Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1052


In the distance, six or seven animal shadows are running, coming up the mountain, fast, showing their white fangs, and their ferocity is unobstructed.

That was six wolves. They were all tall and strong. The headed “wolf” was all white, with only one eye, and the green light was the most ferocious.

When they got close, they stopped for a while, and when they saw the big black yak, they were a little anxious, and looked towards the golden bird, showing anxiety.

Suddenly, the calm was broken, and the six ferocious wolves worked together and rushed towards the top of the mountain along the rocky area at the same time.

At the same time, the three snow leopards also moved, fast as lightning, extremely fast, running towards the top of the bronze mountain.

A tremor came, and the face of a snow leopard was deformed and bloody, and fell heavily from the mountain. It was overturned by a yellow shadow.

It was like a flash of lightning, too fast, suddenly appeared from the diagonal thorn, and rushed into the herd.

It was a mastiff. The hair on the neck was thick and long, like the temple hair of a male lion. It was about the size of a normal Tibetan mastiff, with leopard blood on its paws.

However, it was too swift and violent. It leaped several meters far away and leaped forward.

The howling of the wolf sounded horribly, with blood splashing, and an Azure Wolf was bitten off its neck and flew out.

The other wolf was hit by the bulldog and flew up, hitting the stone wall, languishing on the spot.

The mastiff jumped up again, seven or eight meters away, and the big claws fell, the formidable power was comparable to a bear’s paw, pu’ sound, it shot out the eyes of a wild wolf and rolled out.

At the same time as it fell to the ground, the mastiff threw down a snow leopard again, roaring terrifyingly, and they were rolling there, which was a wild release.

The snow leopard fell into a pool of blood, bitten through his throat, and it seemed that he could not survive.

This mastiff is not at all injured. The long hair on the neck is like a lion’s temple. Although it is not big, it has a special imposing manner like the Suanni Lion Beast. It jumps up again and rushes to the other side. A few beasts.

The last snow leopard also died, and only the one-eyed silver “head wolf” ran desperately, rushing down the mountain, wanting to leave here alive.

However, during a few ups and downs, it was overtaken by the mastiff, a bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl opened, biting off its neck severely, and the whole wolf head almost fell off. Come.

The mastiff moved, fast as lightning, and during a few ups and downs, it passed through the stones pile, and then along the steep mountain, rushed straight to the top of the mountain.

A black yak that is more than a foot long, black and light all over, and the thick horns on its head are very intimidating. It opens its hooves and follows it at a moderate pace.

It walked very steadily. Along the side with soil and rocks, it actually climbed the steep Bronze Mountain.

The fierce bird in midair was like gold casting, with its wings brighter and brighter, and its pupils flashed with golden light. It lowered its height and approached the cliff, watching the small tree.

The petals have golden spots on them, and they all glow together at this time. In the white mist, the spots of golden light particles are shining like stars.

This scene is a bit magnificent and charming.

This is the moment the three-headed creature is waiting for, wait for it to mature!

They competed, hit violently, and sharp claw turned across the air. This is the release of the wild primordial, extremely crazy, and they all want to monopolize that strange flower.

When the black yak set foot, the top of the shaking mountain was trembling, strong as an ox.


In midair, the golden fierce bird spread its big paws and bumped against the rough horns with a loud noise.

The mastiff was roaring, his voice dull, like thunder.

Three creatures are fighting, attacking each other, competing for blooming flowers.

In the process they are also sniffing fiercely, desperately grabbing the fragrance of flowers.

The white mist on the top of the bronze mountain is curling up, and the golden spots are shaking in the dim, like a small piece of Star Sea glowing in the mist. It is extremely mysterious and beautiful.


They touched the small green tree, and a big paw of the mastiff rubbed the flower.

The strong wind was blowing, the golden fierce bird swooped, shaking the mastiff hard, and the sharp claws fell, trying to tear the mastiff apart.

Earlier, they didn’t touch each other because they were afraid of each other, but now that the flowers bloom, they are desperate to fight for it, regardless of it!

In the end, they all fought and died.

At this time, the spirit ring of each and everyone purple appeared in front of Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan is a little surprised, these are not just Spirit Beast, but also some thousand-year Spirit Beast.

Why did Spirit Beast come to Earth?

What the hell is going on?

2nd day, Xiao Yan also got up and walked out of the tent. He heard the words of an old herder.

“The Living Buddha in the mountains really woke up.”

Xiao Yan is puzzled. Even if there are ancient monks, how can they be accompanied by the roar of beasts?

“You don’t understand, this is our Tibetan legend. You can leave tomorrow morning.” The old herder said.

“Are the Sacred Beasts in the mountains coming out?” another middle age person said.

According to the legend, there are several ancient beasts in the Holy Mountain deep in the plateau. Some are comparable to Divinity, strong as an ox, which can cast demons, and some are extremely fierce and cause disaster.

Xiao Yan left the snowy area. He knew very well in his heart that next to World, Heaven and Earth turning upside down will change.

He came to the Taihang Mountain, and he found that the Taihang mountain range was rumbling endlessly. Hundreds of majestic mountains rose from the ground, appearing out of thin air, very magnificent.

Some peaks are higher than thousands zhang, just like Divine Sword reaching the sky, piercing the sky, standing up and down, extremely steep and unattainable.

Some mountains are magnificent and majestic, and the whole is huge, like the ancient demon cow in the myth, with a wild atmosphere, there are ten thousand meters of high energy.

On some mountains, silver waterfalls hang down, and when viewed from a distance, under the moonlight, like unrolled bolts of white silk after another, it is steaming and the Spiritual Qi is rich.

The drama has changed, Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

Those wonders are jaw-dropping and unbelievable.

Xiao Yan is in a daze, he is also somewhat absent-minded.

In the front, huge mountains appear out of thin air, much higher than the original Taihang mountain range, and brilliant lights and vibrant colors, full of energy, just like Immortal Realm.

Taihang Mountain has opened up a lot and is more majestic than before.

Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan both grew up in this area. They are so familiar with this area. The changes before them can be called surging forward with great momentum, a breath of Great Desolate assaults the senses.

This shocked them and frightened them.

A purple bird of prey in the mountain range is not as big as the one just now, but not too small. It looks like it can be more than ten meters long, spreading its wings, and flying towards the outside of the mountain.

It is very special, with bright wings and amazing luster, like a cast of metal.

In the dark night, the Divine Bird glowed brightly, like a purple unrolled bolt of white silk, rushing out of the mountain at high speed. It was crying, as if excited, longing for something.


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