Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1137


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Several people teased the cooking, very happy.

And Lin Xiaoyan is different. He has been hiding far away for fear of staining her clothes. Other Lin Family Young Master and Lady are similar. They are so spoiled since childhood, how can they do such a thing!

But they are not there, and a few people are happy and free.

I don’t want to see their stinky faces and get upset.

When the meal was ready, Xiao Yan helped set the table, and Lin Jiuhan looked at Xiao Yan, laughing with satisfaction.

He likes Xiaoxue the most. He knows that Xiaoxue didn’t follow the wrong person.

After the meal is ready, a few people will come to sit down.

The other juniors in Lin Family are not active in cooking, they hide far away, but are very active when they eat.

I came and sat down quickly, waiting to eat.

Xiao Yan couldn’t see it, but he didn’t say anything.

“Unexpectedly, brother-in-law, you can cook! Today, big brother, I want to taste your craft!” Lin Sheng said with a smile.

“Can he eat the food he cooked?” Lin Xiaoyan was coldly snorted.

At this time, Lin Qian Renxue’s uncle stood up, and he came to Lin Jiuhan.

“Dad, tonight is New Year’s Eve, and I have nothing to prepare. This is a thousand-year-old ginseng from the 100 million auctions on my auction. I hope you are getting healthier and healthier!” Uncle loudly said, he was also afraid that others would not know he had Money, especially emphasized one hundred million!

Lin Jiuhan laughed, holding Lin Jianzhong with a trembling hand, “Da Lang is interested.”

At this time, Lin Jianguo also stood up, “Dad, this is a health product I bought you from overseas for 200 million. I heard that this is a health product for some supernaturalists overseas. I asked it. I bought it because of a lot of relationships, so take a look.”

Xiao Yan glanced faintly, then where are the health products? It is clearly the ashes left by those pill concocting people. That kind of thing costs 200 million?

However, Xiao Yan didn’t speak, just watched lightly.

Lin Jiuhan accepted with a smile, and Lin Jianguo also showed a smug expression on his face.

Because his gift this year is 100 million more expensive than the big brother’s, he is very proud.

Lin Zhongliang also stood up, “Dad, I am not as rich as the two big brothers and can’t afford such expensive things. So I made some old stuff for you.”

Lin Zhongliang gave out some pen, ink, paper, inkstone, calligraphy and painting, old-fashioned record players, etc. Although it is not expensive, it can be seen that he is very interested.

The big brother and second brother finished giving the gift, and they all looked towards Lin Zhongxiong. I wonder what gift he will give this year?

Lin Zhongxiong used to be the worst among Lin Jiuhan’s four sons, so they were all ready to watch his jokes.

Some juniors actually know it too, so they want to watch the jokes too.

“Father, I know that these years, you can’t buy anything good with money.” Lin Zhongxiongyi said.

Everyone has a smug expression on their faces. If you can’t buy good things with money, you can just make a fool of something?

Everyone wants to see what Lin Zhongxiong will use to fool Old Master this year.

I saw Lin Zhongxiong take out a sandalwood box and walked forward, “Father, this is an elixir. After eating it, you can recover one’s youthful vigor and prolong your life!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone was shocked.

The elixir?

Who fooled?

Although they know that there is a cultivator in this World, can ordinary people afford a cultivator?

Not to mention Lin Zhongxiong who has nothing.

This elixir was given to him by Chihiro when Lin Zhongxiong was ill. He didn’t expect that he hadn’t eaten it and kept it till now.

He thought of Old Master, but he hasn’t eaten this elixir, and kept it for Old Master until now.

But he didn’t know, this kind of elixir, in fact, Chihiro has always been eating jelly beans…

“The pill? I think it is Liuwei Dihuang Wan, anyway, it won’t really work anyway, just say what you like!”

“I think so. Although the elixir of this thing exists, none of us have seen it. Of course he can say what he wants to say!”

The juniors below began to discuss spiritedly.

The big brother and the second brother also showed a proud expression on his face.

Because they know that this elixir is absolutely impossible to be true.

What else did you say about recovering one’s youthful vigor, is it possible that he still knows Mr. Xiao from the magic capital, and ask Mr. Xiao to refine the elixir specifically for him.

Lin Jianzhong laughed on his face, and he is going to come and pierce Lin Zhongxiong.

Although Lin Zhongxiong and him are brothers, he has always looked down on him a little bit.

When I was young, Old Master especially liked Lin Zhongxiong.

And most importantly, he knew that Old Master had left a will, and the content of the will was to allocate most of the family estate to Lin Zhongxiong.

