Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1142


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The Xuantie coffin fell straight down, half immersed in the soil, and stuck to the ground.

The smoke and dust are everywhere, and the waves are rolling!

The crowd sucked in a cold breath.

This mysterious iron coffin has at least thousands of gold in it. If you can insert it directly into the ground, the person who comes will be a fierce person!

In the sky there was a voice, and then the entire sky seemed to be dark, and a black cloud covered the sky.

With these methods, it must be a powerhouse.

Everyone quickly backed away, away from the mysterious iron coffin, and distanced themselves from Xiao Yan.

“Mr. Xiao is strong, but I heard that he offended many people, I’m afraid these people are here to seek revenge!”

“I heard that he destroyed the Devil Sect overseas overnight and offended some bigwigs overseas!”

“Hey, that’s fine, let’s take the opportunity to slip away!”

Someone in the crowd is already talking quietly.

Lin Family members were surprised when they saw this scene.

Lin Qian Renxue has more knowledge and is not so afraid. In addition, she is now a Foundation Establishment powerhouse and has a certain ability to protect herself.

“Go back, everyone, let it take care of it!” Lin Qian Renxue said quickly.

She knew very well about Xiao Yan’s strength. In the Nine Nether world, even Hades and Buddha and the others were not his opponents. Lin Qian Renxue didn’t believe anyone in this world could hurt him, so she didn’t do not worry.

Those who want to find Xiao Yan troubles are just to die that’s all!

“Xiao Yan, give you a coffin, I wish you promotion and wealth, do you still like this gift?” The voice continued, and suddenly thunder and lightning roared in the sky, and a purple magic array appeared in the air.

A group of black clothed persons suddenly appeared in the air.

They slowly fell to the ground, looking at Xiao Yan.

They are wearing black clothed and black cloaks, with their eyes exposed, revealing evil gleamed.

I can vaguely see their faces, their faces are full of wrinkles, they don’t look like ordinary people.

Xiao Yan stood quietly in front of the coffin and asked faintly: “Are you who?”

“You didn’t know we were who, so how dare you move Devil Sect?” A hoarse voice came from under the cloak.

Xiao Yan feels that according to the Western realm, this person should be a big magician, which is equivalent to Yuan Soul Realm expert of China.

Such an expert is generally not seen in the city, but it does not mean that it does not exist.

In China, there are a lot of Nascent Soul experts, even Tongxuan expert and Spirit Transformation expert are a big piece, otherwise, how can there be that many people squeeze their foreheads and want to buckle Penglai Immortal Sect.

There are also many experts overseas, and they are well known!

For example, on the surface Superman, Spiderman, Hulk, etc…

They are collectively referred to as supernatural beings, and there are more powerful supernatural beings hiding in the darkness.

Whether it is a Chinese cultivator or an overseas superseder, they all possess powerful abilities, but the beliefs of the cultivator and superseder are completely different.

So the battle between the cultivator and the superpower is inevitable!

“Is it important that you are who?” Xiao Yan laughed.

“Xiao Yan, we have been looking down on you, some people say that you are in the Foundation Establishment state, some people say that you are in the Golden Core state, but I know, you must be above this, but today, no matter what state you have, you have to die !” The hoarse voice in the cloak continued.

“Oh, is it?” Xiao Yan laughed, not panicking.

Just then.

There was a sudden tremor on the ground.

As if some wild beast appeared.

Everyone was taken aback!

What the hell is this kind of vibration!

hong long long ——

In the distance, smoke and dust flew, and outside the door were all luxury cars driven by wealthy businessmen, but after a burst of smoke and dust, the luxury cars began to explode gradually!



The explosion sounded gradually, all the luxury cars turned into a burst of fire sea, and the whole Jinling was dimmed.

Everyone can’t believe their eyes, how is this possible?

They wanted to escape here secretly, but now they seem to be impossible!

They don’t know that Xiao Yan offended who, so many enemies are now coming!

After the smoke and dust, suddenly a dozen sharp silhouettes flashed past.

They have green eyes and they are all very strong.

They are werewolves!

“You ugly demons, didn’t expect to come faster than us!” The werewolf leader said indifferently, “Bigasi, do you want to do something like this?”

“I can smell the stench of dogs all the way, why, you group of stinky dogs want to get a share?” The man under the cloak immediately replied.

“He killed the Devil Sect we cultivated and cut off our source of evil. We must kill him. Don’t take action on this matter!” Gasol continued.

Devils and werewolves all gather here suddenly, and their goal is Xiao Yan. As long as Xiao Yan is killed, it will surely become the fuse of the Chinese and Western alien wars!

At this moment, there was a scream in the sky!

