Doomsday Ring Chapter 293

Lu Luo standing on the rooftop also has the feeling of being amazed by Yang Liya’s attack!

Ultra-high-speed movement, breakthrough sound barrier, and multiple attacks in one force with strength, it is a genius idea!

“I originally peeped at the 7th level, but didn’t expect to be taught a lesson by Yang Liya, the 6th level.

If this blow hits me, it is estimated to be able to hit me. Die!

Observer, have you learned it?”

[I learn from a chicken, but you are the one to learn! 】

“Yes, this kind of move is really worth learning.

However, the formidable power of the fist is still limited. If it can be replaced with a sword, it will be better! “

The ground.

Yang Liya’s last punch directly blasted Luo Feng’s head.


Like a watermelon, a large amount of red and white burst apart and flew towards Zhang Jina on the other side.

The top transcender in the inner ring of Tier 6 was killed by Yang Liya herself.

This makes Zhang Jina feel in a trance.

Because Luofeng’s strength is similar to hers, her speed is faster than Luofeng, but Luofeng’s defensive power also makes her unable to do so.

Zhang Jina was in a trance, but Yang Liya did not.

She didn’t mean to stop at all when she killed Luofeng just now, at the moment she closed her fist.

He turned around and turned back and rushed towards Zhang Jina.

Yang Liya’s thin body, with terrifying power and killing intent, made Zhang Jina feel frightened!

This kind of ability, this kind of speed, is not an ordinary Tier 6 at all.

“Your speed…”

Zhang Jina is fast, but Yang Liya is faster!


Zhang Jina’s thin blade was smashed by Yang Liya with a punch.

Then there was the second punch, with a fist stained with Luo Feng’s blood, rushing through the sound barrier at high speed.

Strikes directly on Zhang Jina’s chest.

pa! The air burst is as loud as the sudden appearance of firecrackers.

Zhang Jina flew out all over her body, and blood and strength were continuously flowing from her body.

The direction she flies is precisely Wang Jie, who is already ready to go.

At this time, Wang Jie will certainly not let go of this excellent opportunity.

He grabbed Zhang Jina’s legs, and then spun them frantically.

“Everyone in the inner ring die for me!”

Wang Jie doesn’t have the slightest idea of ​​have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. Zhang Jina’s body is in his hands, just like It’s like a club, falling to and fro.

The bursting impact and qi fuse of the 6th order robust man shook Zhang Jina’s body.

She was not a transcender that Physique was good at. Even the body of a Tier 6 transcender could not withstand such a heavy beating.

The dark energy of Zhang Gina’s body protection is gradually lost and dissipated.

The fear of death and the spoiled life since childhood made her unwilling to continue to bear this kind of physical pain.

She didn’t have the will of Luofeng, so she gave in directly.

“Don’t kill me!”

tone barely fell.


Bone was interrupted by Wang Jie, Zhang Jina still wanted to beg for mercy, but Wang Jie didn’t give her any chance at all.

He just continued to fall, just like venting his resentment and anger.

“Inner ring person, inner ring person, I finally killed an inner ring person! It’s really enjoyable!

For this day, I endured for so long, you all thought I was really Is it a simple-minded guy?

If it weren’t for Yang Liya, I would have killed the mentally retarded Li Kaizhe.”

The mania and madness that broke out by Wang Jie has silenced many hunters. stand up.

The hunter has indeed kept the rules of the inner ring, the rules of the hunter in these years.

But these rules are not all justified, and a large part of them are biased towards the inner ring.

Especially in terms of strength, they simply cannot agree with the people sent by the inner ring.

Li Kaizhe’s kind of garbage 4th level, why should he point fingers at the hunter?

Such a waste, lust, only knows to enjoy women and food, and it is useless waste.

Why can you become the chief of the security bureau and the boss of all of them?

Does it have something to do with his family?

Usually everyone does not speak, it is because all hunters know the power of the inner ring.

Because the inner ring is strong, Yang Liya will restrain them.

This kind of restraint is a protective measure, and these hunters also understand it.

But now Yang Liya no longer restrains them, so these hunters no longer hide their nature.


Wang Jie slammed suddenly, smashing Zhang Gina to the blood.

He pointed to Zhang Jina on the ground!

“Let her die completely!”

In Zhang Jina’s desperate eyes, the other hunters have already rushed up.

qi fuse, dark energy impact, bullets, swords, knives, fists!

These hunters continue to use their strongest attacks to hit Zhang Jina.

This Tier 6 inner ring messenger was quickly submerged in the attack of the hunter Captains and became indescribable dust.


