Doomsday Ring Chapter 340


Under the control of the Judge Bai Qingshuang, the Dawn Disc rotated 9 times.

After 9 laps, the disc began to vibrate.

The black clouds in the sky began to gather towards the center of the white dawn disc as if they had found a catharsis.

These black clouds are like an awl, piercing a ring of the earth fiercely.

Then, the earth began to crack!

Siegfried stared blankly at the place in front of him, especially the part of the land divided into two in front of him, completely speechless.

The dust is flying, everything seems to be destroyed by the black cloud and decayed.

But what appeared under the ground was also unprecedented by Siegfried.

The old and obsolete metal ladder, like a doomsday air-raid shelter, a collection of turrets.

Most of these turrets have been completely destroyed, Siegfried can even see some kind of animal’s tooth marks on them!

Apart from this, there are various statues on the wall, rune, each of which he has not seen before, at least in the textbook of the inner ring, there is no record.

Here, there seems to be a history completely different from human beings.

He subconsciously looked towards the surrounding guards, but these powerful Inner Ring Light Admirers seemed completely unaware of everything in front of them.

Still looking deep, looking straight ahead.

Siegfried doesn’t know if these people have seen more such scenes.

But he himself felt that even if he saw such a scene many times, he would still feel shocked?

“These people are really calm, this situation doesn’t change.

It seems that I am still far away from the Light Admirer, which is one of the guards.

Lord Judge, what is this place? “

“The sanctuary of the doomsday!”

“The sanctuary of the doomsday?”

Siegfried looked at Bai Qingshuang strangely, as if he could not understand the other party’s meaning.

“Siegfried Knight, what do you think is the end?”

“The omnic crisis? The dark can invade?”

“Those are not the real doomsday, because humans at that time still have hope.”

Siegfried didn’t know what Bai Qingshuang’s hope meant, but he was still willing to continue listening.

“The real doomsday is despair, struggle, without a trace of light, and no way out of darkness.

People want to pursue the vitality in the dark, but the real darkness has no vitality at all.

The Wasteland Alliance is the place where the end is truly experienced!

When human beings have experienced the doomsday, they entered the apocalyptic era.

The doomsday did not knock down humans, and humans also established alliances over time.

This is the age of wasteland.

Human beings have never directly entered a certain era!

In the darkest years, this is the hope of mankind and the last refuge. “

Bai Qingshuang’s expression is still very indifferent, but Siegfried on the side feels the emotions and touches in Bai Qingshuang’s language.

Isn’t it the same era, can you still feel the despair and fear at that time?

But he didn’t understand why Bai Qingshuang brought him to this place.

This should be a secret that the entire alliance must keep, right? Is a small role like him really qualified to be here?

“It turns out that mankind still has so much history. These things seem to be undocumented in the textbooks of the Alliance.

But it is really spectacular here! “

“When I saw it for the first time, I would have such feelings. When I first came here, I was also surprised.

Well, don’t be in a daze, let’s go, we still have a lot to do. “

“Oh, good!”

Siegfried followed Bai Qingshuang and walked slowly into this last refuge for mankind.

hong long long.

After the two entered the shelter, the disc of dawn re-turned.

The ground divided into two reunited, and until this time, the surrounding guards seemed to come back to his senses.

One of the guards looked at the companion beside him, and asked with some confusion:

“Hey, what seems to have happened just now? Do you feel it?”

“No, it may be your illusion.”

“Stop talking, guarding the Dawn Disc is a glorious act. This place is not for you to chat.”


If Siegfried were here, it would definitely startled.

Because these people seem to be totally unaware of what happened just now.

Whether it was the cracked ground or the doomsday shelter that suddenly appeared, they didn’t notice it.

Even the impression that the presiding judge came here with Siegfried has become very vague.

But this memory is only vague, not completely unremembered.

“I remember the presiding judge came here just now, how about her?”

“The presiding judge is here, right? Are you wrong.”

“Maybe I haven’t rested recently.”

“Yes, I didn’t see it anyway.”

“Shut up, do you want me to say it again?”

