Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1215


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It’s just that Xiao Yan not at all said it.

“Lock them up temporarily. Although these people don’t have the breath of people from outside the territory, they suddenly came to Earth. They must be unkind. They may be spies sent from outside the territory.” The high priest said sharply.

Speaking, a sneer appeared at the corner of the high priest’s mouth.

Others may not notice, but Xiao Yan did.

“But the high priest, if they are not people outside the territory, they are our allies. How can we treat allies like this?” Ma Wenzhuo continued.

The people from the Ten Great-Immortal Domain attacked Earth, and the entire Galactic Immortal Domain was not spared.

So the people of the Galaxy Fairyland are their allies.

There have been occasions when people from other planets in the Milky Way Immortal Territory visited, but they were treated very well, but why did the high priest change his normal today?

“This is an extraordinary period. The people who come to Earth must be spies. I said to lock them up.” The high priest said sharply.

Xiao Yan looked at the high priest, a crafty smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, as if plotting something.

At this time, Xiao Yan stood up and said, “May you be the high priest of Earth?”

“Oh, boy, you are quite courageous, what is your name?” the high priest asked.

“Xiao Yan.” Xiao Yan said lightly.

“Yes, I am the high priest here.” The high priest replied lightly.

“Since your Excellency is an Earth person and the high priest here, how about I ask a few questions about Earth?” Xiao Yan said with a smile.

“Hehe…boy, aren’t you from Aquastar? Do you still know our Earth culture?” The high priest taunted.

Xiao Yan looked at him lightly, waiting for him to fight.

“Okay, you ask.” The high priest said confidently.

“I ask you, what is the beginning of Earth?”

“How was the beginning of mankind?”

“Since you are the high priest here, you must not know such a simple question!” Xiao Yan asked with a smile.

A simple question like this can be answered by anyone, but Xiao Yan knew that the high priest could not answer it.

Because this high priest is not an Earth person at all.

When Xiao Yan at first explored, he was indeed the breath of an Earth person, but Xiao Yan always felt something wrong when he saw his smile.

He realized that this is an extraterritorial body possession technique.

Furthermore, after the body possession, there was still so much Source Power, which must have been shortly after the body possession.

So Xiao Yan asked two such simple questions, but Xiao Yan was sure he could not answer them.

“This…” The high priest suddenly looked embarrassed.

“hehe…you can’t even answer such a simple question, it means you are not from Earth at all.” Xiao Yan said lightly.

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in the great hall was surprised.

Not the high priest from Earth?

How is this possible?

“Impossible, the high priest leads our development from the very beginning, how could he not be an Earth person?” Ma Wenzhuo immediately defended.

Xiao Yan smiled and said: “Maybe the high priest was before, but the high priest in front of me is definitely not.”

“You are spitting blood!” the high priest snapped.

“Blood spurting people? Hehe…If you are really the high priest, why can’t you even answer such a simple question?” Xiao Yan stood calmly in front of the high priest, lightly said with a smile.

“I just forgot that’s all for a while. Otherwise, for such a simple question, do you think the deity would not know?” The high priest said with a smile.


“Since you don’t admit it, take a look at this.”

Xiao Yan said lightly, and with a big wave of his hand, endless power poured out.


A wind swept across the body of the high priest.

Suddenly the body of the high priest fell to the ground, a soul was exposed in the air, but he was not the soul of the high priest, but the soul of another person.

And this soul reveals the outside atmosphere of the outside world. This is a very powerful soul, the cultivation base far high priest.

“Who the hell are you? How could you break my body possession technique?”

The soul looked at Xiao Yan in surprise, with an expression of disbelief.

He looked towards Xiao Yan, he couldn’t see any spirit strength on Xiao Yan.

But Xiao Yan just waved his hand and stripped his soul from the body of the high priest. How can ordinary people do this.

Is he a legendary Earth cultivator?

However, since Earth was occupied by them, they have implemented a plan to clean up the cultivator, and almost any capable cultivator will be killed by them.

The Galactic Immortal Domain is called the Sin Domain. Almost every planet is like this. As long as there is a cultivator, it will be killed by the people of Ten Great-Immortal Domain.

But who is this group of people? Where did they come from?

Xiao Yan glanced at him faintly, and the endless pressure suddenly appeared.

He suddenly felt endless fear in his heart.

One after another A sense of fear came from his heart, making him afraid to resist.

“I ask you, which immortal domain are you?” Xiao Yan looked at him faintly.

“I come from the Martial Immortal realm.” The man replied.

The Martial Immortal domain?

“Is the Martial Immortal domain again?” Xiao Yan questioned.

It seems that the Martial Immortal domain is indeed a bit difficult to deal with, and there are people from them everywhere.

“Then what is the purpose of your coming to Earth? Why do you want to take possession of the high priest?” Xiao Yan asked, staring into his eyes.

In this case, he didn’t dare to tell a lie, because as long as he lied, there was only one ending waiting for him, and that was death.

Xiao Yan, as the Divine King, wanted to obliterate him just a matter of thought.

“Martial Sovereign Your Majesty sent me.” The man said quickly.

“Martial Sovereign?” Xiao Yan indifferently asked.

“Martial Sovereign Your Majesty is an expert in our Immortal Martial Immortal domain. I am his subordinate. He controls almost one-tenth of the affairs of the entire Earth, mainly in the China region, but he cannot master Earth. The remaining indigenous people, so he ordered us possessed the high priests of various places, and then control the Earth.” The high priest said.

“What are you doing to control Earth?” Xiao Yan asked further.

“How could a small character like us know about this kind of thing?” the man said with trepidation.

Xiao Yan felt that he was not lying, and the so-called Martial Sovereign was also impossible to tell them about this kind of thing.

Xiao Yan feels that there should still be many Divine Kings outside the territory hidden in Earth, and it is possible that the Divine King outside the territory really holds everything.

Since he came to Earth, he should always do something for the enemy Earth.

At least the owner of Earth is a human, and he must take Earth back.

“Where is the Martial Sovereign you mentioned?” Xiao Yan asked sharply.

“Martial Sovereign Your Majesty impossible In such a small place, he is in the Golden Temple in Kyoto.” The person said slowly.

Could it be…

God sent the Divine King to rescue them and guide them forward.

At this time, Ma Wenzhuo knelt down with the entire group moved towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan was puzzled, “Are you…?”

“Divine King, please save us humans, please show us what we should do in the future?” Ma Wenzhuo asked quickly.

Xiao Yan looked at everyone lightly. They knelt on the ground, staring at Xiao Yan with pious eyes.

Xiao Yan looked at them faintly, and then said: “I know that you have been living a difficult life. People have to bow their heads under the eaves. You have bowed your heads for too long, but you have survived successfully and successfully transformed the human The seeds have been preserved. Don’t worry, since I came to Earth, I will naturally not let you be humiliated again. We will take Earth back and drive all people from outside the region out of Earth!”

Xiao Yan’s words are deeply imprinted in everyone’s hearts.

Xiao Yan has decided that he wants to liberate Earth, and then drive those outside the territory from Earth, and return to the Pure Land of Earth.

“From today, our Earth will be our own control. If someone wants to stop us, we will kill without mercy.”

Xiao Yan loudly said, and the sound comes into everyone’s heart.

Everyone worshipped Xiao Yan deeply.