Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1131


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Xiao Yan destroyed the gods and demons, and the soul of Yan Wang was also annihilated by Xiao Yan.

He didn’t want to let the king go like this, at least let him taste the pain of soul-refining, but the soul of the king has completely integrated into the gods and demons, and the gods and demons are beheaded by Xiao Yan, and the soul of the king is also wiped out Now, Xiao Yan could not extract the soul of Yan Wang.

So Xiao Yan directly annihilated Yan Wang’s soul.

Xiao Yan touched the necklace in his hand and came to Lin Qian Renxue.

No accident, he wanted to confess to Lin Qian Renxue.

But all this was ruined by Devil Sect and Hades.

Now that Lin Qian Renxue is in shock, it is no longer suitable to confess, so this is the only thing to do that’s all.

Xiao Yan came to Tang Seng and asked indifferently: “Grandmaster, what are your plans for the future?”

“Although I saved your wife and children, you also saved me. You also adopted Wukong as a disciple. Isn’t your name Grandmaster messing up your seniority? From now on, we will be equal. Just call my name. “

“Also speaking of the qualifications of the cultivation base, I am still your Junior, so I took advantage of you.” Tang Seng said with a smile.

At this time, Lin Qian Renxue stood up, “Since you are all Sun Wukong Masters, why don’t you become brothers with different surnames!”

Xiao Yan laughed, surnamed brother, he hasn’t had it yet.

He used to be too cold. Although the whole world has passed so much time, the real human feelings warm him not at all to appreciate.

But since he had a daughter, his personality has begun to change, and the ice in his heart has gradually melted.

In this red dust, although mundane affairs are disturbing, he still feels warm and happy.

“I think it can.” Xiao Yan nodded and said.

“If Brother Feng Mu is willing, then the younger brother would call Brother Feng a big brother!” Tang Seng said with a smile.

From the seniority grade, of course Xiao Yan is older.

So Tang Seng should be called Xiao Yan big brother.

“big brother!” Tang Seng cried.

Xiao Yan is nodded.

Perhaps because the character is too cold, he could not call out that Second Brother, but he has already admitted this brother in his heart.

Taking the Tang Seng’s current realm, he has become a Buddha, and he can transform a soul into a lotus. Compared to the previous realm of the Tathagata Buddha, it is no different.

It’s just that Tang Seng doesn’t have a fleshy body now, and his soul is very weak, so he can’t show his strength even if he has strength.

At this time, Xiao Yan transformed a white lotus from the air.

“This is Xuantian Snow Lotus, but the Supreme Treasure of Heaven and Earth Nurtured and Born. Your Dharma is related to lotus flowers. I hope he can help you!” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

“Xuantian Snow Lotus?” Tang Seng showed an excited expression on his face.

He can cultivation a lotus, he knows what this lotus means.

This kind of lotus is probably the only one in this world. The divine force Binding above is full of surging spirit strength.

“Thank you big brother Xie!” Tang Seng took the lotus, “At the beginning, Taiyi daoist used lotus root to connect the Fleshy body to Nezha. Today I also use this snow lotus to transform the Fleshy body. From now on, all Heavenly God Buddhas No one can stop me anymore!”

After Tang Seng finished speaking, his soul entered Xuantian Snow Lotus, and his body changed. A white clothed monk folded his hands and stood in front of them…

Tang Seng transformed into a fleshy body through Xuantian Snow Lotus. Suddenly his realm was directly improved. All the way to triumphant progress, his realm has risen to an unprecedented height.

Spirit strength gradually poured into his body, and the whole person’s breath suddenly changed.

Xiao Yan glanced at him faintly. Tang Seng has now stepped into Immortal Sect with one foot. Even compared to the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning he encountered, Tang Seng is not weak.

Tang Seng was originally the true Buddha body.

Although he was imprisoned in hell for a thousand years, his perception was so high that he jumped directly out of the laws of the heavens and succeeded in breakthrough.

If Tang Seng does not fight against Tathagata, he will be the second Buddha after Tathagata.

It’s just that although they are master and disciple, their cultivation is different.

Tang Seng’s realm continues to improve, and it is about the same as Yuanshi and the others.

In Taoism, it is said that there are 36th-layer days, and the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty and the others only stand on the ninth level.

Great characters like Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, although they are unstoppable on Aquastar, they are almost at the state of Undying and Inextinguishable, but in the entire universe, Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning is just a drop in the ocean .

Even if the immortals standing on Thirty Three Layer Heaven are stronger than Xiao Yan, maybe they can’t be considered in this endless universe.

The immortal on the water blue star has a third level realm.

One is the failure of Transcending Tribulation and becomes the Loose Immortal on the ground.

One is the success of Transcending Tribulation, becoming Penglai’s Celestial Immortal.

And heaven above Immortal, there is another realm that is Golden Immortal.

The immortals on the general water blue stars are Celestial Immortal, and only the Jade Emperor and the others can be called Golden Immortal, but the beginning and the others surpass Golden Immortal, they are called Great Principle Golden Immortal.

Although Buddhism has its own name, it is equivalent to Great Principle Golden Immortal.

And Sun Wukong and Jade Emperor and the others are just ordinary Golden Immortal.

