Douluo Dalu 4 – Final Douluo Chapter 673

    The power of this hegemony is so shocking. It’s definitely a big general!

    That would have a future if it were to join the army.

    I was supposed to come and meet you, but I found Qian Lei fainted, so look around.

    A moment later, the life aura of Qian Lei had stabilized, both Sea God Lake and Endless Vitality Fruit, with very depressed life energy, which might take some time to compensate for his previously’s deficit, but at least it would not be dangerous.

    “Lunatic, you send him back to the rest, and let him rest.” Lan Xuanyu said to Liu Feng.

    Liu Feng nodded, get back to Qian Lei.

    Lan Xuanyu looked to the partners, saying, “The changes in Qian Lei blame me, and his Golden Behemoth should be the bloodline issue, and just breakthrough was unable to stabilize, leading to the outbreak of the bloodline. We can’t let him fight in a short time. We need to fix it.”

    Tang Yuge Road: “Nor can we blame you, because we don’t even think this situation will happen. But it actually works well, so let him release it and be able to integrate quickly with his own ability. When he gets back, he’s basically control himself. Xuanyu, I’d like to try. Next round, let me take the lead.”

    Lan Xuanyu, “What do you want to try?”

    Tang Yuge Road: “Just like Qian Lei, reckless. Didn’t you find it? He was just in the midst of the ongoing Bloodthirsty fanatical battle, growing skill and strength in his control of his own ability, which was experiencing the consumption of life force, but was also integrated with his own forces. This way I feel good. And this is the real battlefield, with real pressure and enemies. I would also like to try to promote the early reunification of Soul Nucleus. Only with Soul Nucleus, I’m really Soul Saint. And you don’t worry, I won’t lose control like him. I just want to make an all-out effort fight.”

    “Well, then we all protect you.” Lan Xuanyu nodded.

    Tang Yuge lightly smiled, looking beyond barrier, with a strong eye on rays of light.

    Yuanen Huihui, who never had a hand before, looked at her in the near future, and at this moment he suddenly felt that Tang Yuge seemed really different, and she seemed really grown up.

    Yeah! This elder sister, it’s been ten seven years. 18 years old. 18 years old is the age of majority.


    years of coexistence, although they may occasionally have some uncomfortable, they have largely been able to live together, and after all, they have grown up.

    After four rounds of fighting, the military Mecha Master also needs to be rescheduled again. Lan Xuanyu has also allowed partners to rest as soon as possible.

    Yu Tian came around and said, “captain, what period are we supposed to do with me?”

    Lan Xuanyu said, “Yuge said the next round of her main attack, torturing just breakthrough’s ability. Wait a second.”

    Yu Tian looked at Tang Yuge, and felt like he couldn’t afford to offend, “Then wait a minute.” And then he said, “My Mo Blade needs to be tortured.”

    “What are you doing with a big young man like a little girl?” Lan Xuanyu was cold.

    Yu Tian hehe smiled, “You’ll cry about the child having milk. I’m the imposing way that needs nurturing. The previous knife killed a Star Tyrant Source Dragon, and my awareness of Blade Art has risen significantly.”

    “All right, I know.” Lan Xuanyu can, of course, split up fighting, but that would inevitably be at risk. For the sake of security, he could not put anyone at risk, and the team could work together and protect each other.

    it lasted for an hour to allow everyone to rest fully, and Mecha Master has changed another batch. There are also people coming by the military to tell them that they have done a lot, and they can withdraw from the rest at any time.

    But Lan Xuanyu does not believe that at present should be withdrawn and that the rest is available for some time. They also consumed, but Lan Mengqin was there, and continued fighting was possible.

    at present, they do not have a rest period. And the source Dragon group outside barrier does not seem to have a sense of retreat, much less than death.

    The giant source Dragon of that body is no longer attacking, just looking at them in the cold direction, and the cold eyes are silent. Seems not to be all crazy in it.


    fifth round of fighting starts, barrier starts again. This time, the number of formidable Source Dragon came in more. Of these, most formidable are six th Rank Source Dragon, more than 50. There are three or four previously battlefields that have never appeared, with a height above ten meters of big guy.

    Level 7 Source Dragon! For the first time in the battlefield, there was such a presence as Level VII Source Dragon.

