Doomsday Ring Chapter 295

qiao xing moves a lot of vans.

This ordinary and powerful discourse allows these people to find the feeling of theoretics.

Prayer seems to be it should be.

The people gradually converge from their own feelings, got up and followed the qiao xing.


qiao Xing At this time, the clonies next to him Nodded, the cloak man also made a “please” gesture.

then standing on one side, quietly appreciate the prayer of qiao xing.

also has a mechanically textive accent, a pair of qiao xing reviews.

“dawn, is next to us!

Mr. QIAO Xing is really a gorgeous infantry, always serving Holy Light. “


Prayer finally begins, QIAO Xing started pious prayers with the gods.

QIAO Xing’s will gradually began to affect the soul of the Fourth Ring.

They gradually calm, all everything seems to return to the right track.

This prayer has also gradually becomes together from the initial mess.

The prayer of the unique has formed a row of Golden’s Rune, starting to wander in the church.

The cloak looks at this unbelievable scene and slowly stands straight.

He began to learn these ordinary influence, slowly closed his eyes and started to follow prayers:

“dawn, will it be with me?”


In the evening, qiao Xing returned to the home of his own parish.

I went to work again, or the class of a day, of course it will be tired.

, especially with a group of people to pray this kind of thing, usually he is handed over to others, we will draw it!

“Hey! Trouble, I am back!”

qiao xing enters the door, Li Lan has not done on the ground.

The air is stagnant, QIAO Xing feels a bit wrong, why did his wife look at him with this eye?

Is it a problem with his shape?

qiao xing hesitated for a while, then use a small voice again, and shouted again:

“amount, I am back!”

this Time, Li Lan finally reacted, her tears were flourishing, and the rice in the hand was lost.

After the reaction, immediately rushed forward, and he rushed to the qiao xing arms.

“Dead, do you know back?”

Li Lan is very happy, she first hammered QIAO Xing a few punches, but found that her strength was simultaneously hammering.

begins to quickly touch the QIAO Xing face, after confirming the husband in front of the eyes, not being disguised.

Li Lai is buried in the arms of qiao xing, crying.

As the wife of Eastern Ring Archbishop, Li Lan always maintains its absolute reason and mind.

that is that she has already made a QIAO Xing a day, and I have a long preparation for QIAO Xiaomi.

Li Lan likes to fantasize, she often considers something that does not happen.

What should I do if I die in a certain day?

may be with a heterogeneous battle, such as that is very fierce dream?

may be the dispute between the inner ring and the FOURTH RING, and the Hunter Group!

may be a conspiracy of some kind, and the guys of the inner ring!

Although qiao xing has never told her these things, she has not allowed her to have contacted these possible filth.

But Li Lan feels that he is a mature woman, mature women should consider mature things.

In addition to buying food, it is necessary to take care in advance every day.

She even thought, if one day QIAO XING did something.

Must makes Qiao Xiaomi, then teach qiao xiaomi sword technique, and finally revenge series for QIAO Xing!

Why is it a series? She is thinking because of all kinds of scripts.

is a series of parents.

Replace QIAO XING becomes an Eastern Ring Archbishop family.

Fourth Ring is to take a collection of series.

There are still many kinds, have to say that Although Li Lan is a housewife.

but because it is too boring, her brain is still quite big.

Although a lot of weird ideas, it is really a QIAO Xing leaving Fourth Ring for so long.

Li Lancai found that he far doesn’t have to be strong in her imagination.

can even be said to be fragile.

Sometimes she is crying silently at home, or Qiao Xiaomi comforts her, she can get it.

Only have experienced these, Li Lancai understands that qiao xing leaves, how big is it for their small homes.

After all, qiao xing is the main bone in this home.

After leaving, what she did something he didn’t live.

Write salt, let go of the salt, and add more salt, there is a matter of occurrence, so that Qiao Xiaomi is somewhat dissatisfied with her.

and QIAO Xiaomi after QIAO Xing, the whole person has become silent.

