Doomsday Ring Chapter 341


At this time, Qi Xinzhu came to the big bell tower in the center of the church.

Because the alliance requires other buildings not to exceed this place, this is the highest point of the entire church, and even the entire inner ring.

Qi Xinzhu folded his hands together and made the same movement as Pope Fan Zhen before, and then quietly called:


On the other side, Fan Zhen, who was resting in the small wood house, opened his eyes again, and his wrinkled face was full of smiles.

The whole person looks, but it is a bit horrible.

This feeling of lost and regained success made this 200-year-old man become a little excited and lost self-control.

He released the only holy splendor and said to Qi Xinzhu sound transmission:

“Xinzhu, you must remember when you accept the baptism of the dawn disc and the power of sequence.

As long as you condense all the holy splendors in your heart, there will be no malignant distortion!

Feel the gift of truth to you! “


The words of the Pope made Qi Xinzhu a little bit wrong, what do you mean?

What accepts the power of dawn disc and sequence baptism? What is the gift of truth?

Is the teacher passing the source of Mu Guang to her just to tell her this?

But she didn’t accept the baptism of the dawn disc? She is clearly in the third ring now.

And the disc of dawn is one ring!

“teacher, what are you talking about, why can’t I understand at all?”

Qi Xinzhu’s voice was suspicious and calm, not as if his mind was ringed by the silhouette.

This made Fan Zhen who was lying on the bed immediately anxious and uneasy.

His holy splendor is not enough to perceive Qi Xinzhu’s location.

Did he miss something? Or is the development of the whole thing not as he expected?

“Xinzhu, where are you now?”

“I’m in the church tower! Teacher, what happened?”

Today’s Qi Xinzhu is no longer the silly white sweetness she used to be. She immediately realized that her teacher seemed to arrange certain affairs.

And his own words, or his own performance, made the teacher realize that these things did not develop as he thought.

In this case, it will be interesting!

“You… didn’t go to the doomsday sanctuary?”

Qi Xinzhu eyes slightly narrowed, at this time, she thought of Lu Luo subconsciously.

Because she was aware of the problem and also felt uneasy.

But she can’t figure out where the problem is. If Lu Luo is here, she can definitely analyze it for her.

“teacher, you never told me, what is the shelter of the doomsday?”

Fan Zhen’s heart was beating violently, and he didn’t know what it was like.

Why did Bai Qingshuang not take Qi Xinzhu to the Doomsday Sanctuary?

But the sanctuary of the doomsday is already open?

Who is the successor who followed Bai Qingshuang to the sanctuary of the doomsday?

Besides the pure Qi Xinzhu, can anyone inherit the power of the shelter?

What happened to the church during this period of sleep?

“Xinzhu, what happened to the church after I fell asleep?”

Qi Xinzhu was silent for a while. At this time, she was already aware of a problem.

Her loving teacher may have deceived her on some issues!

“teacher, you haven’t told me, what is the sanctuary of the doomsday?”

Fan Zhen heard the doubt in Qi Xinzhu’s tone, but he has experienced too many things.

So Pope Fan Zhen soon stabilized his mind.

Without subordinates, without channels, Zemo is only temporarily controlled.

And Qi Xinzhu is the only person he can contact now, and is not Bai Qingshuang.

After pondering for a while, Fan Zhen’s expression became serious.

“The doomsday sanctuary is the last refuge of mankind.

There, the last secret of mankind is stored. “

Qi Xinzhu’s expression became even more indifferent.

“The current teacher should be very urgent, right?

I always have a question, teacher, is it really old? “

“Xinzhu, some things are not what you think. You are too young to tell you.

And I am really old too. “

Qi Xinzhu nodded, the pope’s former state has indeed become extremely weak.

At his level and status, it should be easy to get in touch with the fruit of life.

So, did the pope eat the fruit of life to extend his lifespan?

“teacher, have you ever eaten the fruit of life?”

“The fruit of life? This is the name that came out after Bai Qingshuang was in power.”

