Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1049


“Several masters, why are you interested in that Clean Jade Bottle?” Xiao Yan asked casually.

It is a Magical Artifact. Although it is broken and the law is no longer there, it still makes me look forward to it. “An old monk replied, and someone was interpreting.

Ye Ji is nodded. Although these people lacked cultivation, they still have some knowledge. They recognized Magical Artifact. It seems that the Clean Jade Bottle might cause some disturbances due to this.

Several old monks are over a hundred years old, especially the guru who stepped into Life Spring realm, who is a hundred and 20 years old, but they are all Mental and they are naturally alien among mortals.

Several people are very humble. They are not just in name only, but also in reality monks. They don’t talk about magical powers. They talk about Buddhist scriptures, the so-called Gods Vestige and other translators.

He said that when he was in India, he saw a master holding an elephant’s foot with one hand and saving a child. And I saw an old monk sitting in the void, motionless, although only for a brief moment. In addition, I once saw an old monk with an overflowing white light penetrating the steel plate.

Xiao Yan clicked nodded and didn’t say anything.

Dharma End Era is a kind of sorrow for the cultivator. These few people can be described as a few ascetics who can only appear among tens of thousands of people. They came to this step with great perseverance.

He sighed slightly. It seems that it is really difficult to find a real cultivator on Earth.

Not long after, a few old monks directly talked about those ancient Sanskrit characters, with serious and serious expressions, and a kind of piety.

That ancient Sanskrit authority also came. It turned out to be a master’s discipline, extremely renowned in the ancient domain, but respectful in front of several masters.

Several masters asked for certification and asked Xiao Yan about the ancient Sanskrit characters obtained from there. This is of great significance to them.

“What do you mean by these words?” Xiao Yan asked.

The master does not speak, remember a monk doesn’t lie and don’t want to deceive Xiao Yan, but he feels that the matter is very important, so I dare not say more.

Finally, a guru asked a group of entourages to go out, leaving only the authority of the ancient language. He was also proficient in Chinese and could do translation.

It was said by ‘my Teacher, what they really mean is that they can open the way to Spiritual Mountain. “

“The Spiritual Mountain where the ancient heavens Bodhisattva and the ancient Buddha lived?” Xiao Yan gleamed.

“Yes.” A few old monks nodded.

“Do you believe there is such a place?” Xiao Yan asked seriously.

“Yes, it’s in the western land, but after the last Bodhisattva and the ancient Buddha passed away, that place can’t be opened.” A master said, this is a secret passed down by the monks of the past.

“Is it the primordial temple of Buddhism? It seems that there may be a mysterious place, the vastness is not weaker than Mount Meru… I felt it last time in the snowy area.” Xiao Yan muttered to himself.

Several old monks begged for a look at the sacred relic inscribed with ancient characters

Xiao Yan sighed. They just took out the little stone Buddha. They were not so powerful. Divine Consciousness went in and observed. It took him a lot of effort to get into the Buddha within the body.

He didn’t immediately agree, but asked some questions. He wanted to know if there are some cultivation Ancient Sects on Earth today, but several masters were confused, shook the head, and didn’t know.

“Have you ever contacted similar people, it is the kind of existence that has cultivation and is like a god in the eyes of mortals.” Xiao Yan did not give up.

They immediately nodded, saying that there are such people. The master who has reached the Life Spring realm said that his Master may know some, because he is almost such a person.

According to him, the old monk has lived more than one hundred and ninety years old, his cultivation is much higher than him, and he has witnessed many mysteries in his life.

“My teacher said that there are Buddhas in the West and demons emerge from the middle earth.”

Xiao Yan laughed when he heard it, and asked him if he was talking about Taoism in China as a demon?

Several masters hurriedly reconciled, shook their heads and said that they didn’t dare. They had no prejudice against Taoism. They said they were real demons, but they had never seen them.

They have already realized that Xiao Yan is not very human, otherwise it is impossible to talk to him so much and vomit a lot of secrets. “

During World War II, my teacher went all the way to China. He didn’t find a demon, but he really saw a Monster God. “

An old monk who is over one hundred and ninety years old, a scary old man, spanning three centuries, has experienced the Second World War.

However, this cultivator of painstaking cultivation did not overlap with the Monster God in the Middle-earth, and avoided it far, just saw the monstrous Monster God blood energy. “

Remember where you saw it? “Xiao Yan asked.

“You need to consult my teacher.”

Speaking of the existence of aliens and deities, another old monk told a story that he had personally experienced. When he was young, he practiced hard and once saw a discevelled hair in a primordial rainforest in India. Weird people, walking in the sky, disappear in the mountains.

“My Martial Ancestor, say that Jerusalem is coldly snorted the real Great Expert.”

Another guru spoke. His Martial Ancestor died during meditation when he lived to be 230 years old. He had traveled to the west alone and encountered the existence of a god.

Xiao Yan’s heart moved, Jerusalem is the Holy City of the West, with endless legends and the center of ancient religions. Christianity, Judaism, and Christianity have countless people going there every year for pilgrimage, and it may still exist today. What is it, it is worth taking a trip in the future.

Several old monks begged again, wanting to see the sacred relic inscribed in Sanskrit.

Xiao Yan took out the small stone Buddha out of thin air, and immediately let several masters startled. They were even more convinced that this youngster is mostly a god-like person.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t see the inner secrets of the little stone Buddha. Finally, Xiao Yan took out a stone slab and used it to refer to the knife, and scratched it to write those ancient characters, and at the same time branded Dao marks.

Xiao Yan handed the slate over and said: “Bring it back to India, show it to your Master, let him come, or invite a few real masters with cultivation, you can come to China to discuss the small stone. Buddha.”

Several masters did not dare to neglect, put away the slate half-heavy, bowed deeply, and left.

At the same time, in the Guardian Auction House, a fascinating youngster stared at the shards of the suet jade bottle, showing a different color, and then sneered again and again.

When I saw Xiao Yan again, Little Squirrel, who was like amethyst, burst into tears, his big eyes flickered, and he rushed over with a swish, hung on Xiao Yan’s body, and then quickly hid behind him, only revealing Half of the little head looked forward with big eyes timidly.

Whether she was eating or sleeping, she had to hold this little amethyst thing, follow closely, this kind of enthusiasm really frightened Little Brat.

Xiao Yan told him before he left that Magical Powers must not be revealed, and no cultivation could be displayed. Therefore, the little things in purple never escaped from the clutches, painful and happy.

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