Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1138


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Mad City.

The night is silent, silent in the silent night, and the wind can be heard in the dark corners.

Several pairs of faint green eyes glowed in the dark.

That are the eyes of the wolf.

To be precise, it was a werewolf!

The body is the same as a human, except that it has thick wolf hair and its face has undergone changes, just like an ordinary person.

But their aura is obviously different from the ordinary person.

In the West, most of these werewolves are in the intermediate magician realm. Here, many werewolves are in the advanced magician realm, and one is in the great magician realm.

“Are we really going to fight the Huaxia cultivator?” a werewolf asked from the side.

“Since ancient times, we are not in line with the Eastern cultivator. They believe in Immortal God, and we believe in God, so this battle will never be avoided.” Another werewolf said indifferently.

“Patriarch let us bring sin to China, but there is actually another purpose!” Werewolf said.

“What purpose?”

“We are going to fight, but must have a fuse! The young man who slaughtered Devil Sect is the best fuse!” The werewolf leader said quietly.

At this time, a werewolf came to the leader.

“Leader, we checked, Xiao Yan is not in the magic city, he seems to have gone to Jinling!”

The leader coldly looked at the werewolf who reported, “Jinling? What is he doing in Jinling?”

“It seems to have been to the Spring Festival!” The werewolf said immediately.

“Spring Festival? China seems to have a custom called New Year’s greetings. In that case, let’s go to Xiao Yan to pay New Year’s greetings!” The chief werewolf showed a fierce look, with fangs showing his mouth.


Jinling Road.

“Ling Senior Brother Yun, where are we going?” A group of persons wearing daoist robe, controlling the sword, flew in the sky.

“I heard that Xiao Yan went to Jinling, so we must hurry over!”

“Senior Brother, what are you doing so fast? New Year!” Little Junior Brother followed behind.

Ling Yun drives the wind, indifferently said: “Think about it, the West is going to war with us, should they find a fuse? And the best fuse is…”

“You mean Xiao Yan, you mean the group of people in the West will also go to Xiao Yan?” Little Junior Brother was obviously surprised.

“Yes, Xiao Yan slaughtered the entire Devil Sect in a fit of anger. This directly became the reason for us to start a war with the West. Although it is not the time to start the war, the Western tribes seem to be impatient! “

“So they will definitely go to Xiao Yan, as long as they kill Xiao Yan, the East-West war will start!” Ling Yun said.

“So we are going to protect Xiao Yan?” Little Junior Brother asked afterwards.

“Although Xiao Yan is from China, we still don’t know which Sect person Xiao Yan is, so we go there first, when the time comes, act by chance!” Ling Yun continued, “Moreover, this time The West has dispatched great generosity, whether it is Blood Race, werewolves, demons, and even church people will get involved.”

“We Huaxia that many Sect, are we still afraid that they will fail?” Little Junior Brother proudly said.

“Although I heard that except for us, Shushan Sword Sect, Wudang Mountain, Five Sacred Mountains, Shaolin and other places are all paying attention to this matter, but China’s cultivators are all independent, fighting on their own and cannot be unified.”

“And this East-West war is likely to start in Jinling!” Ling Yun analyzed.

“I heard that the cultivators of all major factions have also rushed to Jinling. Even if the war is not started this time, I am afraid it will be a foul wind and bloody rain, when the time comes, you must be smart and keep yourself safe. Life!” Ling Yun loudly said.

“Yes!” the other discipline quickly led the way.


New Year’s Day.

The whole Jinling is filled with a peaceful atmosphere.

Xiao Yan got up early and took Qianxun and the others for a walk.

Bai Qian’s injury is almost healed, because the past few days, she has been recuperating, so she hasn’t seen the sun for several days.

Bai Qian turned into a white fox, sat on Xiao Yan’s shoulders, stretched out.

Xiao Yan is majestic, but everyone close to him knows that he is actually a gentle person.

Bai Qian knew that Xiao Yan would not do anything to her, so she became more and more courageous.

That’s why she dared to sit on Xiao Yan’s shoulders.

Jinling is not a magic capital. The magic capital is a busy city. In the magic capital, the city is full of hustle and bustle, and the rhythm is very fast.

But Jinling is different. It is a beautiful city. The pace here is unusually slow. Although the economic development here is not as good as the magic capital, it is definitely a good place to live.

A few people walked leisurely, but it’s considered leisurely.

Xiao Yan found that he likes this kind of free life more and more.

Half walked, I suddenly saw two people pulling and pulling in front.

That was Lin Xiaoyan and his boyfriend Han Qianlin.

When I saw Lin Qian Renxue, Lin Xiaoyan walked over and said with a smile: “Yo, Da Ming star will also come to walk our path, it’s rare!”

“Lin Xiaoyan, what do you mean?” Lin Qian Renxue did not speak, but Lin Ziling stood by.

“Did you call Lin Xiaoyan? Don’t call her sister!” Lin Xiaoyan was very arrogant.

Lin Xiaoyan is indeed two years older than Lin Ziling, so Lin Qian Renxue and Lin Ziling are both called Lin Xiaoyan elder sister.

But this elder sister has been against them since she was a child, Lin Qian Renxue is not surprised.

