Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1143


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At this time, Lu sword edge said, “Do you know that they are who? They are Western supernatural beings. Come to China, they are the invaders. You choose to join them. Do you want to be traitors?”

“Before life and death, everything is a trivial matter. Don’t tell me what kind of clan righteousness, I don’t understand. If you die, what kind of clan righteousness is there. Only the person who lives and laughs last is the uncle! “The other person said.

“It is because of the assholes like you that Huaxia was bullied to the doorstep!” Lu sword edge said angrily.

I saw the two remaining unmoved and came behind Bond the vampire.

Bond looked at the two said with a smile: “Okay, great, are there only two people? Then I can kill all the rest!”

At this moment, suddenly another four or five people stood up and moved towards the vampire.

Lu sword edge’s hand was trembling slightly. Seeing that there are so many scum in China, he felt a lot of indignation in his heart and it was difficult to express it.

He wished to rush to kill these scum in an instant, so that they would not be embarrassed.

But he can’t, he knows Xiao Yan’s purpose for doing this.

Seeing that the five or six people were okay in the past, it seemed to embarrass the rest.

Suddenly a dozen people got up and moved towards the vampire.

Some of these people were invited by Lin Family, but there were also demons who came to give Xiao Yan a New Year greeting.

There are also two familiar silhouettes, namely Lin Xiaoyan and Han Qianlin!

“Sister, are you going over there too?” Lin Qian Renxue asked quickly. She wanted to save her one last time.

Although Lin Xiaoyan has always been bad to Lin Qian Renxue and often bullies Lin Qian Renxue, after all, it is her elder sister, she still does not want her to die.

After all, she has already told herself before!

At this moment, Lin Xiaoyan suddenly turned her head and looked towards Lin Qian Renxue, her attitude suddenly changed 360 degrees: “Lin Qian Renxue, don’t think you can put on airs in front of me if you find a capable husband, But I didn’t get it wrong, Mr. Xiao, the magic capital, it’s all shit.”

“If he is really capable, why don’t you beat these Western supernatural beings scared witless, I think he is a counselor! My life is in my own hands!” Lin Xiaoyan said differently.

Lin Qian Renxue didn’t expect at all. Lin Xiaoyan, who just apologized to herself, turned his face faster than a book now!

“Don’t go there, you will die!” Although Lin Xiaoyan scolded herself like this, Lin Qian Renxue still didn’t want her to die.

“You little hooves, don’t think you hugged a big tree after finding Xiao Yan! It’s up to you where I am standing! I don’t want to die with you!” Lin Xiaoyan Heartless Dao.

Lin Qian Renxue knows that no matter what she says, Lin Xiaoyan will not look back.

Lin Qian Renxue has already done what she should do. As for how she chooses, it depends on her.

Since she has chosen, she will bear the consequences.

Lin Xiaoyan took Han Qianlin’s hand and walked to the side of the vampire.

Bond was very happy to see more than a dozen people coming over.

“Very well, your choice is correct, so I will give you one last chance. Is anyone else coming over?”

After Bond finished speaking, in the end five or six people stood up and stood on Bond’s side.

Lu sword edge’s clenched fist, filled with indignation.

There are two or three hundred of them here, and they have a thirty-forty head!

Such people will become traitors, traitors, and China’s biggest assholes in the war years!

If it weren’t for He Chenguang’s pulling, he would have liked to charge ahead to kill this group of cartilage!

After the people walked over, Bond looked at the people behind him with a smile, indifferently said: “The game is over, next is dinner time!”

Speaking, he turned his head and pounced on the people he chose.


“Didn’t you say that I am on your side and you won’t kill us?” everyone exclaimed.

I saw Bond showing his long fangs, “I really don’t kill you, I’m just a little hungry and want to drink your blood that’s all, after all, I’m full…”

“You have the strength to kill!”

Bond moved towards very fast and a person rushed towards him. Although that person is a martial artist, he has nothing to fight back in front of a person of the great Western magician realm like Bond, just like a person waiting for slaughter. The lamb was bitten by Bond directly.

Blood splashed freely and shot Bond in the face.

“Ah he he he…the smell of blood, dao fruit, is the best, but your blood makes me very interesting!”

Bond sucked up a person’s blood, raised his head, revealing an orgasm-like face, and stared at the girls who came over.

His face was full of blood, but he didn’t care.

“Your words don’t count, you didn’t mean to kill us! There are that many people over there. Go and kill them!” Seeing someone died, they became worried and yelled hysterically.

“Hehe…do you know? For a Blood Race like me, the more blood of people like you, the more interested I will be!” Bond said with a laugh.

“Resentment, jealousy, ugliness, filth… in human skin, but a proud face. Only the source of evil in people like you can satisfy my needs.”

As Bond said, he suddenly rushed to several girls.

He is a person who has tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. He hugs the girl as if admiring an artwork.

Not giving up, hesitating…

But in the end, he bit the man’s neck.

“The taste of jealousy, unwillingness, resentment… really delicious!”

Seeing that so many people have been killed, those who took refuge in Bond are desperate.

