Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1217


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Thinking of this, Sun Lesser Dragon showed a ruthless look.

Today, I cannot let Xiao Yan leave here alive anyway.

Even if I pay a little more, I have to cut Xiao Yan here.

“Xiao Yan, if you can find me today, you will definitely be the enemy of our Martial Sovereign in the future, so no matter how much you pay today, I will kill you!” Sun lesser dragon fiercely said.

“hahaha…… Sun Lesser Dragon, you are too confident. Since I am here, I am sure to kill you. You think you can kill me, too naive!” Xiao Yan smiled.

“hmph, try it if you can’t kill it!” Sun lesser dragon roared.

Suddenly, Sun Lesser Dragon’s body swelled rapidly and turned into a giant.

“Xiao Yan, die!”

Speaking, Sun Lesser dragon moved towards Xiao Yan with a punch.

Sun lesser dragon thinks that the palm of a table is as big as a table. Where is this human being, it is just a giant.

If an ordinary person allows him to take a photo, he must be completely destroyed.

But Xiao Yan is not an ordinary person.

“ghost shadow step.”

As soon as the ghost shadow stepped away, Xiao Yan seemed to be a shadow, and instantly turned away from the attack.

The violent attack hammered on the ground.

The enemy was sunken and cracks appeared.

If that blow is hit, even Xiao Yan will not feel good.

“Are you just using this trick?” Xiao Yan said with a smile.

“Xiao Yan, you are courting death!” Sun lesser dragon said, and the huge body moved towards Xiao Yan and rushed over.

“Mad Fist!”

Suddenly, Sun Lesser Dragon attacked Xiao Yan like a blockbuster.

Xiao Yan stood in place lightly said with a smile.

He dodged lightly and escaped the lesser dragon’s attack.

“You hateful monkey, can you only take it?” Sun lesser dragon missed two hits, flying into a rage out of humiliation.

He gathers spirits all over, ready to make a 3rd move.

He is also his strongest move.

“Ten Thousand Mountains Gathering!”

Sun lesser dragon’s trick is just like the force of Mount Tai moved towards Xiao Yan.

I saw Xiao Yan standing there, looking at Sun lesser dragon motionlessly, and then waved his hand.

“Tian Lei has come!”

Tian Lei came to the world! !

The huge thunder dropping from the sky, the huge thunder with thick arms fell directly on Sun Lesser Dragon’s body.

Xiao Yan stood in front of Sun Lesser Dragon, holding thunder and lightning, like a god of thunder.

The god of heaven is arrogant and inviolable.

At this moment, the sun lesser dragon is like a trivial ant in front of Xiao Yan, let Xiao Yan slaughter him.

Tian Lei came to the world, Earth Grade Magical Powers.

Direct summon sky thunder attack, huge formidable power.

Sun lesser dragon’s pupils kept shrinking, and he did not dare to imagine that Xiao Yan could have such a powerful strength.

The endless thunderbolt landed.


Thousands of waves were stirred up on the ground, and smoke and dust suddenly skyrocketed.

The endless power fell, and the lesser dragon sun fell directly in the thunder.


Golden Luang Temple.

“What? The High Priest in Luodu is dead, Bron is dead, and now even Sun Lesser Dragon is dead? Who did all this?”

A man dashing eyebrows feet asked sharply.

“I don’t know, it seems to come from other places. Earth’s cultivator is cleaned up very clean, unlike Earth’s cultivator.”

“Hey, what do you know, no matter how clean we kill, there are still cultivators on Earth, and these cultivators are likely to know the secrets we want.” Martial Sovereign indifferently said.

“Okay, let’s go and investigate first to find out who the opponent is?” Martial Sovereign waved lightly.

“Yes!” Everyone answered quickly, and then exited the Golden Temple.

“It seems that Earth is going to change the sky.” Martial Sovereign looked at the sky and exclaimed.

Jin Luang Temple.

“Report to Martial Sovereign Your Majesty that all of our strongholds in Earth have been pulled out.” One hand came down to report.

“What, every stronghold?” Martial Sovereign was a little surprised.

He almost controls the entire human base of China, and now telling him that all the strongholds of Earth humans have been pulled out, he can’t believe it.

Because as everyone knows, there is no cultivator on Earth anymore, only some self-defense forces formed by ordinary persons are left. Such people are not a threat to them at all, so who exactly uprooted their stronghold?

Martial Sovereign was really surprised, because he had only heard of a few strongholds being removed two days ago, but in just two days, all of his strongholds were removed, which is impossible no matter how you think.

“Martial Sovereign Your Majesty, what shall we do next?”

“Has the person who asked you to check a few days ago found out.” Martial Sovereign furiously said.

“Report to Your Majesty that we have already found out. It was a cultivator named Xiao Yan who killed Brom and them. I heard that he was a cultivator from other planets in the galaxy.” The subordinate immediately responded.

“Other planets? The planet at that moment?” Martial Sovereign asked quickly and furiously.

“I don’t know this.”

“A bunch of rice buckets, waste, what else do you know?” Martial Sovereign was furious.

Endless anger broke out, and the whole Jinluang Temple was immediately steaming.

He was originally a cultivation Fire Attribute, and now he has started a fire, his Fire Element ability can actually make the surrounding air anxious.