“Ziling, forget it.” Lin Qian Renxue said, pulling Lin Ziling forward.

“Our great actor can really act. Not only can he act, but also my Fourth Uncle!” Lin Xiaoyan was suddenly taunted.

“Lin Xiaoyan, what do you mean?” Lin Qian Renxue asked immediately.

Forget it if you say you are, even her father said that Lin Qian Renxue can’t bear it.

“I mean, you did a great show last night!” Lin Xiaoyan said with a smile.

“What kind of elixir, what a billion-dollar business, are all acting, I think, you just came back because of the grandfather’s legacy, so you come back!” Lin Xiaoyan said quietly.

“Lin Qian Renxue, I know that although grandfather loves your family very much, you don’t want to move anything about grandfather’s legacy!” Lin Xiaoyan suddenly said coldly.

“Lin Xiaoyan, I usually let you, don’t think I am afraid of you!” Lin Qian Renxue’s eyes were slightly cold. “I know that you are the ones who really want to fight grandfather’s legacy. If you were so unable to tell good from bad, I wouldn’t be polite to you!”

“I used to call you a sister to respect you, but don’t think I’m Lin Qian Renxue so bully!”

“You…” Lin Xiaoyan was furious.

“Wait, Lin Qian Renxue, I must show your fox tail!” After Lin Xiaoyan finished speaking, she pulled Han Qianlin away angrily.

In the early morning, a few people went back after playing outside for a while. Today is the first day of the new year, and it is also a good time to visit relatives and friends in the New Year, so many people choose to come to the New Year at this time.

Lin Family can also be regarded as an Aristocratic Family in Magic City. Such Aristocratic Family will definitely come to visit many people every year.

So Lin Family will usually hold an annual meeting at this time, inviting friends and family to participate.

They need to go back and prepare, because the time to celebrate the new year is the time to reflect the strength of the family.

In the past, the people who came to the Devil’s New Year’s greetings every year were the boss and the second family. There were also the third family, but it was much better than the boss and the second family. This World is all about the money. Rich?

As for Lin Zhongxiong’s family, no one has ever come to worship the New Year.

At this annual meeting, the eldest and second child also invited many people. Even if they didn’t invite them, those who wanted to curry favor would take the initiative.

For the sake of face, Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo invite many powerful people to the Lin Family annual meeting every year.

There are not many people here, they are just Lin Family people.

But after a while, those who come to visit Lin Family will come one after another.

At this time, Lin Jianguo and Lin Jianzhong would be very excited, and waited at the door long ago.

“Big brother, there will be a lot of people visiting you this year!” Lin Jianguo smiled.

“Second Brother, you are now the boss of a state-owned enterprise. There are bound to be countless people who want to cheat you, so I think there are more people coming to your family for New Year greetings this year!” Lin Jianzhong said with a smile.

“Big brother, don’t be humble, don’t you have the most people in your family every year?” Lin Jianguo also said with a smile.

“Well, I heard that the third child brought out a discipline this year, and he is now the boss of Jinling. There must be a lot of people in the third family this year!” Lin Jianzhong said.

“The third child is Tao Xiao who is all over the world, blooming everywhere!” Lin Jianguo said with a smile.

“The fourth child family will be the same as before this year, no one will be there! hahaha……”

“Fourth child…hahaha…”

The two met and smiled.

Because Lin Zhongxiong has always been in the magic capital, although there are some friends in Jinling, after seeing Lin Zhongxiong’s fall, he no longer flatters him.

Furthermore, Lin Zhongxiong hadn’t done anything in Demon Capital before, so almost no people came to pay a New Year’s greetings.

Because of this, the boss and second child have always looked down on Lin Zhongxiong.

“The fourth child also performed a good show last night, let’s see how he does it today!” Lin Jianzhong said with a smile.

“Yes, today is the time to truly witness his strength. He also pretended to answer the phone and acted. Today, he must pick out his fox tail! Didn’t he do anything in the devil? When the time comes none People come to pay a New Year’s greetings, let’s see how he plays!” Lin Jianguo said with a sneer.

“I think the fourth child is coming back this time for our dad’s family property. Today, we have revealed his true face to see what face he has to stay here!” Lin Jianzhong also said with a smile.

Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue came back. At this time, Lin Sheng quickly came up and said: “You are back, come soon, when the time comes, you have to treat yourself well, don’t leave them cold!”


As Lin Sheng said, he handed the teapot to Lin Qian Renxue.

He meant that Lin Qian Renxue was going to make tea!

“Big brother, you gave us the teapot, what about you?” Lin Qian Renxue asked from the side.

“Is my big brother the same as you? You know, when the time comes, there must be many people coming to my house for New Year’s greetings. Of course I will greet them with a familiar face. Those are all big brothers in Jinling. I am sure of my future career. Very helpful.” Lin Sheng said, “Xiaoxue, you are different. Anyway, there is no one in your house every year, so you can entertain the guests for your big brother, okay?”

As Lin Sheng said, the words were full of mockery.

“Isn’t it just a few Jinling businessmen? Do you need to stick your face to someone’s cold ass?” Xiao Yan lightly said with a smile.