Doomsday Ring Chapter 296

The expression of Li Lan in a wish is a little strange, all this time, who will come here?

“Xiaomi, who is just to knock on the door?”

qiao xiaomi’s eyes turned a few laps, two fingers are there bucks, then lower their head:

“No one, it is a collection of garbage, I have told her that our family is not garbage, so I will close the door.”

“Take the garbage? How can there be garbage in the parish? I usually put in the door of the yard.

Does there be a specialist to clean up garbage every morning? “

Li Lan’s expression is a bit strange, with doubt, she went to the door.

“qiao xiaomi! Who is it just now?”

qiao xiaomi’s face hard, low head, bitten.

“She is a broken!”

Li Lan is going to open the door, it is clever, the door is knocked again!

qiao xiaomi See Li Lan to open the door, and then busy on the door, and put his Mother to the door.

“Mom, I am sorry, in fact, I just lied you, outside is not broken, but I want to meal.

I don’t want her to bother our dinner to rush her. “

Li Lan feels that qiao xiaomi is getting more and more deflated, how can there be a meal?

But I haven’t waited for him to continue, QIAO Xiaomi continued:

“You hurry to give them a meal, come to the home, and it is very Terrifying guest, the king of machinery Noah!

If it is not good, maybe Father is killed.

My dad is dead, you will widow! “

Li Lan’s face suddenly is black, obvious is your grandmother, your dad, just put it, now it is more too much.

“Your dad is dead, you will become an orphan.”

“Isn’t there you!”

“dead girl!”

Li Lan still did not open the door, QIAO Xiaomi did not have a problem.

She knows her husband is a very powerful person, very powerful.

Before, it was an inner ring of Expert, and it was low in front of her husband.

They must not only endure the surprises of the husband, but also to endure all of him a variety of rude requirements.

The robot in front of you is different, Li Lan does not know that he is really like the king of the legendary Zhidai.

His performance is already particularly special.

courtesy, equality, these QIAO Xing will not endure the characteristics, all appeared on the robot.

Your husband does not have anything to do, so it is so appointed by the other person in his own home.

This situation can only explain one problem. If it is not really playing, qiao xing is the temper, I have already opened it.

“Xiaomi is right, still have to take care of NOAH, otherwise, our family is very dangerous!”

With this idea, Li Lan left the door.

Seeing Li Lan left, Qiao Xiaomi also deep relaxed, she didn’t open the door, I saw Lu Xiaofen still standing at the door.

“How do you still don’t go?”

Lu Xiaofan hands around, the eyebrows are already touched.

“Why is I going? Just is your door?”

Looking at Lu Xiaofen’s appearance, QIAO Xiaomi is very dissatisfied.

is small Child, why can you be so arrogant?

Do you grow more beautiful? I qiao xiaomi is still not satisfied today.

“Do you? I can’t close my own door?

Our family now does not need to sell garbage, no meals, you will go. “

! The door was once again closed.

This time, even if Lu Xiaofen’s temper is not very bad, there is a bit can’t help but feel.

DigniED Dream, 8th-step disaster, just killed the inner ring 7th order expert.

This kind of record is actually in Fourth Ring still dares to this attitude?

Can this endure?

“sell garbage? Nothing? What does it mean?”

Lu Xia Jian has a little less understanding qiao xiaomi meaning.

She is coming here, because she kills the season after she kills.

felt that two powerful breath came to your own perception.

These two stocks are very familiar, one is NOAH, and another stock is qiao xing.

Before Wu En incident, she and QIAO Xing have opposed their eyes on the high wall.

This man who can bear the power of the 6th order, let her impressed.

She originally thought that QIAO Xing and NOAH appeared after killing the season, it was to engage in things.

can Didn’t Expect, and they have traveled to Fourth Ring after entering Fourth Ring, and did not have communication with her.

After the church ended the day, QIAO Xing returned to the home, still did not communicate with her.

This situation is intending!

Today’s dreams have been thoroughly occupied by the Hunter Group headed by East Fourth Ring, Yang La, basically, has become a private camp.

In this case, QIAO Xing and NOAH did not have an idea that I would like to communicate with her. This is not normal.

So after the considering, Lu Xia Jian decided to visit the QIAO Xing home.

This visit should be considered enough respect.

After all, an Eastern Ring Archbishop can be compared with your favor, there is an old NOAH!

What is going on now? Is this Little Girl dry?

is really a dream of no temper?

Dream of standing at the door is just ready to make a fire, the qiao xing in the house has gone over and opened the door.

“Sorry, the people, the little girl does not understand, you don’t care with her.”

qiao xing has already hugged Qiao Xiaomi, but Qiao Xiaomi listened to his Father called this little girl as a dream.

suddenly has grown his eyes! How is it a monster?

Dreaming this name, recent time, but it is also loud than NOAH.

But why do she be a little girl?

Suddenly qiao xiaomi is thinking about what.

“father? This will not beat it?”

qiao Xing’s old face is black, then Nodded, it is recognized.

“Don’t you apologize?”

qiao xiaomi, a bitter, why do my dad so dish?

“I don’t!”

qiao xing slightly frowned, this time his pressure is very big!

is not said that two disaster is not angry here, he has no pressure.

is a pressure of the dream and NOAH itself.

“I will apologize!”

qiao xing rarely exposes such a strict attitude towards his daughter, QIAO Xiaomi suddenly feels very wronged.

She twisting in the arms of qiao xing, soon it is crying.

“If you don’t come back for a few months, I will marry me one after another!”

and the dream of the ground, looking at qiao xing women, suddenly there is a feeling of tasteless.

Just raised anger, it is completely dissipated.

