Doomsday Ring Chapter 387


Listening to Qi Xinzhu’s voice, Lu Luo’s expression was a little frozen.

Actually Qi Xinzhu will wake up and he is not very surprised.

Because Qi Xinzhu’s breathing and physical condition were weak before, but overall it has gradually stabilized.

In terms of her transcender’s life stage and 150 physique.

She must be able to wake up, it’s just a matter of time.

Lu Luo really feels strange, not the problem of Qi Xinzhu waking up at this time.

But he did not feel Qi Xinzhu waking up, he himself did not feel Qi Xinzhu’s existence.

Not even the observer has any hints.

“Xinzhu? When did you wake up?”

Qi Xinzhu looked at Lu Luo’s weird expression. She didn’t know that she had caused the observer failure.

At this time, she was also confused, why did Lu Luo look at me like this?

She felt something in her head, subconsciously touched her head, slightly frowned.

“This feeling…huh?”

Just when he was about to say something, Qi Xinzhu suddenly saw his father Qi Lin, and the dumb father and Congressman Luo Xuemin were still standing at the door.

“father? Senator Luo? Why are you here?”

When Qi Lin saw his daughter wake up, he was relaxed in his heart.

Although he feels that Qi Xinzhu seems to be different from before, he should be asked to say specifically what is different.

Qi Lin is not a transcender, he can’t tell.

Anyway, Qi Xinzhu just needs to wake up.

As a parent, I always hope that my daughter can be safe.

As long as Qi Xinzhu is fine, all other things are trivial.

“Xinzhu, you finally woke up, it’s fine, you have been in a coma for almost 4 days.”

“Uh? Unconscious for 4 days?”

Qi Xinzhu turned her head and looked towards Lu Luo. After seeing Lu Luo nodded, she only realized later.

At this time, Qi Xinzhu suddenly staggered and covered his head again.

A careful Lu Luo immediately noticed something wrong with Qi Xinzhu.

The power of holy splendor seems to have burst out of her body.

He winked at Qi Xinzhu immediately.

Fortunately, after all, his wife is a tacit understanding, Qi Xinzhu immediately realized that he shouldn’t talk too much at this time.

Because she was in a coma, she didn’t know enough about the current environment.

The condition of my body is not very clear.

“Father, I’m fine, the past few days is like a sleep, I feel pretty good now, you don’t need to worry too much.”

“It’s fine if it’s nothing, it’s fine if it’s nothing.”

After Qi Lin repeatedly confirmed Qi Xinzhu’s condition, a smile gradually appeared on his face.

Qi Xinzhu is all right, Qi Lin is naturally relieved.

But Luo Xuemin on the side is more anxious, because Bai Yuetong hasn’t appeared yet.

“Qi Xinzhu is awake, what about Bai Yuetong?”

Lu Luo didn’t know how to answer, Qi Xinzhu woke up, and his reason for rejecting Luo Xuemin was missing.

At this time, a clear voice came from the house:

“Dad, I’m inside.”

This voice is from Bai Yuetong.

Hearing his voice, Lu Luo finally relaxed.

[Okay, I woke up. ]

Luo Xuemin also relaxed slightly when he heard his daughter’s voice.

“It’s okay, Hitomi, won’t you come out for a while? Father is worried about you!”

Bai Yuetong in the room hesitated for a while before answering:

“Wait for father, I will see you when I have dinner, you should go back now.”

Hearing Bai Yuetong’s words, Luo Xuemin was a little helpless, but he didn’t force it anymore.

He knew that his daughter was a very assertive person, and it was useless to say more at this time.

When you have dinner, take a good look at her.

“Okay, then I’ll go back first, if there is something you must tell me.”

“Okay, father, what can I do here? Don’t be fussy.”

Bai Yuetong’s tone was still the same as before, but Luo Xuemin didn’t notice any difference anyway.

“Okay, well I won’t be long-winded, you can rest well.”

Luo Xueming left after speaking, and Judge Qi Lin followed him.

After the two father-in-laws left, Lu Luo relaxed slightly.

“Finally left, but the observer. Didn’t you find something wrong with Qi Xinzhu?

You didn’t even give a hint when she appeared just now. What is going on? “

[I really can’t blame me for this thing. You also know the unevaluable situation on the sequence.

Qi Xinzhu now has the message of the dawn disc on his body.

In a sense, at this time, she already possesses some of the characteristics of the Dawn Disc.

So I was imperceptible to her. ]

“Star of dawn, is there a disc of dawn?”

Lu Luo turned his head and looked towards Qi Xinzhu beside him, slightly worried.

“Your current situation should be the reaction of the dawn star, how is it? How do you feel now?”

Qi Xinzhu slightly frowned. Cover his head with his palm again.

“Lu Luo, I feel that there is something in my mind now.