The guard’s Captain was a bit harsh, but he was also a little confused in his heart.

Just now, he seemed to have seen the presiding judge, but these team members said they did not see the presiding judge.

Could it be that he also read it wrong?


When Siegfried and Bai Qingshuang opened the sanctuary, it was in a very simple wood house in a corner of the inner ring parish.

The old man who had been lying in the hospital bed for nearly 3 years woke up suddenly.

All his hair has withered and prolapsed, and the wrinkles and age spots on his face are as obvious as seals.

The whole body exudes a smell that only dying people have. It is hard to imagine that such a person has ever stood on the top of a mountain.

The old man’s cloudy eyes seemed to pass away at any time.

But he still tried to open his eyes wide, and his cohesive will gradually cleared his eyes.

“It’s been 3 years, she finally did it.

Xinzhu, I can only wrong you this time! “

The old man raised his hands tremblingly. This action awakened the cultist Zemo who was taking a nap next to him.

“What are you doing under the pope’s crown? Are you going to get up?”

“Get out!”

Pope Fan Zhen said harshly. At this time, he seems to have become the man who once stood at the highest point of the alliance’s power.

The believer on the side was shocked for a while, and then his face was hard to look at, and he even put on some mocking smiles.

“Under the crown of the Pope, what are you going to do? Can you tell me?”

Watching this scene, Fan Zhen immediately knew that this guy had already betrayed him.

Now he is a Bai Qingshuang.

If it was before, he could kill such a character with just one hand.

But now the situation is different, his energy is not enough, so he doesn’t want to talk anymore at this time.

Just simply put your hands together and the holy splendor slowly spread out.

Zemo immediately took out his portable phone and was about to call Bai Qingshuang.

But Pope Fan Zhen seemed to be aware of it, the holy splendor in his hand suddenly broke out, and a white shock wave knocked Zemo out and fell heavily to the ground.

Zemo’s strength is very strong, such a blow does not seem to stun him.

He looked at the Pope on the bed with a look of horror, and turned around to escape.

But Pope Fan Zhen didn’t give him such a chance, a bunch of white light came out through his body.

Radiance poured into Zemo’s body, and his Seven Orifices began to radiate light. This state made him a bit like a light man.

The light did not last long.

Soon, Zemo, who was pierced by the light beam, calmed down, and his eyes gradually became clear.

“Ze Sir Mo, what happened inside?”

The other guards outside the door have also heard the movement in the room at this time, and they are in doubt.

Zemo looked at the pope on the bed and suddenly said:

“It’s okay, the pope turned down and moved his body a little.

You just need to guard well, it doesn’t matter if I am here. “

“Yes, I have worked hard to help Sir Mo.”

Zemo’s eyes cannot be said to be blurred, but after saying these words, he slowly walked to the side of the pope, one-knee kneels on the ground, looking at the pope.

“Under the crown, is there anything else I need to do?”

Pope Fan Zhen gave Zemo a blank expression, and shook his head with some difficulty.

“Not yet, just wait.”


The brilliance in the Pope’s hand became dimmed. The brilliance did not dissipate, but gradually condensed, turning into a small ball of light in the Pope’s hand.

What do you say about this ball of light, if Lu Luo were here, he would be very surprised.

Because this thing is very similar to Mingyuan Tinder.

Their traits are almost exactly the same, the only difference is their attributes.

The light ball gradually solidified and became the size of a glass bead.

This form is much smaller than the Mingyuan fire that Lu Luo had obtained before.

“Zemo, open the window a bit.”


Zemo obediently came to the bed and opened a small gap.

And the ball of light in the Pope’s hand also flew out, very fast.

After all this was done, Pope Fan Zhen relaxed a bit, but at this time, he finally put on a smile on his face.

“Bai Qingshuang, you finally can’t wait! Qi Xinzhu, will become your poison.”

The range of the inner ring was originally small, and the speed of the light ball was very fast, so Qi Xinzhu, who was listening to Yuluo’s report with Wan Jing, soon got a sense of it.

“This feeling… is it a teacher?”

“Qi Xinzhu, what’s wrong with you?”

