Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1048


From the whirlpool world to Spiritual Mountain, this is a frightening comment, very mysterious, can this little stone Buddha really connect to a dense land? It is thought-provoking.

third means-to open the sacred relic of Heaven and Earth Grand Dao. This argument is very mysterious, but it is just a vague translation. Even the translator is not sure about it and did not elaborate too much.

Xiao Yan was amazed. He didn’t expect to bring back this little stone Buddha so mysterious. Then why was it left in a no-man’s land at that time, like abandoned things?

Yang Xiao’s expression is weird. The ordinary Sanskrit is that’s all. This kind of ancient charm is hard to see in India. There are only one or two national treasures carved on it. Ask him how he got it, and he was kind and careful. Remind that the state has strict supervision over cultural relics.

Xiao Yan was helpless. Since sending out a few small gifts, Yang Xiao judged that he had a history of more than 2,000 years, so he probably regarded him as reselling cultural relics.

Xu Qiong gave Xiao Yan a cell phone to help him store his number. After many years, Xiao Yan was shocked and uncomfortable holding this communication tool again.

In this world life is naturally inseparable from money. No matter what you need, the things on his body are too amazing, and it will cause a lot of trouble to just show it.

There is no way, he took out a jade bottle of suet, erased the scars and divinity on it, kneaded it into dozens of pieces, and gave it to Xu Qiong, asking her to mobilize the relationship to help auction it off.

Although Xu Qiong had been mentally prepared, she was surprised to see such a flawless Spirit Connecting Treasure Jade being destroyed in this way.

When she commissioned the auction, during the appraisal process, the old Master beat her chest and feet, and felt very heartbroken. He said that this was a crime, and such a treasure was broken. This is a big deal for jade. Estimate the loss, this is a crime.

Xu Qiong is numb. She once saw Xiao Yan burn a bunch of more mysterious treasures in the cemetery. It was almost dreamy! The accessories she carried on her body were even more bizarre. She felt like she was accepting baptism every day.

“They came to City B, and they have to see you for whatever they say. I can’t escape it.” Yang Xiao was embarrassed.

“Isn’t it just a few ancient Sanskrit characters? As for bringing them here from India?” Xiao Yan said.

“A few old monks came, and the people who accompanied them almost regarded them as living Buddhas. They almost knelt there to worship, as if they had manifested some Gods Vestige, but what age are these? If you have faith, you shouldn’t be so.” Yang Xiao is a learned person, so naturally he doesn’t believe this.

Xiao Yan’s heart moved, and the mountain today respects Hinduism. Buddhism has long since fallen in the place of origin. How can there be a master who will come not far from ten thousand li? Is there anyone in the world who can cultivation?

Xiao Yan happily agreed, making an appointment for a meeting place two days later, wanting to see who the so-called guru is and whether it can really manifest Gods Vestige.

City B has a long history, with some historical sites in the city, but there is no lack of modern vitality. It is one of the largest cities in China and has become more prosperous in the past two decades.

Xiao Yan walks along the street. People coming, people going…, flowed endlessly and traveled for so many years, walking in this kind of place again, he feels like a world away.

Although he has been back for a few days, he has been immersed in his own World, unable to extricate himself, and has never seriously experienced the hustle and bustle of the city.

I have to say that City B is developing very fast, row upon row of tall buildings, this famous pedestrian street is wider, and various brand stores are connected in a continuous flow of people. .

Suddenly, Xiao Yan saw a poster with a beautiful suet-white Clean Jade Bottle on it, emitting a mysterious halo, like a divine tool, so magnificent. The expression was stunned. This was a cultivator artifact. After a closer look, he couldn’t help but feel dumb. Isn’t this the Magical Artifact that he commissioned to auction after making a dozen pieces?

After careful observation, he discovered that this was a publicity made by Guardian Auction House. This behavior maximized the benefits and really took some thought.

They combined the Clean Jade Bottle, but Xiao Yan does not allow the whole auction, but can only sell it piece by piece. This kind of jade is a superb quality jade.

Each piece is very expensive, but after two pieces were sold, they were very unwilling to make such a publicity, telling people that if it is collected, they can be rebuilt into a jade bottle!

I have to say that the effect is excellent. In the past few days, it has caused a great sensation in City B, and it spread quickly to various places, but now it has been fired crazy, and posters are everywhere.

In these days, with the third and fourth mutton tallow jade blocks being sold, the entire collection world has been boiling. This is a rare treasure.

High price!

Every piece of jade was photographed at a astronomical price and a high turnover. The major media are reporting that all portals are racing to break the news.

This is indeed a rare mutton jade, because Xiao Yan used to refine it carefully in the past, without any flaws. From an aesthetic point of view, it is indeed a rare fine product.

It is not the main reason to be photographed at such a high price. Everything is the power of hype. Today, this mysterious suet-white Clean Jade Bottle has a price comparable to that of American treasure-class cultural relics.

Guard Auction House’s methods are very high and make full use of people’s psychology, so that the real rich can experience a comprehensive sense of excitement and accomplishment, making it more expensive than when it is not damaged.

At the same time, they exhibited a variety of data maps, such as Buddhist stone remnants, and true pictures from the ancient book, to illustrate that this bottle is exactly the same as the legendary Guanyin Clean Jade Bottle.

This kind of explanation is undoubtedly very attractive. Although it is known that impossible is true, it also makes people feel more peaceful. If you put such a treasure bottle, there will be an inexplicable comfort. “

Maybe it is really the treasure bottle of Bodhisattva Guanyin left in the world. Who of you has seen such a flawless jade, such a large piece, not even a trace of impurities can be said to be a miracle. “

Even ordinary people have talked about starting rides. One can imagine how successful Guardian Auction House’s hype is.

And this kind of heated discussion was even higher because of several masters from India. When several old monks entered the Auction House, they all changed color when they saw the broken bottle, chanting Sakyamuni Buddha excitedly.

This picture was photographed, and it naturally caused a boil when it was posted on the Internet. Some people recognized that one of the old monks was a guru in India.

Although Buddhism is declining in India and the number of believers is less than 1% of the population, it still has a certain base.

The translation explained that the master had encountered an extraordinary major event and was urging India to send a large sum of money. They were going to bid for a Clean Jade Bottle.

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