Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1130


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The King of Hades came to the mountain before, and the black mountain has hundreds zhang or so high, able to support both heaven and earth, and stands in this world.

The surrounding area is full of white bones, with a deadly breath.

Smog surrounds, demonic energy is growing!

The Hades looked towards the high mountain, and couldn’t help feeling.

“Unexpectedly, I would use your power!”

The Hades moved towards the mountain, and when he walked in, it was not the mountain.

And is a huge god and demon!

What is a god?

At the beginning of Hongmeng, Spiritual Qi began to nurture spirits between Heaven and Earth.

At first, two kinds of creatures were born, one is God!

Gods and immortals are not the same. Gods are the innate gods, which came out of Heaven and Earth Nurtured. Immortals are the acquired gods and are continuously cultivated by people.

So, like Nuwa, Pangu, Fuxi, etc… they are gods!

And those who are now in charge of Penglai can only be called immortals.

Everything has yin and yang, and Hongmeng also gave birth to another thing, that is the devil!

The combination of God and Demon is for gods and demons!

So the power of the gods and demons is the strongest of source in this world, the gods and demons are very strong!

The King of Hades came to the gods and demons, and saw that the huge gods and demons did not know how many years they were silent, and the whole body was covered by dust, so it looked like a big mountain.

The Hades flew up and came to the eye of the gods and demons.

The gods and demons are very tall, and Hades is only the size of his eyes in front of the gods and demons at this moment.

The eyes of the god and demon are like a huge cave, very hollow, and on the forehead of the god and demon is a yellow charm.

The king of Hades has heard the legend of this god and demon. At that time, Hongmeng was first opened. A great god and a demon were combined to give birth to this god and demon. God and devil were born of two races, so spiritual wisdom was not opened. Because it is a combination of God and Demon, it is extremely powerful.

At the time, he was like a killing machine, without any emotions, and he was a disaster everywhere.

Later, the gods and gods together made a move to seal this god and demon and lock it in the Nine Nether!

Hammer knew in his heart that if this god or demon was born, it would set off foul wind and bloody rain, and perhaps the entire world would be destroyed.

Furthermore, the great gods of the heavens who sealed the gods and demons in the past have now gone everywhere in the universe, and no one can stop the gods and demons from being born.

Although he clearly understands these, he still wants to save the gods and demons from the seal.

Because he can’t be angry!

As King Yan, his Xianwei is constantly challenged by Xiao Yan.

Snatching people directly from his underworld, killing the ghost envoys he cultivated, and killing him several doppelgangers, and ruining his plan to devour the body of the first Heavenly God, so he wants revenge, no matter how much he pays, he must Kill Xiao Yan for revenge!

He continued to fly upward, and he came to the yellow charm.

He stretched out his hand and opened it gently.

Suddenly, the gods and demons lit up their eyes, and their eyes glowed with red light.

The king of Yan said silently: “Great gods and demons, I sacrificed with a divine soul, please help me kill Xiao Yan!”

Speaking, Hades suddenly burst into pieces and was absorbed by the gods and demons.

His divine soul gradually merged with the gods and demons.

I don’t know how long it took. He woke up. He didn’t know whether he was the Hades or the gods. He only knew that he had a mission to kill Xiao Yan!


hong long long ——

The gods and demons of hundred zhang or so high gradually walked towards Xiao Yan and the others. With each step, the ground suddenly vibrated.

Every step taken by the gods and devil, the mountains must be shaking!

His red eyes gleamed in the dark.

Step by step walked towards Xiao Yan.

“Xiao Yan, you destroy my doppelganger, kill my ghost, and kill my hundreds of ghosts, today I must kill you!” Yan Wang controlled this god and demon, constantly roaring.

Xiao Yan was suddenly startled when he saw the gods and demons.

He didn’t expect that Aquastar also has gods and demons!

He knows that gods and demons are a combination of gods and demons, extremely powerful.

He wandered through all levels of the sky and encountered various gods and demons.

The gods and demons do not have spiritual wisdom, and they are full of disasters.

He was the Head Disciple of Immortal Sect at the time. He should cut down Monsters and eliminate Demons as his duty, so he killed many gods and demons.

Xiao Yan looked towards this god and demon, very old.

This is the first god and demon born from Aquastar.

Although the gods and demons are strong, Xiao Yan hadn’t broken through at that time. Today, Xiao Yan wants to kill a god and demons.

“Hell, you dare to attack my wife and daughter, anyway, you must die today!” Xiao Yan said coldly.

“Xiao Yan, you still dare to speak wildly, now I am a god and demon, the strongest existence between this Heaven and Earth, want to kill me?”

“Xiao Yan, see my hand smash you to pieces!”

The King of Yan said, dropping from the sky, moving towards Xiao Yan, the huge hand of the gods and demons.

With a big hand slapped on the ground, the dust suddenly rose and the smoke rose into the sky.

In the smoke and dust, I saw Xiao Yan silhouette suddenly disappeared.

The gods and demons exude magic power, billowing demonic energy pouring on the ground, endless power burst out.

If it’s not in the Nine Nether, I’m afraid this demonic energy can directly kill a creature.

Xiao Yan appears on the other side.

hong long long ——

The Hades controlled this god and demon to step out, and the entire Nether soil was shaking!

Although the god demon is powerful, his speed is too slow to catch Xiao Yan at all.

Xiao Yan white clothes lightly, constantly shuttle between the gods and demons!

