Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1139


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“Brother-in-law, I don’t like to listen to you!” Lin Sheng quickly angered, “What is a businessman in Jinling? That’s a big man in Jinling. Everyone has this huge asset in Jinling. They Master Jinling’s economic lifeline, if you don’t have a good relationship with them, would you still want to hang out in Jinling in the future?

Lin Sheng looked at Xiao Yan again and said despisingly: “Brother-in-law, this is the business circle. The business circle relies on people to help others. If you don’t make a good relationship, I’m afraid it will be impossible to move a single step in the future. But you are just a white-collar worker that’s all, you don’t understand after telling you so much!”

Xiao Yan laughed, “Any relationship is bullshit, as long as you have the strength, people will naturally come back to cheat you!”

“hehe…” Lin Sheng suddenly said with a sneer.

“Brother-in-law, you are so confident that people who have the strength will come to court? Why? Just rely on your paintings? Although you do paint well, it is only art, not business!”

Xiao Yan looked at Lin Sheng lightly, smiling without speaking.

Not only Lin Sheng, Lin Xiaoyan, Lin Tao… Lin Family children are all well-dressed, and they all hope to meet a few big men at the annual meeting so that they can plan for their own future.

And Xiao Yan took the tea cup in Lin Qian Renxue’s hand, poured two cups of tea, and then slowly sat on the seat.

“This world will always be so noisy!” Xiao Yan said lightly, then drank a cup of tea.

Lin Qian Renxue also sat down and asked indifferently: “Don’t you like it?”

Xiao Yan looked towards Lin Qian Renxue indifferently said: “As long as there is a place with you and Qianxun, I like it.”

“If you want to compete with them, I can do it for you too!” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

“Competing over and over is just a fancy name that’s all. I used to care about these fancy names, but since I met you, I don’t think anything matters anymore!” Lin Qian Renxue also drank a cup of tea.

“Perhaps, only this plain life is the real happiness!”

At this moment, outside the Lin Family compound, someone suddenly shouted: “Chen Boss, Chairman of Hongde Company, is here!”

Several people came at the door, and the headed man stood up with a big belly, as if he was very successful, like a Big Boss.

“Second Uncle’s!” someone whispered.

Sure enough, Lin Qian Renxue’s Second Uncle greeted him with a smile on his face.

“Old Chen, I’m bothering you to run so far!”

“Your Lin Family’s annual meeting, such a big event, how can I not come to attend?”

“You are polite, please come in soon!”

Second Uncle laughed and greeted Boss Chen in.

The people in the hall got up one after another, and only the distinguished people such as Lin Jiuhan were still sitting.

As soon as Old Xiao entered the door, moved towards Lin Jiuhan, he bowed his hand: “Old Lin, Old Lin board, Chen Youcai from Xia Hongde Company, here to give you New Year greetings!”

“Boss Chen is interested!”

Lin Jiuhan said slightly nodded.

At this time, since the arrival of Boss Chen, there is an endless stream of congratulations, coming one after another.

“Chairman Zhao of Haocheng Entertainment Company!”

“Mr. Wang of Jinling Liming Jewelry Company!”

“Leader Wu of Jinling City…”


Some came from the uncle’s house, and some came from the Second Uncle’s house. Although there are few Third Uncle’s family members, they are not impossible. There is only Lin Zhongxiong’s family who has no one.

The two brothers were very happy, they looked towards Lin Zhongxiong and sneered in their hearts: “Look at how you act now!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from outside the door: “Chairman of the Magic Capital Qin Group, Qin Jun is here…”

Qin Jun?

Everyone was surprised.

Although they are not in the magic capital, no one knows the reputation of the magic capital Lord Qin. The magic capital Qin Family is also the ancient Aristocratic family of the magic capital, so his name is like thunder piercing the ear even in Jinling.

Qin Family basically controls the electrical appliance industry of Magic City. How much is the asset? Not only that, Qin Family has branches in various cities, even in China, the name of Qin Group is well-known.

“Why did Lord Qin come to our Jinling Lin Family?” Lin Jiuhan heart startled.

He met Lord Qin when he was young, but at that time, he could just stand aside and look up at that’s all. Although Lin Family is an Upright Sect in Jinling City, if it is in the magic city, Lin Family is not counted. what.

Such a great character came to Lin Family in person.

When Lin Jiuhan heard the name of Qin Jun, he quickly stood up. He didn’t dare to neglect such a distinguished guest.

Lin Jianguo was also surprised. Lord Qin certainly knew that he was the boss of a state-owned enterprise. Does he know the business tycoon Qin Jun?

They often cooperate with the Qin Group, but he has never seen the true face of Lord Qin. Could it be that Lord Qin came to pay him a New Year greeting?

Then Lin Jianguo’s worth will be too high in an instant.

Lin Jianguo was delighted, because here, there is no one else who can be in contact with Lord Qin!

So he hurriedly frivolous forward.

“Old Qin, what wind brought you Senior? You should tell me in advance if you are coming, so that I can send someone to pick you up!” Everyone saw Lin Jianguo’s flattering look, it was true Thought Lord Qin came because of him.

“So it was from the Second Uncle family?” a man hissed.

But Qin Jun didn’t pay attention to Qin Jianguo at all, and went straight into the lobby.

Qin Jun came to Lin Jiuhan and said, “How old is Old Lin?”

