Doomsday Ring Chapter 292

On the ground battlefield, the smoke and dust have been dispersed, and there is no other place except a black ball in the middle of the battlefield Something out.

Almost all life and matter were annihilated by the power of the two.

In the black ball, nightmare Lu Xiaotian dragged Ji Shaoran’s body and walked slowly to the middle position.

The two of them are actually in a semi-floating state, but there still seems to be something under their feet.

When Lu Xiaotian brought Ji Shaoran to the center, the black ball began to decrease.

This darkness has been completely replaced by the nether flame, and Death Power has gradually begun to spread in this small space.

Ji Shaoran’s limbs have been interrupted and broken by Lu Xiaotian.

He does not have the ability to super-regenerate, and he can no longer fight back. At this time, he can only be killed by Lu Xiaotian.

The black ball has been reduced to only 2-3 meters in diameter.

Ji Shaoran is floating very stiffly in midair. At such a close distance, he can already feel the danger of these dark fires.

“Inner ring guy, is there anything else I want to say?”

Open the mouth to ask a dying person, this is probably the last kindness of Lu Xiaotian.

Ji Shaoran did not bow his head because of the defeat, and the arrogance of Tier 7 did not allow him to do so.

He just looked at Lu Xiaotian slightly unwillingly.

“Your existence is unreasonable. Now you are different from Lu Di and Qiao Xing.

You are a disaster! You should be a disaster like you Being dealt with.”

Lu Xiaotian’s face is not very good-looking, even as a human leader, learning to restrain his emotions is a necessary course.

But today Lu Xiaotian still prefers to listen to compliments and compliments from others.

Criticizing this kind of thing, she does not accept it! Will never accept.

“I thought you would say something meaningful, didn’t expect your last words to be so simple.”

“Is it regrettable? Hehe!”

“If the people who came this time are 3 7th orders, or 2 churches 7th order, you may still have a chance.”

“I said, you are such a disaster , Will be dealt with, there will be one day.”

Ji Shaoran’s eyes are very indifferent and very stubborn.

Until now, he doesn’t think his behavior is problematic.

“Disaster? We are not so much a disaster, but rather you are too arrogant.

You people in the inner circle always feel that what you do is right. Yes.

Always want to get everything, own everything, and control everything.

This World should have changed a long time ago. In ancient times, no dynasty lasted more than 400 years.

Today’s alliance has been more than 400 years old. The class is solidified. The Fourth Ring people have no ascending channels. It is very difficult to stand up.

So don’t think that Fourth Ring’s rebellion is accidental. They Rebellion is inevitable.

My existence just accelerates this behavior.

The reason is your deformed rule and deformed inner ring.


Your level 7 shouldn’t exist in the world, do you understand?”

Ji Shaoran was silent for a while, then his eyes gradually faded and weakened.

“Perhaps you’re right, the inner ring always wants to dominate and own everything, that’s why it owns us.

Our level 7 should not exist in itself. This World is on.

My dream was to see the world outside the fifth ring.

Unfortunately, there is no chance. Before the 7th level, I didn’t have the strength to go outside the fifth ring. After the first level, he is unable to go beyond the Fifth Ring.

It’s really a pity!”

Lu Xiaotian put his palm on Ji Shaoran’s head.

“Don’t worry, there will be a day when I will let everyone explore this vast world unharmed.

Instead, the tortoise stays in this smelly well Inside.”

After finishing speaking, Lu Xiaotian did not wait for Ji Shaoran to reply before releasing endless black flames.


Black inflammation swallowed everything, leaving only ashes.

The black ball gradually shrinks and disappears.

The body of Ji Shaoran also disappeared in this world with the disappearance of the black ball.

The death of Ji Shaoran means the first shot of Fourth Ring’s declaration of war on the inner ring.

Will this World be reshuffled? No one knows!


The outer circle area of ​​the 7th-order battlefield.

After the black ball disappeared, Luo Feng and Zhang Jina glanced at each other.

They all saw that they couldn’t believe it in each other’s eyes.

Because they lost the breath of Ji Shaoran, the obvious breath just disappeared for no reason.

Also, what is the dark shadow that just appeared?

If you can’t see your body clearly, it’s like a cloud of fog. Could it be that Lu Di is not dead?

But this is simply impossible. Even if Lu Di is not dead, it is impossible to kill Ji Shaoran in such a short time!

