Doomsday Ring Chapter 291

Here, Ji Shaoran flew out upside down. During the flight, he was stiff and unable to move.

Because he felt that in his body, in addition to the steam burst, there was a very insidious power.

This power is like some kind of flame, burning his vitality within the body.

“This little child…”

Ji Shaoran flies fast, but Lu Xiaotian chases faster.


Pink steam appeared on her body, again Lu Luo’s habitual move.

The second gear of steam suddenly hit.

Lu Luo, who is watching the battle, is even more uncomfortable. Originally, Mimi came to steal the big move, but now he uses his moves.

It feels like a thief sneaked into a rich man’s house to steal something.

But the discs on the TV set in the rich man’s home are the same as the leading actors!

[The disc you mentioned, is it serious? 】


Lu Xiaotian punched out, the second punch, the third punch, and more and more punches, hitting Ji Shaoran like raindrops.

Flying in midair, Ji Shaoran forcibly suppressed the insidious burning flame in his body, and began to blast his fists against the nightmare Lu Xiaoshuang.

bang bang bang!

The explosion and shock wave swept everything around. The battle between Lu Xiaotian and Ji Shaoran in the nightmare was very straightforward.

She can hardly defend herself, even if the black energy of Tier 7 punches herself.

It would cause his body to burst, and Lu Xiaotian did not do any defense.

She just attacked, attacked frantically, and continued to attack.

Ji Shaoran was originally in a state of confrontation with Lu Xiaotian, but after a few punches, he realized that something was wrong.

The other party seems to be holding a desperate attitude.

Either you die, or I die.

But Ji Shaoran doesn’t want to die. If he wants to die, he won’t join the inner ring.

So Ji Shaoran began to reduce his attacks and use part of his strength to defend.

To resist the nightmare Lu Xiaotian’s domineering fist, and the cold burning energy.

Seeing that Lu Xiaotian’s injuries are getting more and more serious, but the opponent’s attack intensity does not seem to be affected at all.

Although I have been defending, there are always times when I can’t defend myself.

The injury gradually appeared, one punch, two punches, until Ji Shaoran hit Lu Xiaotian’s seventeen punches, he felt something wrong.

The other party has been hurt so badly, his head is about to break, why is he still not dead?

Lu Xiaotian in front of him is like a lump of rotten meat, but even if it is rotten meat, she is still attacking him.

The horrified and disturbed Ji Shaoran began to wonder, he began to doubt whether the thing in front of him was a human being at all.

“What on earth are you?”

But Lu Xiaotian’s laughter was the only response to him at this time.


Ji Shaoran not quite clear Where did these laughter come from, because the Lu Xiaotian in front of him has no complete mouth anymore.

Ji Shaoran felt danger for the first time. The little child in front of him was definitely a monster, a real monster.

Since ancient times, no one can reach the 7th-order battle strength level at such a young age.

If such a monster exists in the Fourth Ring, then the Fourth Ring in the future will be a complete disaster.

“Black domain!”

The dense dark energy begins to envelop the surrounding area.

Lu Xiaotian, who was about to become a piece of meat, hit the dark energy barrier of black, and immediately let out a low cry.


“Burst the dark energy wall? Is this the ability you want to show?”

After that, in the horrified eyes of Ji Shaoran, Lu Xiaotian’s body quickly recovered!

Blood and flesh, skeleton, meridian, almost regenerated in just a few seconds.

The power of nether flame, the root of life and death, is super regeneration.

At this time, Lu Xiaotian has changed from the previous purple skirt and put on a black skirt, just like the one worn by others on the death day.

The dark energy barrier covers the battle area between the two, but also obscures the vision.

People on the outside cannot see the internal environment of the barrier!

Ji Shaoran spat out blood. Although Lu Xiaotian was embarrassed before, but now the dark energy barrier has been formed.

As long as the barrier is compressed, Lu Xiaotian will be crushed into minced meat.

He doesn’t believe it, when the time comes, Lu Xiaotian, who was pressed into minced meat, can still regenerate!

“little girl, you have no chance!”

Ji Shaoran put his hands together, and the barrier of darkness tightened instantly.

This time, even Lu Xiaotian felt the pressure.

She pushed each other backhands, and also released the dark power to resist the barrier. The dark barrier was already Ji Shaoran’s sealing skill.

How can it be so easy to crack!

Lu Xiaotian resisted for a while, and after realizing that her strength was still unable to resist the dark barrier, she suddenly laughed again.


It is still that kind of sharp and crazy laughter, this kind of laughter always makes Ji Shaoran a little confused.

“I’m dying, are you still laughing?”