    These seventh grades of source Dragon not only have bodies bigger, but also varied. They seem a bit like giant dragon appearance, just the body’s more fat, with wings that don’t allow them to fly, but they seem to have a role to help them improve their weight load and allow them to float in the air for a short time.


    Seventh Source Dragon venture showed a strange golden, not Dark-gold of the General Source Dragon, but golden, with some passage, and a layer of light halo.

    People went down to the city, Tang Yuge headed to Lan Xuanyu: “The body of the seventh grade source Dragon, and it’s not supposed to be the stage of rare metal. I’ll try and attack one of them. If I can’t, you guys help me. But before I’m not defeated, don’t take action. All right?”

    Lan Xuanyu said solemnly: “In a situation that ensures your safety.”

    Tang Yuge Road: “Don’t worry, I have five Elements Escape Technique, or at present it’s supposed to be dry. Their pure Metal Attribute attack cannot hurt my life. I’m going to start.”

    Lan Xuanyu to her nodded.

    Tang Yuge eyes slightly narrowed, the Seven Soul Rings on their body were suddenly light. At the time of Downton, her body quickly changed, with a clear and long tsunami voice resounds. Next moment, she’s turned into a Qilin look about four metres long.

    The shape is not particularly large, but there are some illusions that five-colored rays of light from around the body, and there is another darkest five-colored rays of light, like afterimage, dragged behind.

    Tang Yuge, Seventh Soul Skill, Martial Soul Avatar!

    Under Martial Soul Avatar status, all of her other Soul Skill will be raised by 100 per cent, with more talented Qilin formidable ability.

    The first powerhouse of Stellar Battle Experimental Class is finally leaving her radiance.

    The dry Qilin jumped up, as if it stopped in the air, and the next moment, the two golden light shadow suddenly separated from her, heading down to the source Dragon group down there.


    strange scene has emerged, and a large number of Source Dragon has begun to melt. Yeah, just melting. Where the two photos went, Source Dragon body collapsed immediately, and only Dragon Source Crystal was not traumatized.

    It is clear that the two ditches came out of the Source Dragon group. Those two photos have been blown out of 100 meters before Xu Tsui disappeared.

    Sky Qilin Innate Ability, Qilin.

    It was just separated, seven th-Gold Qilin and SinGold Qilin, representing Metal Element’s sunattribute and the vagina attribute, respectively.

    Two major Metal Element Qilin places Metal Attribute Source Dragon simply cannot be resisted, as Seventh-Gold Qilin and SinGold Qilin itself are the same as Metal Element elf and control changes in Metal Element. Low Level Source Dragon, how can control Metal Element be with them?

    Sky Qilin comes out, speed extremely fast. Its body suddenly split out of eight other Qilin, and suddenly came forward, bringing together two Metal Element Qilin, which generally struck the past.

    All attempts to stop the source Dragon before it are like being hit by a rough tree, and beta Qilin around the body’s Fujima spreads around it, representing the carpenguin attribute, putting a head of source Dragon wind around the site.

    c Fire Qilin erupted a flame for the purpose of the sun, where the light came from, the Source Dragon Creek Star, and a large number of low-level sources Dragon body melted.

    Ting Fire Qilin spreads blue flames at the Star Point, where the bodies of Source Dragon are burned, as usual.

    The Turkish Qilin exploded an assassination from the ground, flying the source Dragon top. His own territory, Qilin, drove the earth down, trapped a large number of Source Dragon.

    The water Qilin, with the wave of the tuna, spreads the source Dragon. The water Qilin, in cooperation with its own territory Qilin, formed swamp on the earth, devouring that head into Source Dragon.

    Between a time and a decade of dry Qilin showed no stronger power on the battlefield. By borrowing them own strength, hundreds of Sources Dragon were trapped.

    Such a battlefield shocks Qian Lei, more than previously, which is a massive battle. Ten Qilin out on the present battlefield. How amazing is that?

    Lan Xuanyu and his partners need to follow her back and harvest enough. There is no need to separate this time, and the rest of Stellar War’s youth class follow Tang Yuge, killing and acquiring Dragon Source Crystal, who has been fainted, trapped in the swamp and burned. Better, faster, stronger than the previous rounds.

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