Standing on the rooftop, Qi Xinzhu silently looked at the scene in front of her. She didn’t know what kind of emotion she should show.

Because she is from the inner ring, Ji Shaoran, Luofeng, and Zhang Jina are also from the inner ring.

The conflict between the people in the inner ring and the fourth ring is really hard to choose!

“Lu Luo, between the Fourth Ring and the inner ring, is there really no peace anymore?”

“Maybe there will be, but now, it is obviously impossible

Dead a 7th-order inner ring, it is absolutely impossible to continue the development of Fourth Ring.

Everything in the future is unknown.”

For the current Fourth Ring situation, especially in the area of ​​the East Fourth Ring, Lu Luo is still sensible.

Although the Fourth Ring blocked the first wave of the inner ring’s attack, the nightmare Lu Xiaotian killed a Tier 7.

But there is definitely not only one 7th order of the inner ring.

Moreover, the true overlord, the church, never took action.

The game between the inner ring and the Fourth Ring has just begun.

“Lu Luo, will we still go to the inner ring?”

Qi Xinzhu is worried that Lu Luo will give up going to the inner ring because of this incident.

If the inner ring completely breaks with the four emperors and Lu Luo really gives up going to the inner ring, there is a high probability that she will not return to the inner ring.

When the time comes, and my parents, I am afraid it will be difficult to see each other in this life.

Because the inner ring will not allow the Fourth Ring to be independent, they will definitely send someone to attack the Fourth Ring. Can they survive the attack on the inner ring or not.

Lu Luo felt Qi Xinzhu’s concern, but he was very optimistic.

“Xinzhu, what are you talking about?

They are fighting Fourth Ring, what is my business?

We are all good citizens of Fourth Ring, alliance A member of this society, the screw of this society.

It is the hunter who makes the revolution, not us. What are you worried about?”

Qi Xinzhu looked at Lu Luo with a weird face, this Why can guys say such things at this time?

“Lu Luo, isn’t your relationship with Lu Di Captain very good? You…”

“Yes, but Lu Di is dead!

< p>Don’t me, you, and yours. If nothing happens, let’s go.

Pack up, I have to go hunting outside the wall.”

Lu Qi Xinzhu was surprised by Luo’s calmness.

“Lu Luo, but between you and the hunter…is it really okay?”

“My wife, you can’t talk nonsense. A good citizen like me, how come Will I have a relationship with rebels like hunter?

A few days ago, I not only helped the masters in the inner ring to crack the murder of the head of the security bureau.

I was still rebelling.

The leader Yang Liya and Wang Jie rescued the inner ring investigator Yuan Yu.

Now Yuan Yu Young Lady has been properly placed by me. Soon, I will escort Yuan Yu Young Lady back to the inner ring. Report on the Fourth Ring situation at this time.

I have made such a great contribution to the inner ring. If the inner ring has to deal with me, it will really chill the people.”

【 Good guys! Feelings When you met that Gan Chai girl, you thought about these things?

Yes, the loyal minister of the inner ring! 】

At this time, Qi Xinzhu tilted his head, seeming to confirm the truth of Lu Luo’s words.

Uncover the murder of the Secretary of Security?

Rescued the investigators from the hands of the rebel heads Yang Liya and Wang Jie?

To escort investigators back to the inner ring? Report the situation of Fourth Ring at this time?

Looking at Lu Luo’s appearance, he really doesn’t seem to be cracking a joke.

But what Lu Luo is doing now is about the same as the rebel leader.

How did a rebel leader beautify himself as a loyal minister in the inner ring?

Well, the wife yells comfortably. Other things are not important.

“Lu Luo, are you serious?”

“I’m serious, we are very weak now.

Stay, grow, don’t worry “

When Lu Luo said that, Qi Xinzhu finally opened his eyes and smiled. It seems that Lu Luo really didn’t have the idea of ​​going to death with the inner ring.

This is fine, as long as Lu Luo doesn’t have such a complete rebellious idea.

Even if he has an accident, or the entire circle has an accident, she can still save Lu Luo.

Because Lu Luo is not the only one on her side, but Bai Yuetong as well.

This is why Qi Xinzhu is willing to accept the existence of Bai Yuetong.

Because what Lu Luo did was sinful from the perspective of the inner circle, for Lu Luo’s safety, she could not be jealous.

As long as she and Bai Yuetong are on Lu Luo’s side, even if one day Lu Luo commits a great sin.

Relying on the background and energy of her and Bai Yuetong, Lu Luo should also be able to be preserved, right?