This is also a matter of Li Lan, and she is afraid that her daughter will grow up.

is ok, today’s main heart is back.


A exciting screaming from the second floor of the stairway.

qiao xiaomi flies to qiao xing, then hug it by qiao xing, hugging in his arms!

“wu wu wu, you finally come back, how can you come back?”

qiao xing Looking at qiao xiaomi has been crying, steel … can’t say tough guys, there is also a feeling of distressing.

is the most loved daughter after all,!

“Yes, I am back.”

qiao xing with his mouth to stand the forehead of qiao xiaomi, Fiercely parents.

I have a joy of replay, let him have a different feeling, happy and warm.

is so fast, qiao xing can’t afford it.

Because the words of qiao xiaomi will give him a whole!

“wu wu wu! Dad, my mother said that you die, I thought you were really dead!”

qiao xiaomi cried loudly, but she said, there is a problem.

Li Lan, which has been stunned, she doesn’t even know that this time does not argue it.

The air is most afraid of sudden silence, even if the qiao xing and the old wife of Li Lan will not exceed the exception.

“What do you say? When did you say your dad?”

Li Lange, she thinks this is a kind of daughter to fall into her own.

is because of this time, it is not delicious, she wants to change a mother?

qiao xiaomi secretly twisted, revealing one of his eyes, saying:

“You write on your own little book every night, what should I do if Old qiao died?

How to write something like it, have written at least 20 results, don’t you curse my dad? “

Looking at the voice of Qiao Xiaomi, Li Lan is also speechless.

“You THIS GIRL, peeking about my things …”

At this time, QIAO Xing stopped Li Lan and held his mother and daughter in his arms.

“Forget it, anyway, no death, this topic does not have to continue discussions.

I think, I am not dead, your mother does not dare to retain. “

“qiao xing, you fart!”

Li Lan twisted in qiao xing, wants to break free from qiao xing.

qiao xing If you can break free by an ordinary woman, then he is not Eastern Ring Archbishop.

“, take the liberty to disturb, do you have any rice?”

The family’s music suddenly mixed with other sounds, let Li Lan are obviously surprised.

She is busy with the back of Looked Towards Qiao Xing, I saw the guy wearing a cloak, standing at the door of the Qiao Xing home.

What is just now, it is what he said!

“not good Meaning, I don’t know that old qiao has brought a guest back, it is not easy to think, I will go to dinner.”

“trouble you, lady!”

The voice of the cloak is a bit strange, and his behavior is also a bit strange, you are very polite.

In accordance with QIAO Xing’s temper, he should not like this kind of person.

This cloak is so polite, should you hate it by qiao xing? Why didn’t Old qiao no sound?

When Li Lan is confused, qiao xing also opened a mouth.

“What are you still there? Didn’t you see some guests? Don’t hurry to go?”

Li Lan has made you wait for QIAO Xing, and let you look good at night, turn it back to get.

QIAO Xing is holding qiao xiaomi, saying:

“is coming, just turn it.”


The cloak walks into the qiao xing house, after he takes off his hat, qiao xiaomi in qiao xing, and the pupil suddenly.

“Father, this person is a …”

qiao xiaomi has not finished, it has been exposed to NOAH, just got a little girl.

“Hello, qiao xiaomi young lady, my name is NOAH, is a robot.”

qiao xiaomi Even if it is nerve, she also knows the name of NOAH.

Because in terms of small education education, it is also a publicity of intelligent ITEM threats in the church.

She has heard of this name, and he has heard countless times.

noah! The source of Zhidai King, the source of the disaster, the destruction of human beings.

There are many titles that are implemented on a heterogeneous body, which itself represents this heterogeneous terrifying.

In the hearts of all alliances, NOAH is much more than Dream Terrifying, or even more than ten times, hundreds of times.

qiao xiaomi is somewhat under the qiao xing, you want to get some useful information from your own Father.

qiao xing does not seem to make an explanation, he is just to qiao xiaomi laughd, and then no longer talk.