Luo Feng asked Zhang Gina uncertainly:

“Where is Ji Shaoran?”

“His breath has disappeared.”

< p>Luo Feng suddenly felt a bad feeling, probably because of fear. He hasn’t felt fear for a long time.

But at this time, why are you afraid? What is he afraid of?

Luo Feng wanted to step forward to find Ji Shaoran and confirm what happened to the 7th Tier sent by Ji Family.

But just before he wanted to walk, Yang Liya and Wang Jie had already appeared in front of them.

Looking at the two magnificent two, although Luo Feng had a good idea, he still did not dare to confirm the fact in his heart.

“Yang Liya, where is Ji Shaoran?”

“Why did you ask me about this matter? Didn’t you come to Fourth Ring to find something?

Luofeng, Now I’m standing here, you, aren’t you ready to do something to me?”

Yang Liya’s unscrupulousness made Luo Feng’s face even more ugly.

Ji Shaoran is really missing, and there is a high probability that he is dead. This is not cracking a joke, it is a 7th-order expert!

The whole inner ring has been accumulated for so many years, how many steps are there in total?

Parliament has 13 seats, and there are only 14 7-levels in total.

The church will not say anything, they hide too many things, it is difficult to judge.

But the total should be about the same as Parliament.

Total 7 ranks of the two forces will not exceed 30 in total.

This sounds a lot, but these 30 7th-level experts, except for special personnel who do not go out at all.

There are also some elderly people who are about to enter the soil and hang their lives by special means. In fact, there are about 15 people who can move.

In addition, each Fourth Ring area will be divided into parts.

It really falls on the 7th level that the East Fourth Ring can mobilize, so there are only 2-3!

Every 7th-level expert is the supreme wealth of the inner ring, and is the foundation of a Parliament family.

Now if you lose a 7th level, nothing else, the inner ring, the Parliament, and even the Ji Family will not let them go.

Unless they finish what Ji Shaoran did not finish, but now, is it possible?

“Yang Liya, you have done that many things wrong, why do you continue to do it?

Killing Ji Shaoran is a capital crime, don’t make mistakes again and again.”< /p>

Luo Feng’s remarks made Yang Liya laugh. How similar this thought to her once was!

The rules of the inner ring are deeply engraved in their minds, like a brand.

Even if they have reached this point, this brand will continue to remind them not to violate the rules of the inner ring.

Unfortunately, Yang Liya has figured it out.

“Wrong? What do you think is the mistake? Is it wrong to resist the rule of the inner ring?”

“If there was no rule of the inner ring, this World would have collapsed long ago. “

For Luofeng’s statement, Yang Liya once thought it was correct.

After seeing the Fourth Ring today, she no longer thinks so.

It can even be said that the current Fourth Ring, as long as the leader is a little bit more minded and a little more incorruptible.

The people of Fourth Ring are impossible to live worse than before!

“You can come to Fourth Ring and ask the people here.”


“Ask them if they are in the inner ring After the personnel left and the rules of the inner ring were abolished, their living standards have greatly improved?”

“This is only a temporary improvement, not forever.”

“What you call eternal, Is the inner ring exploiting the Fourth Ring forever?

It means that the workers in the inner ring make 100 yuan of profit, can they only get 1 yuan of it?

Don’t be so Think of yourself as one thing, whether it’s the inner circle or the rulers.

If it weren’t for being oppressed to the extreme, there would be no change today.

Your fault , It’s our right.

Today’s East Fourth Ring has no connection with the inner ring anymore, I said!”

Zhang Jina next to Luofeng looked a bit manic, this At that time, she couldn’t understand that Ji Shaoran really had an accident.

If it weren’t for Ji Shaoran’s accident, then Yang Liya is absolutely impossible to have such confidence.

Face the inner ring, break, and even declare war.

“Who is your hidden expert of Fourth Ring?”

Faced with such a question, Yang Liya could only wave her hand.

Lu Xiaotian is not suitable for stepping onto the table now, wait a while, wait a while!

“You don’t need to know! You just need to die here.”

The 6th and 7th steps are not fair enough, but the confrontation between 6th and 6th steps , It’s much better.

The transcender in the inner ring is a private elite, against the hunter in the outer ring.

For Luofeng and the others, this should have been a not too difficult battle, because it is certain that the inner ring is stronger than the outer ring.