[Xiao Qi’s eyes are a bit wrong! She is very insecure! 】

“Qi Xinzhu, what’s the matter with you?”

“Ah, it’s nothing, I just think that we can go to the inner ring with Lu Luo, which is a very happy thing!”

Lu Luo frowned slightly. He didn’t know what Qi Xinzhu was worried about.

But he also knows that he is walking a tightrope now.

You must go to the inner ring, because if you don’t, the greatest probability is to be labeled as rebellious.

It is not clear who will win Lu Luo in the game between the inner ring and the nightmare.

Maybe one day, he will stand up and rebel like a nightmare, but now, it’s not enough!

He wants to develop silently, and then at a certain opportunity, blind everyone’s eyes!

“Qi Xinzhu!”


“Shall we go home?”

Lu Luo suddenly stopped Qi Xinzhu’s hand held her in his arms.

Although she is already an old man’s wife, Qi Xinzhu still blushes in this situation.

She put her forehead on Lu Luo’s chest.

“If we go back now, don’t we have to wait for Gu Fangyi? He hasn’t come back yet.”

Speaking of Gu Fangyi, Lu Luo naturally twitched his lips.

Lu Luo understands the look in Tong Meng’s eyes at that time. This time he caught Gu Fangyi. Why not just squeeze him out directly?

The heterogeneous physique is not human, so how can it be ended so easily.

This situation is the same for him, and it is similar to Gu Ge.

Although the old brother has been strengthened several times and even has the characteristics of a different species, his attribute development direction has always been agility and strength.

The physique is really not good. I don’t know if I can stand it against Tong Meng, a lord-level alien.

This time, Gu Ge, I’m afraid he’s really going to ride a tricycle for a day.

“Brother Gu has important things now, and he must do this by himself.

So he has no time to take care of us, let’s go!”

“Is it important?”

Qi Xinzhu looked puzzled, Lu Luo looked at her, and suddenly thought of teasing.

“It’s what you like most to do.”

Qi Xinzhu first laughed sweetly, because her favorite thing is to be with Lu Luo.

But I soon felt something was wrong.

Her favorite thing is to be with Lu Luo, but Gu Fangyi is not!

The description of Lu Luo just now…

Qi Xinzhu punched Lu Luo hard, and the two of them walked off the roof.


After Lu Luo left, Gu Fangyi in another building was silently looking at the rooftop where Lu Luo was before.

The departure of Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu made Gu Fangyi start to make up for himself.

“Brother Luo means to let me solve Tongmeng?

Understood, before tonight, Tongmeng must be taken down!”

Actually Lu Luo asked him to stay, just wanting Gu Fangyi to reminisce about the taste of a woman, really didn’t think that many.

After all, the entertainment street is closed now, and in this social environment, seafood girls are really hard to find.

The opportunity is rare, take it well.

But a straightforward guy like Gu Fangyi always likes to misinterpret Lu Luo’s kindness.

Obviously, it is to make him and his sister be gentle, but Gu Fangyi’s head is full of one sentence…

If you win, you must win!

He looked towards Tongmeng beside him, his pupils are like eagle eyes.

Tong Meng, a powerful lord-level alien, is curling up in the quilt like a little woman, licking him with his tongue from time to time.

“This woman will only hinder my will, it’s time to…Uh! Hiss!”

Gu Fangyi restrained his desires with his mind, uh, be calm.

He always felt very strange that Tong Meng’s strength shouldn’t show such a solemn appearance in front of him.

The lord-level alien, itself should look like a lord-level alien.

In the wasteland world, powerhouse is respected.

Tong Meng has no reason to do this. She can’t, at least she shouldn’t.

Looking at Tongmeng’s dark green hair from a downward angle, Gu Fangyi slowly held her head.

In any case, he decided to have a good conversation with Tong Meng today.

Now Nightmare and Lu Luo are not friends.

The relationship between the two parties is very ambiguous, but full of hostility.

Gu Fangyi has already felt this from Lu Luo’s contact with the previous three children.

The former employees of Yuanhuan were killed by the men of Nightmare, especially Qin Wanyu.

But Qin Wanyu helped Lu Luo again and looked after her all night.

The other is the relationship between Nightmare and Lu Luo, both enemy and friend.

The nightmare indirectly gave Lu Luo nether flame to help Lu Luo and Qi Xinzhu get together, and some faintly discernable help.

Although Lu Luo can be said to be a reward that he won by his strength, but it also has to give him a chance from the nightmare.

The other is that Nightmare is Lu Di’s daughter, and Lu Luo is Lu Di’s dísciple.

The relationship between tangled and complicated is not clear for a while.

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