Doulou Dalu’s Ultimate God of War Chapter 1219


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“Xiao Yan Divine King, in fact, I used to think that you are at most a half immortal, maybe just an expert of other immortal domains. Later, I heard news from our people in immortal domain, and I heard your name, I I realized that Earth also has a Xiao Yan Divine King.”

“Later I asked my younger brother to come to you. My younger brother is invincible among the half immortals. He can’t beat you. You must be Xuanzun.”

“So I have more confidence in your identity as Xiao Yan Divine King, but I still don’t worry. I found a half immortal from the Phantom Fairy Realm to test you. Now I know, the one standing in front of me is let Xiao Yan Divine King Xiao Yan of each Great-Immortal Domain become terror-stricken at the news.” Martial Sovereign slowly explained.

Xiao Yan looked at him calmly, not at all talking.

“After I learned that you were Xiao Yan Divine King, I knew I couldn’t escape your hand, so I set up this plan and wanted to negotiate with you.” Martial Sovereign.

“What do you want to talk to me?” Xiao Yan asked calmly.

“Xiao Yan Divine King, what if I told you I found the site of the Xianwu Period?” Martial Sovereign indifferently said.

“So you want to exchange the Xianwuji ruins for your life?” Xiao Yan asked indifferently.

“Xiao Yan Divine King is really smart.” Martial Sovereign indifferently said.

Xiao Yan looked at Martial Sovereign. This person is different from ordinary people. He is sinister and cunning, and has a different kind of breath from ordinary people in his body.

So he must not believe what he said.

However, the site of the Xianwu Period has a great temptation for Xiao Yan.

“If he can find the site of the Xianwu Period, he will have a breakthrough from that thousands of avenues.”

“Okay, I promise you, then you tell me where the Xianwuji ruins are?” Xiao Yan asked.

“Xiao Yan Divine King, although I am afraid of death, I am not that stupid.”

“If I tell you where the ruins are, you might kill me immediately, so I can’t tell you.” Martial Sovereign said quickly.

“So how do you want to save your life?” Xiao Yan asked.

“Xiao Yan Divine King, I can take you to find the Xianwuji ruins. When you find it, Xiao Yan Divine King enters the ruins by himself, so there will be no chance to chase me down.” Martial Sovereign indifferently said.

“Okay, I promise you.” Xiao Yan agreed directly.

Martial Sovereign was also refreshed. Seeing Xiao Yan agreed, he went straight to Tearing Space and took Xiao Yan to the site of the Xianwu Period.

Martial Sovereign is a half immortal in the Martial Immortal realm. For a half immortal like him, it is very simple to want Tearing Space.

I saw that this is a special space. There is nothing but a strange passage in the space.

The passage is dark and you can’t see where it leads inside.

“Xiao Yan Divine King is the site of the Xianwu Period.” Martial Sovereign said immediately.

Xiao Yan probed with a Divine Consciousness meaning points.

This is a very strange place. As the Divine King, his Divine Consciousness can’t get in at all.

What is going on here?

“Xiao Yan Divine King, you promised that I would let me go.” Martial Sovereign.

“I promised, let’s go!” Xiao Yan waved lightly.

After talking, Xiao Yan strode into the passage, whether it was the site of the Xianwu Period or not, the mysterious here is worth his investigation.

Seeing Xiao Yan walk in, Martial Sovereign has a crafty smile on his face.

“hahahaha…what Xiao Yan Divine King, but the name is that’s all, I just used a little trick to get fooled.”

“I don’t know where it is, I only know that there have been countless Divine Kings here, but now they have never been out.”

“hahaha… Xiao Yan Divine King, who didn’t expect dignified, had such a bad mind. I originally set a higher level for him. Didn’t expect him to be deceived like this. This is not the World of a powerhouse. It is the World of a wise man.”

“Xiao Yan, you can rest here. As for your wife and children, let me raise them for you!”

Martial Sovereign laughed and said with a smile, he was extremely proud of standing and laughing.

Just then.

Suddenly he felt a sense of fear in his heart.

“What is this?”

A kind of extreme fear appeared in his heart, as if it was an Extreme power, Extreme Death Power.

As if countless demons are holding his heart, as long as he squeezes the heart, he will definitely die.

He never felt this feeling.


“What the hell is this?”

He shouted, suddenly, fear gradually covering his body, as if his heart was pinched burst general, endless pain rise in the mind.

That’s a heartache!


He shouted frantically.

But it was useless. Suddenly, he felt his heart stop beating, and he was frozen in place.

The whole body began to dissipate gradually.

Martial Sovereign directly turns into flying ash, the soul flew away and scattered.

In the tunnel.

Xiao Yan stood in it, indifferently said: “Little tricks, I just don’t want to expose that’s all.”

“Because from the moment I wanted to kill you, you were already a dead person.”

“As for what little action a dead man wants to do, who is interested in studying it?”

Xiao Yan said, strode into the passage.

The passage is very deep and dark, with nothing to see.

Xiao Yan borrowed light, and the strong light irradiated the empty passage, and Xiao Yan kept going deep.

