Douluo Dalu 4 – Final Douluo Chapter 670

    Rayzer looked at five of the lights on the head of the city, and there was no darkness in the heart. These five little Brat! He saw the situation on the battlefield, too. Shrek Academy students exhibited formidable fighting power beyond what he expected.

    More than thirty, like one. He just called Shrek Academy and asked. The answer was that the thirty-three students came from Shrek Academy Stellar Battle Experimental Class. That’s the only explanation given by the Academy, not at all.

    Stellar Battle Experimental Class, it seems Shrek Academy has never been. But there must be a unique place to be tested by known as. The fact is also proof of this point. These young children show formidable fighting power. Command is determined, in cooperation with the Mercedes. Some Martial Soul didn’t even see Reese.

    Especially at this point, it’s breakthrough’s five people, even more shocking.

    As he can see from the fight in previously, this class is one of the weakest. And it is clear that everyone is very pleased with him.

    At the beginning, he just thought Lan Xuanyu meant that there was a high level of natural talent in play. But when he sees Lan Xuanyu helping the other four people breakthrough, and everyone else sits around him at a time, Rezelle understands that this young man is not just a token.

    Either Elven Kings Bow or Five Elements Qilin, or Golden Behemoth and White Dragon King. These Martial Soul, they’ve never seen Reese.

    But I’ve never seen it before, formidable. He must have been able to distinguish!

    These young Little Brat are so shocking. Shrek Academy seems to be going to have another batch of soul Master.

    “Letters, Law Enforcement Team focused on Shrek Academy. If they continue to participate in the war, care must be taken not to risk any of the students of Shrek Academy.”

    “General Command, this does not seem to be in conformity with Doutian Master’s rules.” A staff member said it loudly.

    Razor indifferently said: “They are the future of the Federation. At least, here I am, I will not allow any of them to happen. If Doutian Department has any problems after it, let them look directly at me.”


    Doutian Department, War God Temple, all of which exist in peace with the Department of Military Affairs. In particular, Doutian Department, the internal composition is complex. But for Reese, he’s General. But it’s also Shrek Academy Senior. Although he didn’t even get into Inner Court learning. However, the feelings of Shrek Academy are getting deeper. What’s the point of responsibility?


    third round of fighting is finally over. And this time, the base side did not immediately begin the next round of fighting, but also took a rest, and Soul Guidance Cannon began to strengthen the fire. You use cannon fire to suppress those SourceDragon who are not afraid of death and are still on the loop.

    The shock bomb was the most important method of attack, and unceasingly retreated Source Dragon, but it was difficult to hurt their solid body.

    Yuanen Huihui was the first to open pair of eyes, on Faerie Dragon eggs above his head, White light was opened, multicolored wings were opened, and the pure Faerie Dragon was not scales, but feathers. It’s like a beautiful bird, spinning over the top of Yuanen Huihui. But silhouette began to become increasingly fantastic, and finally, noiselessly’s integrated with Yuanen Huihui in the body vanish from sight.

    breakthrough complete, six Rings Huihui. Moreover, his Soul Power has risen directly to the standard close to six Rings Peak-Stage. More than two years of repression, Soul Power will not disappear, let alone Faerie Dragon’s integration. Although there was no test, he was also able to feel that his cultivation base had risen a lot, particularly Soul Power, very much.

    subconsciously, he’s looking at Tang Yuge opposite.

    And that’s when Tang Yuge opened the pair of eyes. After her, a Qilin slowed up, silhouette slipped out, a ray of light blew out of some Qilin, two Qilin faintly discernible, intertwined with each other. Eventually integrated with her in the body vanish from sight.

    Seven Rings Soul Saint! Tang Yuge has officially become Soul Master of the High Level.

    Yuanen Huihui curl one’s lip, and it won’t take long to make Soul Saint, hmph!

    Silver light, one after another silver scratch, finally builds into his hand a silver long spear, sillong spear covering white scales, and re-programming long spear white. He’s around the body silver light, and in the air there are many stringent strings of fragmentation.

    Thorn Dragon Soul Spirit, full integration!

    Roar – ”A roar resounds, Qian Lei’s standing up, his arms open on both sides of body, looking forward to the sky and yelling at deaf ears.

    His body began to grow continuously, turning its eyes out six metres away, until it stopped growing close to seven metres.

    The whole body golden hair seems to be bleak, but it’s getting deeper. In a pair of eyes, the evil light shines.

    Strong blood energy fluctuation, the next moment, his vision is Lan Xuanyu, naturally, still sitting on his knees. The hole in the eye suddenly erupted.

    Lan Xuanyu opened the pair of eyes, and his eyes turned into golden, and looked for aloaloof and remote Qian Lei pair of eyes, “What are you doing?”

    By his golden eyes, the Vicious Qi in Qian Lei’s eyes was dispersed, with strength shaking, body shrinking and turning back into human shape.

    Lan Xuanyu said, “You have to control yourself.”

    Qian Lei nodded, said, “Yes, Golden Fatty, as he gets stronger, is also becoming more heinous. If I hadn’t Spiritual Power formidable, there would be a real risk of losing control.”

    “Do you want a face?” Lan Mengqin ill-humoredly said.

    Qian Lei hehe smiled, “Without you, you’re not strong!”

    Lan Mengqin said, “I don’t know what my Spiritual Power is, how do you know I’m stronger than you?”

    Qian Lei said, “Because you’re right!”

    Lan Mengqin turned a white eye and stopped taking care of him.

    “Boss, why haven’t you started yet? I already have some cannot help. Wow, haha, I’ve at least doubled my strength!” Qian Lei was struggling to pick up the land. The metal on the head of the city was stepped out of two laps.

    Lan Xuanyu stood up, and the sense of silence felt a change in partners. At this juncture, their little team is able to get real out of its own power.

    Looking beyond the city and under the bombing of Soul Guidance Cannon, the Soul Guidance Cannon and the shock bomb, the Source Dragon crowd seems to have become more violent.

    After the first three rounds of fighting, almost one third source Dragon was killed. If this changes the human forces, more than one third of the casualties, I’m afraid the morale will collapse. But these Source Dragon still seem to be on the way. There is no trend towards graduation, and it does not seem to be complete without death.

    “Prepare to fight. The fourth round should be much more intense than previously. Ten of us, mainly for 6th Rank Source Dragon take action. Zhuohan, you’re on your side with stability, and if you find no resistance, send us a signal immediately. Then retreat. Don’t love war. Safety first.”

    “Understood.” Ding Zhuohan stretched two fingers, moving towards Lan Xuanyu.

    That is when cannon fire stopped, protective shield finally opened again. Fourth round of fighting, it’s starting!

    On the head of the city, more than 50 per cent of Mecha fighters were hugged down and went straight ahead. And a large number of Source Dragon was put in.

    “Go!” Lan Xuanyu, with the same moved towards the downtown. Fight continues!

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