Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1089


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At this time, Wang Ming and Qian Xiaoyan ran first, Chu Mingxuan ran second, Zheng Haiwen ran third, Xiao Yan and the others were last.

“hahaha…I thought that guy was so powerful? Didn’t expect ran at the end, and we were about to be driven away. See what else he could win against me?” Wang Ming rode on the horse Loudly said with a smile.

“It was originally a group of clowns that’s all. Why should Young Master Wang be true to them? How can they compare to Young Master Wang? Young Master Wang just wait to see them being beaten in the face by you!” Yan said in Wang Ming’s arms.

“Let’s run faster, we’re going to drive them away!” Young Master Wang said loudly.

But Young Master Wang didn’t know, Xiao Yan had already started to accelerate.

Xiao Yan’s thin horse ran so fast that there was wind at its feet, and two waves of air came out.

In a short while, Xiao Yan caught up with Zheng Haiwen, and Zheng Haiwen looked at Xiao Yan and his thin horse in surprise.

“How is this possible?”

Xiao Yan’s horse is the worst among them, and the latest start, but at this moment, Xiao Yan’s horse unexpectedly surpassed him.

This is completely impossible!

Xiao Yan surpassed Zheng Haiwen faintly, without even looking at him.

Originally, he was solemnly vowed to win prizes, but now, he can’t get anything.

Xiao Yan talked and laughed in the breeze. Suddenly, his horse seemed to be sublimated, his eyes became extremely sharp, and he ran wildly.

After a while, he surpassed Chu Mingxuan again and approached Wang Ming and his group.

Wang Ming looked at Xiao Yan, who was chasing behind them in disbelief. He was almost one lap ahead of him, but in a flash, Xiao Yan suddenly chased him up. This couldn’t explain why.

I was about to chase Wang Ming’s horse, Xiao Yan’s thin horse suddenly let out a roar, and a raging fire ignited in his eyes.

It is a sick horse, but at this time, it is like the king of horses, with a majestic imposing manner radiating from his body. After he roared, all the horses began to roar. .

Wang Ming’s horse also began to be dishonest. He suddenly turned his head and led them back and ran back. Finally, he ran behind Xiao Yan’s thin horse, and followed Xiao Yan’s horse.

The other people’s horses also seemed to be crazy, and they followed Xiao Yan’s horse together.

Even the horses in the stables became restless and rushed out of the stables frantically. Dozens of horses ran after Xiao Yan’s horses and ran wildly.

I saw a smile on the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth and galloped away with the horses.

“This… is incredible!”

“How is this possible? A horse dying of illness suddenly became the king of ten thousand horses!”

“What did that person do?”

The people watching with their mouths open, they were all stunned by the sight.

Looking again, the horseshoe stepped across the place, and suddenly the fragrance filled the place, and small flowers began to bloom on the ground.

In a short while, the entire racecourse was blooming.

There is a strong fragrance everywhere.

“This is a fairy trail? This…”

“Who can do it?”

“What did you do?” Lin Qian Renxue asked Xiao Yan incredulously.

Xiao Yan didn’t speak, but smiled slightly, the thin horse galloped away, leaving a fragrant trail.


Zeng Yiwu, the spring breeze is proud of his horseshoes, and I can see Changan flowers in one day.

There is Bole in the world, and then there is Maxima.

Actually, this is not what Xiao Yan’s Immortal Technique did. That thin horse is actually a king of horses, only to pass through in this and that field, can’t travel the world, can’t gallop the battlefield, so it’s getting thinner day by day.

But when it met Xiao Yan and met people who appreciated it, it restored its kingly temperament.

The horse king roars, ten thousand horses gallop!

Finally, the horses stopped, and the entire horse farm bloomed like Fairyland.

Everyone can’t believe their eyes, how is this possible? Except for the Divine Immortal in the sky, who can do this step?

Wanma pilgrimage, a thought bloomed flower!

For these mortals, this is Gods Vestige in Gods Vestige.

It’s winter now, how can a hundred flowers bloom, and how can such beautiful flowers bloom in this horse farm that is trampled every day?

I saw Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue riding horses at the highest point of the racecourse, and all the horses looked up at them.

Outside the horses, a hundred flowers bloom, and the entire horse farm exudes a strong fragrance.

Lin Qian Renxue couldn’t believe his eyes.

“How about? Do you like it?” Xiao Yan asked gently.

“hmph, make some fancy stuff!” Lin Qian Renxue said while playfully pouting.

“Why? Don’t you like it?” Xiao Yan asked gently, hugging her.

Lin Qian Renxue raised his head, Xiao Yan’s dark eyes were tender as water, staring at Lin Qian Renxue.

Lin Qian Renxue’s face was red and weak: “I…I like it.”

A smile appeared on Xiao Yan’s calm face.

That smile is deeply engraved in Lin Qian Renxue’s heart.

Chen Ziyan stood in the distance watching Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue being affectionate, jealous could not help but grow up in his heart.

“Aunt, why are you unhappy?” Qianxun asked while looking at Chen Ziyan.

“Where…Where is it?” Chen Ziyan said quickly.

“emmmm…is written on the face!” Chihiro said with a pouting mouth.

“No, no, you must be mistaken!” Chen Ziyan quickly squeezed a smile.

She always feels something is wrong, right, this little girl just called herself Aunt? Is he so old?

