Douluo Dalu 4 – Final Douluo Chapter 671

    Yu Tian was light flashed, and that giant Tree Snake Soul Spirit was released. The giant snake tail struck down the ground, and rely on Rebound Strength picked up the dropping out of the sky’s Yu Tian.

    Lan Xuanyu fell, standing on Tree Snake’s huge head. Feel him coming, Tree Snake sends a pleasant low yelling, a Golden Marked Blue Silver Grass around its beneath it, leaving a layer of faint golden light all over its body.

    Tree Snake is obviously a big circle, and the scales on it are a little drum, and there’s about golden glow flashing up there.

    Yu Tian holds Mo Blade, Soul Power rises around his body, shows a general status like flame, and continues to grow and climb.

    He’s not burning his own Martial Soul, but that’s what it was. His Mo Blade Treating Way, the stronger the imposing way to fight power.

    Others are all around them, still Qian Lei, who is in the hands of that huge Meteor Hammer, both Tang Yuge and Bai Xiuxiu, respectively.

    Liu Feng turned into a silver light, noiselessly swimming around.

    Lan Mengqin, a Dark-green silhouette showed up, was Jade Phoenix. Jade Phoenix inherited her body, flying at low altitude. And she sat on Jade Phoenix’s back, like a fairy, floating.

    Lin Donghui, on the other side, sat outside five metres with a giant lion with golden-red flames. This is his Soul Spirit Flame Lion-Type Soul Beast, the strongest of fire Attribute Lion-Type Soul Beast, and he’s extremely compatibility.

    Bing Tianliang is surrounded by lights and appears to be ready to leave any place at present.

    A body that’s clean but wings in multicolored Faerie Dragon is dancing. After the complete integration of Imaginary Faerie Dragon and Yuanen Huihui, it has become apparent that Yuanen Huihui is sitting on it.

    Ten silhouette pooled forces to the source Dragon crowd.

    Look at one by one of them who showed Soul Spirit out, and don’t say those Mecha Master and Doutian Master look stupid, even Lan Xuanyu. He can’t stop thinking about it. He can own a formidable Soul Spirit.

    Beast God Di Tian didn’t wake up and scream. He said he could wake up once a year to help himself answer the confusion, and then simply never woke up.


    you can ride Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King, as long as 1,000 zhang, that would be awesome, but Golden-Eyed Black Dragon King simply is not his Soul Spirit.

    But Lan Xuanyu is convinced that Beast God Di Tian will come if he really is in danger, or he will not live.

    Qian Lei and Golden Fatty were integrated, up to six metres tall and took over Meteor Hammer into the Source Dragon group.

    so he hasn’t reached five Rings, and Golden Fatty’s period of integration already has very strong strength, and the body grew up, and suddenly the power was suddenly raised, all golden’s hairs swept up, and he blew that Meteor Hammer up and smashed dozens of Source Dragon instantly. He walked on a big step, and the imposing manner went through, and even the senior source Dragon was deterred by him.

    Bai Xiuxiu, on his side, gathered the Ice Dragon Gun, constantly stabbed, and SourceDragon’s strong defense was as if there was no general presence before her.

    Tang Yuge on the other side is stronger, and she is already Seven Rings Soul Saint, although she has not yet assembled Soul Nucleus, the evolving dry Qilin Martial Soul made her the absolute first powerhouse in the team.

    She spreads white light with no difficulty through a source Dragon body and grabs Dragon Source Crystal.

    that time, Lan Xuanyu didn’t take the body because it was too late. Liu Feng traveled between Source Dragon and took Dragon Source Crystal, who was killed by partners.

    Ten of them were like a scroll knife and quickly inserted into the Source Dragon group. Lin Donghui was sitting on the back of the Flame Lion King, the last round of sunrays of light shining, and one by one Fireball was constantly fired, then blew up in the surrounding source Dragon crowd and prevented more Source Dragon from coming around.

    Yuanen Huihui in the air sat steadily on the back of Imaginary Faerie Dragon, holding a long bow, like a proud dragon Knight, but he didn’t even at all rush to attack and seemed to be building energy.

    The rest of Stellar Battle Experimental Class, who, at this time, had fallen into the city, gathered together, under Ding Zhuohan’s command, followed them by ten others, to kill the source Dragon, who had broken the shape.

    Soon, Lan Xuanyu saw a 6th Rank Source Dragon.

    Qian Lei shouted and went up with Meteor Hammer. That’s a Star Tyrant Source Dragon, who killed them before, looks the same as Source Dragon.


    threat was felt, Star Tyrant Source Dragon went back, the huge tail was dumped and moved towards Qian Lei broke the past with a tattoo of golden light and a strong gold sophistication.

    In the “peng” loud, two Meteor Hammer collided instantly. The Meteor Hammer of Qian Lei was hit, and the Star Tyrant Source Dragon’s tail was swept out, and several Source Dragon was blown around.

    It’s not cheap to split the autumn.

    Lan Xuanyu looked at it, and Fatty evolved so powerful, so Star Tyrant Source Dragon was 6th Rank Source Dragon, with the power of the famous 6th Rank Source Dragon.

    Golden Behemoth is a well-valued formidable presence, even Teacher Nana.


    the time collision seems to inspire Golden Behemoth, and Qian Lei suddenly smashed Meteor Hammer threw away from his hand again, but the time Meteor Hammer was removed. At the same time, he poked up.

    Yu Tian, who stood in front of Lan Xuanyu, and Mo Blade was raised, and he saw Qian Lei like that, and he couldn’t help turn his head on Lan Xuanyu. “Did this guy forget that he had a team friend and how he was so strong?”

    Qian Lei threw away 的Meteor Hammer 砸得Star Tyrant Source Dragon 一个staggerered ,向后倒退,然后它的肩膀就被Qian Lei 的一双大手抓住了。

    Six metres tall Qian Lei was halfway higher than Star Tyrant Source Dragon, and a red flame was fired from the whole body of wooden suddenly after a pair of palm with sharp claw’s shoulders.

    The next moment, an appalling scene emerged, and his hands were three times bigger than originally, and his arms were twice as strong as they were.

    pu, he ripped Star Tyrant Source Dragon body.

    The people who are hitting the front have to stop. What’s the situation?

    Everyone’s a little back to God. Didn’t you say that all right was working together to kill 6th Rank Source Dragon, Qian Lei, a man who killed Source Dragon, and he was so cruel?

    “ao” Qian Lei shouted with anger, and red flames on his body had risen sharply, growing up on his hands, spreading out with a sharp bullet of more than a metre. He didn’t use that Meteor Hammer anymore, so he hit the forward source Dragon.

    His arms started with that huge sharp claw, where Star Tyrant Source Dragon fell.

    “The kid went into a ravage status, followed him.” Lan Xuanyu shouted, shouted his partners and ran behind Qian Lei.

    Qian Lei, under the ravage status, is clearly out of control, although very powerful. For him, sharp claw, the metal body of Source Dragon was unable to withstand a single blow. His sharp claw waved out and could be resolved as soon as he touched Source Dragon.

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