It didn’t matter at the beginning, it just got deeper and deeper, which made Xiao Yan feel more and more unusual here.

When Xiao Yan set foot on this road, he was shocked, because this road is full of bones and devilishness lingers everywhere.

An avenue paved by endless bones emerges in endless void, leading to an unknown space. Is this the road to Xianwu Ji?

Remote and deep, as if there is no end, no end, ignoring the sound of this space, the profound bone road cast by the endless road of bones, silent, like a piece of silent dead world since ancient times, it looks strange and yet Terrifying makes people feel chilly.

This is beyond Xiao Yan’s cognition, and there seems to be something wrong with the endless path of death in front of him.

With so many bones, I don’t know what kind of battle happened at that time to fall so many people and there will be so many bones.

As Xiao Yan walked forward, he suddenly found that the bones behind him had disappeared. There was no way back, only the way forward!

An incredibly deep avenue of bones drove him into an incredibly weird and terrifying space.

between Heaven and Earth is extremely dim, not too dark, but not to mention there is light, one after another ghostly spirit floating in the air, looking forward to the vast expanse of whiteness, the earth is full of bones , Full of endless Death Aura.

No sound, no vitality, dead silence!

Xiao Yan found that his Divine Consciousness could only reach one mile at most. It seemed that he had an uncontestable force, confining this space, and wanted to try to fly, but he failed several times. Glide out for more than a hundred meters away.

His power seems to be gone! No, after careful inspection, he found that it was not disappearing, but infinitely weakened. Not only that, all martial skills are infinitely weakened, and they fall back to a difficult-to-fly situation.

Xiao Yan felt a panic! Why is this happening? Is his cultivation base abolished!

Xiao Yan is very frightened. After all, this is a strange world. Only strength is the guarantee of survival.

Walking on the endless bones, Xiao Yan advances in this vast expanse of bones, trying to find a clue.

“This is… what is this?”

Xiao Yan was so surprised that he found a golden light splendid skeleton among the bones!

terrifying space!

Weird place!

Xiao Yan lightly scratched the golden skeleton, the golden skeleton shattered silently, Xiao Yan was startled for a while, didn’t his magic power have gone backwards? Why is there such a power? You must know that this is the skeleton of Saint Archmage, and it cannot be shaken by a repairer who is not flying smoothly!

After continuous observation and experimentation on this piece of World, Xiao Yan finally knew the essence of the problem after one hour.

It wasn’t that he had a problem, it was a problem with this space.

Suppress everything!

When Xiao Yan cultivation base is here, it is just barely able to fly 100 meters.

Why is this and what kind of place is here? Xiao Yan’s heart is full of endless questions.

We must understand what kind of space this is. Xiao Yan is advancing and exploring in the vast sea of ​​bones, otherwise he will always feel uneasy.

I finally saw the scene except for the bones. In front of me, there was a huge stone tablet as high as twenty zhang, standing among the white bones, which looked dignified and eye-catching.

Step by step, Xiao Yan frowned, looking at the giant monument.

On the ancient huge stone tablet, there are a few lines full of vicissitudes of life carved with large characters, but he doesn’t know a single one!

However, under the deep gaze of both eyes, the lettering on the ancient stone stele burst into his mind with a burst of dark light in an instant, turning into a Mental brand.

A tall silhouette, all in the mist, without any energy fluctuations, standing quietly in the sky, exuding an aura of infinite distance, as if it had come from the past, slowly opened the mouth and said: “Destiny, I will never give in!”

The sound of the wind whistled past, in the endless white bones, there were whimpers, the “crunching” of the blowing, and the desolate and dead bones were exceptionally desolate.

Xiao Yan stared blankly at the huge stone tablet as high as twenty zhang. There was an ancient demonic path that had been silent for endless years. It seemed that the age had been forgotten by everyone!

Take a step back and take a step back, ten thousand zhang, the abyss!

The shocking warning words had to be taken seriously by him. The front of the monument seemed to be not at all dangerous. It was still a boneless land, but Xiao Yan did not dare to despise it. He stepped cautiously and moved forward two times cautiously. In the land, a dark great valley intercepted in front, cutting off the land.

I don’t know how wide the canyon is, and I can’t see the end. Now Xiao Yan Divine Consciousness can only explore a few miles, and it’s impossible to find out the true width. Moreover, I don’t know how deep the canyon is. thousand zhang The abyss is generally unfathomable, and the sound of gloomy wind and ghost whistling comes from below the dark great valley, whimpering.

For this piece of World, this is equivalent to an insurmountable moat that cannot be crossed at all!

Xiao Yan saw a dark continent on the other side of the canyon. Is that the Xianwu Period?

Although he saw Xianwu Ji, how can he get past this sky?

Xiao Yan kept looking at the other side, his ability was suppressed here, and the impossible flew over.

At this time, he saw a huge chain linking at both ends.

But this is a chain, and it is impossible to settle down, but now Xiao Yan has no choice but to take a risk.

He stepped on the chain, step by step, cautiously moved towards the front!