Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1053


Spiritual Qi has recovered, and World has begun to change.

Xiao Yan returned to the city. Now, he can’t find the way back.

Earth, the magic capital.

The night is silent and the sky is full of stars.

A Milky Way runs through the sky.

One after another fluorescence is outlined between the stars.

brilliant lights and vibrant colors, very brilliant.

Under the sky full of Star River, there is a city that never sleeps.

The feasting, bustling and prosperous.

The bright lights outline the entire city’s transportation network, with high-rise buildings rising straight into the clouds.

Thousands of homes are brightly lit and magnificent.

people coming, people going, the stream is endless.

“According to the Meteorological Observatory’s report,’Comet Chihiro’ will pass through Earth tonight. Due to the pull of’Comet Chihiro’, there will be a meteor swarm, so at 10 o’clock tonight, there will be a meteor shower over the city. .”

A host is reporting on the huge screen.

“You can see the meteor shower tonight!”

“It is said that Comet Chihiro passed Earth once in a thousand years. We are so lucky!”

“Wow, so romantic! I really want to witness this romantic moment with my boyfriend!”

Xiao Yan walked casually among the crowd.

He stopped slowly, then looked up at the screen.


The bell rang at ten o’clock.

“Look, shooting star!”

No one in the crowd called out.

Everyone raised their heads.

Xiao Yan also raised his head.

At this time, a comet slid down from the sky with countless asteroids.

One by one, brilliant lights and vibrant colors, the sky is bright.

The starlight is brilliant, one after another shooting star across the sky.

However, Xiao Yan saw a black spot in the meteor group, which was constantly zooming in.

“That’s it?”

The black spot gradually enlarged, and moved towards Xiao Yan struck.

Gradually zoom in, bigger and bigger, bigger and bigger…


A loud noise.

A meteorite fell in front of Xiao Yan.

A huge sound resounded through Heaven and Earth, and a bright light robbed everyone of sight.

After a while, the rays of light gradually dimmed.

Thick smoke billowed, and in front of Xiao Yan, a huge pit appeared.

In the middle of the pit, there is a black ball.

Yes, a huge black ball with a radius of two meters.

The black ball is like an egg, standing in the middle of the pit.

The black egg is covered with lines, as if mysterious power is hidden inside.

A powerful thought force centered on the black egg, and it spread out instantly.


The power of thought surged away, and the people around instantly fainted.

“Soul Power?”

Xiao Yan stood on the spot, quietly watching the black ball in the pit.

ka-cha ——

The black ball slowly began to crack.

ka-cha ——ka-cha ——

There are more and more cracks, more and more…


Suddenly the black ball split in half.

A two-year-old girl came out in the black ball.

The little girl has a pink face.

The big black pearl eyes are bright and intelligent, looking at Xiao Yan blinking.

The long double pony tails flicked and the pink skirt swayed in the wind.

The girl looked at Xiao Yan with her eyes wide open, her milky voice screamed:

“Baba, Baba.”

The little girl walked out of the black egg.

Shaking his body.

step by step.

Slowly walked in front of Xiao Yan.

Shui Shengsheng’s big eyes looked at Xiao Yan blinking, and asked with a milky voice:

“Are you my Baba?”

At this moment, Xiao Yan suddenly felt a breath of Bloodline.

This is…

She is her own daughter!

Xiao Yan was surprised. Qian Renxue was pregnant again after giving birth to Xiao Ran, but Xiao Yan had already left.

Now Xiao Yan didn’t expect to meet his daughter again.

Xiao Yan took her daughter home.

“Dad, I finally found you!” the little girl said quickly.

Xiao Yan touched her hand.

Suddenly a memory flooded into Xiao Yan’s heart.

I saw Qian Renxue holding the child and whispering to the child: “Child, your father is Xiao and my surname is Qian. I want to find your father and give you a single name. Starting today, you will It’s called Xiao Qianxun!”

Chihiro, Chihiro Xiao!

Xiaoxue, where are you?


Little Qianxun and Xiao Yan sleep on the same bed.

“Dad than.”

Chihiro shouted with milk.

“en?” Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Qianxun’s response gently.

“Do you know how to sing Little Star?”

Little star?

It was a very popular song on a previous show. Xiao Yan has lived in Earth for three years and has basically integrated into urban life, so he has also heard it.

“Before I slept and sang to me little stars, Baba, you can sing me little stars, otherwise I can’t sleep.” Little Chihiro blinked her big eyes and prayed.

He is a Divine King, how can he sing nursery rhymes?

But looking at such a cute Little Brat, how can he bear it?



“A flash…”

This…How can he sing this?

“Baba? Why don’t you sing?” Little Qianxun asked, snuggling into Xiao Yan’s arms.


“Baba, don’t you know how to sing the little star?”

He is a generation of Divine King. If he won’t even collect the little stars, wouldn’t it be a joke to spread it out.

Forget it, don’t care, go for it!

“Twinkle and twinkle, the sky is full of little stars…”

Little Qianxun slowly fell asleep to Xiao Yan’s singing.

Xiao Yan has a smile on his face.

He had a dream that night, a very sweet dream.

The next day.

Xiao Yan woke up, Xiao Qianxun was lying on his face.

Xiao Yan really wanted to see if the inside of Little Brat’s stomach was born black.

Xiao Yan smiled and looked at Xiao Qianxun and said, “Okay, Qianxun, shall I take you out for fun today?”

So when I heard that I was taking her to play, I immediately smiled and cheered excitedly: “Okay, okay! Baba, hug!”

Looking at Qianxun’s happy look, Xiao Yan showed a smile on his face.

Xiao Yan picked Qianxun up, riding on his shoulders, moved towards the amusement park.

In this red dust, he is more willing to experience the various forms of life, so he did not use Immortal Technique.

Xiao Yan and Qianxun came to the amusement park.

Xiao Yan took Qianxun to the amusement park.

“Baba, I want to play that!”

Chihiro pointed to the bumper car excitedly.

Bumper cars?

That’s only four or five-year-old children who dare to play, and Chihiro is only two years old, how can…?

On second thought, she came here by spaceship, let alone a small bumper car.

even more how she is my Xiao Yan’s daughter, can she hurt her?

If there is anything you can’t play, just play that!

Xiao Yan took Qianxun to the bumper car.

“Sir, your daughter is too young, we are worried…” the beauty manager said immediately.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be responsible if something goes wrong.” Xiao Yan’s eyes are like stars, and she faintly looked at the female administrator and said gently.

very handsome!

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