Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1216


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At Xiao Yan’s orders, everyone left.

Xiao Yan is unwilling to stay with them that many people. He is still a bit uncomfortable with that many people. He still prefers to be alone, so he dismisses everyone.

Now, only Qian Xun and Lin Qian Renxue are left beside him.

To be honest, this way he feels more at ease.

Although it is an extraordinary period, the way of cultivation is to follow the nature, everything follows the original heart.

So he will do everything recklessly.

Although they have come to Earth, they are not like sleeping and sleeping, wandering around.

He turned and looked towards Ma Wenzhuo, faintly opened the mouth and said: “As the captain of the guard, can you do me a favor?”

Ma Wenzhuo appeared very excited, and hurriedly came to Xiao Yan, and said firmly: “It is a great honor for the villain to be able to help Divine King.”

Xiao Yan smiled and said: “You don’t need to be so alert, since you are the captain of the city’s guard, can you help me find a house?”

“Looking for a house?” Ma Wenzhuo was a little confused.

He thought it was a very sacred mission, but Xiao Yan only had to help him find a house.

He realized that this Divine King is also so approachable, and he wants to eat fireworks.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if Xiao Yan is alone, but he takes his wife and child.

He must choose to settle Qian Xun and Lin Qian Renxue so that he has time to do other things.

Although the current situation is tense and complicated, how should he live his life?

Ma Wenzhuo hurriedly said: “Yes, Divine King, I will do it now.”

Ma Wenzhuo’s work efficiency is fairly fast, and he will be back soon.

He found an apartment where no one lives and the environment is still quiet.

To be honest, Chihiro and Lin Qian Renxue were very excited when they first came to this underground world.

Although it is underground, it is somewhat similar to land, but there is no sun here. Everyday all is a night view, brightly lit, and bright lights illuminate the entire city.

There is a lot of traffic, just like the magic city where Xiao Yan was.

To be honest, this place looks like a magic capital.

Bright lights, tall buildings.

It’s just that the cars here are not running underground, but flying in the sky.

The power of human beings is really endless. To create such a world underground, how can ordinary people do it?

But mankind, relying on its tenacious life force, continuous development and continuous manufacturing, finally ushered in a new era.

Xiao Yan moved in with his wife and children.

The three of them have lived a shameless life.

However, Xiao Yan didn’t waste his main business. These days he has been learning about the new Earth lifestyle.

He discovered that life in this underground World is not only humans on Earth, but also a lot of silhouettes of Foreign Domain hidden in this city.

But their shadows are deeper, and Xiao Yan doesn’t know what they are going to do.

One day, Xiao Yan took Qianxun on the street.

Suddenly, Xiao Yan felt a very special breath, that of a foreign domain person.

Xiao Yan embraced Qianxun followed along.

I saw a few humanoid creatures gather together, but they didn’t have the breath of Earth people.

“Does Lord Bron need the Earth people to find?”

asked one of the leaders.

“Boss, I think it’s enough to catch a few people at random. You have to find someone with positive blood. Where do we go to find that many people?” one of the subordinates dissatisfied.

“I don’t care where you look, but if you can’t find it, Master Bloom will be unhappy.” The boss said.

“If you upset Master Bloom, it will be you next time Master Bloom eats!” the boss continued.

Xiao Yan listened to him. He felt that this was very wrong, and he followed a few people behind.

He is the Divine King, using Heavenspan, how could a few small Foreign Domain creatures find him.

He followed a few people to a base.

It’s in the suburbs and it’s very hidden.

Xiao Yan followed a few people into the base.

The moment he walked into the base, he was shocked.

Because here, all that are locked up are humans.

A human being is locked up here, they are groaning and wailing.

But no one can hear them.

Xiao Yan looked over, they are all humans from Earth.

Why are they locked here, and who is keeping them here? Could it be that Lord Bron, then what is his purpose?

Xiao Yan didn’t know, he followed a few people to the depths of the base.

At this time, he saw a dark figure far away. The dark figure stood in the middle of the great hall with a human corpse lying on the ground.

Is that the so-called Lord Bloom?


“It’s all waste!”

The endless roar came from the body of the shadow.

“I want you to find people with positive blood, but what did you find for me?”

Bron looked at them fiercely, and the corpse on the ground flew out.

Xiao Yan looked at the angry Bronn, he was sure of one thing, this Bronn had been preying on Earth people for a living.

Since the Earth people did not have the Divine King, the people of Foreign Domain have become more and more rampant. They even dared to raise the Earth people in captivity for food.

This is how Xiao Yan can not be angry.

“Let me find someone with positive blood!”

“Next time I can’t find it, I will eat you!”

The dark shadow growled like crazy.

Everyone hurriedly retreated, Master Bloom’s anger, how could they bear it.

