Doomsday Ring Chapter 290

After being upgraded, Lu Luo’s observers have greatly improved their monitoring capabilities.

The current observer, the scope of observation has exceeded Gu Fangyi’s eagle eye.

The perception ability of energy has also entered a new level.

However, he was able to immediately discover the cause of the opponent, not just the effect of the observer.

The other is that the energy intensity of the opponent is too obvious, just like announcing his arrival, publicity and domineering!

When a Tier 7 that has not hidden and suppressed itself appears in Fourth Ring.

This feeling is as outrageous as facing a black hole.

His existence itself is a source of dark energy. This kind of strong and unconcealed aura is the most alarming.

“Lu Luo! Really strong!” Qi Xinzhu also frowned.

“It’s really strong, it’s even more outrageous than the Lu Di at that time!”

Lu Luo not quite how strong is the Lu Di in the state of quite clear peak.

Because he has not watched the battle between Lu Di and Nightmare on the spot.

However, the person who appeared in front of him at this time was mainly in terms of energy intensity.

Obviously it is much more than the previous 6th order Lu Di.

Qi Xinzhu on the side took Lu Luo’s arm, even she, at this time, already felt the strength of the other party.

The two people frowned under the pressure of each other.

After a while, a middle-aged man slowly appeared in people’s vision.

He flies in the sky, like a sun!

The transcenders of the Fourth Ring all subconsciously looked towards the direction where this person is, and even the dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated.

This kind of strength makes many people feel uncomfortable.

The hunters naturally bear the brunt.

In an old house in Fourth Ring, the fat man lying on the bed looked at the sky outside the window, and said with some dissatisfaction:

“The dogs in the inner ring are so arrogant. Ah!”

“Not only is it arrogant, it is also very annoying.” The person next to him echoed.

“If the boss is there, they will definitely not be so arrogant.”

“Yes, the boss is the seventh level of Fourth Ring. If the boss is still alive, absolutely not It will make them so arrogant.”

The person sitting next to the hospital bed is Yu Xiaoqi.

After the Dark Tide war, she and Fat Ding were fortunate not to die.

But they did not return to hunter and Ring Studio, and did not hold the wedding as promised.

Two people quit lightly and live lightly.

The decision to withdraw was made by the two of them together. Not many people knew about it. Yang Liya also gave them a Dark Spirit Stone to let them live.

Because they are now no longer suitable for combat.

Pang Ding’s legs have been completely broken, and there is a huge bite mark in the lower abdomen.

And Yu Xiaoqi’s left arm is no longer there, half of his body is fitted with a metal prosthetic body.

Now they can no longer satisfy the high-intensity life and fighting of hunters.

As Lu Di’s dísciple, they don’t want to accept Lu Luo’s charity anymore.

So after being discharged from the hospital, they never returned to the circle.

Fat Ding took a sip of the soup that Yu Xiaoqi brought, and said with some uncertainty:

“This time, can Fourth Ring escape this disaster?”


“I don’t know!”

“Yes, this kind of thing is no longer something we can guess.”

Just like Fat Ding and You Xiaoqi Similarly, there are countless people with the same question in Fourth Ring at this time, looking towards the direction where the 7th step is located.

Can Fourth Ring continue to exist under the threat of the 7th-order expert?

Now the Fourth Ring people have a simple idea. They want freedom and independence.

The life of more than two months, although a little messy.

But after gradually stabilizing, many people realized that if there were no exploitation of the inner ring, life on Fourth Ring would be very good today.

Maybe this sounds weird, but they just think that the Fourth Ring today is really beautiful!

At least in life and strength, there is hope.

Fourth Ring, which has 5 times the dark energy, has the conditions for batch production of experts.

The only difference between the current Fourth Ring and the inner ring is the accumulation and time of many years!

Perhaps the Fourth Ring is much worse than the inner ring, but the Fourth Ring also has its own unique advantage, which is huge enough!

So this time, all Fourth Ring people hope that Fourth Ring can win once.

Ji Shaoran, 49 years old this year, once he was just an excellent soldier of the gendarmerie in the inner ring.

But now he is already the righteous brother of Cancer Councillor Ji Yun.

Of course, he didn’t have a surname before, but there is no way, for the resources of cultivation and a safe environment.

He can only join Ji Family and become Ji Yun’s righteous brother.

His previous surname has been forgotten by everyone. The person people remember is the 7th-order Guardian Ji Shaoran, not someone else.

A 7th-order powerhouse bends its knees to a family. Such a move sounds incredible.

But the fact is, without the support of Cancer Councillor Ji Yun.

Today’s Ji Shaoran will not become the 7th level.