The god demonic energy rushed into the heart, and suddenly he didn’t intend to attack Xiao Yan. Instead, he turned his target to Lin Qian Renxue and Qianxun!

The huge bodies moved towards Lin Qian Renxue and Qianxun rushed over, and they would be trampled into flesh as long as they stepped on them!

“Xiao Yan, I can’t kill you, but I also want some interest. In that case, let your wife and daughter be buried with you!” the god demon shouted.

The endless demonic energy surging out, raised his big foot and stepped on Lin Qian Renxue and Qianxun!

I saw Xiao Yan suddenly stand in front of the gods and demons, with cold eyes, as if leading to the boundless universe!

I saw Xiao Yan floating in the air, and a small white clothed silhouette standing in front of a huge god and demon.

“Hammer, killing you is not enough to relieve my hatred!”

Xiao Yan paused and said coldly.

He floated in the air and stretched out his right hand!

“The sword is coming!”


Suddenly, the thunderbolt exploded, and the golden cloud broke through!


An ancient sword called shatter void, passing through the clouds, dropping from the sky, and falling into Xiao Yan’s hands.

Ancient sword crystal clear and near-transparent, exuding endless divine might, the sword is engraved with ancient patterns, and the body is full of mysterious and ancient breath.

I once had a sword to kill all enemies in the world!

Xiao Yan rose to the sky, moved towards the huge god and demon with a sword!


Unlimited power is released.

in the sky lights up a sword light and directly splits the gods and demons in half!

“I am not satisfied, I am not satisfied!”

The king of Hades kept screaming, his divine soul has been integrated into the gods and demons. Once the gods and demons die, they will no longer live.

“Xiao Yan, since I can’t kill you, then I will let the whole world kill you! I want you to be the enemy of the world!” In the last scream of Yan Wang, he opened the door to hell .

Before he died, he liberated all the Demon ghosts in hell!

The gate of hell was opened, and the monsters and ghosts fled frantically and left the hell.

Nine Nether In the depths of Nine Nether, a huge pupil suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a green light.

Surrounded by demonic energy.

“Who opened the Gate of Hell?”

A voice of doubt and anger came.

With a sound, ten thousand li vibrates!


Penglai Fairy Mountain, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother looked at an ancient mirror, and what came out of the ancient mirror was a scene of hell.

“Gate of Hell is opened, and the people are destined to plunge into an abyss of misery!” The Jade Emperor exclaimed.

“Your Majesty, the concubine thinks this is not a bad thing.” The Queen Mother said quietly.

“What do you say?” Jade Emperor turned his head and asked.

“Your Majesty, you see that Hades is dead now, so who does Hades think that Gate of Hell opened?” The Queen Mother continued.

“You mean…”

“Yes, Your Majesty, Pluto will only think that Xiao Yan killed Yan and opened the Gate of Hell. Will Pluto easily let Xiao Yan go?” The Queen said with a smile.

“Although this is the case, the Buddha just drew with Xiao Yan, and the Pluto might not have won Xiao Yan!” The Jade Emperor thought.

“Your Majesty, we are not going to be an enemy of mysterious wind, as long as Pluto can contain Xiao Yan, then we have more time to implement our plan!” said the Queen Mother.

The Jade Emperor is nodded.


Supreme Pontiff Cathedral overseas.

Supreme Pontiff looked outside in shock, and could wipe out Devil Sect overnight. Who is the white clothed youth?

This is basically impossible, even those cultivators that live in deep mountains in China cannot do it.

Supreme Pontiff is only on the boundary, but he still knows about China.

“China has this and the others?” Supreme Pontiff said slowly.

“If Devil Sect can be wiped out overnight, this person must not be a person waiting to be idle.” High Priest indifferently said.

“I think he might pose a threat to us!” High Priest continued.

“What do you say?” Supreme Pontiff asked.

“This person’s Taoism is exquisite. Although Devil Sect is many people, most of them are rateless intermediate magicians. It is relatively easy for China’s cultivator to destroy them.”

“But the Chinese cultivator has lived in the mountains for so many years without being born, do you know why?”

“On the one hand, when we started the war with Huaxia, they lost too much, so they must live in seclusion. On the other hand, they must be recuperating and preparing to come back again. Last night’s white clothed cultivator was the beginning!” High Priest analyzed. .

“Start?” Supreme Pontiff asked rhetorically.

“Yes, Huaxia takes a rest, we don’t know how much Huaxia is. They also impossible to know our strength, so the destruction of Devil Sect last night was a test!” High Priest continued.

“Hua Xia is really a big hand, but we foreigners overseas are not so easy to bully.” Supreme Pontiff said indifferently.

“Yes, I have a feeling that soon, this World will probably be in chaos, and by then, there may be a full-scale battle of supernaturalists!” High Priest slowly said.


In the dark.

Several demons were angry when they saw countless Devil Sect people die at the door.

Roundtable military conference.

“Hua Xia is getting more and more mad, dare to bully us overseas, hasn’t it been a long time since I tasted the smell of war!” said a demon.

“China has been recuperating and rejuvenating these years, and its background has become stronger and stronger. This is not a sign!” A Blood Race echoed.

“They cut off the source of our evil, then let’s bring the evil to China!” said an older elder.

“The devil went to China to cause war. This time the Chinese people dare to be so rampant. We must let them pay the price of blood!”

“Yes, Huaxia dared to kill people at our door. How can we let it go?”

“Since all the players agree, let’s fight!”

Blood Race, werewolves, demons…

They stood up from the round table and looked at Dongfang with firm eyes.

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