“Aunt, do you like my Baba?” Chihiro asked suddenly.

Faced with Qianxun’s questioning, Chen Ziyan’s face immediately flushed with shame.

“Little children can’t talk nonsense. Remember, don’t talk to your father like this.” Chen Ziyan said quickly.

“No, I want to say it.” Chihiro said righteously.

“Don’t tell your father, will Aunt give you sweets?” Chen Ziyan said quickly.

“Okay!” Chihiro’s eyes narrowed with joy when she heard the food.

The others are still in deep shock, and they have not eased it.

After a long time, Wang Ming walked over and made a big courtesy to Xiao Yan: “Sir, I lost. The Lamborghini outside is yours. I just said something that offends you. Please don’t Damn it.”

Although Wang Ming is a dastardly pampered young master, he can also see the situation clearly. How can someone who can make such a Gods Vestige be an ordinary person?

Although their Wang Family has a Grandmaster expert and a Taoist expert, this is the first time he has seen Gods Vestige like this.

He has offended Xiao Yan before, how dare he repeat the same mistake now?

So now I have to admit my mistake and see if I can let myself go.

Xiao Yan glanced at Wang Ming faintly, and then said indifferently: “I said, I don’t want your car, but I will let your woman stay away from my Xiaoxue in the future.”

“Yes, yes, I must remember what sir said in the heart.” Wang Ming hurriedly saluted.

“Okay, you go!” Xiao Yan waved lightly.

He didn’t want to break their such a good date because of an ant.

Wang Ming immediately understood what Xiao Yan meant, and quickly dispersed everyone, leaving Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue alone.

“Young Master Wang, who is that person, can he actually beat you?” Qian Xiaoyan flattered.

“I warn you, you’d better stay away from Ye Eldest Miss in the future, and now I have nothing to do with you, please stop pestering me!” Wang Mingyi said to Qian Xiaoyan righteously.

Qian Xiaoyan’s face changed immediately, and she immediately said: “Young Master Wang, isn’t he the boyfriend of Lin Qian Renxue? It’s worth you…”


Wang Ming slapped Qian Xiaoyan on the face and said angrily: “Do you know who he is? I tell you, if you don’t want to die, you should stay away from them as far as possible. If you want to die, Don’t involve me either, I have nothing to do with you anymore!”

Qian Xiaoyan lay on the ground and couldn’t believe that Wang Ming, who had always said that she loved herself, now hit herself.

“Are you hitting me?” Qian Xiaoyan touched her face, tears falling down.

“What about hitting you, let me tell you, I have never liked you before. I’m just playing with you!” Wang Ming shook a word and turned away.

Qian Xiaoyan hurriedly climbed over and hugged Wang Ming and shouted: “Don’t go! Don’t leave me, without you, I am nothing, I have nothing!”

“Go away, you have offended Mr. Xiao and want to involve me. This is what you deserve!” Wang Ming kicked her away and turned away.

Everyone looked at Qian Xiaoyan’s appearance. She was a very expensive and expensive woman before, but now she is battered and exhausted.

But this is all she reap what you have sown, no one sympathizes with her.

She cried and put on makeup, and swayed away from the racecourse alone.



Among the flowers, Lin Qian Renxue rests quietly in Xiao Yan’s arms.

“Actually, I have always had a question to ask you?” Lin Qian Renxue asked suddenly.

“What’s the problem? You said.” Xiao Yan said softly.

“Why did you break into my World so suddenly that I was so caught off guard?” Lin Qian Renxue looked back at Xiao Yan and said.

Xiao Yan looked at Lin Qian Renxue affectionately and asked: “What do you think?”

“I mean, I didn’t know you before, and how…how could you…hi…so care about someone like me?”

“Also, the first time I saw you, I felt like we had seen it somewhere.” Lin Qian Renxue asked, staring into Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“Do you want to know?” Xiao Yan asked lightly.

Lin Qian Renxue nodded.

I saw Xiao Yan brows tightly frowns and fell into a period of thought.

He didn’t know whether to tell Lin Qian Renxue everything, he knew that Lin Qian Renxue was Lin Qian Renxue, she was not Xu Ruoqing, but he didn’t know whether he loved Lin Qian Renxue or Xu Ruoqing.

“Don’t you want to say it?” Lin Qian Renxue asked.

“If the time is right one day, I will tell you all this, but now you only need to know, this life, I will definitely not lose you!” Xiao Yan said softly.

Lin Qian Renxue looked at Lin Qian Renxue with a soft gaze. Although he didn’t say anything about it, Lin Qian Renxue felt particularly relieved.

“Close your eyes!” Xiao Yan said suddenly.

“What are you doing?” Lin Qian Renxue asked.

“I want to give you a surprise.”

I saw Xiao Yan wave his hand gently, “You can eyes opened!”

Lin Qian Renxue eyes opened, and the flowers in the racecourse suddenly fluttered and floated in the sky.

Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue stood in the Sky Filling Flower Rain, watching the flowers scattered in the sky.

“So beautiful!” Lin Qian Renxue said in surprise.

“No matter how beautiful the flowers are, they are not as beautiful as your face.”

Xiao Yan pulled Lin Qian Renxue into his arms with a slight pull.

Sky Filling Flower Rain ,

Two people,

I’m in love.

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