Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1140


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Xiao Yan is sitting inside the reception table and drinking tea with Lin Qian Renxue.

He suddenly heard a noise outside, smiled and said: “The ones that should be here are here, and the ones that shouldn’t be here are also coming!”

Lin Qian Renxue looked at Xiao Yan. He didn’t know if Xiao Yan was talking about the big demons outside, or whether he meant something else.

Xiao Yan smiled and stood up, pulling Lin Qian Renxue, “Let’s go, it’s time for us to play!”

Lin Qian Renxue laughed and took Xiao Yan by the hand and followed him out.

As soon as Xiao Yan appeared, everyone’s eyes were on him, and everyone’s focus was on him and Lin Qian Renxue.

People look at Xiao Yan, and now they suddenly feel that there is a kind of Immortal Qi in him, which is otherwise mundane, but it is strange that they have not found out after so many days with him, why suddenly…

They changed their minds, they usually look down on Xiao Yan and don’t look at him directly, but today, they need to look up!

Lin Xiaoyan’s hands trembled, and Lin Sheng swallowed her saliva.

Because they were unfriendly to Xiao Yan before, they are now a little bit shy.

Xiao Yan paced slowly and came to the crowd. Suddenly, everyone from the Demon Capital came to salute: “Hello Mr. Xiao!”

Seeing this formation, they couldn’t help but believe it.

Xiao Yan is indeed Mr. Xiao from the magic capital!

Although they were psychologically prepared, everyone still couldn’t accept it!

The little Xiao Bai leader of a company has now transformed himself into Mr. Xiao of the magic capital. I am afraid no one will believe this.

But this is the truth!

Xiao Yan slightly nodded said: “Don’t be polite.”

The people straightened up.

“Why did you come to Jinling?” Xiao Yan asked indifferently.

At this time, Mr. Chen stood up and said: “Mr. Xiao, your life-saving grace old man dare not forget, so today is the first day of the New Year, we can’t come to pay you a New Year’s greetings. I heard that you are here in Jinling, and then I came to pay you a New Year greeting.”

Xiao Yan with a smile indifferently said: “Everyone is interested!”

“I dare not, if it weren’t for you at the time, we would have been wiped out by the Cai Family a long time ago. Then there are the Aristocratic families today?” Old Qin said quickly.

Xiao Yan nodded lightly and didn’t say much.

At this time, people came forward, “Mr. Xiao, we are in a hurry this time. We have prepared some gifts for Old Lin, Young Lady Lin, and Qianxun, and I hope you can accept them.”

Everyone knows that even if an expert like Xiao Yan gives him a gift, he will look down on it.

They just retreat to second place. Rather than please Xiao Yan, they might as well please the people around him, so that Xiao Yan will take care of them in his eyes.

Everyone came forward, and the gifts were more valuable than each.

‘Vacheron Constantin’s watch, the key to the Bugatti Veyron, holiday villas on the banks of the Jinling River, Australian country estates…’

The countless gifts dazzled the Lin Family.

Lin Jiuhan was dumbfounded, he didn’t dare to accept these gifts at all.

Chihiro never refuses to come, as long as it is for her, she will follow.

This little girl is very clever at the critical moment.

Lin Jiuhan trembling hands, asked: “Xiaoxue, tell grandfather, what is going on?”

He couldn’t believe what was in front of him at all, it happened so suddenly.

“grandfather, as you can see, Xiao Yan is Mr. Xiao, who is famous in the capital city.”

Hearing these words from his granddaughter’s ears, Lin Jiuhan barely accepted all this.

Others are still suffering.

They were very unfriendly to Lin Zhongxiong’s family at first, and during the period they even mocked them a lot.

Now it seems that they just shot themselves in the foot!

Lin Xiaoyan’s face paled for a while.

She looks down on Lin Qian Renxue because she is richer than Lin Qian Renxue and her boyfriend is the Aristocratic Family Young Master.

But what about now?

My boyfriend is the boss of the magic city hid the sky with one hand, and his boyfriend is just an Aristocratic Family Young Master that’s all.

After all, Han Qianlin’s identity is not worthy of carrying shoes to Xiao Yan.

But she has always been complacent and proud!

After repeated shocks, she now feels ashamed and looks pale, just wanting to find a place to drill down!


The entrance to Lin Family Manor.

There is an auto repair shop there.

“When will I go get a Rolls-Royce and drive!” a man dropped his cigarette loudly and said.

He was jealous today, because several luxury cars drove past his door.

They all drove in the direction of Lin Family.

“This year, Lin Family has a powerful character, so many great characters are running to his house?”

Just then, he saw a car from a distance.

No, it’s not a car, it’s a caravan!

What team is that?

“Audi, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac, Bugatti Veyron…and Maybach! Ferrari!…” The man couldn’t believe his eyes.

He has been such a great cultivator and has used many cars, but he has never seen so many good cars!

All are fleets of luxury cars!

They are driving on the highway and are moving towards Lin Family.


