Douluo Dalu 4 – Final Douluo Chapter 672

    Look, they’re going to kill the Source Dragon group in the front, and they’re going into the enemy that has fought with Mecha Master.

    Lan Xuanyu complexion changed, and then Qian Lei status was wrong, and once he had to go, it might have affected soldiers of the military, Mecha, even the source Dragon body, and he did not believe that the military Mecha could be resisted.

    “Qian Lei!” Lan Xuanyu loudly shouted, purple light spiritual power erupted instantly.

    Qian Lei body stalled and then turned his head around looking towards Lan Xuanyu, when Lan Xuanyu saw his two scarlet eyes.

    Lan Xuanyu came to Yu Tian and stood above Tree Snake’s head and issued a sound of deaf dragon roar.

    Golden Marked Blue Silver Grass, Third Soul Skill, Golden Dragons Roar.

    A giant golden Dragon Head translator, the deaf dragon roar, can even be heard clearly in any corner of the battlefield.

    The source Dragon around here heard this sound, shaking and shaking, seems to be affected by something. And under this dragon roar, the madness of Qian Lei’s eyes has also lost several points to Lan Xuanyu nodded, and blood light is not declining, turning to the dense source Dragon region.

    Lan Xuanyu slightly relaxed, Qian Lei’s emotion was completely uncontrolled and understood what it meant in dragons roar.

    When this time is over, it’s really important to focus on upgrading Spiritual Power, otherwise the bloodline is a big problem once fighting is over. He’s at present like this crazy battle style, and it’s not easy to conquer.

    Qian Lei killed too badly, so the other people felt like nothing could even be done behind him. With Dragon Source Crystal, the high-ranking source Dragon body was taken.

    After a while, three workers, six th Rank Source Dragon, fell under sharp claw in Qian Lei. Even the defense of 6th Rank Source Dragon cannot be stopped from his sharp claw.

    And blood light on Qian Lei seems to be accompanied by slaughter becoming stronger. The aura on Bloodthirsty is also growing, and it seems that slaughter can inspire his bloodline to grow formidable.

    “Xuanyu continues to do so, and I’m afraid he’s out of control. I don’t feel well.” Lan Mengqin on Jade Phoenix said to Lan Xuanyu.

    Lan Xuanyu also felt that Qian Lei’s continuously upgraded bloodline intensity had reached a very terrifying point. Fightpower was on the rise, but between the covenant, he also felt that Qian Lei’s Life Force seemed to be passing.

    In fact, as Antiquity Species in another world, Golden Behemoth Bloodline is extremely formidable, where can humankind be compared to what it is? Although it and Qian Lei’s bloodline fusion, there’s life and Death Contract. But nature will not change. Behemoth Giant Beast was the owner of slaughter’s presence.

    Qian Lei, while suppressing the atrocities inherent in Golden Behemoth for several years, was also at the same time suppressing the atrocities inherent in Golden Behemoth, and, after the time breakthrough, the gravity suddenly increases, its seriousness was desperate. If Qian Lei had time to feel and control these forces slowly, it would certainly not be a problem, but just once breakthrough was in the fight, it would come.

    Lan Xuanyu again sent a shock to dragon roar, Golden Dragons Roar, who must be called Qian Lei back.

    However, this time Qian Lei was on blood light, and his Spiritual Power was unable to rush into his blood energy fluctuation. Qian Lei seems to have been stimulated, and the attack has become even more brutal.

    Keep going. He’s very likely Life Force is empty!

    “He can’t stop a bit.” Lan Xuanyu has a little rush.

    At this point, most of the fighting in the fourth round has already taken place, most Source Dragon has been killed, while the uncontrolled Qian Lei, before he even hit protective shield, has been rebound. Then he yelled at the company and gave protective shield a couple of claws.

    Lan Xuanyu knew it wasn’t possible, but at present he wanted to control Qian Lei, perhaps only Dragon God Transformation aura.

    Laugh on Tree Snake, Lan Xuanyu was about to show Dragon God Transformation, but at that time a green-jade light had taken the lead in Qian Lei before him.

    “Mengqin, no, he’s out of control.” Lan Xuanyu screamed.

    Lan Mengqin didn’t even listen to him, and both hands kept moving on the string, and moved towards Qian Lei in a circle of Dark-green light halo, not to control him, but to inject life aura into his source. Don’t put him in danger of a loss of life.

    Got life energy injection, Qian Lei growled and turned around.

    I saw Lan Mengqin sitting behind Jade Phoenix. The scarlet was huge in his eyes and suddenly raised himself up, and that didn’t know how many Source Dragon sharp claw killed.

    “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

    There is no doubt that if Qian Lei’s sharp claw falls, Lan Mengqin can no longer be stopped in any event.

    But that’s right now, Lan Mengqin, sitting on Jade Phoenix’s back, didn’t have any fear, charming face rises, Qian Lei, the horrendous Qian Lei, in front of look towards his chest, beautiful eyes stare, tenderly shouted, “You dare!”

    The curious scene appeared, Qian Lei, the sharp claw that had been raised up high, was not falling, and the rays of light in scarlet fell more instantly, looking at Lan Mengqin blinked in front of him, and then shaking his mouth with strength, and then he said, “No, no, no.” Then his body quickly narrowed, and golden hair on his body went around the body.

    Yu Tian said dumbfoundedly: “Is that okay? How scared is Fatty Qian?”

    Lan Xuanyu, too, smoked in his mouth and thought, “I don’t know!” How many fears are in the heart in order to be lifted immediately at Bloodthirsty’s fanatical status?

    Lan Mengqin himself has a little bit of a hairy, looking at a rapidly changing, and then sitting directly on the ground, and seemingly, complexion’s pale Qian Lei, cannot help pu “smile.

    She suddenly felt that moved towards himself, the guy who shakes his head, he said he wasn’t afraid, really some cute.

    The people have been hung up at this time, no more aggressive, but around Qian Lei.

    Bing Tianliang flew behind Qian Lei, and both hands copied him from the ground. He and Liu Feng actually got there. If Qian Lei really did to Lan Mengqin take action, they’d be able to pull Lan Mengqin off.

    Qian Lei, look at him, look at Liu Feng on the other side, open his mouth, and then turn on a white eye and faint.

    Lan Xuanyu shouted: “Get this guy on Tree Snake’s back. No, we’re going back to kill.” He’s gonna make sure Qian Lei’s safe first.

    And this shock, Qian Lei’s brutality, even the source Dragon who killed, dared to get close to them.

    As for their journey to be very smooth. When they return to the end of the city, the fourth round of fighting below is almost over.

    Back to the city, Lan Xuanyu quickly poured a bottle of sea God Lake in Qian Lei’s mouth, and then put a Endless Vitality Fruit. Lan Mengqin, a finger on him, injected life energy, helped him reconcile body.

    The next battle officially ended, and all the young people of Stellar Battle Experimental Class returned. And with them, there are also a few Black Rank Mecha. Mecha opened up and came out of it with a few soldier, and then came around to see Qian Lei after he lifted Battle Armor.

    Lan Xuanyu’s skeptical look for them, and you see these black Rank Mecha Master all stretched his thumbs to him, and then to Qian Lei, “Bull!”

    soldier’s evil is the simplest and direct, and the warriors on the battlefield are the ones they respect most. Besides, Qian Lei previously is not just as simple as warriors. Just for a while, he killed 200 Source Dragon by himself, including four six six th Rank Source Dragon.

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