“teacher? What do you mean?”

“You are talking about the thing that extends the lifespan!”

“The original name of that thing was called the first-born seed.”

Qi Xinzhu froze for a moment. There are researches and investigations on the fruit of life. She and Lu Luo have conducted many studies.

But now the pope actually told her another name, which made Qi Xinzhu feel that something was wrong.

“But I have consulted many classics, books, and records, they are all called the fruit of life.”

At this time, the pope was also silent for a while, as if he was thinking about the key to this matter.

“Xinzhu, I know you are very upset now and don’t want to believe me, but I still want to tell you.

I am 200 years old, and it has been 140 years since I became the pope.

In the past 140 years, the kind of forbidden objects made by pregnant women to prolong life have been called nascent seeds.

Its implication is to give birth to new life from death like a different species.

The principle of extending lifespan is similar.

If everything you see and find is called the fruit of life, then there is only one possibility.

The things you find and see are all prepared and arranged for you by others. “

Qi Xinzhu was not touched by the Pope’s explanation this time.

She just secretly took out her phone, quietly sent a text message to Lu Luo, then turned off the phone again, and continued to ask:

“teacher, although I really want to believe you, it’s really hard to believe you at this time!”

“Xinzhu, what else do you want to know?”

“I have always felt like a genius, but my strength has not grown fast.

The teacher didn’t ask for my strength either, because my strength is weaker, will it be easier to control? “

The former Qi Xinzhu is absolutely impossible to say this. Fan Zhen doesn’t know what Qi Xinzhu has experienced over the past year.

“Xinzhu, why do you think so?”

“You just need to answer me, yes or no.”


“Thank you for your answer, teacher, this answer can make me feel a little warm.”

“Do you have anything else you want to ask?”

Fan Zhen needs Qi Xinzhu now, and his time is running out. Qi Xinzhu is his only chance.

Qi Xinzhu is not in a hurry. What she needs to do now is to collect as much information as possible.

This information may not be available to her, but Lu Luo will help her summarize it.

“What is there in the doomsday sanctuary that can make you lose self-control like this?”

“In the doomsday sanctuary, the secrets of human beings reaching level 8 are sealed in dust!”

Qi Xinzhu’s gaze flickered a few times. It was a bit good-looking, level 8, a level that humans have never reached.

Is it a secret that humans once possessed?

“What about the dawn disc?”

“The disc of dawn is the key to the sanctuary of doomsday.”

“Well, does the teacher need me to do something now?”

Qi Xinzhu looked at the direction of Luo Family where Lu Luo was, looking a little casual.

“Can you come to me now? I’m in the wood house of the second ring watcher.”

“Okay, teacher, wait for me!”

Qi Xinzhu could not help but break the connection with the light source.

Then he took out his phone, and before he was ready to press the number, Lu Luo took the initiative to call.

When encountering things, Lu Luo has always been simple and indifferent.

“Is the environment safe?”

“For now, it’s still safe.”

“Safety is good.”

Lu Luo on the other end of the phone is finally relaxed.

“Then, let’s briefly talk about the situation on your side now.”

“This matter is a bit complicated, I don’t know how to start.”

“Let’s start with the most important points you think. It’s okay to be scattered.”

Lu Luo doesn’t care about other people’s messy and scattered information.

Because he has observers, even in the face of very confusing information, he can separate and aggregate in a short time and summarize effective content.

“The sanctuary of the doomsday, the secrets of level 8, the disc of dawn, and the firstborn seed…”

Qi Xinzhu told Lu Luo completely what he had received.

She spoke slowly and in detail.

But Qi Xinzhu did not notice that not far from her, a pair of dark eyes were staring at her.


Under the first ring, Siegfried has followed Bai Qingshuang through the steps and walkways.

In addition to these, Siegfried also walked through several square halls.

Counted, there are 7 in total.

Some words and pictures are recorded on the murals in each square hall.

From the point of view of its content, it should record the battle between humans and a certain kind of alien.

