Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1135


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“Zhu Boss, who did you just see? How come you were so scared!” Brother Long asked from the side.

“Do you know? You almost got into a disaster!” Zhu Boss scolded quickly.

“Do you know who the young man was just now?” Zhu Boss said nervously.

“Isn’t he just an ordinary young man? I don’t know how many people like that have been killed!” Brother Long said loudly.

“Fart! He is Mr. Xiao from the Devil Capital!” Zhu Boss said quickly.

“Mr. Xiao, you said he is the one who can a thought bloomed flower, bring people back to life, and destroy half of the Aristocratic Family in the capital overnight?” Brother Long couldn’t believe his ears.

“Who else is there besides him?”

After hearing this, Brother Long burst into a cold sweat on his back.


Everyone was in KTV, they were all surprised just now.

Who was the big guy saluting just now? Although Xiao Yan was at the forefront at the time, didn’t Lin Qian Renxue say that Xiao Yan was an ordinary white-collar worker? How could he get acquainted with the big boss of the Devil.

Everyone started to think that Xiao Yan was not that simple.

After playing for a night, I was not particularly happy, but it was okay. After all, there was no contradiction.

A few of their juniors returned home.

2nd day.

Lin Sheng suddenly came out and said, “By the way, didn’t Xiaoling have an art exhibition, or should we go to Xiaoling’s art exhibition?”

Lin Ziling is Lin Sheng’s biological younger sister and the second daughter of Uncle Lin Qian Renxue’s family.

She majored in art at university, so she held an art exhibition when she came back.

“Okay, I haven’t seen Xiaoling’s younger sister for a long time!” Lin Qian Renxue’s second brother Lin Tao said.

Lin Tao is the eldest son of San Bo’s family. There are two children in San Bo’s family. The eldest son is Lin Tao and the youngest daughter is Lin Xian’er.

“Anyway, I have nothing to do, let’s go to Xiaoling’s exhibition!”

Everyone followed Lin Sheng to a painting exhibition in Jinling.

As soon as I entered the exhibition, some very beautiful paintings were hung.

There are Western paintings and Chinese paintings.

Xiao Yan looked towards the two Chinese paintings, and commented lightly: “This painting is grand and magnificent, and it’s great.”

Everyone smiled at each other and was about to say that it was painted by Lin Ziling.

Xiao Yan suddenly said: “However, although this painting has its shape, it has no shape, it’s a pity!”

At this time, a woman wearing a Hanfu came out, Qianqian said with a smile: “It seems that this Young Master is also a person who understands painting.”

A beautiful woman in Hanfu came out and saw Lin Sheng and the others.

“Big brother, second sister, second brother…what brought you here?” The woman in Hanfu hurriedly said hello.

“Xiaoxue, you are back!” Lin Ziling hurriedly came over and pulled Lin Qian Renxue.

“The big brother said that you are holding a painting exhibition here, so he led us to have a look.” Lin Qian Renxue said to Lin Ziling.

Lin Qian Renxue and Lin Ziling are about the same age. When Lin Qian Renxue was a child, only Lin Ziling played best with her. To say that among his brother sisters, she had the best relationship with her. Lin Ziling is now.

Later, Lin Qian Renxue went to the magic city, but every time he came back, only Lin Ziling would still play with her.

“Xiao Xue elder sister, who is this Young Master?” Lin Ziling saw Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue walking so close, so she asked Lin Qian Renxue.

“He is… he is my boyfriend.” Lin Qian Renxue said shyly.

“Oh! It turned out to be brother-in-law!” Lin Ziling said lightly with a smile, “Brother-in-law, you just said that my paintings are tangible and godless, indicating that brother-in-law must be a person who understands painting. Can brother-in-law give pointers?

Xiao Yan laughed: “I don’t dare to point, but I have some insights that’s all.”

Xiao Yan worshipped Immortal Sect back then. In addition to cultivation, Xiao Yan likes to play piano and chess calligraphy and calligraphy to cultivate his temperament and cultivate his temperament. Therefore, he has a very high attainments in piano and chess calligraphy and calligraphy.

Everyone was a little funny after hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

Lin Ziling’s paintings are well-known. Back then, Lin Ziling won the gold medal of Chinese landscape painting for this Qingming landscape.

Lin Ziling was also successfully selected as one of the talented women in Jinling.

Now Xiao Yan even said that Lin Ziling’s painting is not good. Isn’t this a display one’s slight skill before an expert?

Lin Family siblings looked at Xiao Yan and couldn’t help saying with a smile in his heart: It seems that he is going to be deflated now!

“Brother-in-law doesn’t know what to say, so let’s not let it go and listen!” Lin Ziling said.

“Although this Qingming landscape painting is grand and magnificent, it has a shortcoming! It is too full!”

“In order to pursue Extreme, you painted everything very finely and filled the entire canvas. Although it looks exquisite and beautiful, you have overlooked one of the most important issues of landscape painting, that is, white space.”

“When the water is full, it will overflow, and the moon will make a loss. Similarly, if the painting is too full, it will destroy its overall balance! That’s why I say that it only has its shape, not its god!”

As soon as Xiao Yan said this, Lin Ziling felt that there were several points of truth.

Others don’t know how to draw, and they don’t know if Xiao Yan is nonsense.

