Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1133


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“Xiao Yan, hurry up!” Lin Qian Renxue shouted shouted in front of Qianxun holding Qianxun.

“Come here, my wife is waiting for me…” Xiao Yan carried a large bag and hurriedly followed Lin Qian Renxue.

Xiao Yan catches up with Lin Qian Renxue and the others with a salute. They are going to return to Lin Qian Renxue’s hometown-Jinling.

Ye Zhongxiong is already sitting in the car and waiting.

Xiao Yan put the salute in the trunk, and it was New Year’s Eve soon. Ye Zhongxiong and his daughter would return to Jinling every New Year’s Eve to spend a year of reunion with Old Master.

Xiao Yan is Lin Qian Renxue’s boyfriend now because he is alone. If he and Qianxun are left behind, he will be lonely.

So Lin Qian Renxue invited Xiao Yan and them back to Jinling to have a good reunion year.

They are not at all too ostentatious, they just tear up the space and go and so on, instead, they drive a car as a family and go home while traveling.

It’s also a joy to get there all the way.

Madu is not too far away from Jinling, although they played back slowly, it only took two days.

Back to Jinling, got out of the car and saw an old house.

Ye Zhongxiong’s grandfather was a high official of the Qing Dynasty, so the legacy has been preserved to this day.

To his old father this generation, his old father inherited his grandfather inheritance. Now Ye Zhongxiong still has three big brothers. The big brother is a wealthy businessman in Jiangling County. The second brother returned from studying abroad and now works in a state-owned enterprise. As the general manager, although the third brother is not as rich as the big brother and the second brother, he went to Court Academecian when he was in college and is now a university professor.

When Ye Zhongxiong went out, he was just a wage earner who was nothing.

So they look down on Ye Zhongxiong a bit.

But now that Ye Zhongxiong, with the help of Xiao Yan, many bigwigs in the magic capital have joined Ye Zhongxiong’s shares, and Ye Zhongxiong can also be regarded as a wealthy businessman of the magic capital.

But he didn’t at all tell his big brothers about these things, after all, they don’t want to see themselves.

On returning this time, he planned to tell his old father about the incident, so that his eighty-year-old father would also be happy.

Ye Family is also a slightly larger family in Jinling, plus the ancestors have been officials from generation to generation, so it can be regarded as a prominent family of Upright Sect in Jinling.

Although they are not as big as those in Jinling, they still have a certain status.

Ye Zhongxiong drove Lin Qian Renxue with them, and the family returned to Jinling.

As soon as she stepped into the door of the house, at this moment, a little girl ran out quickly.

“Xiaoxue elder sister, you are back!” The little girl was very happy to see Lin Qian Renxue.

“Xian’er, I haven’t seen you in a year, have you grown up like this?”

The little girl’s name is Ye Xian’er, the child of Lin Qian Renxue San Bo’s family.

San Bo’s family has two children, the eldest son is called Ye Xian’er and the younger one is called Ye Xian’er.

In Ye Family, only San Bo’s family treats Ye Zhongxiong and his daughter better.

At this time, a middle-aged couple and a white haired old man also walked out.

They are Lin Qian Renxue’s third uncle and third aunt, and Lin Qian Renxue’s grandfather.

“Has Zhongxiong come back?” The old man asked with a cane.

“Father, it’s me, I’ll come back to accompany you for the New Year!”

“Okay, okay, just come back!” old fogey said slowly.

Lin Qian Renxue’s grandfather is more than eighty years old and has some dementia.

So the words are a bit vague.

When I was young, because Ye Zhongxiong was the youngest, Old Master loved Ye Zhongxiong the most, so he was a little bit fond of Ye Zhongxiong.

Later, Ye Zhongxiong did nothing. His three big brothers all said that the Old Master spoiled Ye Zhongxiong.

Later, Ye Zhongxiong married Lin Qian Renxue’s mother. The Old Master helped Ye Zhongxiong find a job with a personal relationship, but Ye Family people looked down on Ye Zhongxiong a bit.