When everyone saw this, they realized that Qin Jun didn’t come to Lin Jianguo, right, and only Old Lin is worthy to make friends with Qin Old!

Lin Jiuhan also hurriedly greeted him, and said: “Old Qin came to the humble house, making the humble house flourish! Hurry up, please inside!”

“Old Lin, this time I am here mainly to pay a New Year greeting to Mr. Xiao!” Old Qin said suddenly.

Happy New Year with Mr. Xiao?

Mr. Xiao? Is it Mr. Xiao from the Demon Capital?

Why is Mr. Xiao from the capital city here?

But Mr. Xiao is not here, why would Mr. Qin come in person?

Everyone is very puzzled!

At this time, there was a sudden word from outside the door: “Chen Hai, Chairman of the Magic City Chen Group, is here!”

Everyone was even more surprised when he said this.

Chen Hai?

Old Chen!

That is also a figure who is shoulder to shoulder with Old Qin, and is also a big man in the magic city.

How is it possible that two big bosses gathered here today?

Their Lin Family and have what skills and abilities, can they let the two big bosses from the magic city come to visit the New Year in person?

This thing is unimaginable and impossible at all!

But the facts are right in front of them, so they don’t believe it!

“Chairman of the Magic Capital Zhu Group is here!”

“Chairman of the Magic City Zhao Group is here!”

“The president of the Magic Capital Qianda Group is here…”


Next, he directly reported a long list of names.

By this time, everyone seems to be living in a dream.

Because these people are real bigwigs, each of them controls China’s economic lifeline. It can be said that each of these people has tens of billions of assets!

Usually, it is difficult to get acquainted with them in heavenly ascension, but today they came to Lin Family in person to give them New Year greetings. Who can believe this?

Everyone was eye-catching and couldn’t believe that all this was true.

The big guys who just came are not so much big guys, they are actually all small vendors that’s all.

At most tens of millions of assets, and these people now come thousands of times theirs.

People like this come to Lin Family in person, so what is a who in Lin Family?


What the hell is going on?

Everyone watched in surprise as the boss of the magic city walked into the lobby, Lin Jiuhan didn’t dare to neglect at all, and hurriedly bowed to greet him.

“Old Lin, we have come to give you New Year greetings!”

Everyone also gave Old Lin New Year greetings.

Lin Jiuhan also returned the gift one after another.

Lin Jiuhan knew that they definitely didn’t come to Lin Family for him.

Magic capital? Magic capital?

Is it?

I saw everyone came to Lin Zhongxiong one after another, moved towards Lin Zhongxiong and bowed a salute.

Lin Zhongxiong is Xiao Yan’s father-in-law, and of course they dare not neglect.

This time, everyone was shocked!


All came to Lin Zhongxiong!

Is it?

Could it be…

What Lin Zhongxiong said is true? Does he really do anything in the devil?

“Chairman Lin, we wish you a New Year!” Everyone made a salute, and everyone felt suffocated.


It’s impossible!

He Lin Zhongxiong have what skills and abilities? So many big bosses from Demon Capital could come to visit him.

On the cultivation base, Lin Zhongxiong is just the cultivation base. On the family background, although the Lin Family where Lin Zhongxiong belongs is considered the top Aristocratic Family in Jinling, it is not even the Top Rank Aristocratic Family. On the ability, Lin Zhongxiong University It’s not over, let alone doing business. Besides, Lin Zhongxiong has been embarrassed in the Demon City for so many years, why has his value soared and got to know so many Demon City bosses.

Lin Zhongxiong’s big brother and second brother are even more surprised.

They have always looked down on Lin Zhongxiong, and have always thought that Lin Zhongxiong came home for the family property, and acted in a scene with them. Now it seems that those are not acting, and everything is true.

If Lin Zhongxiong can really get to know so many people, he is sure to be successful. Will he still care about Lin Family’s assets?

Lin Zhongxiong laughed, and today he finally exhales.

Although these big guys are not mainly here to find him, he is Xiao Yan’s father-in-law, isn’t he more powerful!

Everyone can’t believe it.

At this time, Mr. Chen suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Chairman Lin, where is Mr. Xiao?”

Mr. Xiao?

Are you here to find Mr. Xiao again?

Who is this Mr. Xiao?

Is it Mr. Xiao from the magic capital?

“Xiao Yan…Xiao Yan…Xiao Yan surnamed Xiao!” At this moment, Lin Xiaoyan said suddenly.

is it possible that Xiao Yan is Mr. Xiao Yan?

“absolutely impossible!” Lin Xiaoyan suddenly exclaimed.

“Xiaoyan, what is impossible?” Lin Sheng and the others asked quickly.

“Xiao Yan…he is absolutely impossible, Mr. Xiao, the magic capital!” Lin Xiaoyan said subconsciously.

Everyone was shocked.

They think about what happened before, and they can’t help but realize it later.

Why don’t the big guys from Demon Capital dare to compete with them for KTV?

Why a painting of Xiao Yan can be bought at a sky-high price? Everyone is so sought after!

Why can Lin Zhongxiong get the elixir?


Because Xiao Yan is the legendary man who can a thought bloomed flower, can bring people back to life, and can destroy half of the Aristocratic family overnight!

Thinking of this, everyone’s heads felt a faint!

They can’t believe this is true, even if the facts are in front of them, they still can’t believe it!