How to say? It was as if there was an extra lump inside, it was abrupt, and the feeling of strangeness was also very strong. “

“One more lump?”

Qi Xinzhu’s description made Lu Luo feel that something was wrong.

This is obviously not a normal state, but he can’t feel what kind of changes Qi Xinzhu has made.

“What about holy splendor, can you use holy splendor now?”

“holy splendor ……”

Qi Xinzhu stretched out his fingers, and the fingertips quickly emitted white rays of light.

There is no doubt that this is the rays of light belonging to the holy splendor.

Qi Xinzhu once again owns the holy splendor, and this is probably the last holy splendor of the entire Wasteland Alliance.

“You really can make a holy splendor. According to some of my information detection capabilities, you now have some of the characteristics of the dawn disc.

How to say, this is a matter for which there is no way to determine the danger for the time being.

Xinzhu You have to be careful, this may be a good thing for you, but it may also be a disaster.

Once let the church people know that you have a holy splendor.

They will definitely catch you back desperately. “

When Lu Luo said this, his eyes were full of worry.

He is not alarmist, nor is he letting go for no reason.

All the situations he said are likely to happen in reality.

The church that lost the holy splendor is already hysterical. If there is a way to restore the holy splendor, they will act desperately.

Even the current alliance, Parliament, has no way to stop the rampant church

“I know, I will be careful about this. I will not let anyone know my current situation.

I will be obedient, and I will stay by your side obediently in the future, okay? “

Qi Xinzhu is in a good mood at this time, and avoiding a catastrophe, she didn’t feel too much worry.

Now she and Lu Luo are obviously okay, so at this time she showed some playfulness.

Even took the initiative to hug Lu Luo.

“Be good…”

[How good are you? ]

In fact, Lu Luo didn’t say one thing because he didn’t know whether he should say it or not.

That is, Qi Xinzhu already possesses some very special properties.

It’s like being a very distant existence.

This feeling is indescribable, but it does exist, like faith, like a god.

Lu Luo didn’t know if it was because of the dawn star.

What he can do is to protect Qi Xinzhu.

“Forget it, I’ll talk about the Dawn Star thing later, let’s go and see Bai Yuetong in advance.”


Lu Luo closed the door, and the ghosts wandering around did not take it back.

The current situation is still uncertain, and it is still uncertain that this place is a safe environment.


When Lu Luo returned to the room and saw Bai Yuetong sitting on the bed, he suddenly trembled wit, and then rubbed his eyes.

“Huh? What…what’s the situation?”

Not only him, even Qi Xinzhu who came back together, the whole expression was dull.

“Bai Yuetong, what you look like…”

“Me? What happened to me?”

Bai Yuetong was still a little confused at this time. As a woman, it is normal to stroke her hair after waking up.

But when Bai Yuetong started to stroke his hair, he found that his hair is long, and it has grown a lot.

From the previous shoulder-length short hair, it has become the white long straight hair now.

As far as the length of the hair is concerned, it is already longer than Qi Xinzhu.

“How did this hair grow so long? What’s the matter?”

[She asked what’s wrong with you, don’t you answer her? ]

“Do I know it?”

[Uh…Your hanging is really smart. ]

Get out!

Bai Yuetong stood up at this time. After she stood up, Lu Luo noticed that her change was not just about hair is long.

In addition to the lengthening of Bai Yuetong’s head, the height of the whole person has also been significantly improved.

Lu Luo walked up to her and made a gesture, and it was about 5 cm taller.

This change made Lu Luo even more surprised.

However, what makes Lu Luo more regretful is that there is no secondary development for A or A.

And because of the height increase, Bai Yuetong at this time… is almost gone.

“What is your situation?”

“I don’t know either.”

Bai Yuetong touched her forehead and squeezed it subconsciously, but there was nothing on her head.

“Lu Luo, there is something more in my mind, probably at this position, about 5 cm in depth.”

Unlike Qi Xinzhu’s vague feeling, Bai Yuetong directly stated his situation.

And pointed his finger to his forehead.

Lu Luo looked at her with no solution, even if he knew that he had something in his mind, what could he do?

Take it out for surgery?

With the current traditional medical level of the Wasteland Alliance, it may be difficult to perform such an operation.

“What are you doing? You don’t want to get out of your mind, do you? It’s going to die.”

Lu Luo’s expression was a bit exaggerated, and Mao was stunned for a moment, and then scratched his head sorryly.

“Well, it seems that there is really no way now, but it is really unaccustomed to put this thing in my mind.

But I will try my best to adapt to this thing, which is probably what she left for me. “

Lu Luo knew that she was the presiding judge.

Maybe over the years, the presiding judge has secretly done something for Bai Yuetong.

It’s like the Dawn Star to Qi Xinzhu.

