Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1134


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Everyone was a little disdainful when they heard Xiao Yan’s monthly salary of 20,000 yuan.

Actually, as a white-collar worker, 20,000 yuan a month is not good enough, but the people in Lin Family are all large families who do business abroad.

Even Lin Qian Renxue’s Sanbo Lin Zhongliang has 200,000 monthly.

“Twenty thousand? Our family Qianlin is now the manager of the Han Group, how about you go to the Korean group? Qianlin will definitely not only give you twenty thousand!” Lin Xiaoyan said disdainfully.

Xiao Yan smiled faintly without speaking.

“Okay, okay, everyone gathered together today, let’s eat!” San Bo Lin Zhongliang interrupted quickly.

“Yes, yes, yes, today is a rare good day for our family to get together, everyone eat and eat!” Lin Zhongxiong also quickly echoed.

“Well, it’s rare for us to get together today in Lin Family, let’s talk about what you have gained this year!” Old Master opened the mouth and said, “Boss, come first!”

“Father, this year our company’s shares have grown very rapidly, and now we have firmly established the Jinling market. In time, our company will be able to compete with those big companies in Jinling.” Lin Jianzhong said quickly.

“Okay, promising, where’s the second child?” Lin Jiuhan looked towards Lin Jianguo.

“Father, our company has opened up foreign markets, and our profits have doubled this year!” Lin Jianguo said excitedly.

“Well…what about you, the third child?” Lin Jiuhan said.

“Dad, what can I do? Being a university professor, the salary is fixed, but this year’s award is excellent, hehehe…” Lin Zhongliang also said with a smile.

“You teach and educate people, it is originally a sacred job, don’t care about salary so much.” Lin Jiuhan said.

“Yes, father!” Lin Zhongliang was nodded.

Lin Jiuhan looked towards Lin Zhongxiong and was about to ask. At this time, Second Uncle Lin Jianguo immediately opened the mouth and said: “By the way, Zhongxiong, our company is a department manager this year. You have nothing to do in Magic City. Don’t you come to our company?”

Lin Jianguo seemed kind, but his words were full of mockery.

If it weren’t for their frigid irony and scorching satire, Lin Zhongxiong would not have worked hard alone.

“Zhongxiong, our company is getting bigger and bigger now, and it is in urgent need of manpower. If you really can’t get along in the magic city, then come to our company. Big brother will definitely take care of you!” Lin Jianzhong also said with a smile .

Lin Zhongxiong didn’t smile, and then stood up lightly and said: “Thank you for the love of the big brothers, but I am still doing something in the magic city, so the big brothers don’t need to worry about me!”


“Yes, I heard that you are working for Qin Family in Magic City!” Lin Jianzhong said indifferently.

At this time, Lin Xiaoyan coldly snorted: “What can you do if you work for someone?”

Although the voice was small, everyone heard it.

Lin Jianguo hurriedly said: “Speaking of adults, what will the children say!”

Lin Xiaoyan stomped her feet and turned her head.

This is, I saw Lin Zhongxiong face Lin Jiuhan and said: “Father, I now own a clothing company in Magic City, and it is developing now. Because I just opened, I only report to you now.”

Lin Jiuhan looked at Lin Zhongxiong and laughed: “hahaha…well, now all four of you brother are promising!”

“Yes, not bad. You didn’t shame us Lin Family. Seeing that you are so promising, I feel relieved. After I leave, there will be no worries!” Lin Jiuhan said with a smile.

“grandfather, what are you talking about! You have to live two hundred years!” Lin Qian Renxue said quickly.

“hahaha……live so long, don’t you want to become an Old freak?”

“Why, don’t those cultivation people live a long time?” Lin Qian Renxue said.

Xiao Yan looked towards Lin Jiuhan, Old Master has lived for more than 80 years, and now the cultivation base is still in the Grandmaster state. It should be no problem to live more than a hundred years, but if you want to live longer, then you need a breakthrough.

“hahaha…grandfather is old! In fact, it is Xiaoxue who makes me the most happy. Look at you who are big brother elder sisters. No one let me hold a great-grandson. Xiaoxue is still promising!” Jiuhan pulled Lin Qian Renxue said with a smile.

The faces of several juniors were embarrassed, but Lin Xiaoyan whispered coldly snorted and said on the side: “It’s a glorious thing to give birth before marriage!”

The sound is so small that few people hear it.

“Xue Xue, when are you going to get married?” Lin Jiuhan asked Lin Qian Renxue while pulling.

“grandfather, we are not ready yet!” Lin Qian Renxue said shyly.

“Then you have to be as early as possible, grandfather still wants to attend your wedding!” Lin Jiuhan said loudly with a smile.

This dinner is a bit unpleasant, but after all, it’s a family, and everyone still didn’t cast aside all considerations for face.