Think about it, Xiao Yan is just an ordinary white-collar worker that’s all. If he is so accomplished in painting, why bother to be a white-collar worker?

Although what happened yesterday was indeed a bit unimaginable, they thought about it carefully, if Xiao Yan is really Mr. Xiao, why bother to hide it?

And that kind of character would be Lin Qian Renxue’s boyfriend, and this alone would be absolutely impossible.

So they don’t think Xiao Yan will be the legendary Mr. Xiao, they would rather believe that they read it wrong last night.

“Brother-in-law has such an opinion, he must be extremely accomplished in calligraphy and painting.” Lin Ziling said quickly.

“Achievements can’t be talked about, just some idleness that’s all. When I’m bored, I will go back to painting landscapes.” Xiao Yan responded lightly.

“Oh, can brother-in-law give us a live show?”

Although she admits that Xiao Yan’s words are reasonable, she is still a little dissatisfied.

After all, she is a talented girl in Jinling. Xiao Yan is just an amateur. She is still a little unhappy when criticized by an amateur.

“hahaha…I think it will work! How about it! Big brother is here today to win a lottery. How about letting brother-in-law and Lingmei have a try.”

“Okay, I think it can.” Lin Xiaoyan quickly agreed, “Then I will bet 1,000,000 for Lingmei to win!”

Lin Xiaoyan’s father is the general manager of a company, and he pays hundreds of millions of dividends every year, so 1,000,000 is not a lot of money for him.

“Then I will also bet 1,000,000, bet Lingmei to win!” Lin Sheng said quickly.

Everyone bet, and they all bet Lin Ziling to win.

Lin Qian Renxue did not place a bet because she was not very good no matter which side she played. She was her boyfriend on one side and her best sister on the other, so she did not participate.

At this time, a small hand stretched out, “I… I bet Baba to win!”

Chihiro extend the hand, Nuonuo said.

“I also bet the big brother to win!” Lin Xian’er said from the side.

In the end, only Qianxun and Lin Xian’er made a bet and bet Xiao Yan would win.

Xiao Yan smiled and said: “If this is the case, then I will bet 1,000,000 each for them.”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was surprised.


A small white-collar worker can have 1,000,000?

“Do you have that many money?” Lin Xiaoyan said suddenly.

In fact, everyone didn’t really want to bet 1,000,000 because they were sure Lin Ziling would win, so they bet so much.

But now it is different for Xiao Yan to bet for them. If Qianxun and Lin Xian’er win, almost each of them will lose 1,000,000.

Xiao Yan smiled but said nothing.

In the magic city, although Xiao Yan has never seen any money, every Aristocratic Family has invested in him. Each Aristocratic Family’s dividend will be several billion, just a trifling 2,000,000 that’s all.

“Everyone have fun!” Lin Sheng interrupted quickly.

“I’m afraid he won’t be able to pay so much when the time comes!” Lin Xiaoyan was coldly snorted and said.

“Lin Xiaoyan, what do you mean? You mean my Lin Qian Renxue doesn’t count?” Lin Qian Renxue hurriedly stood up.

She has long seen Lin Xiaoyan upset.

When Lin Xiaoyan saw Lin Qian Renxue stand up, she did not dare to say anything, but was coldly snorted and said on the ground: “When the time comes, don’t renege on a debt!”

The game begins.

I saw Lin Ziling set the pen, ink, paper and inkstone, and then began to paint seriously.

And Xiao Yan is more casual.

He splashed a bowl of ink directly on the canvas.

Everyone looked at it and laughed heartily.

“Is he painting? Isn’t he doing graffiti?”

“It seems we are set to win!”

Xiao Yan drew quietly, smiling without speaking.

Lin Ziling’s painting is almost done, drawing out the mountains and rivers stroke by stroke, brilliant and domineering, vigorous and powerful!

Everyone was shocked, she deserves to be the number one talented woman in Jiangnan.

And Xiao Yan here is the same as graffiti, but with the gradual drawing, the shape gradually emerges.

Finally, the two finished painting.

After a while, both of them finished drawing.

When everyone saw Lin Ziling’s painting, they all exclaimed.

Because Lin Ziling’s painting is so beautiful, she deliberately left blank this time, so his painting is better than the Qingming landscape.

“So beautiful!”

“This is set to win, then what would Xiao Yan compare with!”

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but admire after seeing Lin Ziling’s new painting.

“This painting is poetically left blank, much better than before.”

“Brother-in-law, let us see you!” Lin Ziling said.

Xiao Yan slowly unfolded the painting.

Suddenly, everyone was surprised.

That is.

A round of sunset is hanging diagonally in the sky, below is the deserted mountain, under the sunset are a few lonely hungry…

Although the mountain is a mountain, it has a distant look. Although the setting sun is a setting sun, there is a vast atmosphere!

The whole picture constitutes a complete whole, and one is indispensable!

There was an inscription on the side of the painting, and it said: I would like to paint the world with my pen, and give you a prosperous life.

The font is elegant and wonderful, and it is almost top grade in the world.

Although everyone doesn’t know how to paint, they can all see that Xiao Yan’s Lin is very good, and it can be said that Lin Ziling is not inferior to Lin Ziling.

When Lin Ziling saw Xiao Yan’s painting, her eyes were straight.

Because she studies fine art, she knows what this painting means!

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