Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1141


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“It’s just…” Xiao Yan said suddenly.

“Instructor, please speak!” Lu sword edge asked quickly.

“It’s just that you can’t pass it lightly. Although you are to guard home and defend the country, but there are too many powerhouses, this world is easy to mess, so in the future, you can only choose qualified disciplines to preach.” Xiao Yan said slowly.

Lu sword edge nodded: “Instructor Xiao is absolutely right! We have established an organization to select qualified fighters for cultivation. As a result, our national defense has taken a stronger step!”

Xiao Yan nodded.

In fact, Sword Edge Lu has long understood this truth. Although the preaching is good, it is more likely that all naval officers will be experts, but there are too many experts, and this world is prone to chaos, so we can only choose some people to preach.

Everyone looked at Xiao Yan in surprise, and they finally knew what Xiao Yan was and the others.

I saw Xiao Yan slowly coming to the crowd, slightly nodded, “Today you can come to this Xiao to celebrate the New Year, this Xiao is grateful!”

“Mr. Xiao, this is wrong, you are kind to everyone, and we should also come to pay a New Year’s greetings!”

“Yes, yeah!”

Everyone said.

Everyone was jealous when they heard that Xiao Yan could let people join the Grandmaster in January. All they have to do is to have a good relationship with Xiao Yan. As long as they get a little guidance from him, the future is boundless.

But Xiao Yan not at all intends to point them.

Although they fawn on themselves, most of the businessmen are actually a group of profit-stricken little people. This group of people already has the economic lifeline. If they are made stronger, the World will be messed up.

So Xiao Yan only preached to the navy, not to these merchants.

Xiao Yan opened the mouth and said: “I came to Lin Family this time and hoped to have a reunion year, but some things are really unsatisfactory, and some people are indeed a little too I won’t say much. I hope they can give this Xiao a little bit of face. Don’t be so shortsighted in the future.”

As soon as Xiao Yan finished speaking, those Lin Family members were shocked.

Thinking about what they did, he is ashamed now, not only that, but also has several points of fear in his heart.

Xiao Yan can one hand shrouding the heavens in Modu, and now he is the navy’s total sect officer. If he ordered it down, they would definitely not die.

Lin Xiaoyan’s face has long been pale and weak, and there is no trace of blood.

He had thought that this time he would mock Lin Qian Renxue, but didn’t expect that she kicked the iron plate barefoot. Thinking of his previous targeting of Lin Qian Renxue, he was afraid of later.

Lin Sheng is also very scared. He thinks that he is the big brother of Lin Family, and he is also the best among brother sisters, so he always competes with Xiao Yan every time, thinking about it, every time he looks down Xiao Yan now looks like an ant mocking an elephant, deceiving himself and others that’s all!

At this time, Xiao Yan stepped forward, came to Lin Jiuhan, and slowly saluted: “grandfather, since they all gave you gifts, of course I can’t leave.”

I saw Xiao Yan conjure a cheat book and a bottle of medicine pill out of thin air.

“This is the Guyuan Pill. After taking it, it can maintain health and strengthen the body and strengthen the body. This scripture is a Buddhist cultivation method, which is very suitable for you.”

Lin Jiuhan looked at Xiao Yan tremblingly, not daring to accept these two gifts for a long time.

Because he is still a little worried, whether he can climb Xiao Yan’s great character.

At this time, I saw Lin Qian Renxue stepping forward, “grandfather, just do it, he is now my boyfriend, your grandson-in-law, so he should respect you!”

Lin Jiuhan was very excited. In fact, he was still a little worried that Xiao Yan would be so strong and would be bad for his granddaughter, but now it seems that such worries are unnecessary.

Xiao Yan sees everyone in Lin Qian Renxue’s good eyes.

Lin Jiuhan stretched out his old hand and accepted these two gifts.

“You have a heart!” Lin Jiuhan took Xiao Yan’s hand.

“grandfather, we will be a family from now on, you don’t have to be so polite.” Lin Qian Renxue said with a smile.

“Okay, okay, okay, from now on, we will be a family!” Lin Jiuhan’s old hand held Lin Qian Renxue.

Lin Jiuhan also faces everyone, “It’s a great honour for my Lin Family to be able to participate in my Lin Family’s annual meeting today. No matter which room you’ve invited, they are all guests of my Lin Family. Please Everyone must stay, so that my Lin Family can be a landlord!”

“hahaha…Old Lin, I have long heard that the fine wine of your Jinling Lin Family is the best wine in Jinling. How can you go without a taste today!” Everyone said with a smile.

Old Lin also showed a smile on his face, and quickly ordered his servants to prepare wine and serve food.

Everyone ate very happily, and the guests and hosts enjoyed themselves.

Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue, the elders and the others, sit at a table, Lin Xiaoyan, Lin Sheng and the others have long been far away, so they dare to sit here.

After a long time, Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo finally stood up. They poured a glass of wine and faced Xiao Yan.

“Mr. Xiao, we have eyes but fail to recognize Mt Tai, I have offended you before, please forgive me!”

Xiao Yan also stood up and said indifferently: “You are Xiaoxue’s uncle, that is, my uncle. The family doesn’t talk about two things. As long as you treat Xiaoxue better in the future, I won’t mind.”


“And this apologize, you shouldn’t tell me.” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

The two chanted their glasses of wine, then poured another.