“Forget it, small Child is angry.”

When you say this, her heart is not a taste.

qiao xiaomi is small Child, then?

Is it because she is a heterogeneous, so can it be omitted?

If Lu Di is not dead, maybe she can also like Qiao Xiaomi, lying in Lu Di’s arms!

Think about it, this is a beautiful and happy thing.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be so happy.

Lu Di has its own will, she also, so they do not have to enjoy the happy fun like QIAO Xing and Qiao Xiaomi.

qiao xiaomi θΆ΄ q xing arms, secretly looked at Lu Yutan.

She quickly discovered, and the dream at this time seems to be a bit mood!

She originally wants to say something soft, can be said to the mouth, it will become another tone, this may be the born hostility!

“You are not small Child!”


qiao xing is once again, but Qiao Xiaomi has already buried his head into qiao xing arms.

“Okay, I know, sorry!”

qiao xing See Qiao Xiaomi finally apologize, this is a little bit of apologetic.

“I can’t afford to have a dream, I am too busy, lack of management of my daughter.”

“It doesn’t matter, qiao xing adult, take the liberty disturb, will not affect your life?”

Although Lu Yin is also a small child, no matter what to say, she is all kinds of kings.

is a real disaster, but also inheriting the people of Lu Di, so she will always be like Qiao Xiaomi.

qiao xing is slightly emotionally looked, then Nodded.

“Will not, the Nights people come in, we are eating.”

“then trouble.”

Dream follows Qiao Xing to the table, she sat opposite NOAH, looking at each other interested.

“long time no see, noah.”

“I am also the same, dreamy young lady!”

Although the dream usually pays for the old heterogeneous king like NOAH, it is often hung in the mouth of the Old Bastard.

When you really see, the minimum courtesome is still there.

NOAH and under the top and bottom of Lu Yutian, and there are some people who don’t dare to confuse and shock.

“Dream YOUNG LADY’s progress … is really amazing!

In such a short period of time, is your state?

is really a heterogeneous world for hundreds of years! “

I heard NOAH saying that qiao xing looked at Lu Xiaofen.

He and NOAH have been in contact with NOAH, from these contacts, he has a certain understanding of NOAH.

is like, NOAH never does nothing to make.

If NOAH really makes the attitude of compliment, this compliment must be a proactive.

Since this is the case, what is the meaning of NOAH just now?

What is the progress he said in his mouth?

“NOAH adult’s progress is not slow, is this not free to act within the wall?”

The dialogue between NOAH and Dreams is like playing the mystery.

qiao xing is obviously from NOAH tone, feeling his joy of his dream.

“Against guy, maybe your road is right!”

NOAH is no longer open, but only the delicious meals do not have a delicious meal, and eat it seriously.

The mood of the dream is very natural, she took the rice bowl over Li Lan, said with a smile:

“There is no end to the end, who is also a way to say something wrong!”

qiao xing has picked up the tableware, when it is ready to eat, the door actually rang.

“This evening, it is really lively!”

“Father, I will open the door.”

qiao xiaomi just went to open, was caught by qiao xing, press it on the seat.

“You will eat well, I will open it.”

qiao xing regardless of the dissatisfaction of qiao xiaomi, it is close to the door.

When it is approaching the door, he already knows who is coming.


The door is opened, then the lu Luo and QIAO Xing Big Eyes Staring At Small Ees.

lu Luo looked at qiao xing, which had been repeated many times, it seems to be the true and false of QIAO Xing before the eyes.

Half, he finally took a sentence.

“How can you here?”

qiao xing face full full of black line, this kid is talking about it, if he can’t be here, who can be here?

“Here is my home, why can’t I here?”

lu Lu is listening, I feel that qiao xing seems to have such a little reason.

After careful taste, it is really reasonable.

[qiao xing appears in QIAO Xing home, this is reasonable! Too reasonable. 】

NOAH is still so polite.

lu Luo looked at this Qi Zao Xing home, suddenly there is a feeling that it is not as good.

“, you are good, you slowly eat …”

Lu Luo wants to go, but qiao xiaomi did not give him this opportunity, and grabbed his hand!

“Big Brother, let’s take it together!”

“Good, let it!”

Lu Luo sitting down, Noah looked at him and asked:

“LU Luo, how do I use your ring?”

[Not too easy to use, noah is noah, the burning is full, I blow! 】

lu Luo is a bit speechless, but the observer is not a problem.

NOAH is really easy to use.

A ring can be completely connected in series, which is simply Divine Item.

“The ring is very easy, thank you NOAH.”

“Don’t thank me, this is what you deserve, Mr. Lu Luo.”

The two people finish, the room has entered a strange state, except for the sound of eating, almost no other sound.

Because the people on the dinner table are too fierce.

lu Luo can only hold a bowl on the corner of the table, and dare not talk, and it is like a child.

The process of eating is nothing wrong, until Li Lan packs a tableware, and everyone has no useful topic.


After finishing the meal, Lu Yumin stood up.

“to sit in the yard!”

Her sentence did not specify anyone, after she finished, NOAH and QIAO Xing stood up.



When the three people go out, the dream suddenly turned around to LOOKED TOWARDS Lu Luo.

“Do you still sit in? Come over!”

Sudden invitation of the dream, let Lu Luo feel very wrong.

and more let him accidentally, QIAO Xing and NOAH do not have advice to the dream of inviting him.

This kind of important talks of this big gathering, can he participate in?

Conditions, this talk is all big.

Condition II, I am invited to participate in such a big talk.

So the conclusions can be drawn according to the conditions one and two.

I = big!


[Do you determine that the big men do not need a terminal tea to pour water? 】


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