Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1218


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From Wu Chi’s words, Xiao Yan can know that Martial Sovereign asked him to kill himself.

Martial Sovereign obviously wants to control Earth. Now all cultivators on Earth have been eradicated, so the people from their fairyland can come to Earth unscrupulously.

It’s just that Xiao Yan doesn’t know why he controls Earth.

Earth was invaded back then, and its value has been squeezed out. Is it necessary for them to control Earth?

Xiao Yan thought, but he felt Earth’s cultivation technique from Wu Chi’s spirit strength.

Is there any connection between what Wu Chi has learned and Earth?

So about this matter, he must go to Martial Sovereign to ask clearly.

Also, if he wants to make the humans on Earth independent, he must eradicate Martial Sovereign.

Xiao Yan came to Kyoto. Compared to the place where they first came, Kyoto is more prosperous.

Kyoto is the capital of China, and now that after so many years, Kyoto is still prosperous. This is inseparable from the efforts of the people of China.

When I came to Kyoto, Xiao Yan felt a different breath.

Although the cultivator of this World has been basically eliminated, Xiao Yan obviously feels a lot of Spiritual Qi fluctuations, which means that there are actually a lot of cultivators in this Kyoto crouching tiger hidden dragon.

Although Kyoto is not the old Kyoto, but the current Kyoto is full of prosperous atmosphere. As soon as Xiao Yan arrived here, a fierce breath struck him, billowing spirit strength assaults the senses.

Endless power gushes out.

This is a semi-immortal strength, is it Martial Sovereign?

Suddenly a black clothed youngster stood in front of Xiao Yan.

“Didn’t expect to see a cultivator above this Earth?” The black clothed youngster pointed to Xiao Yan and said.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you know what happened to Earth ten thousand years ago?” youngster asked.


“The Great-Immortal Domain attacked the crime domain ten thousand years ago and wiped out all the cultivators of the crime domain. This World should be an impossible cultivator of the guilty domain, so where did you come from?” Youngster looked at it. Xiao Yan asked.

“Which fairyland are you from?” Xiao Yan asked rhetorically.

“For the people in the sin domain, my best answer to you is to kill you!” the youngster said, moving towards Xiao Yan with a punch.

With a punch, he made this fist, as if distorting time and space, and the whole space was shaking.

The endless spirit strength is pouring towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan stood there, looking at the youngster faintly.

“hehe…you dare to scream in Earth!”

Xiao Yan stayed there, taking a faint step.

Suddenly, endless power surged out, and billowing power burst out.


The spirit strength gushes out, and the endless spirit strength begins to explode.

The whole ground began to vibrate.

If they hadn’t left their hands in the end, they might have destroyed the entire place.

Under the explosion, the youngster was injured, but Xiao Yan did not suffer any injuries.

How is it possible?

The man looked at Xiao Yan incredulously.

“Why are you all right?” he asked, looking at Xiao Yan.

“Because your vision is too low, you can’t see my realm at all.” Xiao Yan released the pressure.


Suddenly, endless coercion pressed on that person, and the rolling force pressed on him like the sea.

He knelt down all at once.


“Why are you?”

“Are you the legendary Divine King?”

He looked at Xiao Yan in horror, how could it be possible, how could there be a Divine King in a place like Earth where birds don’t shit?

“Why are you here?”

The man looked at Xiao Yan in disbelief.

“If you tell me a few questions and answer them, I can spare your life.” Xiao Yan indifferently said.

“Yes, yes, Divine King, I will answer whatever you ask.” The man knelt down and begged for mercy.

“Who you are?” Xiao Yan asked, looking into his eyes.

“Report to Divine King, the villain is from the phantom fairyland.” The person said quickly.

Seeing his appearance, Xiao Yan didn’t want to be lying, and then asked: “What is your purpose in coming to Earth, and why are you stopping me here?”

“Report to Divine King that the villain does not know your identity. The villain came to Earth to find the secrets on Earth, but I haven’t found it for so many years. Later, I joined forces with Martial Sovereign, and Martial Sovereign told me that there will be someone today Come to Kyoto, let me stop here.”

The man said quickly.

“Martial Sovereign again?” Xiao Yan frowned.

“All of this is designed by Martial Sovereign, it doesn’t matter to small ones.”

“Martial Sovereign said you must know the secret of Earth, so let me stop you here.” The man said quickly.

Xiao Yan suddenly felt that this Martial Sovereign was not simple. First he asked Wu Chi to ambush him, and then he found such a scapegoat to test himself. It seems that Martial Sovereign has some intentions.

If this child is not removed, it will definitely become a disaster in the future, so Xiao Yan will kill this Martial Sovereign anyway.

“Where is Martial Sovereign? Take me to find her!” Xiao Yan said coldly.


The black clothed youngster responded quickly.

Speaking, he led Xiao Yan to the Jinluan Temple.

I came to the Jinluan Temple, but there was no one here, and Martial Sovereign had already escaped.

Xiao Yan understands, it seems that everything here is designed by Martial Sovereign.

Martial Sovereign knew that his younger brother had gone or not. He must have met someone who was difficult to deal with, so he recruited another scapegoat. When Xiao Yan confronted the scapegoat, this Martial Sovereign escaped.

