Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1051


The vast expanse of the desert, empty and high, magnificent and majestic, the red sun is falling to the west, the horizon is red, and there is also a sense of desolation in the majestic.

The ancient beacon smoke has long passed away in the years. Although the Yellow River Road has undergone several changes, it is still there.

Xiao Yan walks on the desert alone.

Xiao Yan was surprised, and the fog turned out to be blue, giving people a kind of coolness in this late autumn.

Unconsciously, the mist is getting heavier, blue and hazy, covering the desert.

At the end of the desert, the setting sun looked a little weird, gradually turning into a blue sun, with a magical beauty, and the fire cloud was also dyed blue.

Xiao Yan frowned. Although he knows that the weather in the desert is the most changeable, it is not normal.

There was silence, and he stopped.

Before entering the desert, he had heard the local old herders say that when a person walks in the desert, he sometimes hears some weird sounds and sees some strange things, so he must be extra cautious.

He didn’t care at the time.

It’s still quiet, except for a hazy blue mist in the desert, not at all other things happen, Xiao Yan speeds up his pace, he wants to leave here as soon as possible.

At the end of the desert, the demon of sunset blue dyed the western sky, but it was about to disappear on the horizon after all.

Xiao Yan stopped quickly and stared at the desert. The ground in front of him was dotted with blue light, like blue diamonds scattered on the ground, crystal clear, shining in the afterglow of the setting sun.

Those are tender seedlings, less than an inch high, emerging from the ground in the desert, with a beautiful luster, translucent and strange, everywhere.

There was a short stagnation, and then the rustling sounded into pieces, blue and brilliant, and all the young seedlings rose up quickly and grew up in an instant.

On the horizon, the blue sun is sinking, about to disappear, the fog is filled, the vast desert is like a weird blue gauze.


The sound of blooming flowers came out, and the desert was azure blue. At the moment when the sunset was about to disappear, these plants began to bloom in patches.

A lot of blue flowers, crystal clear, like a dream, some intoxicating, blooming all over the desert, very unreal.

This plant is as tall as a foot, the whole body is as translucent as a blue coral, the petals are striped, fascinating and charming, as if it were placed in another country, with a magical and attractive mind.

He was surprised. He watched carefully and tried to identify it. It was like Resurrection Lily. The petals were unfolded and bent backwards, extremely beautiful.

However, Resurrection Lily is red and bright, but it is blue. I have never heard of blue Resurrection Lily.

Resurrection Lily is real, with a strong religious overtones. There are too many legends about it, but Xiao Yan doesn’t believe this, and is only surprised by the sight in front of him.

The desert is dry and lacking water, and only extremely rare drought-tolerant plants are occasionally visible, scattered scattered around. And Resurrection Lily likes a gloomy, humid environment, and shouldn’t be here anyway, so coquettish.

There are all over here, you can’t see the end at a glance.

Xiao Yan went on, finally, Kunlun Mountains were in sight.

I felt an oppression far away.

The majestic and tall mountain range, imposing manner is majestic, continuous and magnificent, just like the backbone of Heaven and Earth, lying there.

It is magnificent and majestic, incomparable, and the ancient mountains are no better.

This mountain range carries infinite legends, and has been shrouded in extremely strong mythological colors since ancient times.

Originally, Xiao Yan was about to embark on the return journey after entering the snow area. However, along the way, he kept hearing about changes in the Kunlun Mountains, Zeng Lan Shuoshuo, he wanted to take a closer look.

“It’s here.”

When Xiao Yan arrives at the destination, standing at the foot of the mountain, the lofty mountain is like a giant city of gods.

This is just a small section of the Kunlun Mountains. The blue light was blazing in this area in the evening a few days ago, and people nearby have seen it, but few people dare to really approach these days.

Xiao Yan entered the mountain and climbed gradually.

The mountain is getting higher, a little steep, with huge boulders, and the road becomes more difficult to walk, and the vegetation along the way is obviously abnormal in this late autumn.

Xiao Yan climbed up the Tongshan Mountain, and stopped when it was nearly 100 meters from the top of the mountain, because it was extremely steep and it was a piece of bronze cliff, it was difficult to go up.

At the same time, he smelled a scent, which came with the wind.

This place is made of copper, and it is cold metal. I didn’t at all see the vegetation earlier, and it was bare.

Xiao Yan looked up and looked carefully.

Sure enough, there is a plant on the bronze cliff!

The place already belongs to the mountain top area. After he retreated, he looked for a path to climb up again from other directions, gradually approaching, and wanted to look carefully.

Not long after, although I still couldn’t reach the top of the mountain, I could see clearly.

A little green tree, more than three feet high, it actually took root on the bronze cliff wall, bearing a flower, and it was in bud.

With a sound, the steel arrow crossed and hit a large bluestone not far away. Sparks splattered randomly, grazing the fierce birds, and it escaped.

At the same time, the big sharp claws rubbed against the soil and rocks on the ground, and the rubbing sound made people feel crippled. It leaped up into the air with the sound of wind hu hu.

In midair, the golden bird of prey hovered, too fierce. It was close to the mountain and was blowing in a gale!

Such a big bird.

Looking at it, it looks like a golden eagle, without miscellaneous hairs, it is bright, big and frightening, very mighty, golden with bright pupils, full of wildness and hostility.

How could a general golden eagle be so big? This one end is considered a different kind, it’s too abnormal!

Xiao Yan looked at the golden eagle in surprise, and said in surprise: “This is Spirit Beast!”

Suddenly, Xiao Yan smelled a fishy smell.

Three snow leopards came slowly from the bottom of the mountain, quietly, their pupils were faint, their mouths were stained with blood, and their white fangs were sharp. Obviously they had hunted and killed some creatures not long ago.

They stared at Xiao Yan, their bodies slightly arched, and at the same time they looked towards the golden raptor in midair. They were very jealous and let out an uneasy low growl.

The three snow leopards are much stronger than the general counterparts, with their sharp claws glowing with cold light, and their powerful bodies make preparations that will be culled at any time.

“There are three Spirit Beasts again. How come there are so many Spirit Beasts in Earth?” Xiao Yan looked at all this in surprise.

This shocked Xiao Yan. This black yak was so huge that it walked silently like a snow leopard. It also appeared abruptly and could not be found in advance.

“It’s another Spirit Beast. It seems that Earth is already restless!” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

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