Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1085


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Xiao Yan didn’t even look at him, but instead looked towards others indifferently said: “You are also accomplices?”

Everyone is terrified.

Just now, he castrated Chen Zitao without even moving his hand. Such a person must be a cultivator, and he is also a cultivator above his inner strength.

For such people, even if they join together, there is no chance of winning.

“If you want my woman to accompany the wine, then you guys will be finished!” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

After speaking, everyone knelt down on the ground, clutching their stomachs and groaning in pain.

Chihiro asked with wide eyes open: “Baba, what happened to them?”

“Nothing, they’re just finished.” Xiao Yan said indifferently.

“Are you finished?” Chihiro rubbed his head in confusion.

Xiao Yan walked slowly to Lin Qian Renxue holding Qianxun.

After they left, several people burst into blood mist instantly!

“Ma Ma!” Qianxun hugged a bear into Lin Qian Renxue’s arms.

Everyone was very surprised when they saw this action. Just now they said that without a boyfriend, how could there be a daughter in an instant.

Your circle is really messy!

“Why are you here?” Lin Qian Renxue asked, looking at Xiao Yan.

“If I miss you, I came.” Xiao Yan replied gently.

looked towards Lin Qian Renxue, Xiao Yan’s dark eyes revealed water-like tenderness.

“You won’t follow me all the time, or why would you appear so timely?” Lin Qian Renxue lowered his head and asked in a low voice.

I saw Xiao Yan step forward and leaned in front of Lin Qian Renxue, looking at her quietly with gentle eyes.

He heard her heartbeat.

He could see her face was red.

He leaned into her ear and said softly: “I said, as long as you need me, I will appear in front of you immediately, no matter where you are?”

After being dealt with by Xiao Yan like this, her face suddenly flushed.

“Stop flirting, let’s go, otherwise the Chen Family will come soon, and then none of us will be able to leave!” Zhang Yazhi said from the side.

Chu Mingxuan clutched his bleeding head and leaned on the sofa, Zhao Yaru supported Chu Mingxuan on the side.

Zheng Haiwen was limp on the ground, shaking all the time.

While Xie Wanqing had two lines of tears hanging on his face, he didn’t expect that the man she liked would be so useless.

“Yes, go! Go!” Zheng Haiwen muttered, and quickly moved towards the door and crawled.

Just then.

Suddenly dozens of famous cars appeared at the entrance of the hotel, and a row of black clothed persons walked out of the car.

A very temperamental beauty got out of the car and walked into the restaurant.

She looked at the messy restaurant, frowning involuntarily.

Then she saw the man lying on the ground.

“second brother? What happened to you?” the beauty asked.

I heard the woman’s name is the second brother. Everyone felt like death. They knew they couldn’t leave because the Chen Family had already arrived.

They knew Chen Family would come, but they didn’t expect to come so soon.

“It’s him? It’s that kid, hurry, get him up!” Chen Zitao pointed to Xiao Yan loudly shouted.

I saw the beauty Yanran said with a smile: “Second brother, didn’t expect you will have today. Would you like me to call an ambulance for you?”

“Chen Ziyan, don’t hit a person when he’s down!” Chen Zitao loudly said.

“Second brother, I am not here to save you, I am here to invite that gentleman.” Chen Ziyan said indifferently.

Chen Ziyan is the daughter of Chen Zitao’s uncle’s family. She has always been at odds with Chen Zitao, so she doesn’t want to care about Chen Zitao’s appearance.

I saw her slowly walking towards Xiao Yan and respectfully said: “Mr. Xiao, I have grandfather please.”

Seeing that the Chen Family came so soon, everyone was very scared. They provoke the Chen Family for fear that this matter will not end well.

“Mr. Xiao, I have grandfather please.” Chen Ziyan said respectfully.

“Oh, who is your grandfather?” Xiao Yan asked indifferently.

“My grandfather is the old man you saved this morning. He has prepared medicine ingredients. Please go and see him.” Everyone was surprised when Chen Ziyan said this.

Xiao Yan looking thoughtful, the old man this morning turned out to be Chen Family Patriarch, this is Interesting, but the old man is indeed a bit poisonous.

Since he agreed to help others detoxify, Xiao Yan would naturally not break his promise, so he answered faintly: “Okay.”

It turns out that Xiao Yan is not only a cultivator, but also a doctor!

Lin Qian Renxue also looked at Xiao Yan in surprise. She never knew Xiao Yan would still see a doctor.

“You guys are also with Mr. Xiao, do you also follow to our Chen Family as guests?” Chen Ziyan turned her head and said to the others.

Everyone dare not agree, they can only come to Chen Family with Xiao Yan.

But when they think of Xiao Yan’s abolition of Chen Family Young Master, they are very scared in their hearts. Going to Chen Family, isn’t it going to feed the tiger?

All of them are concealing evil intentions, and in my heart are thinking how to get rid of the pot with excuses.

Tianlu Hot Spring is the property of Chen Family, so Chen Family is also located in Tianlu Hot Spring area.

Xiao Yan soon followed Chen Ziyan to Chen Family.

“Are all the things I said ready?” Xiao Yan confirmed.

“Get ready, Mr. Xiao, you guys wait a moment, let me go in and report.” Chen Ziyan said respectfully.

Xiao Yan is not in a hurry, indifferently said: “Good.”

As soon as Chen Ziyan entered the door, a bodyguard came out and said: “It’s not good, Young Lady, Old Master him, he passed out!”