“What about Martial Sovereign?” Xiao Yan asked.

“Xian…Divine King, was he here just now?”

“I, I, I… I don’t know where he went?”

The man said tremblingly.

Xiao Yan is a little angry. This Martial Sovereign is really cunning. It seems that if you want to deal with Martial Sovereign, you should really work hard.

While speaking, suddenly, the gate of the Jinluan Temple was closed, and suddenly a large formation rose from the bottom of Xiao Yan’s feet.

The big formation trapped Xiao Yan like a cage. Xiao Yan knew about this Formation. This was the trapped fairy formation, and it was their Earth method.

Martial Sovereign actually knows the Law of Earth. Over the years, he must have discovered something in Earth.

So Xiao Yan must find Martial Sovereign anyway.

The trapped fairy formation rises, trapping Xiao Yan in it.

Xiao Yan looked at the sleepy immortal formation, endless power began to restrain Xiao Yan’s power.

The trapped fairy formation is called the trapped fairy formation because it can trap even the Divine King.

However, Xiao Yan did not show the slightest panic on his face.

“It’s over, it’s a sleepy immortal formation, didn’t expect Martial Sovereign to frame me!” the man shouted frantically.

“Divine King, it’s over, we are all hit by Martial Sovereign.”

“Martial Sovereign, wait for me to go out, I must let you die.”

Xiao Yan calmly looked at the sleepy fairy formation, not at all what a wave of expression, and saw him wave his hand.

The endless divine force gushes out, and the divine light on your hand shines brightly.



Suddenly, the endless immortal strength spread out, and the rolling strength flooded the entire great hall.

Suddenly, endless divine light gushes from Xiao Yan’s hand.

The billowing air wave rises from the soles of Xiao Yan’s feet.

Xiao Yan looked at all this calmly, without any waves in his eyes.

The person next to him saw Xiao Yan’s divine force, and couldn’t help being shocked: How could it be that this person is not the Divine King?

How could even the Divine King break through the fairy formation?

Is this person above the fairy?

He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Xiao Yan didn’t have time to care for him, and strode out of the Jinluan Temple.

Xiao Yan flew in the sky, he began to use his immortal strength to lock in the breath of Martial Sovereign.

Martial Sovereign comes from the Immortal Martial Immortal domain. The breath of the Immortal Martial Immortal domain is different from the breath of other immortal domains. The breath of the Immortal Martial Immortal domain Xiao Yan can be locked.

He has never seen Martial Sovereign, otherwise he can directly lock in the breath of Martial Sovereign, and now he can only look for them one by one.

Xiao Yan still admires Martial Sovereign’s methods.

But since the other party wants to play, he can stay with him to the end.

Xiao Yan immediately sounded all the people he brought to him and asked them to help find the whereabouts of Martial Sovereign all over the world.

The people who came to this World with him are scattered all over the World, so it is not difficult for him to find Martial Sovereign.

Xiao Yan suddenly sensed a different breath from many races, and this breath was very similar to that of Wu Chi.

Xiao Yan fought with Wu Chi, so he is very familiar with this aura.

Xiao Yan went directly to the Tearing Space and came to that place.

This place is a folding space of Earth.

This is all plains, vast meadows that are endless.

It looks like a wilderness, without people.

A man wearing golden armor and dashing eyebrows feet is standing on the grassland.

He looked into the distance.

“Xiao Yan Divine King, you finally came.” Martial Sovereign indifferently said.

“Are you Martial Sovereign?” Xiao Yan asked.

“Yes, it’s under.” Martial Sovereign replied politely.

“You are a good strategy, even I was fooled by you.” Xiao Yan said indifferently.

“Xiao Yan Divine King, all this is helpless. Please forgive me Xiao Yan Divine King.” Martial Sovereign said quickly.


“Xiao Yan Divine King, please listen to me slowly.” Martial Sovereign.

“You said.” Xiao Yan.

“Actually, I know that Xiao Yan Divine King you are coming to me, so I can’t just wait and die. I want to negotiate with Xiao Yan Divine King, but I know Xiao Yan Divine King doesn’t negotiate with ordinary people, so I did something Small means.” Martial Sovereign.

“Well, you succeeded in attracting my attention and said, what are you going to talk about?” Xiao Yan asked.

“Xiao Yan Divine King, do you know Xian Wu Ji?” Martial Sovereign said suddenly.

Xianwu Ji?

Xiao Yan, as an Earth person, how could he not know Xianwu Ji?

When he was still in Earth cultivation, he had heard of the legendary Xianwu Ji. It was a distant era. At that time, Hongmeng hadn’t been opened, the roads were different, and all kinds of roads stood in great numbers.

There are thousands of avenues, all in the ages, and a hundred flowers bloom.

The people behind all call that era Xianwu Ji.

It’s just a legend that’s all, because no one has seen that era, so no one knows what the real Xianwu Ji is?

Xiao Yan doesn’t know why he proposed the Xianwu Ji, but since he proposed the Xianwu Ji, there is naturally his reason.

“I know Xian Wu Ji, what do you want to say?” Xiao Yan.