But, everything is their own choice, who is to blame?

This is the person!

These businessmen say he is shrewd. Indeed, they have a shrewd mind when doing business, but they are so stupid when facing life and death.

These demon vampires don’t look like good people, but in the face of life and death, they still choose to believe.

Seeing that several people have died, everyone’s heart collapsed completely.

“Help me! Mr. Xiao, help me!”

At this time, someone began to ask Xiao Yan for help.

After seeing someone doing this, those people seemed to have grasped the last straw and knelt down one after another, begging Xiao Yan.

I saw Xiao Yan turning a blind eye, indifferently said: “Since you have chosen, then pay for your choice!”

At this time, several vampires appeared directly in the darkness, and they all followed Bond.

“Bond, why did you come so early?” a vampire asked.

“Of course I am here to prepare dinner for you!” Bond Yin said with a smile.

Everyone also showed a dark smile, and a few vampires quickly moved towards everyone.

Grab directly and bite through your throat!

“Bond, the blood of these people is so strong, the source of evil is so strong!”

“That was carefully selected by me. Enjoy the feast!”

Bond smiled, he suddenly saw Lin Xiaoyan.

“Oh, what a lovely girl!” Bond smiled sullenly.

Lin Xiaoyan was terribly scared and regretted it.

She regretted why she didn’t listen to Lin Qian Renxue’s words, why did she come over, why didn’t she choose to believe Xiao Yan.

But it’s too late, there is no Regret Medicine in World, no matter how much he regrets, he can’t save it all.

Lin Xiaoyan quickly knelt down to Bond, “Please don’t kill me, please!”

“As long as you don’t kill me, I am willing to do anything! Please!”

But there was an expression of excitement on Bond’s face, “Waiting, the more you wailing, the more excited I will be.”

“Xiaoxue, help me, Mr. Xiao, help me…”

Lin Xiaoyan quickly looked towards Xiao Yan and Lin Qian Renxue, they had given her time and time again, but she didn’t know how to cherish.

Xiao Yan is not a Savior, and Lin Qian Renxue is not a Holy Mother bitch!

Bond finally caught her and bit his throat!

This is a massacre, but all people, no one sympathizes with them, because everything is them having only oneself to blame.

If they don’t betray their dignity and humanity, how can they get to where they are now?

The vampires sucked quickly, and in a short while, the thirty-forty person had turned into a muck!

“Bond, you are full of sucking, it’s time to do business!” The demon Bigas coldly said.


Western Cathedral.

Supreme Pontiff and High Priest are playing Go.

“This Chinese Go game is really wide-ranging and profound!” Supreme Pontiff said, dropping a black ball.

“The way of Chinese Go is unpredictable. Every move is a layout!” High Priest echoed.

“I heard that the dark races have already begun to act!” The teacher fell slightly.

“Yes, Supreme Pontiff Your Majesty, the dark races have all rushed to China Jinling, but there is something unknown to their subordinates!” High Priest asked.

“What’s the matter?”

“The dark race sent people to kill Xiao Yan, but as far as I know, Xiao Yan is probably not that easy to kill, but why do you do it?” High Priest continued to ask.

“Have you heard of an old saying in China?” Supreme Pontiff settled in a leisurely manner.

“The meaning of the drunkard is not about wine, but about mountains and rivers!”

“The person who can destroy Devil Sect overnight, of course, is not a good thing, nor can anyone kill it! The realm of Xiao Yan, I’m afraid I will be very close to you and me!”

“But, think about it, the people of the dark race are looking for Xiao Yan, how about the people of China?”

Listening to Supreme Pontiff’s analysis, High Priest was taken aback.

China’s cultivator hides in the mountains, not compelled by circumstances, they will never be born, so even if the dark race wants to fight with them, they can’t find it.

But Xiao Yan is different. Xiao Yan is in the world. They know that the people of Huaxia must also go to Xiao Yan, so they will definitely collide with the dark race.

With the millennium feud between China and the West, if they meet each other, even if there is no fuse, this war will definitely break out!

Although the dark races are going to kill Xiao Yan, they mean to attract the Huaxia cultivator out. As long as the Huaxia cultivator appears, Xiao Yan will not die, it doesn’t matter!

“What a Xiangzhuang sword, intended for Pei Gong!” High Priest said suddenly.

“hahaha…you learned the way of Go from me the past few days, but I didn’t expect you to know the Chinese idiom!” Supreme Pontiff said with a smile.

“Your Majesty, since we know that China and the dark race are going to war, why don’t we get involved?” High Priest quietly said,

“We can send people to follow them, and when the dark race and the Huaxia cultivator are almost consumed, we can give them the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind! hahaha…it can weaken Wouldn’t it be great if the Western dark forces can eliminate the Chinese cultivator again!”

“hahaha…the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind, your Chinese idiom is getting better and better!” Supreme Pontiff said with a big smile.

“I thought about this a long time ago, so it’s already deployed!”

“Supreme Pontiff Your Majesty is wise!” High Priest hurriedly saluted.