“This Lin Family has a who thing?”


“Who can have such a big face and let such a big guy come to Lin Family?”

He couldn’t believe his eyes at all, and the luxury cars drove by one by one in the direction of Lin Family.

At this time, behind those luxury cars, there was a military vehicle!

That is…

The guy wiped his eyes.

It is indeed a military vehicle.

And the direction of the military vehicle is Lin Family……

The military vehicle drove straight past the repair shop and moved towards Lin Family.

The people of Lin Family didn’t dare to neglect to see the military vehicle coming over!

All the Lin Family members rushed out and went out to greet them.

Although the business leaders are awesome, they only control the economy that’s all, and the soldiers are the backing of a country!

Nowadays, people from the military area have come to Lin Family in a car, how can they not be surprised.

“How is this possible?”

The Lin Family respectfully greeted the military vehicle at the door.

At this time, a strong man jumped down and opened the door for the person behind, and a middle age person with a shoulder dashing eyebrows feet walked down.

Xiao Yan knows them of course, that strong man is his former student He Chenguang!

And the middle age person with dashing eyebrows feet, that is-Lu sword edge!

A few people came down and walked straight towards Lin Family.

Lin Jiuhan hurried up to greet him!

“General, what are you?”

Lin Jiuhan didn’t know Lu Sword Edge, but he knew that Lu Sword Edge must be a character.

“Old Lin, don’t panic, we are here to pay a New Year greeting to instructor Xiao!” Lu sword edge indifferently said.

Xiao Yan came out, and Lu sword edge hurriedly greeted him.

“Instructor Xiao, how are you doing these days?”

“Lu Si, please inside!” Xiao Yan nodded lightly.

Seeing this scene, everyone was dumbfounded, and they were extremely surprised, as if they were in the deep sea and couldn’t breathe!

Commander Lu!

Hearing these three words, everyone knows what they mean.

The commander of the navy, who controls many of China’s navies, is a truly great character with power and power throughout his life.

If you say that the big guys in the capital city just now are great characters, then this commander Lu can be regarded as a real great character!

Who would have thought that the commander of the dignified navy would come back to give someone a New Year greeting!

Everyone present was surprised.

Xiao Yan looked at Lu sword edge lightly, and the aura on his body was different from the past.

“Commander Lu now has a breakthrough and entered the road?” Xiao Yan asked, looking at the landing sword edge.

“hahaha…this has to be many thanks Xie Xiao brother, if it wasn’t for the cultivation technique cheats you left, how could we have a breakthrough in this short month!” Lu sword edge said with a smile.

“Chenguang, come and show the total sect officer to see your current strength!” Sword Edge Lu greeted quickly.

He Chenguang stepped forward, Xiao Yan suddenly felt like he was a different person, and his aura became more condensed. Xiao Yan saw at a glance that He Chenguang had already reached Dao Realm!

The powerhouse in his twenties is terrifying.

“Many thanks to the total sect official cultivation!” He Chenguang hurriedly saluted, “At the beginning, the total sect official said that we could enter the Grandmaster in January, but we still don’t believe it. Now, in just one month, I went directly from the world to the path. Other brothers have also joined the Grandmaster!”

As soon as this statement came out, the eyes of the people present simply widened.

Join Grandmaster in January!

How difficult is that?

Many of them can’t break through to the Grandmaster realm in their entire lives, and Xiao Yan can let them enter the Grandmaster in one month with a simple pointer! This made everyone present jealous.

The people in Lin Family were stunned, what?

This mediocre Xiao Yan is not only Mr. Xiao from the magic capital, he is also the total sect officer of the navy!

This simply refreshed their three views.

To tell the truth, Xiao Yan’s identity is not enough to surprise them to that extent with Mr. Xiao Yan, but the navy total sect officer is different. That is an official position with real power. The navy total sect officer, then behind him There is the whole navy backing up, and there is a great relationship among them, just think about terrifying!

However, the most important thing is that his guidance will allow people to join Grandmaster in one month!

The people of Lin Family felt regretful.

They had a close relationship with Xiao Yan, but what?

Since Xiao Yan came to Lin Family, they have been targeting them everywhere, despising people all kinds of things, and now if you go to flatter them, they will definitely not care about you again!

The jaws of Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo were about to fall off, and the surprise in their hearts could not be calmed for a long time.

They know that they have offended an incredible character!

“Not only that, you also came when the navy was in danger, helped us guard the territory, and avenged instructor Huang!” He Chenguang said quickly.

“That happened because of me.” Xiao Yan said indifferently.

“The instructor doesn’t have to blame himself, he lives and die. Instructor Huang also died for the country. He died very honorably!” Lu sword edge said solemnly.

Xiao Yan nodded.

As for right and wrong, Xiao Yan has experienced countless things, which he has already seen.

Xiao Yan looked at He Chenguang and nodded faintly, “Yes, you will look for those cultivation technique cultivation next. After ten years, you can compare with Immortal Sect in the deep mountains.”