“Your Majesty, we suspect that this matter has nothing to do with Xiao Yan, because we discovered that Xiao Yan did not just come to Earth alone, but brought a group of people, but now all these people have disappeared, if they If they are both cultivators, it is very easy to pull out our stronghold.” The subordinates knelt on the ground and said profusely.

Martial Sovereign looked at him lightly, and then said: “Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan, who are you?”

“Where is Wu Chi?” Martial Sovereign asked suddenly.

Wu Chi is the younger brother of Martial Sovereign. Unlike Martial Sovereign, Wu Chi only likes to fight with others and is not interested in any conspiracy.

Martial Sovereign knows that Xiao Yan cannot stay in this World, otherwise his good deeds will definitely be ruined, so he will get rid of Xiao Yan no matter how much he pays.

After a while, a demented man was pulled up.

His hands and feet are all caught in chains, only a pair of sharp eyes are still shining through.

He is Martial Sovereign’s younger brother Wu Chi.

Usually, Wu Chi would often kill people, Martial Sovereign would shrink Wu Chi, otherwise he would beat people indiscriminately.

But now dealing with Xiao Yan is different, he can only use Wu Chi to deal with Xiao Yan.

He really doesn’t know Xiao Yan’s realm, but he can kill High Priest, defeat Bloom, and kill Sun Lesser Dragon. How could such a person be a simple character?

So he can’t be careless.

“big brother…” Wu Chi came to the great hall and shouted.

“Wu Chi, would you like your big brother to do something for me?” Martial Sovereign looked at Wu Chi indifferently and said.

“Okay, what does the big brother want me to do?” Wu Chi said blankly.

“It’s not a major event, the big brother just needs you to kill someone that’s all.” Martial Sovereign said with a sneer.

“Okay, okay, Wu Chi likes killing people the most. Are you good at killing this person?”

“He is very powerful, he is probably a half immortal, the most suitable martial idiot.” Martial Sovereign said with a smile.

“Okay, okay, big brother, who is this person?”

“Xiao Yan.”


In fact, Xiao Yan did all of this.

It has been almost a month since Xiao Yan came to Earth, and he almost figured out the situation here.

In China, there are ten such Underground City cities, and in each Underground City city, the upper floors are controlled by Martial Sovereign people.

On the surface, human beings are in control of their own destiny, but in fact, this Martial Sovereign controls them all in one hand.

Martial Sovereign has set up its own strongholds in various cities. Xiao Yan ordered sound transmission to the cultivators who came with him to remove all Martial Sovereign strongholds.

As for Martial Sovereign, let him deal with it personally.

Xiao Yan came to Earth to find the secret location, but before he came, Nuwa and the others not at all revealed too much information to Xiao Yan and asked Xiao Yan to do whatever he wanted.

Xiao Yan didn’t look for that secret place either. Now that Earth is controlled by others, how can he be content with the status quo.

So he must free Earth anyway.

So he secretly sound transmission to everyone on Earth, let them cooperate with each other, pull out all the strongholds of this Martial Sovereign.

Xiao Yan stays at home, Lin Qian Renxue and Qianxun are playing.

Suddenly Xiao Yan felt a powerful breath approaching.

Xiao Yan went out quickly.

I saw a big man standing in front of his house.

Xiao Yan was a little surprised. He set up a cloud array in front of his house. Most people would get lost when they came here. But the person in front of him didn’t even get lost, and came directly to the door of his house.

So Xiao Yan was extremely surprised.

“Who you are?” Xiao Yan looked at him indifferently asked.

Xiao Yan looked at him, this man’s cultivation base is so high, it seems that he is a half immortal.

It is not easy to see Banxian on Earth.

Although he knew that the Divine King must be in control of Earth, he really hadn’t noticed the half immortal born on Earth.

The man who came now is a half immortal, which surprised him a bit.

“I am Wu Chi, big brother let me kill you.”

This is?

Xiao Yan was surprised again, this big man seemed to be insufficient.

Perhaps it is because of this mental insufficiency that he will not be fooled by Xiao Yan’s cloud formation, so he can walk straight here.

“Who is your big brother?” Xiao Yan asked again.

“The big brother is my Martial Sovereign, I am Wu Chi, I am here to kill you today!”

Speaking, the spirit strength on his body suddenly skyrocketed, and endless power moved towards Xiao Yan surged in. The rolling force seemed to travel through time and space, and in a flash, the face door moved towards Xiao Yan flew over.

Xiao Yan waved a big hand, canceling out the power.

“Wu is obsessed with martial arts, obsessed with martial arts, really better than the average half immortal.” Xiao Yan couldn’t help but sigh.

Xiao Yan was secretly frightened. If he hadn’t been to the Divinity King Realm now, maybe he would be hurt by this Wu Chi if he was not careful.

“Didn’t expect you to have such a powerful force?” Xiao Yan sighed lightly.

“I will kill you!”

Wu Chi said again, suddenly the endless power moved towards Xiao Yan rushed over again.

Xiao Yan did not hide, Xiao Yan suddenly found the shadow of the Earth cultivation technique in his spirit strength.

Is it?

Is there any connection with the secret place that this martial idiot Nuwa said?

Xiao Yan waved his big hand to offset Wu Chi’s attack, and then knocked Wu Chi out with one hand.

“It looks like I’m going to find this Martial Sovereign.”