Douluo’s All Heaven Upgrade Chapter 594


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Buddha sound is melodious, next moment, countless Supreme Beings in the field are all for a while, looking towards one place.

The Taibaijinxing complexion changed while declaring it, but it had to be looked towards.

Fahai was horrified, and a terrifying breath locked himself in the dark.

When I turned around and looked around, I saw a glowing silhouette coming between Buddha light illuminating everything, under the distortion of the void.


My heart trembled. Although Fahai had expected it, he never expected that it would come so fast.

“Fahai, you still have not pleaded guilty!”

The Buddha’s face was solemn, and only the Buddha said a word, between Heaven and Earth, an invisible wave swept across the void.

For a while, Fahai only felt that the sky turned around for a while, and his consciousness seemed to fall into the abyss.

The shining eyes suddenly became dim and lost.

On the top of the mountain in the distance, the old woman watched this scene, frowned slightly, and couldn’t help sighing.

“What a pity.”

Although Fahai has a strong attack, the cultivation base is there.

A mundane, unexpectedly before, taking advantage of the Buddhism Supreme Being’s intention, can still succeed.

But facing a person like the Buddha, there is no way that he can see it through.

“Old Ancestor, please save his life.”

Looking at Fahai lost her self, Mother Xin Shisi felt a pain in her heart, clenched the teeth, and knelt down directly.

The old woman expression remains the same, but she doesn’t care about it at all.

It is not worth offending Buddhism for Fahai.

“Oh. What a pity.”

On the Celestial Court, the Jade Emperor who has been using Profound Light Mirror to observe this scene is quite regrettable.

My own will is a step late.

If Fahai took it, then he would settle for the Buddhism face.

Unfortunately, the old buddhism bald donkey came too soon.

Basically cut off his chance to shoot.

“Fahai, you still haven’t washed away your sins.”

Buddha Yin said again that Buddhism was beaten in the face by Fahai, but the Buddha could only do it himself in front of the Supreme Being of the Three Realms.

Although has several points of curiosity Fahai’s means.

But after all, Buddhism face is more important.

Seeing the Buddha’s sound permeating, Fahai’s eyes were confused, as if he was really sinful, and his body knelt down.

“Buddha, I am guilty.”

The non-emotional words in the mouth are like walking corpse, making the Supreme Being slightly frowned of the Three Realms.

Buddhism’s move is a renewal of the prestige of Buddhism.

What a pity, what a pity.

Seeing that Fahai has been subdued, many Supreme Beings are quite sorry.

The new stars that each and everyone gradually raised are about to fall.

“Fahai, go.”

The Buddha ordered nodded and remained calm from beginning to end.

Looking at what Fahai looked like, with a wave of his hand, next moment, Fahai moved.

Within the body’s mana surging, the Golden Dragon flew out and turned into a sharp sword to pierce his chest.

Fahai, controlled by the sound of Buddha, was confused and did not notice any danger at all.


Above the high mountain, a silhouette has already flown out. At this moment, looking at Fahai for a moment, he must do something to himself, cry out in surprise.

The sudden sound made Ling’s Taibai Venus and the others stunned, but he didn’t care about who came.

It’s another one to die for nothing!

shook the head, everyone did not stop it.

“pu .”

The sharp sword pierced out, but it directly opened the flesh and blood, and for a while, blood splashed.

In front of Fahai who was half-kneeling, the silhouette of Xin Shisiniang arrived.

The sharp sword pierced her body, but she still held it firmly with her hands.

The blood dripped drop by drop, and Xin Shisi Niang within the body monster qi dissipated.

“You wake up!”

Drink lightly in the mouth, next moment, mouth spurt blood gushing out.

Xin Shisi Niang within the body’s breath is weakened again, her face is pale, but the condensed body is gradually dissipating.

The white mist rose up, and the monster qi disappeared little by little.


The Buddha said with no intention of blocking.

A little demon that’s all is not in his eyes at all.

“cough cough cough …………”

With a soft cough, Xin Shisi Niang looked at Fahai who was still confused in front of her, and she felt a little bit more in her heart.

Before, she laughed at Bai Suzhen for being stupid, and for the sake of a mortal, she gave up Road of Immortal Ascension.

Up to this moment, she also gave up her life for a mortal.

“Fahai, it is worth the moment, I just understand.”

In the eyes, slightly moist, a drop of crystal tears slowly dripped.

The mist was rising and surging, next moment, Xin Shisi Niang did not hold on anymore and was beaten back into a demon form.

It’s dying, the breath is declining, and it’s obviously not long before.

Even though Xin Shisiniang made the move, Fahai at this moment still hasn’t freed himself from the Buddhist sound.

With the raised arm, the sword once slowly faced his chest.

This time, no one stopped him anymore.

“pu! ”

a light sound, next moment The sword pierced the body, blood splashed.

In Fahai’s eyes, he was originally confused, but gradually turned into gray.

Life Aura dissipated, and the body turned into a glowing light under Buddha’s radiance.

between Heaven and Earth, countless Supreme Being watching this scene are all shook the head.

A mundane, the soul flew away and scattered by Buddhism, this is the prestige of Buddhism.

Taobai Jinxing, who announced his will, looked at this scene, slightly bowed to the Buddha, and turned away.

The Supreme Beings of the Three Realms who originally watched this scene also retreated.

Buddha’s radiance also gradually faded, and the Buddha’s silhouette also disappeared.

between Heaven and Earth, as if returning to tranquility again.

Only a dying fox at this moment is silently waiting for death.

And in many places where Supreme Being hadn’t noticed, a Buddha’s heart was beating.

A light of will flashes on it, and within the Buddha’s heart, it seems to be connected to a place of Nothingness.

“en? Am I dead?”

A white light condensed, and Fahai’s soul once again appeared in the Buddha’s heart. Looking at his body at this moment, he couldn’t help but wonder.

But next moment, the brilliance of white exploded in front of you, acting as a long passage.

On the other side of the tunnel, there is an unknown place.

A familiar feeling that seemed to come from the etherealness of Nothingness permeated from the other side.

Fahai hesitated slightly, but walked away slowly.

Walking along the white halo wall all around, the eyes suddenly lit up.

Fahai’s eyes opened, and he saw a mighty stone gate towering up, as if the breath of Henggu came out.

“Where is this?”

Fahai was puzzled, but in the depth of one’s soul, there was a faint throbbing that attracted him to the giant gate.

“hong long long …………”

The huge stone gate opens automatically, and the traction of the soul becomes stronger.

Fahai couldn’t help but took a few steps towards the giant gate, and his body gradually disappeared within the giant gate.

As the sky revolves around the world, Fahai seems to have crossed endless time and space.

When he recovered, he looked up, but was completely stunned.

All in front of me, there is only a huge ancient tree called Heavenspan.

The ancient trees tower over Heaven and Earth, and their brilliance is unpredictable.

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