At this time, Xiao Yan walked out slowly.

Blon stared at Xiao Yan, “Who are you?”

Xiao Yan looked at him faintly, “Have you been preying on humans?”

“Weak are prey to the strong, isn’t this the truth of since ancient times?” Bron looked at Xiao Yan and said.

Yes, weak are prey to the strong, isn’t it the truth of the whole World?

“Since humans are weak, they should be eaten by me.”

“Just like you humans prey on other animals, isn’t I preying on your humans as it should be by rights?”

Bron said slowly, smiling at the corner of his mouth.

“hehe……as it should be by rights?” Xiao Yan said slowly.

“Then if I kill you, am I as it should be by rights?” Xiao Yan looked at him lightly and said.

“You want to kill me?” Bloom said with a smile.

tone barely fell, suddenly, he felt an incomparably powerful force pouring toward him, and endless power poured into his body. The rolling force tore his body.

“How is it possible? How can there be a human cultivator in this World?”

“No. You can’t kill me, you kill me, Master Martial Sovereign will definitely not let you go!”


A huge explosion sounded.

Bron is directly annihilated.

As for Bulong’s men, Xiao Yan didn’t let go of them, and killed them all.

Xiao Yan rescued all the humans in the prison, and then contacted Ma Wenzhuo to let him settle down.

Xiao Yan learned that this Bloom is also from Martial Sovereign.

Xiao Yan walked out of the underground, and he discovered that this World was linked to a person called Martial Sovereign.

This Martial Sovereign is who after all, and can control the lifeblood of this Earth.

Xiao Yan wants to find out the details of this Martial Sovereign.

He also found a stronghold under Martial Sovereign. The subordinate of Martial Sovereign is called Sun Lesser Dragon. Sun Lesser Dragon is a Chief-In-Charge underground economy person, and is also possessed by Martial Sovereign people.

Although others can’t tell, he can’t hide from Xiao Yan’s eyes.

This grandson lesser dragon controls Earth’s economic lifeline, and equivalent to controls the life of Master Earth. How can people feel at ease if such a person stays in the World?

So Xiao Yan must get rid of him.

But Sun Lesser Dragon seemed to be very alert, and found that someone was about to move him, so he ran away.

But no matter how much he escaped, he couldn’t escape Xiao Yan’s claws. Xiao Yan secretly moved towards Sunlesser dragon and chased him in the retreating direction.

Xiao Yan kept up with Sun lesser dragon in this way.

Sun lesser dragon walked in the forest with his remaining dozen or so brothers downcast.

Yes, the Sun Family came to grab the opportunity full of faith, and now not only has returned empty-handed, but also lost that many people. It doesn’t hurt to put it on whom.

Sun lesser dragon is also dejected, not even Mental.

“Who? Come out soon.” Sun lesser dragon roared.

Xiao Yan cancelled the hiding and stood in front of Sun lesser dragon.

“Who are you?” Sun Lesser Dragon’s face was full of shock.

He was shocked because he didn’t expect Xiao Yan to show up at this time.

“Xiao Yan, come to kill you.”

“I guess you must have never thought that I would appear here, right!” Xiao Yan said indifferently.

“Xiao Yan, didn’t expect you to come to me?” There was a sullen look on Sun Lesser Dragon’s face.

“You have been secretly shaking the economic lifeline of the Earth people until now, do you still want to escape?” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

“It’s just a stunned green that’s all, do you think I am afraid of you?” Sun lesser dragon said proudly.

“Oh, is it?” Xiao Yan looked at him with interest.

“hahaha… ridiculous, just rely on you?” Sun Lesser Dragon.

“Do you look down on me?” Xiao Yan said with a smile.

“Skinny camels are also bigger than horses, Xiao Yan, don’t think I can’t beat you if I am injured.”

“Besides, there are so many Sun Family people here, and you are only here, are you here to die?” Sun lesser dragon.

“Do you know why I appeared at this time, and why did I appear at this time?” Xiao Yan asked with a smile.

Because Xiao Yan hides his own strength, Sun lesser dragon can’t see what realm Xiao Yan is.

“I admit that your strategy is indeed very good, but I said, a dying, starved camel is still bigger than a horse, and it’s not your turn to bully even if the tiger falls to the sun.” Sun lesser dragon said sharply.

Sun lesser dragon knows that Xiao Yan designed all this, but he still doesn’t believe that Xiao Yan can kill him.

After all, he is now an expert in Transcending Tribulation. In this World, human beings don’t even have a cultivator. This Xiao Yan may be just a small cultivator that’s all. For such a person, he can pinch him to death with just one hand.

“Sun lesser dragon, you too overestimate yourself.” Xiao Yan said with a smile.

“nonsense, Xiao Yan, die!”

If this child is not divided, it must be their enemy of Martial Sovereign in the future.