Chen Ziyan walked into the ward of Chen Old Master. At this time, a group of people surrounded Chen Old Master.

Chen Family Old Master Chen Hai is the backbone of the entire Chen Family. Although he is more than eighty years old, he is still healthy because he is a cultivator. If he had not been subjected to venomous insect’s poison, he would not have lived one or two hundred years old. problem.

It’s a pity that Chen Old Master was poisoned. If Xiao Yan hadn’t passed him a wisp of Immortal Qi, he might have died now.

Chen Old Master was dying ill. Xiao Yan’s Immortal Qi saved him for a while, but he couldn’t save his life, so it’s normal to faint now.

“Dad, I have invited Mr. Xiao.” Chen Ziyan walked into the room and said.

I saw a tall man shooing and then whispered: “Zi Yan, why are you so reckless, don’t disturb Yuan Grandmaster.”

The tall man is Chen Long, Chen Hai’s eldest son, and Chen Tian is the second son. Now the Old Master is sick, so Chen Long is in charge.

“Yuan Grandmaster?” Chen Ziyan was puzzled, “grandfather didn’t mean…”

“Then Yuan Grandmaster is a Divine Doctor. The patient Qianqian I have seen is absolutely. If any intractable disease cannot be solved, he can be compared to a rough villager on the roadside.” Chen Long whispered.

Chen Ziyan looked over and saw that a Grandmaster with divine poise and sagelike features was examining her grandfather. It seemed to be more reliable than Xiao Yan, but she usually stayed with grandfather for a long time, and she was willing to believe her grandfather’s vision.

“But Mr. Xiao has already come, can’t you let them cool outside, right?” Chen Ziyan said to her.

“Go and bring him in!” Chen Long said indifferently.

Chen Ziyan went out.

In the room, an old Chinese doctor is checking the pulse of Chen Old Master.

The old TCM doctor frowned and somewhat excitedly said: “I understand, I know what is wrong with Old Master?”

Chen Long got excited too, and quickly said: “Yuan Grandmaster, please speak up!”

“The Old Master Yintang is black, lack of energy and blood, and a black air rushes through the spring from Parkway. He is poisoned!” Yuan Grandmaster whispered.


As soon as this statement came out, everyone was surprised. Old Master Chen is an expert in the path, who can poison him?

“I wonder what’s the poison in my father?” Chen Long asked.

“This kind of poison is very rare. According to my inference, it should be Qiandusan!”

“This kind of Poison Drug is colorless and tasteless. Generally, people who have just been poisoned will not have an immediate attack, but as time accumulates, it will continue to precipitate toxins, and the final attack may directly kill people!” Yuan Grandmaster Slowly Explained slowly.

“I don’t know how to deal with this poison?” Chen Long asked quickly.

“Old Master is already dying of illness, there is no cure, but luckily he met me.” Yuan Grandmaster said.

“This kind of Poison Drug is very strong, and it will definitely not be solved with ordinary antidote. There is only one way now, and that is fight poison with poison!” Yuan Grandmaster said slowly.

fight poison with poison?

Everyone was surprised.


Just then, a voice came from outside the door.

Xiao Yan followed Chen Ziyan into the room.

Yuan Grandmaster raised his head, looked towards Xiao Yan and asked: “What did you say?”

“I said you were wrong!” Xiao Yan slowly replied.

Xiao Yan walked in, and Chen Qi immediately stood up: “It turns out that you are a liar.”

“My grandfather is old, you can still lie to him, but there is no way to lie to us, don’t you just think my Chen Family is rich? Now my grandfather has passed out, see who else you can lie to? “Chen Qi continued.

Chen Qi at first looked down on Xiao Yan very much, so he was especially targeted at him. Now his grandfather fainted, and no one restrained him, so he began to speak wildly.

“He was invited by my father, Yuan Grandmaster, please keep talking.” Chen Long also quickly apologized.

Xiao Yan glanced at them lightly and didn’t speak. If he hadn’t promised Qianxun to save the Old Master’s life, would he be here today?

I saw that Yuan Grandmaster stood with his hand, looking towards Xiao Yan indifferently said: “Oh, this Little Brother seems to have an insight into the disease, then please tell me where I am wrong?”

Xiao Yan nodded and said: “First, he is not Qiandu San, but Nan Wu’s Soul Eater Gu.”

“Secondly, this Soul Eater Gu does not eat flesh and blood, so he is not at all lacking in Qi, but is very strong.”

“Thirdly, this venomous insect’s poison is cultivated with poison. Poison Drug is an item of great nourishment for them. If Poison Drug is used, old fogey will not need to be saved, just breathe one’s last!”

Xiao Yan talked freely, seeing that every time he said a sentence, Yuan Grandmaster’s face changed a little.


Yuan Grandmaster loudly said excitedly.

“I don’t know what sect you learned from Little Brother?” Yuan Grandmaster asked excitedly.

“no Sect, no Faction, just have a certain opinion on venomous insect’s poison that’s all.” Xiao Yan replied faintly.

When Xiao Yan said so, everyone shook their heads.

Chen Long thought that the person that old fogey personally invited was an expert in the world. Now it seems that he is just a swindler that’s all that can boosting.

Chen Long didn’t want to tear his face. After all, he was invited by his father. After Yuan Grandmaster finished his treatment, he would give him a little revenge and let him go.

Everyone in the room also cast contemptuous glances at Xiao Yan.

Chen Ziyan’s palms are sweaty, Xiao Yan is the one he brought, and if it is really swindler, her face will not look good.

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