After dinner, a few juniors played together, Xiao Yan accompanied Lin Qian Renxue and also stayed with them.

“hahaha…… Our siblings finally got together today. Today, my big brother invited you, how about asking you to go out and play?” Lin Sheng laughed heartily.

“How can you let your big brother entertain you? Let’s go to the KTV near Han Family. I will entertain you, brother.” Han Qianlin said quickly.

Lin Sheng looked at Han Qianlin, nodded with satisfaction.

Han Family in Jinling can be regarded as an Aristocratic family, and his younger sister can also be regarded as a close family. Looking at Xiao Yan, he has no power and no money. I don’t know how his younger sister Lin Qian Renxue would look at it. Get on him.

“Well, in that case, let’s go to KTV!”

A few people drove to the Shengshi KTV, this is the KTV of Han Family, so Han Qianlin invited them to come here, of course, we must entertain them.

As soon as I entered the KTV, the people inside saw Han Qianlin and immediately saluted.

Han Qianlin’s heart is full of pride.

“Give us the distinguished VIP room!” Han Qianlin walked to the front desk and said indifferently.

“hmph! What do you care about so much? I tell you, the big guys from the magic capital will come here to play. If you offend them, none of you can hold it! So I ask you, do you let me Let’s book the venue!” Brother Long looked at Han Qianlin.

This is Hou Lin Sheng stepping forward, pulling him and saying: “Brother Han, or let’s forget it today!”

Han Qianlin looked at Brother Long, and also had the intention of shrinking.

Just then.

Xiao Yan took a step slowly.

“Brother Long, right? We came first, so we can’t let it to you!” Xiao Yan said indifferently.

Everyone was shocked when Xiao Yan said this.

“What is this kid doing! That’s Brother Long!”

“If he wants to die, don’t pull us down!”

“It’s over, he bumped into Brother Long. Brother Long will definitely not let us go!”

Seeing this scene of Xiao Yan, Lin Family siblings started to talk in a low voice.

Everyone was shuddered. They knew that if you offended Brother Long, there would be no good fruit.

“Oh, who is you brat? Have you never heard of Brother Long’s name?” Brother Long pointed to Xiao Yan and said.

“I think it’s better for you to let us here, otherwise you will regret it later.” Xiao Yan lightly said with a smile.

“Oh, I want to see how you make me regret it.”

Just then.

Suddenly a big Fatty came outside.

“What happened, small dragon, I asked you to order a KTV. You can’t handle it for so long!” The big Fatty walked in from the door in a suit, with a cigar in his mouth, and behind him There is a row of bodyguards.

“Boss, we were going to get it done. Who knows these guys wouldn’t let us room.” Brother Long moved towards Big Fatty said with a salute.


“I want to see who is so bold!”

Big Fatty stepped into the KTV, and suddenly he saw a familiar silhouette.

Is that…?

Xiao Yan, Mr. Xiao!

Why is he here?

Da Fatty is a member of Zhu Family. That day, he and Zhu Family went to the Martial Dao conference of the Magic City Cai Family and witnessed Xiao Yan’s silhouette.

Xiao Yan’s strength is still fresh in his memory today!

He didn’t expect to meet Xiao Yan here.

“Xiao…” Fatty quickly cried out in surprise.

Then quickly moved towards Xiao Yan and paid a salute.

Xiao Yan looked at this Fatty. He simply didn’t know him and didn’t know why he would salute himself.

Everyone was even more surprised when they saw this scene.

What’s the origin of Xiao Yan? Even the big guys from the Demon Capital are so afraid of him. Could it be that he is Mr. Xiao from the Demon Capital!

But looking at it horizontally and vertically, Xiao Yan’s temperament does not match that of Mr. Xiao.

Mr. Xiao is such a powerful man, he must be an old man with an immortal spirit, how could he be a young man.

Everyone thought about it, and shook the head again.

Zhu Fatty saw Xiao Yan here, and he almost understood what was going on.

He turned his head quickly and scolded Brother Long: “What are you doing here? Let’s go!”

When everyone saw why Zhu Boss suddenly changed his attitude, they were very puzzled.

But how could they not listen to what Boss said.

Brother Long scolded quickly: “Go!”

Everyone left Shengshi KTV angrily, but they didn’t know what happened!

Zhu Boss moved towards Xiao Yan bowed, and then left the KTV!

Xiao Yan didn’t really care. Everyone looked at Zhu Boss and Brother Long, and then at Xiao Yan.

I was very surprised, and very confused, is this Xiao Yan the Mr. Xiao of the magic capital?

“Well, now that everyone is gone, let’s go in and have fun!”

Xiao Yan lightly said with a smile, and went to KTV with everyone.

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