As a former hunter, Luo Feng is too aware of Yang Liya’s strength.

Her power is not comparable to that of an ordinary Tier 6 transcender.

And Yang Liya’s idea here is also very simple.

Since the decision to change has been made, Yang Liya will never let go of this opportunity to weaken the inner ring.

Although there are many experts in the inner ring, the sixth order is absolutely impossible. It is Chinese cabbage.

This wave killed one 7th order and 2 6th order. For Parliament, it is definitely a very effective blow.

So Luofeng and Zhang Jina must stay.

“Stop talking nonsense, Yang Liya, I can’t help it, let’s do it!”

Wang Jie on the side has already rushed over first, Luo Feng didn’t want to say a few more words. Yang Liya who was opposite him also moved.

Tianba bangs violently!

A punch is Yang Liya’s strongest blow.

Although such a blow cannot produce good results for the 7th-order expert like Ji Shaoran.

But for Luofeng, Tier 6, it definitely has a lethal suppressing force.


Luo Feng’s gas shield reluctantly blocked Yang Liya’s attack.

His qi fuse is also a cultivation technique modified by the inner ring expert, which is quite different from the ordinary hunter qi fuse.

The friction wave distorted all Yang Liya’s strength and turned back.

Vibrate, unload.

Lu Luo standing on a high place stares at Luofeng, wanting to learn something useful from this special qi fuse state.

[qi fuse has excellent density, and has the frequency of repeated movement, so as to achieve a high attribute defense effect. 】

“Defense! Let’s keep watching.”

Lu Luo is not particularly interested in defensive ability, because his fighting style is mostly sports warfare, not defensive.

This kind of stance defense effect is not very friendly to him.

Luo Feng and Yang Liya fought together, and Wang Jie and Zhang Jina were also fighting together.

Zhang Jina’s speed is extremely fast, at least much faster than Wang Jie.

Her dark energy attribute is like a sharp blade, with no difficulty cutting through Wang Jie’s tenacious skin.

However, as Lu Luo had previously expected, Wang Jie’s physique is too tyrannical.

And he has a set of fighting skills using his high physique.

Super physique not only brings him super stamina, defense, and strong recovery ability.

A thin blade is a fatal wound for others, but it does not work for Wang Jie.

Even if the muscles and limbs are severed, as long as he exerts a little force, the two pieces of flesh will actually bond together, just like a sequence of regeneration.

Zhang Jina wanted to end the battle quickly, but even though she had cut Wang Jie all over her body, Wang Jie continued to chase her like a okay person.

Wang Jie can be cut a lot of knives by her, as long as it is not cut to the brain, it will not have much impact.

But she can’t be attacked by Wang Jie, even if it’s a bit, it won’t work.

“Your ability to regenerate is really disgusting!”

“Regenerate? Do you feel like it!”

Wang Jie continued to rush towards Zhang Jina, His ability is not regeneration at all. Only Lu Luo on the rooftop knows this.

However, Wang Jie doesn’t care if others misunderstand him. Misunderstandings in battle are sometimes a good thing.

You come and I meet on both sides, once again stuck in a stalemate in the battle.

“The hunter’s combat capability seems to be stronger than before.”

Jina Zhang’s attack for a long time without any success has already produced a retreat. She is still young, she is inside The elite of the ring, she doesn’t want to die here.

Just as she turned and looked towards Luofeng, she saw an amazing scene.

Seven kills of Yang Liya’s fist.

Her body is like an afterimage, which is almost impossible to recognize with the naked eye.

Even if Lu Luo on the rooftop has an observer, it is not quite clear how she managed to improve her speed to this state.

It’s fast anyway, even faster than the 7th order!

One person turns seven afterimages.

Seven fists attacked Luofeng in the center in different directions.

Although Luo Feng’s gas shield defense is strong, it can’t resist for a long time under this unmatched attack pressure.

Because these seven fists are all real.

Every hit is Yang Liya’s full strength attack.


Seven punches arrive at the same time, and the air shield is constantly twisting and bending.

Luofeng’s huge qi fuse gradually began to become unable to support, and the gas shield gradually began to break and explode.

One of the punches hit his chest, then his stomach, legs, and back.

Luo Feng’s body was as soft as plasticine under Yang Liya’s strong attack, twisting and twisting, his whole body was broken.

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