“I am laughing at your ignorance. You have given me too much time.”

< p>Lu Xiaotian’s words made Ji Shaoran even more puzzled. What is the time this little girl is talking about?

“Who are you anyway?”

Lu Xiaotian opened her hands and her fingers became purple again.

“Although your dark barriers are very strong, you probably don’t know that from the moment I fought with you, I was hiding my strength, right?

The current dark barriers, It’s my perfect cover!

Sorry, Mr. Ji Shaoran, your strength is too weak, you can only become the spoils of war of Fourth Ring!”

Ji Shaoran has not responded yet When coming over, Lu Xiaotian’s hands suddenly burst into a strong nether flame.

The nether flame covers the entire dark barrier. Whether it is dark energy, vitality, or everything, it is being swallowed by the nether flame.

As soon as Ji Shaoran saw the nether flame, he finally understood what the insidious force was flowing within the body.

“nether flame? You are… a nightmare?

How could you survive and become a human being?”

Lu Xiaotian did not speak , She suddenly accelerated and came to Ji Shaoran in an instant.

Zip Ji Shaoran’s throat with one hand!

“I never died. As for being a human being, I am not the only one who can do it!”


Lu Xiaotian crushed Ji Shaoran’s throat, and Ji Shaoran wanted to escape Lu Xiaotian’s pursuit.

I am ready to give up the dark barriers and find a way to escape.

However, Lu Xiaotian would never give him this opportunity. The purple flame gradually turned black.

These black flames gradually burned through Ji Shaoran’s dark barriers, but maintained a stable and balanced state, re-disguised as the previous dark barriers.


The battle of Tier 7 is not something that humans can look directly at. After the dark barrier was replaced, no one noticed it.

Except for Lu Luo who has an observer!

【The advanced power of nether flame, burning all the dark fire. 】

When Lu Luo saw the black fire replacing the dark energy barrier, he knew in his heart that Lu Xiaotian had won.

The 7th level sent by the inner ring is not Lu Xiaotian’s opponent at all.

Her speed of progress and her strength are simply unimaginable!

Ji Shaoran, the ultimate monster that can suppress Yang Liya with a few punches, was defeated by Lu Xiaotian in such a short time.

It’s really worthy of being a seed of calamity that has reached level 8 in just 7 years.

Now Lu Xiaotian has a human form and cultivation of Six Paths. Her strength is even more incredible than before.

“Malicious Explosive Punch, steam second gear!

Even if she has not communicated, she has learned so much.

If we do another Bo academic exchanges, isn’t she good at everything?”

Lu Luo looked at her, and even felt like an enhanced version of himself!

How do you say this feeling, not particularly good.

Especially when the other person’s progress is much faster than you imagined, this feeling is even worse.

[Look at your point of interest, you use the steam state to change her nether flame second stage!

The high-quality power of Dark Fire can be resisted and suppressed by the 7th rank. Wouldn’t you think it is inferior to your steam? 】

The observer’s prompt made Lu Luo stunned for a moment, which seemed to make sense.

If you exchange the steam form for the 2nd stage of the nether flame, this business does not seem to be a loss!


Qi Xinzhu on the side watched Lu Luo muttering there all the time. Suddenly he was a little confused.

“Lu Luo, don’t you watch this important battle?”

“Don’t watch it, nightmare, that is, Lu Xiaotian won, the people in the inner ring should I’m dying.”

“So fast? How is it possible? The battle has only started soon? How did you know?”

Lu Luo pointed to the black ball on the ground.

“You all thought that thing was made by the people in the inner ring, but the real situation was made by the nightmare.

She has been hiding her strength, and now she no longer hides it. , Instead of disguising.

That is naturally the time for the end of the battle.”

“Is that so?”

Qi Xinzhu looked at the black ball on the ground Stunned, the failure of the 7th order of the inner ring always gave her an unreal feeling.

Besides, she is also an inner ring person, so I don’t know if she should be happy for Lu Luo and others, or should be sad for the inner ring now.


In addition to Qi Xinzhu and Lu Luo, other waves of spectators have already seen the results.

Tong Yuan, Tong Yan, and Qin Wanyu are standing together.

Qin Wanyu is the weakest among their three people, but is the one who knows Lu Xiaotian best.

When she noticed Heiyan, she, like Lu Luo, determined the outcome of the battle.

“The master won.”

“Won? What about us?”

Tong Yan wanted to act at this time, but she was once again Qin Wanyu interrupted.

“We don’t need to go over and clean up the battlefield. The hunter will do it for us.

If they can’t even handle the remaining two guys, there will be no Support is necessary.