Wan Jing on the side saw that Qi Xinzhu had been looking at the window on the other side, and asked a little strangely.

“Master Wan Jing, I feel the teacher calling me.”

“Your teacher? The Pope?”

Wan Jing felt a little weird. At this time, the Pope was already bedridden. How did Qi Xinzhu feel?

But just when she wanted to refute, the not-so-strong, but very prominent Holy Light Power also appeared in her perception.

“This force is really the Pope?”

The ball of light suddenly broke through the window, and before everyone could react, it got into the palm of Qi Xinzhu’s already raised palm.


The light source entered the body, Qi Xinzhu’s Seven Orifices, burst out in an instant with a brilliance that was dozens of times stronger than Zemo before.

At this moment, she is like a light man!

There were a lot of people in the Chamber at this time, and Qi Xinzhu’s current form seemed a bit weird.

Not just weird, it should be described as holy and sacred.

It’s like a place of holiness belonging to Dawn Church. The church should support Saintess!

“My holy light!”

Many believers not knowing what to do looked at Qi Xinzhu. By this time, Yu Luo’s news seemed to be no longer important.

The punishment of Lu Luo can also be put on hold.

After all, in the church, there is nothing more to be happy about than seeing holy light in person.

“Qi Xinzhu, my lord.”

Some devout believers actually face the Qi Xinzhu one-knee kneels in front of many people.

This is all their inner desires, because the current Qi Xinzhu is too holy and pure.

This state is what they ideally look like.

“Master Saintess.”

“Master Saintess.”

The crowd knelt down in a bustling wave.

This embarrassed the other group of people who did not feel the holiness of Qi Xinzhu, or who felt that they were unwilling to express themselves.

Wan Jing was also embarrassed at this time, after all, what Bai Qingshuang asked her to do just now was just optimistic about Qi Xinzhu that’s all.

“Are you okay? Xinzhu?”

Qi Xinzhu bathed in the light slowly absorbs these energy.

She did not speak in a hurry, but felt the source of this energy.

Soon, she returned to her normal state, she first turned her head and looked towards Wan Jing.

“I’m okay, Lord Wan Jing, but I may have other things to do now, and I may have to lose my company.”

Wan Jing is slightly frowned, and Bai Qingshuang makes her optimistic about Qi Xinzhu.

This kind of optimism, in Wan Jing’s understanding, is to try not to let Qi Xinzhu leave his sight.

So, should I follow Qi Xinzhu now? Or let her leave?

“Oh, hehe, although I don’t know what happened to you just now, I can feel the Holy Light Power growing in your body.

You must have some opportunity or sudden enlightenment, right?

There are not many opportunities like this, I understand very well. “

Wan Jing said, then turned his head and looked towards the others.

“Everyone, Qi Xinzhu priest seems to have a sudden enlightenment in the knowledge of Holy Light Power. I don’t think we should bother her like this.

Let Qi Xinzhu priest appreciate this opportunity.

Maybe, she will become a person closer to holy light. “

Those kneeling believers naturally had no objection at this time. They still looked at Qi Xinzhu with pious expressions and shouted:

“Send Master Saintess.”

Watching these people’s attitudes change, Wan Jing is slightly frowned.

The state of Qi Xinzhu in front of him has obviously completely changed the minds of some believers.

Fortunately, there are not many people who saw this scene. I don’t know if it will affect Bai Qingshuang’s rule.

This kind of ability, this kind of pure light, maybe this is the chosen person.

Does this situation have anything to do with the power of the pope just now?

Wan Jing is not clear, she can only continue to observe.

Qi Xinzhu is very grateful for Wan Jing’s actions, she moved towards Wan Jing slightly nodded.

“Many thanks, Master Wan Jing, then I will go first.”

“Go ahead.”

Qi Xinzhu has left. There is a case in the Chamber about the arrest of Lu Luo and Mu Fei, which continues.

But Wan Jing’s mind has already left with Qi Xinzhu’s departure.

She moved quietly to the door of the chamber, and walked out quietly, following Qi Xinzhu far behind.

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