Douluo’s All Heaven Upgrade Chapter 595


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The place of Nothingness, the huge silhouette Heavenspan of the ancient tree is completely clear.

The wisps of Old Gu’s breath floats as if from Henggu, but they push the Primal Chos Nothingness all around back.

Under the Yingying starlight, looking up, above the ancient trees, it seems that there are stars shining in the sky.

Fahai was dumbfounded, shocked by the scene in front of him.

I raised my head and looked towards the sky filled with stars, and within the stars, there were billions of lights flashing.

Attracted by the deep brilliance, Fahai’s soul seemed to be sinking into it.

Through a little starlight, it seems to see a vast Universe Starry Sky. Within the starry sky, a long river flows endlessly.

As the years and stars evolve, millions and millions of creatures fluctuate and reincarnate.


A line of sight watched from the long river of time, Fahai’s will suddenly reversed, and he was back in an instant.


Taking a deep breath, Fahai lowered his head, his heart beating violently.

Fahai has already guessed what Chen Xiaoming’s memory is.

Forcibly resisting the astonishment in his heart, Fahai lifted up a little bit and glanced at the stars in the sky.

next moment, I was deeply stunned in place.

That one after another flashing shining star, at this moment, each one is a deep anomaly, with endless space-time evolution and changes in the stars.

Just a glance, Fahai quickly looked away, not daring to look any more, for fear of sinking into it.

“Is this a World tree?”

Muttered in his mouth, but Fahai was deeply shocked by the scene before him.

Such a huge ancient tree, with eternal air flowing, the fruit is the vast World.

In Chen Xiaoming’s memory, there is only a slight match in the World tree.


An ancient tree floats, bringing a breeze, the stars flicker, and the endless starlight is scattered. The starlight is like the vast fragments of Heaven and Earth, shining like jade.

Fahai stretched out his hand to catch a glimmer of starlight, but it was a shining light, without any material, but it was extremely strong.

“It’s really spectacular.”

Fahai has no idea how to describe such a scene.

Such a scene, even if the Buddha comes in person, is not as good as a starlight.

Fahai was curious, and slowly approached the ancient tree.

Slowly explored the old tree with one hand, trying to see if it was true.

But at the next moment, at the moment Fahai came into contact with the ancient tree, a light of stars suddenly flew out in his heart.

The light of starlight flickered, but it echoed the stars of the ten thousand realms above the ancient trees.

The blazing radiance fell from the old tree, directly enveloping Fahai in it.

rays of light flashed, ray of light flooded into the boy in Fahai.

In an instant, his eyes seemed to be lost and sank into a void.

On the other side, Fahai’s soul seemed to have stepped into the eternal river.

Along the lower reaches of the Long River, all the way up.

There is a silhouette experience on both sides.

From Fahai itself, to the evolution of the heavens, to the step-by-step cultivation from at first.

For a moment in a thousand years, when the glory faded, Fahai was completely stunned.

“huhuhu …………”

Heavy gasps, Fahai absolutely did not expect that all of this is like this.

It turned out that I was just a piece of it.

The system in my mind is also just a piece of debris.


In the darkness, the huge old tree in front of you swayed, and in the void, it seemed that there was a will to sleep forever awakening.

“Who are you?”

With the muttering voice of inquiry, Fahai could perceive that the connection between himself and the ancient tree had deepened.

The feeling that the hearts are connected is intertwined, which is very strange.

The voice of inquiry echoed in his ears, and Fahai fell silent.

Who is he?

He is just one of the billions of starlights, who can he be?

Just when Fahai was lost, a shining teardrop quietly appeared in his hand.

Teardrops are not something else, they are just the teardrops made by Xin Shisi Niang before.

At this moment, under the will of Fahai, it manifests in this place of Nothingness.

In the void, Old Gu’s questioning voice stopped.

As if waiting for Fahai’s answer.

“This life, I want to do Fahai once.”

Only holding the teardrop in his hand, Fahai made his own decision.

Maybe I’m just a star, maybe just a fragment.

But this life, his name is Fahai.

The words said, the breeze was floating, and Old Gu’s silhouette hesitated.


A sigh, as if from Henggu, next moment, I saw a starlight pouring into Fahai within the body.

The warm current spread all over the body instantly.

In an instant, Fahai was shrouded in brilliance.

The blazing glow in front of him became stronger, and Fahai’s eyes closed unbearably.

With a whirl of heaven and earth, the silhouette, under the radiant package, instantly leapfrogged endless void and disappeared.

At the same time, the mighty old trees returned to peace again.

Only the stars of the Ten Thousand Realms above, flashing endless brilliance at this moment.

If you look carefully, you can find that the illusory shadow of All Heavens Myriad Realms is slowly condensing behind him.

On the other side, Fahai left with the glory.

In the blink of an eye, I left the stone gate of Old Gu and flew all the way.

Under the blazing radiance, Fahai only felt that the sky was spinning, and his consciousness was blurred.

At the same time, the battlefield.

Many Supreme Beings have left. Taibai Jinxing has accepted the decree and has also left.

At this moment, there is only a ruined wall in the field, revealing the battle that broke out here.

And under a piece of ruin, a flash of light emerged.

Inspiration flashes, but the next moment is getting stronger.

The radiance was diffused, and the hot rays of light turned into a beam of light and rose into the sky.


The beam of light rushed into the sky, and in an instant, stirring for nine days, the entire Celestial Court was shaking violently.

“What’s going on, go ahead and find out.”

Above Rising High to the Heavens Treasure Palace, the Jade Emperor’s expression changed drastically, and he shouted to the bottom.

The immortals below them were also terrified and panicked.

“Your Majesty, there is a beam of light in the lower realm that goes straight to nine days, that beam of light……”

The next moment someone reported, but the next moment stopped.

See the Profound Light Mirror that was originally used to observe the battle, the glowing beam of light clearly manifested.

The beam of light enveloped a hundred li, as if there were billions of stars in it, so thick that it was impossible to approach it.

The shocking thing is that at this moment, a silhouette is slowly walking out of Profound Light Mirror.

“gu lu …………”

The Immortal God in the sky, watching the silhouette step by step with shock at this moment, was completely shocked in place.

This… how is this possible!

The person who walked out was not someone else, but Fahai who was killed by the Buddha before.

Obviously the soul flew away and scattered, but at the moment it has walked out intact.

The Supreme Beings of the Three Realms were stunned when they watched this scene.

At the same time, walk out of the beam of light.

Fahai glanced at World in front of him, and let out a deep breath.

The teardrop in the hand turns into a fluorescent light and merges into the body.

Next moment, Fahai looked up and looked towards Xitian.

“Buddha, wait for me to come.”

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