In fact, Old Master did this.

Because Lin Zhongxiong doesn’t have his own property like his three big brothers, so I leave it to help.

Pity the parents of the world.

Although Old Master thought so, Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo were a little unhappy.

So they don’t like Lin Zhongxiong, and they taunt their family when they find an opportunity.

In fact, Lin Zhongxiong didn’t want to compete with them for any inheritance, he just wanted to do his filial piety that’s all.

But they don’t think so, so they are very hostile to Lin Zhongxiong!

“Oh, the fourth brother got something good this year. I don’t know where the fourth brother comes from?” Lin Jianzhong asked quickly.

Lin Zhongxiong hesitated for a second, he couldn’t say that Qianxun gave him this elixir!

He had to say: “I met a fairy in Modu, this was given to me by a fairy.”

Lin Jianguo also laughed, “Fairy man, didn’t expect the fourth brother, you turned out to be someone who has seen a fairy man. I don’t know who that fairy man is? It won’t be Mr. Xiao from the magic capital! hahaha……”

Everyone also laughed.

The elixir? Fairy? This Lin Zhongxiong is really good enough.

Lin Zhongxiong was slightly angry.

“Father, it doesn’t matter where this elixir came from, but it is indeed an elixir. Father, you can take it now.”

Lin Zhongxiong opened the box, and a scent came out of the box.

Everyone was a little surprised.

So fragrant? Is it really an elixir?

Lin Jiuhan laughed, although he didn’t believe that it was an elixir, but it was Lin Zhongxiong’s intention after all.

Lin Jiuhan picked up the elixir and took it.

The elixir melts in the mouth, and suddenly, a warm breath poured into Lin Jiuhan’s abdomen.

Countless energy rose from Lin Zhongxiong’s lower abdomen, and the whole person instantly Mental rose, as if full of strength again.

Immediately afterwards, his wrinkled face began to unfold, and his white hair gradually turned black.

People couldn’t believe their eyes, because Lin Jiuhan seemed to be 30 years old instantly.

Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo stood in the same place foolishly, could it really be the elixir?

But with Lin Zhongxiong’s ability, how could he get the elixir?

Lin Jiuhan couldn’t believe the changes in his body, clicking one’s tongue in wonder, he quickly pulled Lin Zhongxiong and asked, “Shiro, tell my father, where did you come from this elixir?”

“Father, now I have done something in the magic city, so I was fortunate to get to know Mr. Xiao in the magic city. He gave me this elixir!” Lin Zhongxiong knew what they would not believe, so he simply said it was Xiao Mr. sent it.

If they knew what they called Mr. Xiao actually Lin Zhongxiong’s son-in-law, they didn’t know what they would think.

“My son has a good life, my son has a good life!” Lin Jiuhan burst into tears.

Everyone pulled their jaws, they couldn’t believe it.

But this is the truth!

Can’t help them not believe it!

At this moment, Lin Zhongxiong’s phone rang suddenly.

Lin Zhongxiong answered the phone, feeling a little sullen: “I said I’m home now? Don’t come to me for company affairs!”

“Boss, it’s a big deal this time!” The weak and weak end of the phone.

“What business? Say.” Lin Zhongxiong said.

“Overseas want to invest, the amount is as high as several billion, so I came to you to discuss!” said the phone.

“I’m eating! This kind of thing will not bother me in the future!” Lin Zhongxiong hung up directly.

The audience was shocked and speechless!

Lin Zhongxiong walked back to his seat slowly. He sat straight. At this moment, he felt that he was a lot taller.

That’s the end of the dinner. Although there are many episodes, it’s still very happy.


“Big brother, do you think the fourth brother really knows Mr. Xiao from the capital city?” Lin Jianguo and Lin Jianzhong discussed separately.

“Lin Zhongxiong speaks a lot more confidently than before. Has he really turned over?” Lin Jianguo said.

“Turn over? Can’t you tell? He did all those things dead today?” Lin Jianzhong said with a sneer.

“Performing?” Lin Jianguo was surprised!

“Yes, although I don’t know where he got the elixir, but the same phone call later was definitely directed by him!” Lin Jianzhong sneered.

“Why would he do this?” Lin Jianguo.

“We looked down on him when he came back before, so he came up with this method. Not only his daughter is an actor, but his father is also an actor!” Lin Jianzhong disdainfully said.

“Big brother, I heard Xiaoyan say that Xiao Yan seems a little bit capable!” Lin Jianguo continued.

“Snake and rat nest that’s all, this legacy must not be given to the fourth brother like this by old fogey, we must fight!” Lin Jianzhong said coldly.