We are now in the past, and it is very likely that we will have branches.”

Tong Yan glanced at Qin Wanyu, and finally chose to believe her.

“Okay, but what about Tongmeng? Normally she, It shouldn’t be doesn’t appear at this time, right?”

Qin Wanyu’s eyes flashed, With a weird expression, he said:

“Tongmeng, now with that man.”

“That man?”

This time, even staring The child resentment who hit the black ball on the ground was a little curious.

That man? Is it Gu Fangyi?


In a tall building on the other side, Gu Fangyi and Tong Meng did not observe on the rooftop, but found a room with a better view.

You can see the battle on the ground here, but it is clear that neither of them is watching the battle seriously.

At this time, Gu Fangyi was really lying on Tong Meng’s body and stopped.

“Gu Fangyi, why aren’t you moving?”

“The battle is over!”

“No, I’m not done yet!” Tong Meng The voice is a little urgent and expectant.

“I didn’t say you, but there is nothing to see.”

“Master’s battle?”


“Is it over?”

Tong Meng suddenly felt a little regretful, because once the nightmare battle was over, she and Gu Fangyi could no longer stay together.

This kind of regret, in the past, is basically impossible.

But the current situation is a little different.

As the three children, the humanized best child dream.

After she separated from Gu Fangyi, she would miss him occasionally!

As the confidant of Nightmare, Tong Meng’s first reaction is to ask Nightmare whether there is something wrong with her state.

She began to wonder if she had some mental abilities.

But Nightmare gave her an approving look and asked her to ask Qin Wanyu.

Tong Meng had no resistance to asking Qin Wanyu, so he went.

But the answer Qin Wanyu gave her completely exceeded her imagination.

Qin Wanyu told her that this situation is a burst of emotion, called the emotion of longing.

Tong Meng is very nostalgic for Gu Fangyi’s existence and feelings, so she misses Gu Fangyi.

The feeling of missing is not very good. Whenever it appears, Tong Meng feels that this emotion will affect his cultivation state.

She sought a solution, and the solution Qin Wanyu told her was also very simple.

Go to meet the people you miss and do what you want to do.

Tong Meng didn’t hear too well, and her duty did not allow her to leave the nightmare to find Gu Fangyi.

So this emotion has been suppressed by her all the time. Until today, she met Gu Fangyi and she didn’t understand what Qin Wanyu means.

“Go to see the person you miss and do what you want to do.”

She saw the Gu Fangyi she missed and did what she wanted to do with Gu Fangyi thing.

Unprecedented spiritual satisfaction fills Tongmeng’s heart.

With this change and mentality, she gradually understood one thing, she became more and more like a person.

And she is about to break through, and the progress is faster than ever!

Among the three children, she is far faster than Tong Yan and Tong Yu, second only to the speed of nightmare’s improvement.

Tong Meng wonders if this is the power brought by human nature.

But she knows very well that if she maintains a heterogeneous state, her strength will definitely not grow as fast as a human form.

Tong Meng looked at Gu Fangyi with some nostalgia, and muttered to himself:

“Are you going to separate?”

Gu Fangyi felt it too Tong Meng’s emotions are not right. It is rare for him to lower his head and look at Tong Meng.

“You…what’s going on? Are you out of strength?”

Gu Fangyi’s words made Tong Meng a little angry.

Although I miss Gu Fangyi very much, it does not prevent Gu Fangyi from being a scumbag.

It’s still the kind of scum, he won’t say a word that a normal woman wants to hear.

“Gu Fangyi, don’t you know how to say a soft word?”

Tong Meng feels that his emotions are like being ruined by a dog. This feeling is really uncomfortable. what.

Soft words?

Gu Fangyi thought for a while before speaking slowly.

“I guess it will be soft after a while!”

Tong Meng was stunned. Is this a soft word?

Okay, maybe count it!

Although I don’t know where I am attracted by Gu Fangyi, it may be this straightforward and dull thing!

This kind of man may not be too much rhetoric, but fortunately, he is direct enough, as direct as a foreign species.

“Then it will be softer in a while!”

Gu Fangyi and Tong Meng are entwined again.

This time, Gu Fangyi took it very seriously as if he felt something.

Tong Meng also felt Gu Fangyi’s seriousness, she said with a smile:

“Gu Fangyi, you are really a scumbag!”

Gu Ge Slightly frowned, said seriously:

“Allow you to have some misunderstandings about me, but I assure you.

I am a person with a good reputation, eh!


Then you will follow me slowly. If you are not doing well, you can find the reason for yourself!”

Tong Meng: “???”

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