Becoming a level 7 has a price, he tasted a higher life essence, but he also paid a sufficient price!

And now, it is time for him to fulfill his responsibilities for the inner ring.

“I haven’t been to Fourth Ring for a long time. It’s been 20 years!”

“Do you have anything to say about Fourth Ring today?”

“No, I just want to destroy it now, and then I will go back to rest.”

“So, let’s speed up the progress!”

Beside Ji Shaoran, or There are two entourages, both of whom are Tier 6.

Just like the situation when dealing with the 8th-level disaster alien species, the 7th-level shots will only kill important targets.

After killing the primary target, the 7th-order transcender will return to the inner ring.

The final finishing touches still have to be handed over to the sixth-order transcender without movement restrictions.

So every time a 7th-order expert goes out, it will inevitably be accompanied by several other 6th-order transcenders.

No one knows what their restrictions are, but they have such restrictions.

It is precisely for this reason that people in the inner ring are not very interested in exploring the fifth ring world.

The fifth ring world is too large, and the range is too large, which will greatly reduce the deterrent power of Tier 7.

Once the absolute military force is lost, the inner ring will lose control of the five-ring humans.

This is absolutely not allowed to happen.

So the inner ring puts all sight lines within the Fourth Ring, which is an area they can completely control.

Luo Feng, Zhang Gina, is the person who follows Ji Shaoran, the sixth-order transcender.

Returning from the sky to the ground, Ji Shaoran scanned the surrounding environment, and his gaze stayed on several buildings near the Security Bureau.

While his gaze stayed, Lu Luo even felt suffocated.

[Super dangerous creatures have locked your breath! 】

“The humans of Tier 7 are really outrageous!”

This feeling is weaker than the nightmare that fully releases the coercion.

Because he dare not get too close, Lu Luo has no way to accurately obtain the attribute information of the 7th-order expert.

His thoughts are also very simple. Now wait for the nightmare Lu Xiaotian to fight with each other.

Maybe you can get more useful information, especially after you have gained the ability to copy, this kind of detection becomes more and more meaningful.

Perhaps these super powerhouse legacy moves can be recorded by themselves.

If you could steal a big move or something, it would be perfect.

Lu Luo resisted the pressure of the 7th powerhouse, he pulled Qi Xinzhu behind him.

Protect your own woman, this is as it should be by rights.

Fortunately, Ji Shaoran’s eyes soon left.

Because in his eyes, spectators like Lu Luo are fundamentally insignificant.

He is also not interested in running over to clean up Lu Luo these people. The Parliament gave him a very clear goal, to kill Yang Liya and Wang Jie.

After killing these two people, he can return.

“People are still in the security bureau, simply don’t need to find them.”

Ji Shaoran’s eyes finally stayed above the security bureau, and Yang Liya and Wang Jie left with a large number of hunters. come out.

The two sides looked at each other about 2 blocks away, and finally, Yang Liya clenched her fists.

“It’s finally here!”

Here Luofeng also spoke in place of Ji Shaoran:

“Yang Liya, Wang Jie, long time no see That’s it!”

Listening to Luo Feng’s tone, it seemed that they knew Yang Liya and Wang Jie.

But Yang Liya didn’t give him a good face.

“Luofeng, now you are the henchman of the inner ring, what right do you have to talk to me here?”

“Yang Liya, with your innate talent and Efforts, if you put it in the inner ring, you will definitely have a chance to hit the 7th level.

Why keep dragging on the Fourth Ring? Just to guard Lu Di’s waste?

Only when you reach the inner ring will you understand the gap between the inner ring and the fourth ring. It has been more than ten years, why don’t you understand?

Now that Lu Di is dead, what are you still holding on? “

Luo Feng was once a member of the East Fourth Ring hunter.

It’s just that his choice is to walk into the inner ring and become a true inner ring person.

From the moment he joined the inner ring, he has nothing to do with the former hunter.

Luo Feng’s humiliation of Lu Di is not acceptable to Yang Liya and also to Lu Xiaotian.

“Lu Di has never been a waste, and the opportunity for the rise of Fourth Ring is today.”

Looking at the tough Yang Liya, Luo Feng did not speak, but Ji Shaoran on the side was already open. Speak up.

“Okay, don’t talk about these nonsense, talk about old love, go to their graves.

My time is limited, I will solve these two people first!”< /p>


Ji Shaoran said, Luofeng on the side could only be nodded.

“East Fourth Ring hunter Team 1 Captain Wang Jie and Team 2 Captain Yang Liya were suspected of killing Li Kaizhe, an official dispatched by the Inner Ring.