“Xiaoxue, the uncles looked down on you before, the words were a bit too much, and I hope Xiaoxue can forgive uncles!”

Lin Qian Renxue smiled lightly, “Uncle Second Uncle, no matter what, we are a family, as long as we are in harmony, let the past things pass!”

“Xiaoxue, the uncles are very grateful for you to have such a large amount,” the two uncles said.

But they all know in their hearts who they should apologize most.

Once, when Lin Zhongxiong returned from school, he brought back a woman, that was Lin Qian Renxue’s mother.

Lin Qian Renxue’s mother was born in poverty, so Lin Family people look down very much. Just like Xiao Yan is now mocking Xiao Yan, Lin Qian Renxue’s mother is also frigid irony and scorching satire.

But for love, she and Lin Zhongxiong resisted the pressure and finally got together.

At that time, no one accepted Lin Qian Renxue’s mother.

Lin Zhongxiong also gave up college for Lin Qian Renxue’s mother.

Lin Family is a big family, even if Lin Zhongxiong eats for a lifetime, it is impossible to eat poorly.

However, his big brothers looked down on Lin Zhongxiong, and faced him with frigid irony and scorching satire every day.

Finally, Lin Qian Renxue was finally born, but her mother died of dystocia when she gave birth.

Since then, although Lin Qian Renxue is Lin Zhongxiong’s daughter, his status in the Lin Family is extremely low.

The big brother elder sisters do not play with her, and they often bully her.

Lin Zhongxiong finally couldn’t bear the face of Lin Family, so he took the three-year-old Lin Qian Renxue to the magic city and worked hard alone.

However, her big brothers still look down on him.

Every year when he goes home, the big brothers are all kinds of frigid irony and scorching satire, which seems to have gradually evolved into a habit.

So now, Lin Zhongxiong should apologize most.

Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo poured wine and came to Lin Zhongxiong.

“Fourth brother! The big brothers were sorry to you before!”

Lin Zhongxiong sneered. Xiao Yan had nothing to do with them before. He could forgive them. Lin Qian Renxue was still young and she could forgive them.

But he, never forgive!

So many years of humiliation, how can a simple apology be written off!

Seeing Lin Zhongxiong like this, Lin Jianzhong and Lin Jianguo hurriedly said: “Fourth brother, the big brother knows that I have treated you badly in the past, badly treated younger brothers and sisters, and badly treated Xiaoxue. Today we also know that we must not look at people in the door. .”

“Yes, fourth brother, we know we cannot make up for the debt we owed you before, but now, we will definitely make up for you and never look down on you again!”

Lin Zhongxiong looked at his two big brothers coldly, and they were nice, but in fact it was just because they were worth more now, they couldn’t afford to offend that’s all.

Lin Zhongxiong didn’t say anything, just waved away and left.

Because Lin Zhongxiong has nothing to say to them.

Even if they are their own big brother!

Maybe even if you want to forgive them, it will take some time!

Have another meal.

At this time, the juniors of Chen Family came over with a glass of wine.

“Xiaoxue, Xiao…Mr. Xiao!”

“Before, it was our dog who looked down on people and offended Mr. Xiao. Please also see Xiaoxue’s face and spare us!” Lin Sheng said angrily.

Lin Xiaoyan is also look pale, she looked towards Lin Qian Renxue and said: “Xiaoxue, it’s not good to be an elder sister before, elder sister shouldn’t look down on you, your lord has a lot, forgive me!”

The other juniors also lower their heads.

Although they are not like Lin Sheng and Lin Xiaoyan, who do various frigid irony and scorching satire on the surface, they also despise Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue from the bottom of their hearts.

Now that they know the identity of Xiao Yan, how can they not be afraid?

How can you be disrespectful?

Xiao Yan looked at them lightly, feeling a lot of emotion in his heart.

This is human nature!

Also dunya!

The wall fell down and everyone pushed, and the drums were broken!

But when you’re getting up and down, they have hot faces and cold ass, rushing to flatter you.

Such a red dust, Xiao Yan is tired.

He faintly nodded and said: “You are sorry Xiaoxue, if Xiaoxue forgive you, I won’t make a difference!”

Everyone looked towards Lin Qian Renxue, their gazes showing desire.

Lin Qian Renxue’s heart softened, and he was instantly convinced by their eyes.

“Everyone is siblings, don’t say that, we are a family, how can there be any hurdles that can’t pass, let it pass the past!”

Everyone drank a heavy glass of wine.

Xiao Yan looked at Lin Qian Renxue and said with emotion: “Xiaoxue, you are still too kind!”

However, what I like is not her innocence and kindness?

Xiao Yan hopes she can do this forever and not be tired of the world!

Just when everyone was drinking, suddenly, there was a loud noise in the sky.

A bolt of lightning fell from the sky, and suddenly the entire sky was dark.

“Xiao Yan, I heard that there is a custom called New Year’s greetings in the Chinese New Year, so we will come to give you New Year greetings today!”

Suddenly, a huge coffin fell from the sky, immersed in half of the earth! In front of Xiao Yan!

Smoke was everywhere, and a big coffin was placed in the eyes of everyone!

In the sky, a gloomy voice came: “This is a New Year’s gift for you!”

Xiao Yan nodded faintly: “It shouldn’t have come, but it’s coming after all!”