God seems to have some encouragement, encourage? Let yourself talk to this robot?

qiao xiaomi with doubts, re-looked Towards opposite NOAH, some uncertain asked:

“Are you really NOAH? That NOAH?”

NOAH pulled off his own flag, revealing the old metal body, then sat on the sofa of qiao xing.

“If there is no other NOAH, I should be the noah you imagined.

is more powerful, it is more dangerous! “

qiao xiaomi’s body twisted on QIAO Xing, knowing the Qiao Xing of the daughter’s mind, nature knows that qiao xiaomi is going down.

then letting Qiao Xiaomi and running the daughter Moved Towards Noah.

qiao xiaomi walked to NOAH with Cautiously, a surprised touch touched NOAH metal body.

“is really iron! However, why your body looks very broken.

Some places, it feels like my father’s tea cup, it is pulled out! “

QIAO XING does not talk, let your daughter talk to NOAH.

and NOAH actually thinks for a long time in the face of QIAO Xiaomi, then he carefully reply:

“because my age is very big, so some places seem to be so old.”

I heard that NOAH said that Qiao Xiaomi’s expression is even confused.

“said that the ancient machinery can replace the body, why don’t you change a body?”

“Yes, the robot can replace your body.”

NOAH suddenly has a feeling of nothing, making Qiao Xiaomi is some unclear.

“amount, NOAH … Mr., how old are you this year?”

“I am 486 this year. If it is more accurate, it is 486 years and 5 months and 3 days.”

NOAH has already removed your cloak, scarves, hats, all.

he exposed his own bare head, old mechanical body, and the unique electronic eye.

“It turns out that you are so big? Isn’t that a grandfather than the grandfather of my grandfather …”

“can be so understandable.”

“then you are really like the book, kill a lot of people.”

When Qiao Xiaomi asked this question, the atmosphere suddenly stunned.

not NOAH still maintains its own calm state, naturally nodded.

“Yes, I killed a lot of people, saying that it is a lot of humans.”

“Father, Father! This person is a bad guy, you still don’t want him?”

qiao xing has a bit of a blind manner, glanced at it, and finally low.

“@ # ¥% … *”

qiao xiaomi, a question mark, how do you eat your father?

“How do you eat dad? What do you say, I didn’t listen!

Are you listening to me, this person is a bad guy, hurry up! “

qiao xing suddenly feels that his daughter seems to be so cute, sometimes she is talking very much.

“I have said it! You still have to let me say SECOND TIME, do you deliberate?”

“Ah? This …”

In the impression of QIAO Xiaomi, it seems that he did not hear himself, and there were people who had already played.

can now say father says that he does not do noah, it seems that there is no reason to refute!

“Since I am doing, Mr. Noah, what I just said, don’t take Seriously!”

NOAH uses a robot to grasp your own bare head, Nodded with a smile.

“Ok, I won’t take Seriously.”

The day was told by qiao xiaomi, so I found it for Li Lan at this Time.

“eat, amount, this …”

“Mother, he called NOAH.”

“Hello lady, monk, noah!”

Li Lan is skeptical, then look at his husband with uncertain eyes, until qiao xing to her nodded.

Li Lai is starting with NOAH.

“Hello, Mr. Noah.”

A group of people got on the table, looked at Li Lan, and did not eat exquisite meals, and they were silent.

qiao xiaomi peeks from NOAH from time to time, because she finds this robot, actually is really eating!

“Why can the robot eat?”

When you have questions in the heart of QIAO Xiaomi, the doorbell suddenly rang.

“I will open the door!”

qiao xiaomi ran to the door, but she opened the door, her brow suddenly wrinkled.

The other party is a little girl who is slightly larger than her, wearing a lace dress with black purple.

But these are not places where she frowns, truly let Qiao Xiaomi frown, is the mp proud of the opponent!

“You are wrong!”

! Qiao Xiaomi puts the door.

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