Douluo’s All Heaven Upgrade Chapter 524


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In the temple

Yan Hui and a group of Confucian Half Saints gathered at this moment, Yan Hui, who was responsible for maintaining the temple, only felt a headache.

“hmph, this person killing intent overflowing heaven, regardless of the interests of Human Race, should act according to sin.”

“Yes, watch this person acting, and want to come to the unknown powerhouse as an enemy or a friend.”

“Yes, you have to guard against it. Even if you don’t kill this person, you should imprison him forever.”


The Confucian saints, at the moment you said a word, but I said Chen Wu’s ending.

“hmph, you are waiting to bet on the future of Human Race!”

Hearing such words, Lu Buwei had expected.

When you go back to the temple, you will act impartially.

Where is this fair?

“The dispute between hmph, Lv Sheng, and me, for the time being, let’s just leave it. The words that matter at this moment are related to Human Race, please be careful.”

Half Saint, the Confucian voice, is dissatisfied.

Chen Wuzhi’s acting style is really incompatible with Confucian morality.

Even if Daru committed this crime, he still needs to be tried.

“It’s Human Race? A Human Race!”

Lü Buwei laughed. He has lived so long, but he really wants to take a good look.

How do these Confucian Half Saints concern Human Race?

Stepped out and stood beside Chen Wu.

The two Half Saints of the family hesitated and looked at each other, still striding together, standing beside Chen Wu.

Their miscellaneous family is not like Confucianism.

However, when they make a bet, they will bet to the end.

There are many Half Saints present, and their eyes are slightly fixed, but they did not expect Zajia to be so decisive.

Under this scene, Chen Wu is still supported.

This is the opposite of Confucianism.

The situation suddenly became difficult.

Lv Buwei expression disdain, the feeling of being watched at that time, these people have forgotten almost.

But Lu Buwei did not dare to forget.

It feels like he faced Kong Sheng when he was not sanctified.

That’s there, but that’s all.

“Enough is enough.”

The controversy of the saints, above the first temple, Yan Hui brows tightly knit, lightly shouted.

He did not expect that such troublesome things would happen.

Half Saint is involved and unknown powerhouse.

A careless estimate of the unknown powerhouse’s future, Human Race Half Saint is about to fight.

“Chen Wu, what do you think about today?”

Yan returned to the exit and many Half Saints calmed down, waiting for the other party to deal with it.

I only heard Yan Hui inquiring about Chen Wu, and the Confucian Half Saint could not help being frowned.

Isn’t this giving martial stage to Chen?

Is it soft?

The two Saint Saints behind Lu Buwei were happy, but the headed Lu Buwei was indifferent.

Yan Hui spoke, but it was useless.

Confucianism is not a miscellaneous family. Confucianism has a great cause, except that Kong Sheng can make a final statement.

Others can’t convince many Confucianists Half Saint.

See how, in Confucianism’s own Half Saint, there is also the dispute of the holy way.

“hmph, no matter how he sees it, just follow the Human Race law.”

Half Saint, a Confucianist, is dissatisfied with his opening. His Dao Road is a respectful way.

Chen Wu kills Human Race genius indiscriminately, if he let go of the other party, he is not in harmony with his holy way.

“cough cough cough…”

Yan Hui expression cold, but he stopped talking.

Confucianism is not easy to manage, they are all Confucius students.

Everyone is dissatisfied with each other.

It’s just that he is in charge of the temple at this moment, and Confucian Half Saint does not give him face.

Half Saint, who was on the Confucian line, stalled for a while, hesitated, and retreated.

“Speak, Chen Wu!”

Chan Wu still gave the right to speak, and Yan Hui was waiting.

“Let me say?”

It seems a little uncertain, but after confirming it, Chen Wu is firm and cruel.

“Wang out of the ordinary die without regret!”

The words fell, and many Half Saints sighed.

Yan Hui raised her eyebrows as well, with unsightly colors on her face.

Chen Wu said so, even if it was him, it was difficult.

The rest of Confucian Half Saint looked at Chen Wu with a sneer, already thinking of imprisoning him.


With a sigh, Yan Hui rubbed his forehead, only to find it difficult.

“Chen Wu, I think you have learned Huigen, this time it is useful to lure Monster Race. I wonder if you are interested in following me in the temple.”

Yan Hui thought hard for a long time, and finally came up with such a solution.

A lot of Half Saints heard it.

This is also a solution.

Is improper imprisonment, but following the study in the temple is different.

The same unknown powerhouse can be monitored at any time, imprisoned, and still not angry.

Half Saint had to admire, Yan returned the second chosen by this trick.

When Lu Buwei heard Yan Hui’s words, he suddenly had a bad hunch in his heart.

Temple study?

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