When Siegfried walked to the sixth hall, he stopped in surprise.

Because of the things recorded on the murals in this hall, he has seen them!

Sky curtain giant beast-Leviathan.

The huge body can almost engulf a city in an instant, but now human beings no longer have a city.

So he didn’t know exactly where the city on the mural was.

“Humans have ever fought a giant beast?”

Bai Qingshuang glanced at the mural, nodded:

“If the picture on the mural is true, it should have been a battle.”

“Isn’t Corleviathan a giant beast that doesn’t care about what happens to humans?

The legendary Leviathan has always been a representative of meekness. It has never had a dispute with humans.

And it is so huge, if it really fights humans, it will cause outrageous destruction! “

Looking at the picture on the mural, Siegfried was left in awe.

He is really unimaginable, what will happen to such a giant hand if there is a war with the current mankind.

The range of the inner ring is very small. With Leviathan’s size, as long as he desperately attacks, a few dives and bombardments can completely destroy the entire inner ring.

Bai Qingshuang also stopped at this time and looked at the giant beast on the mural.

“Hehe, big size also means big goals. No one has really played against the Sky Veil Giant, and they don’t know what kind of power it has.

Whether it is good or evil has always been speculation.

Because no one went to the sky to meet the sky curtain.

We have been living in this well for more than four hundred years!

As for the giant beast Leviathan itself, there is no record of this period of history, so no one knows what happened to humans. “

Bai Qingshuang’s tone is a bit unpredictable, but Siegfried still managed to ignore some problems.

“Um, don’t the presiding judge also know?”

“I am not an omniscient and omnipotent person, and this thing mural paintings can be made artificially.

Everything that can be manipulated is untrustworthy. “

Siegfried didn’t understand what Bai Qingshuang said, but she didn’t plan to explain any more.

“Let’s go, where we are going, but not here.”

“Uh, okay.”

Bai Qingshuang’s face is always smiling, Siegfried is not quite clear, what is she laughing at.

But this smile always gave him a warm feeling.

Really deserve to be the person who is shining by the holy light, the judge is the hope of the entire Wasteland Alliance!

The two of them once again passed through an underground corridor one after the other.

Finally, they came to an empty area without a roof.

Siegfried looked up towards the zenith, where the stone ceiling was no longer the same as before, but the Milky Way and the starry sky.

“Master Judge, here? What’s the matter?”

“I said before, this is a special place, the last refuge for mankind!”

“Then these stars are made by technology?”

“No, it’s called the power of sequence.”

“The power of sequence is related to the starry sky?”

“Now you are too weak, there is no way to understand the effect of the power of sequence, come with me.”

Siegfried followed Bai Qingshuang and walked slowly to the center of the hall.

During the journey, Siegfried discovered that the rectangular boxes made of white stone were stored in the entire area.

This kind of box is covered with red carved rune, which looks a little weird.

“The presiding judge, what are these boxes for?”

“The names of these boxes are called coffins.”


Siegfried has never heard of this term, so I don’t quite understand the role of the coffin.

“It’s what stores the dead.”

“Uh, dead people, shouldn’t they be cremated? If they are stored in such a box, what if they are deformed or infected with viruses?”

Bai Qingshuang did not answer Siegfried’s question. She walked slowly to the center of the hall and raised her hands high.

“Truth always exists in mankind!”

With Bai Qingshuang’s low voice, the strong holy splendor began to follow her feet into the earth.

The whole hall gradually brightened.

The dawn disc on the ground slowly turned, and where she raised her hands, a new disc gradually appeared.

“When the truth reappears, it is when mankind rises.”

Siegfried looked at the disc in Bai Qingshuang’s hand, a little surprised, this disc was exactly the same as the dawn disc.

But there are many differences.

The dawn disc is white like a white jade, while the disc in Bai Qingshuang’s hand at this time is a weird and coquettish purple.

“Sir, what is in your hand?”

“I hold the truth in my hand!

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