Later, Lin Qian Renxue’s mother fell ill and died, so when he was a child, Lin Qian Renxue’s brother sisters would bully Lin Qian Renxue, so Ye Zhongxiong took Lin Qian Renxue to the magic city and never involved them anymore. .

“grandfather!” Lin Qian Renxue hurriedly shouted.

“Xiaoxue, is Xiaoxue back?” When the Old Master saw Lin Qian Renxue, he couldn’t help but cry from ear to ear.

Lin Qian Renxue lost his mother when he was a child, and Ye Zhongxiong had to work again at that time, so it was the Old Master who took Lin Qian Renxue every day.

So Old Master and Lin Qian Renxue are very close.

Everyone smiled happily. At this moment, Lin Qian Renxue’s third uncle suddenly looked towards Xiao Yan.

“This is?”

At this time, everyone in Ye Family looked towards Xiao Yan.

Lin Qian Renxue just wanted to introduce Xiao Yan. At this time, he only heard a voice outside the door: “Dad, we are back!”

Four people walked in face to face. They came from Ye Zhongxiong’s second brother’s family.

His second brother and second sister-in-law.

Two young people followed. The girl Lin Qian Renxue knew. She was Lin Qian Renxue’s cousin Ye Xiaoyan. She had been at odds with Lin Qian Renxue since she was a child. She often bullied Lin Qian Renxue when she was a child, and every time Lin Qian When Renxue came back, she would definitely taunt a few words.

Lin Qian Renxue generally treats her as his own sister and doesn’t care about her.

She pulls every time she goes home! She changes her boyfriend very frequently. Every time she is a rich Young Master, the strange man brought home this time is probably her boyfriend.

“Oh, isn’t this Da Ming Xinglin Qian Renxue? I will come home to have a look!” Ye Xiaoyan said frivolously.

The first sentence Ye Xiaoyan went home was not to greet grandfather, but to mock Lin Qian Renxue.

I heard this. Xiao Yan frowned.

“Xiaoyan! What do you say about your younger sister! Hurry up and apologize!” Lin Qian Renxue’s Second Uncle quickly scolded.

“hmph!” Ye Xiaoyan was coldly snorted and hid in the arms of the man next to her.

At this time, the sound of vehicles came from outside the door.

Uncle Lin Qian Renxue’s family also walked in.

“Dad, we are back!” Lin Qian Renxue’s uncle and aunt walked in together.

“Jianzhong, are you guys back too?” Old Master smiled.

The oldest child is Ye Jianzhong, the second child is Ye Jianguo, the third child is Ye Zhongliang, and the fourth child is Ye Zhongxiong, Lin Qian Renxue’s father.

“hahaha…have all come back, just come back, we can have a reunion dinner when we come back!” Old Master Ye Jiuhan said with a smile.

At this time, Lin Qian Renxue stepped forward, “grandfather, let me introduce to you…”

Before the words were finished, Ye Xiaoyan immediately squeezed Lin Qian Renxue away.

“grandfather, this is my new boyfriend Han Qianye, he is the Young Master of Jinling Han Family!” Ye Xiaoyan pulled Han Qianye and squeezed Lin Qian Renxue.

“Good grandfather!” Han Qianye bowed to Ye Jiuhan.

Ye Jiuhan is nodded.

Then turned to Lin Qian Renxue and asked: “Xiaoxue, what do you want to say?”

“grandfather, this is…my…my boyfriend, his name is Xiao Yan.” Lin Qian Renxue said with a blushing face.

“Okay, my dear granddaughter, I have made a boyfriend!” Ye Jiuhan said with a smile, then looked up towards Xiao Yan.

Suddenly he heart startled.


Ye Jiuhan has lived such a long time, and he still has seen some experts. He looked towards Xiao Yan but didn’t see it through at all. Could it be that he is…?

“But he is so young, I guess I was wrong!” Ye Jiuhan said silently in his heart.

Xiao Yan walked over and moved towards the old man solemnly saluted.

“Well…didn’t expect Xiaoxue, this girl is also looking for a boyfriend, she seems to have grown up! Hahaha…” Ye Jiuhan said loudly with a smile.

“Chihiro, come here, call Great Grandfather Father!”

