, worthy of trust.

But the observer has already given different answers.

[Gu Ge’s bad luck, I’m bullied by you all day long! 】


Lu Luo’s laughter stopped abruptly, and he turned to look towards the direction of the inner ring!


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