Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1054


Chihiro got in the car, and the other children were completely different. The speed was so fast that the moved towards the four or five year old children ran into…

This immediately made the administrator dumbfounded.

She thought the man was going to sit up with the little girl, but didn’t expect him to let the little girl go up alone and collide with the four or five year old children.

Is there such a child in this world?

I saw Xiao Qianxun sitting in the car smiling, cheering excitedly, she stepped on the accelerator to the end, moved towards a big boy rushed over.


The female administrator jumped down.

I saw the two crashing together. Little Chihiro was fine, but the big boy was hit by Chihiro.

How is it possible?

The female administrator was surprised.

She turned her head and saw Xiao Yan, but she stood by and watched her daughter playing, not worried at all.

Does this have such an unreliable father?

In a short while, Chihiro crashed into several older children.

Every time it hits, Chihiro chuckles.

The female administrator was frightened, but Xiao Yan was not worried at all.

After a while, Chihiro started to get tired of this game.

She ran up to Xiao Yan, and screamed happily:

“Baba, Baba, I want to play that!”

Little Chihiro pointed to the roller coaster in the distance.

Xiao Yan looked over and couldn’t help shook the head.

“This Little Brat, I also specialize in exciting play.”

The administrator stared at Xiao Yan in surprise and said, “You don’t really want to take her to play that?”

Xiao Yan smiled and said: “Why not?”

Xiao Yan picked up Little Qianxun and moved towards the roller coaster.

The administrator stood there in surprise, she thought this World was crazy.

Xiao Yan took Xiao Qianxun to ride the roller coaster.

This time the administrator is a young guy.

Xiao Yan walked to the door.

“Sir, your child is too young to ride a roller coaster.” The young man said politely.

Xiao Yan looked down at Xiao Qianxun, only to see her pouting: “No, no, I’m going to play that!”

Xiao Yan shook the head again, then raised his hand slightly, and injected a trace of spirit strength into the young man’s brain, and then walked over with Qianxun.

The young man suddenly felt his head dizzy, as if he had forgotten something.

He looked back and saw Xiao Yan and Qianxun riding on the roller coaster. He always felt that something was wrong, but he wanted to do not raise.

Xiao Yan and Qianxun rode a roller coaster.

He has been to Earth for three years, and this is the first time he sits on this mortal thing.

Without Chihiro, he probably wouldn’t have touched this thing.

The roller coaster is moving.

The strong wind blows.

His hair is flying in the wind.

“Yeah yeah!”

“It’s fun!”

Chihiro was so excited that she almost jumped.

I only saw the roller coaster rushing past the highest point, just as it was going down.

ka-cha ——

Suddenly there was a cracking sound in the track.


A section of the track fell off.

The roller coaster rushed out immediately, completely unprepared.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this situation.

The face is like ashes!

As long as the roller coaster rushes down, it will die without a burial site in severe cases, and it will be severely disabled for life.

In the face of such a situation, who can be calm?

“It’s over, it’s dead!”

“Who can help me?”

“Is my life over here?”

The roller coaster rushed out.

Because of inertia, it flew forward and completely out of orbit.

“Yeah yeah!”

“We are flying!”

This is, Chihiro suddenly shouted excitedly.

Those who don’t know are fearless!

She has no idea what will happen in the next second, she just finds it more exciting.

The other tourists are ashamed.

Because they all know.

Next second.

They will all be buried here.

At that moment.

Either the tourists in the car or the tourists on the ground were shocked.

When such an accident happened, everyone looked up.

“Baba, will we keep flying to the sky like this?”

Little Chihiro turned around excitedly and asked.

Xiao Yan looked at Qianxun gently, indifferently said: “As long as you are happy, let it fly into the sky!”

Xiao Yan pointed slightly.

A wisp of Golden Spiritual Qi is released.

Spiritual Qi transforms into a spiritual mist, and the mist continues to gather.


A loud noise.

A group of Golden Dragons suddenly gathered in the sky.

Two golden dragon whiskers suddenly appeared on the golden dragon body.

The dragon beard tied the roller coaster.

Golden Dragon takes a leap.

Take a roller coaster to take off.

At that moment.

Everyone was stunned!

That is…

Golden Dragon took a roller coaster to the sky, slowly wandering through the clouds.

The people in the car were very excited.

I don’t know if it is the joy of not dying or being shocked by such a scene.

But anyway.

They survived.

Alive, there is hope.

“Golden Dragon came to the world and saved us!”

“Who said there is no Spiritual God in the world? God saves us now!”

“Many thanks Shenlong, I must go to the Dragon King Temple to donate incense money when I go back.”

They didn’t know that Xiao Yan did all this, and Xiao Yan didn’t intend to say it.

For him, these people are just passing ants that’s all, and he doesn’t need to bother.

Save them, just by the way.

Golden Dragon walks through the clouds.

White clouds flow over, and the sky is ten thousand li.

It’s like flying in an airplane.

Taking in the entire scene.

Little Chihiro tilted her head and looked here and there.

She is very happy.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help laughing when he saw the smile on Qianxun’s face.

“It would be nice if Xiaoxue was there.”

Xiao Yan said from the bottom of his heart, the smile on his face could not help but freeze.

“Baba, are you unhappy?”

When Qianxun saw Xiao Yan unhappy, she turned her head and asked weakly.

Xiao Yan looked at Qianxun, with a gentle expression on his face, indifferently said: “Nothing, just think of someone.”

“Baba, you must be thinking about Ma Ma, Ma Ma said she missed you too.” Little Chihiro said Nuonuo.


Xiao Yan wants to explore this connection.

Suddenly a huge gully stopped him.

“This is Time and Space Strength”

Time and Space Strength?

The most primordial and the oldest power.

Xiao Yan is Divine King, but he still lacks space-time research.

“Perhaps Qianxun did not come from this time and space.”

Xiao Yan wants to continue to explore, but a wave of Time and Space Strength has been stopping him.

What the hell is going on?

The origins of Chihiro involve time and space.

He didn’t want to get involved either.

He is now.

Just want to raise Chihiro well.

That day.

Golden Dragon hovered in the sky for a week.

Many people saw the Golden Dragon flying in a cart.

China’s secret organization immediately studied this natural phenomenon in the sky.

“Golden Dragon is pulling the cart, we must have another big cultivator in China, we must find him anyway.”

On that day, China’s top secret military conference was held.

Not only that.

Other international organizations have also discovered Golden Dragon carts.

Countries such as the United States, Russia, etc. have also begun to be unable to sit still.

Several satellites in the United States captured this scene.

There is also a research organization dedicated to this natural phenomenon established internationally, and I want to discover something.

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