Chihiro stared at Ye Jiuhan with big eyes, and Nuonuo shouted: “Great Grandfather!”

The old man smiled immediately when he saw the child.

“Okay, Xiaoxue, you are such a big child, okay!”

Speaking, Lin Qian Renxue’s face was blushing.

Know that she is still an unmanned little girl, but she still admits that Chihiro is her child.

“Come on, Little Brat, let Great Grandfather hug!” Ye Jiuhan smiled and pulled Qianxun into his arms.

Qianxun leaned on Ye Jiuhan softly, and said as if touching honey, “Great Grandfather!”

“hahaha…” Ye Jiuhan immediately opened his eyes and smiled, “Tell Great Grandfather, what is your name?”

“My name is Chihiro!” Chihiro said softly, almost cute.

Ye Xiaoyan watched from the side, coldly said in her heart: “Old Guy, you should be partial!”

Then fiercely glared at Lin Qian Renxue.

“Okay, okay, everyone, don’t be pestered outside, come in, I have made Aunt Liu make a meal!”

“When the boys come back, we will have dinner, and everyone will have a happy reunion dinner tonight!”

Now there are three children from Uncle Lin Qian Renxue’s family, one child from Second Uncle’s family, and one child from San Bo’s family has yet to come.

Several people followed Old Master into the house.

After a while.

Several children of Ye Family are back.

“Okay, okay, since everyone is back, let’s eat!” Ye Jiuhan said, then pulled Lin Qian Renxue and sat beside him.

Lin Qian Renxue was brought up by him since he was a child, so among these dolls, he likes Lin Qian Renxue the most.

The eldest son of Uncle Lin Qian Renxue’s is called Ye Sheng. He is now the general manager of a company. He is really promising for his youth!

“Xiaoxue, I used to ask you to bring your boyfriend back, but you still hid it, but I finally brought it back today.” Ye Sheng said to Lin Qian Renxue, “Today, big brother will give you a good check!”


Lin Qian Renxue is a little embarrassed. If you know that his boyfriend is the omnipotent Divine King, Ye Sheng still wants to embarrass him?

“Yeah, yeah, the gate of our Jinling Ye Family, not all crooked melons and dates can enter!” Ye Xiaoyan said by relying on Han Qianye.

“This brother is Xiao Yan, right? Where are you from?” Ye Sheng looked towards Xiao Yan.

“Magic City.” Xiao Yan smiled and faintly replied.

“Oh, the Magic City? The Magic City is a good place!” Ye Sheng praised, “I heard that the Magic City now has an extremely powerful cultivator, and others call him Mr. Xiao. All Aristocratic families are respected by Mr. Xiao.”

“You also surnamed Xiao, I don’t know what is your relationship with him?” Ye Sheng asked.

He still heard some of the legend of the magic capital.

“What can it be! Mr. Xiao is an omnipotent cultivator. I heard that he can come back to life and a thought bloomed flower. He must be a resounding character!” Ye Xiaoyan said, and Xiao Yan said with a glance.

Xiao Yan laughed, “I’m just Xiaoxue’s boyfriend.”

Xiao Yan knows that even if he says he is Mr. Xiao in the magic capital, no one will believe him, but he doesn’t want to argue, so he says he is Lin Qian Renxue’s boyfriend, and neither admits himself. Even Mr. Xiao did not deny it.

“But I really don’t think I have heard of Xiao Family, Brother, what do you do?” Ye Sheng continued to ask.

Just as Xiao Yan was about to speak, Lin Qian Renxue hurriedly said: “He is a white-collar worker in a company.”

Lin Qian Renxue knew that with Xiao Mu’s personality, he would definitely say that he did not have a job, but if he said that, his brother sister would definitely look down on Xiao Yan.

She didn’t want to embarrass Xiao Yan, so she lied to him quickly.

“White-collar workers, I don’t know how much your salary is, Brother?” Ye Sheng asked unwillingly.

Xiao Yan can of course see that they look down on themselves a little bit.

“Over 20,000 per month!” Lin Qian Renxue quickly replied for him.

“More than 20,000!”

Everyone is disdainful!

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