The key of truth should be what the presiding judge left for Daomao.

During the dialogue between Lu Luo and Bai Yuetong, Qi Xinzhu has already begun to try to restore his holy splendor.

At this time, her holy splendor was stable and pure, without the slightest emotion, and lost the corrosiveness of the previous holy splendor.

At least in Lu Luo’s feeling, this kind of holy splendor can already be used by him.

Daimao and Qi Xinzhu are in good condition.

Seeing that the two women are fine, Lu Luo is also relaxed.

“It’s fine if you are all right.”

Although I don’t know what the fragments of these two discs will bring to them, at least for now, it has not caused very serious consequences.

If the person is okay, it will be more difficult to overcome the difficulty of the operation.

As long as he finds a way to return to Fourth Ring, most of the security issues can be resolved.

How can I say that he is currently mixed with nightmares in name.

If there is an expert in the inner ring to go east to the Fourth Ring, then the nightmare should come out?

But if the nightmare doesn’t come out, then they can only move towards the wall and run away.

“Lu Luo, what do we say now?”

Daimao no longer wanted to stay in the inner ring.

In the inner ring now, there is nothing worthy of her nostalgia.

Lu Luo also knew Bai Yuetong’s mentality at this time, so he followed nodded.

“Since everything has been restored, let’s go back, this place is not our place after all.

Fourth Ring is our site. “


Time came to night, Luo Xuemin asked Qi Lin and his wife to stay.

And Lu Luo also brought Qi Xinzhu and Bai Yuetong to the restaurant at dinner time.

Luo Xuemin was obviously stunned when he saw the dull hair.

“Hitomi Hitomi, you?”

“Dad, now is probably one of the few times when you can see my long hair.

Look now, I will cut it out in a few days. “

“Um, all right.”

After confirming that the person in front of him was Bai Yuetong, Luo Xuemin didn’t say much.

The dinner party finally began, and Luo Family provided them with a rather hearty dinner.

Qi Xinzhu talked a lot with his parents for a long time.

She knew she was leaving soon, so she wanted to talk to her parents as much as possible.

On the other side, Bai Yuetong was in a daze, holding a wine glass, not knowing what he was thinking.

The atmosphere of the whole dinner was harmonious and happy, as if the troubles before, were no longer important.

Whether it is the church or the Parliament, their affairs are no longer what Lu Luo needs to consider now.

This dinner is Lu Luo’s last meal in the inner ring.

“Uncle Qi, Father Rob.”

Lu Luo held up the wine glass in his hand and toasted the two father-in-laws.

He didn’t call father in this place, there were too many people, and he was a little sorry.

But Qi Lin didn’t say anything, he and Luo Xuemin stopped the tableware in their hands and looked towards Lu Luo.

“What’s the matter?” Qi Lin smiled.

“After tonight, we are leaving.”


Qi Lin was puzzled, but Luo Xuemin on the side stopped.

It can be seen that he has guessed what Lu Luo means.

“Hitomi Hitomi, do you want to go too?”

“I asked Lu Luo to leave at this time. In the inner ring, there is nothing worthy of me to miss anymore.

Dad, you don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to worry about me too much, I will take care of myself. “

Luo Xuemin looked at his daughter, and then at Lu Luo, but in the end he just shook his head helplessly.

“It seems that you have already figured out what to do in the future.”

“Father Rob, don’t worry, the Fourth Ring now should be pretty good, at least not hungry.”

Lu Luo’s words are a bit joking, but Luo Xuemin understands the meaning.

“I see, take good care of Hitomi, with your ability…

Forget it, Lu Luo, you are very capable, and your vision is broader than mine.

So you don’t need me to give pointers. The experience of the older generation has no meaning for people like you.

After arriving at Fourth Ring, let’s live a good life. “

Luo Xuemin looked at Bai Yuetong. Bai Yuetong grew taller and his hair became longer. There was even more a shadow of Changbai Qingshuang.

He has many memories, but he didn’t catch it.

The thing about Bai Qingshuang is a regret in his life, but fortunately, he still has Bai Yuetong.

“The child is old, he will go out after all.”

Qi Lin on the side was suddenly comforted.

This sudden comfort made Luo Xuemin feel sour.

The atmosphere that was originally not very sad has become very sad.

“You Old Guy, still think about how to formulate a new trade law, the next inner ring, I am afraid it will not be peaceful.”

“Let’s do it, you guys will talk for a while, I will go out to smoke a cigarette and take a break.”

Lu Luo stood up and left space for Qi Xinzhu, Bai Yuetong, and their families.

Daimao wanted to say something, but Lu Luo waved to her.

“Let’s have a good chat with your father, if we really aim to go home.

Maybe in the future, will not meet again for a long time. “

Du Mao’s eyes shone slightly.

“Go home?

Yes, go home! “

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