The gold above Immortal is holy, which is also the Saint we refer to.

And their immortal position is different from that of Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan has cultivated to Extreme and merges into the avenue before finally becoming a celestial being. The fairy on the water blue star only touches the edge of the avenue that’s all.

So they are still far away from the road to becoming immortals.

Although they call themselves immortals, this is just the title that’s all.

The realm between them and Xiao Yan is still quite different.

Xiao Yan They left hell.

Though Qianxun didn’t want to leave Tang Seng, but Tang Seng wanted to find his way.

If he can’t find his own way, there will be no breakthrough after all, although he has now jumped out of the three realms of the water blue star.

But he still can’t jump out of this universe.

And Xiao Yan didn’t dare to be interested in any immortal Buddha, and cultivated his life, only to pursue a Tao.

But, does anyone know what Tao is?

Rather than worrying about cultivation for the rest of your life, it is better to cherish your presence and spend more time with your daughter and wife.

What he wants to do most now is to confess to Lin Qian Renxue and let him truly become his girlfriend.

Although the mundane affairs are mundane, sometimes there is a damn sweetness in this mundane affairs, which makes him unable to extricate himself.

Now he, instead of asking him to study the crafty plots and machinations of these immortal Buddhas, he should study how to make a good dish to make Xiaoxue and Chihiro happy.

They returned to the Demon Capital. It was already cold in the Demon Capital, and it was starting to snow everywhere.

The New Year is coming soon.

Xiao Yan has lived for three years and three years, but he is alone.

This time is different.

He has Koyuki and Chihiro this time.

He originally wanted to confess to Lin Qian Renxue before the New Year, but he was delayed because of the king.

As soon as various things were delayed, the confession had to be delayed.

However, Xiao Yan has been setting up for the past two days.

In the magic city, he is also a character who can call the wind and summon the rain. He can still do a small confession scene.

Besides, he is the Immortal Venerable, even if he uses immortal strength, he can arrange everything well.

But he didn’t do this, because only by doing it himself can he show his sincerity.

Lin Qian Renxue has been training for the past two days. She only knows that Xiao Yan is very busy after coming back, but she doesn’t know what she is up to.

During the day, Xiao Yan always sent Qianxun to Lin Qian Renxue’s house and went out. At night, he picked up Qianxun and left.

His whereabouts have been strange for the past two days.

“Xiao Yan, tell me, are you hiding something from me?” Finally one day, Lin Qian Renxue grabbed Xiao Yan and asked.

“No, how can I hide something from you?” Xiao Yan said quickly.

“Then I ask you, why have you not seen the silhouette for the past two days?”

“Are you going with me behind your back…” Lin Qian Renxue hesitated to say something, and then said, “I know you are excellent. If you don’t like it, I will just say it, I will not pester you!” /p>

When I heard Lin Qian Renxue’s words, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but feel a little distressed.

But I can’t tell her yet, otherwise everything will be ruined.

Another day, Xiao Yan left early and returned late again, and did not say a few words to Lin Qian Renxue.

Lin Qian Renxue suddenly felt very wronged.

Although she doesn’t know what happened, her heart is a little disturbed.

She knew that he liked Xiao Yan. After so many things, her heart was given to Xiao Yan. Now Xiao Yan is so indifferent to her, she very much doubts Xiao Yan has other women outside.

Yes, what do you do compared to the woman next to Xiao Yan?

Like Bai Wei Fairy from Heaven Realm. Although she has never seen it, she knows she is a big beauty by her name.

There is also Chen Ziyan from Chen Family. People are rich and powerful, so how can they compare to others?

Even the white fox Baiqian, although he has been transformed into a white fox, he is also a great beauty capable of causing the downfall of a nation. With so many beauties by his side, perhaps he is tired of himself.

That being the case.

That must work hard to snatch Xiao Yan back from them.

Love does not pretend to be pitiful and rely on charity.

Instead, we must rely on our own efforts to get it back!

“I don’t care what kind of fairy you are, demonic girl, beauty, who dare to grab a man with me are all stinky bitches! Your fairy is my own, none of you want to grab me!” p>

“Wait, I want to act first. I will confess when he comes back, and see how you grab it!” Lin Qian Renxue muttered to himself.

At this moment, Xiao Yan body flashed and returned to Lin Qian Renxue’s home.

“Xiao Yan, I have something to tell you!” Lin Qian Renxue said immediately.

Xiao Yan startled, smiled and said: “What a coincidence, I have something to say to you.”

“Then you talk first!” Lin Qian Renxue’s heartbeat is very fast, she is wondering if it’s…

“Come to a place with me.”

Xiao Yan hugged Lin Qian Renxue and flew up.

They came to the highest place of the Magic City-the top of the Magic City Center Building.

“Why did you bring me here?” Lin Qian Renxue asked with his eyes wide open.

“Don’t you have something to tell me? Now give you a chance, it will be too late if you don’t say it!” Xiao Yan looked at Lin Qian Renxue gently said with a smile.

“Don’t you have something to say? You speak first!” Lin Qian Renxue stared into Xiao Yan’s eyes.

“Do you know why there are spring flowers, autumn fruits, summer cicadas, winter snow?” Xiao Yan asked faintly.

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