A big bird fell from in the sky fiercely, blood splattered!

A silhouette gradually lifted up from the big bird, and saw that he was a very handsome young man with a very evil appearance, and there was still a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

“This is my magic eye goshawk!” Bigas angrily said.

The Demon Eye Goshawk is the helper of the demons, specializing in collecting intelligence in the air, and has a monitoring role.

“This big bird was watching you in the air. Unfortunately, I met him. I had to suck its blood!” The handsome young man was very luxuriously dressed. He didn’t look like a man, but more like a woman.

“Damn Bond, the vampire, you killed my goshawk, and I will kill you first after I kill Xiao Yan!” the demon Bigas fiercely said.

“If you insult our Blood Race again, I promise that the next one lying on the ground is not this goshawk, but you!” Bond said in a soft voice.

At this time, the wealthy businessmen were all huddled together, they had no idea that things would unfold like this.

They don’t want to die, they just want to please Mr. Xiao, who is the capital of the magic city, how could such a thing happen?

I knew this would happen, even if they were to be killed, they would not come.

Although they are cultivation, they can only be regarded as martial artists, not even cultivator. Facing a group of demons, werewolves, and Blood Race, they can only be killed!

Blood Race, Werewolf, Demon Race are all in place, and now, their unified purpose is to kill Xiao Yan.

Bond stood calmly in front of Xiao Yan, looked at everyone and said, “I’m a little hungry, why not, let’s play a game!”

Bond pointed to the group of wealthy businessmen, “You, if you don’t want to die, come here now, or you all have to be my food!”

Everyone felt a chill.

Want to go or not? In the past, Mr. Xiao would be offended. Otherwise, he might be killed.

They looked towards Xiao Yan and saw that Xiao Yan just stood calmly without stopping.

Xiao Yan didn’t want to stop it either, because the vampire helped him instead. He wanted to see how many of these little people of outward devotion but inner opposition were on his side.

Those wealthy businessmen are restless, because they don’t know who to trust!

On one side is Mr. Xiao from the magic capital hid the sky with one hand, and on the other side are countless dark forces.

And all these choices are in their own hands.

One thought of heaven, one thought of hell!

If you make the wrong choice, they will die!

Although many people flatter Xiao Yan on the surface and pursue Xiao Yan, it is because of Xiao Yan’s strength.

What if there is someone stronger than Xiao Yan?

Bond looked at these wealthy businessmen indifferently, Xiao Yan did not speak, he cultivated the ages, what kind of people he has never seen, many times, people around him are more terrifying, because they are likely to betray themselves .

Xiao Yan was also betrayed during the previous cultivation, time after time, time after time, and accumulated experience at the cost of blood.

Now he will no longer trust anyone easily, so whether the people around him are loyal is very important.

So Xiao Yan wanted to see what these wealthy businessmen would choose?

Bond walked up slowly, his look pale, his face was soft and he looked a bit vicious.

These wealthy businessmen also know that the more such a person, the more outstanding and ruthless they are at doing things!

“Oh, it seems that you all choose to believe in your so-called Mr. Xiao? You have to think about it. If you stand in the wrong team, you will die! He he he…” Bond smiled softly, and he laughed It looked like a woman, with fair skin and white skin, and a chill came out of him, making these people feel a chill.

At this time, two people seemed to be impulsive.

They are the guests invited by the Lin Family. They didn’t know Xiao Yan before, and they didn’t know Xiao Yan’s strength, but they saw Xiao Yan being sought after by everyone, and they were jealous and jealous.

They walked out slowly.

Everyone was shocked when they saw their silhouette walking out.

Lu sword edge looked at the two people so spineless and couldn’t help but yelled: “Scum!”

“Oh, it seems that someone still chose to take my side, then congratulations, you made the right choice!” Bond said.

At this time, Gasol was a little unhappy.

“Bond, what are your pester and chirp’s doing here? The major event is broken, can you afford the responsibility?” Gasol angered.

“Patol, you still have the same impulse as always!” Bond lightly said with a smile, “How can you start performing if the audience is not there yet?”

Gasol is impulsive, but he knows who Bond is talking about.

The purpose of their coming to Huaxia is to fight a decisive battle with Huaxia cultivator. If Huaxia cultivator does not appear, then their plan will fail!

At this time, the two people have gradually approached Bond.

“You dare!” On the side of the wealthy businessman, Chen Hai Old Master said furiously.

Xiao Yan rescued him, Xiao Yan looked like a god in his eyes, he didn’t allow anyone to betrayed!

I saw the two people turning around, one of them arched his hands and said: “Old Master Chen, the hero of the world has been a wise man submits to circumstances since ancient times. We are weak, so we choose here!”