The highest crime of murdering an official was sentenced to death and executed immediately. “

Luofeng’s tone barely fell, Ji Shaoran suddenly took off his coat, and the rock under his feet burst instantly.

The whole land was shaken and crushed into powder in an instant.

Looking at this scene, Lu Luo, Gu Fangyi and the others had no other thoughts except horror.

“So fast! Really strong!”

The first Yang Liya pushed her colleagues away.

As the true leader of the hunter now, she will not give in, nor can she give in.

Tianba is violent.


Yang Liya’s fist collided with Ji Shaoran’s fist, and her strength shredded everything around her in an instant.

The two sides began to sink quickly, and even the roadbed was destroyed by power in an instant.

Both sides are force-sensitive transcenders, this kind of most direct collision is also the most shocking.

At this time, the hunters with a lower rank have all been blown out by the shock wave.

Only transcenders of level 4 and above can barely stand in place, and transcenders of level 5 can be viewed at close range.

The only people who are not affected are Luofeng, Zhang Jina, and Wang Jie.

Yang Liya, who hit the center, was already covered in blood and muscles trembling. The strength of the 7th step far exceeded her imagination.

This fist is already a punch with all her strength.

Didn’t expect, it was just a sudden blow with the opponent and a tie.

But Ji Shaoran is a little surprised here, Yang Liya’s performance is indeed very good.

He is the powerhouse of Limin. If it is placed in the inner ring, except for the church members, most of Tier 6 is absolutely impossible to take his own blow.

Yang Liya, a Fourth Ring person, can block him under limited conditions, which is amazing.

“Luofeng is right. If you are willing to go to the inner ring, you really have a chance to become the 7th level.

As a representative of the inner ring, I officially invited Ji Shaoran You.

Yang Liya Captain, are you interested in joining our inner ring?”

Yang Liya did not expect that after Ji Shaoran punched her, she would actually invite her.

But Yang Liya is Yang Liya. Although she abides by the rules, she also has the feelings of Fourth Ring.

She once refused the invitation of the inner ring.

Now that Lu Di has died for Fourth Ring, and Lu Xiaotian, who inherited Lu Di’s will, has appeared, she can’t even join the inner ring.

“I refuse!”

Ji Shaoran raised her eyebrows slightly, Yang Liya refused as it should be by rights.

The pride of Tier 7 made him stop talking nonsense. If he refuses, then die!

Ji Shaoran raised his fist high, and the rich dark energy appeared black visible to the naked eye in his fist above condensed.

This black is full of danger, like a bomb that may detonate at any time.

Ji Shaoran shook his fist again, but this time, Yang Liya did not go to hard-wire, but took a step back, as if waiting for something.

Nightmare’s Void Portal appears between Ji Shaoran and Yang Liya.

This daoist sect appeared so abruptly that Ji Shaoran seemed a little surprised.

But he is already the strongest person, and there is nothing that can block the attack of a 7th-order transcender.

Black’s fist fell in response.


The fist was caught by a small palm.

Lu Xiaotian’s delicate and pretty cute face gradually emerged from the Void Portal. She is too small. Such a small size made Ji Shaoran a little surprised.

“Little child?”

The two sides were in a stalemate, and Lu Xiaotian’s palm gradually began to change shape.

From the very beginning, the human-shaped palm gradually became a purple claw.

The paw clenched Ji Shaoran’s fist tightly, making the opponent’s black fist unable to go further.

“The 7th order of the inner ring is extraordinary, just this.”


The trembling energy forces the people around to disperse further away Go, Yang Liya and Wang Jie have already retreated.

In the center of the battle, only Lu Xiaotian and Ji Shaoran were left.

Lu Xiaotian right hand makes a fist and directly moved towards Ji Shaoran’s chest.

Ji Shaoran is not in a hurry to defend, and a layer of black appears on his chest for defense.

Lu Xiaotian’s small body gave him a great sense of deception, so that he miscalculated the formidable power of this fist.

“I was underestimated! Although that guy is a bit annoying.

But his moves are still very practical.

This trick is called Dust Demon. -Malicious Explosive Punch.”


The black in Ji Shaoran’s chest faded in an instant, and all these blacks were protected by strong dark energy.

But under the penetration attack of Malicious Explosive Punch, even a level 7 expert can’t resist!

even more how, the person who uses Malicious Explosive Punch is the nightmare Lu Xiaotian.

Standing on the tall building, Lu Luo looked surprised and didn’t learn the big trick.

He came up and saw his moves first. Should he be happy or sad?

[This shows that the moves created for you by the Fusion are powerful, and you should be happy. ]

“Can you really understand this?”

[Boiled. 】

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