Douluo’s All Heaven Upgrade Chapter 596


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The silhouette of Fahai appeared intact, and in an instant, the Supreme Beings of the Three Realms were all frightened.

He didn’t die, how could this be!

Witness Fahai the soul flew away and scattered with their own eyes, so that they could survive, and they couldn’t believe it.

This completely challenges their Heavenly Dao common sense.


The magical power skateboard flew out under his feet, but Fahai was heading west.

Karma of Buddhism, he needs to end it.

“gu lu …………”

The Supreme Being of the Three Realms was shocked. As soon as Fahai resurrected, he rushed away, obviously because of what happened before.

It’s over, Buddhism may be over.

At this moment, Fahai, who is resurrect, has the confidence to go to Buddhism.

Many Supreme Beings naturally do not think they are fools.

There is no fear!

Within Buddhism, the Buddha who watched this scene was stunned.

He clearly ordered Fahai the soul flew away and scattered, how could he resurrect.


complexion changed, but as if thinking of something, the direction expression of the Buddha looked towards Celestial Court changed.

The soul flew away and scattered naturally cannot be resurrect.

That must be some forces, secretly attacking.

Deliberately suppress their Buddhism.

During the change of expression, the Buddha finally moved his silhouette and disappeared.

Since Celestial Court wants to suppress Buddhism.

Then he will let Celestial Court take a look, his Buddhism is a big hit.

And at the moment when the Buddha’s heart was full of drama, Imperial Capital, which was far above Celestial Court, almost laughed.

It’s cool, it’s so cool.

Fahai is not dead, so he went to trouble with Buddhism.

This is elated to him.

To see Buddhism deflated, he, Lord of the Celestial Court, is naturally happy.

The vastness between Heaven and Earth, two figures came at great speed.


Floating in the breeze, next moment, above the sky, Fahai and Buddha stopped looking at each other.

“Who are you anyway?”

The Buddha was the first to speak. He definitely did not think that the person in front of him was Fahai.

the soul flew away and scattered, if you want to resurrect, even Saints and others can’t do it.

“It doesn’t matter who I am.”

After going through it for a while, and clearly understands himself, Fahai is now a little more indifferent and Transcendence.


Looking at the Fahai in front of him, the Buddha couldn’t help but freeze.

Something’s wrong, something very wrong.

The breath of Fahai has not changed, but the temperament of the whole body is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

“Buddha, what is a Buddha?”

The sudden words said, the Buddha was taken aback for a moment, and when he looked up, he saw Fahai asking seriously at this moment.

For a time, the Buddha has several points of astonishment.

Isn’t he the Buddha in this world, the other party actually asked him, what is a Buddha?

“I used to sit and watch the long river of time, the changes over time, all living creatures Reincarnation Circulate, the supreme Grand Dao runs in the dark.”

Fahai murmured in the mouth, the years seen from under the old trees, at this moment, Fahai seemed to be a sudden enlightenment.

“But I watched it for a long time, but I didn’t see the Buddhist law of the afterlife.”

“On the contrary, I saw countless Buddhas, Bodhisattva, and even the reincarnation of Buddha.”

Fahai’s faint words seemed to have great magical power, floating in the void.

The Supreme Beings of the Three Realms who followed this scene were all taken aback and were shocked by the words.

Sit and watch the long river?

How could Fahai have such power.

Even if it is the Supreme Being of the Three Realms, and those who want Transcendence for a long time, they can be counted on one’s fingers.

Who can do it except a few Saints.

In the Celestial Court, the Jade Emperor browsed tightly knit and looked at Fahai as if he was telling an ordinary thing, and he couldn’t help feeling a little bit afraid.

If it’s true, it would be terrifying.

“Nonsense, I am the Buddha in this world.”

The Buddha was furious, and if he sat and watched for a long time, how could Fahai’s mundane things be able to do it?

Between words, the sound of the Buddha said, sweeping away.

The terrifying Buddha’s radiance condenses behind him, and a vast Buddha Country illusory shadow emerges.

The Buddha slapped Fahai with a palm, but he was no longer tempted.

“Buddha Kingdom in the Palm!”

Shot with a palm, like a Buddha Country crashing down, inside the Buddha Country illusory shadow, it seems that there are hundreds of millions of sentient beings praying, and the sound of Buddha lingers.

Buddha’s radiance illusory shadow falls in the sky little by little. It could have easily killed the Buddha’s sound of Fahai, but at this moment it is blowing like a breeze, without any impact.

The Buddha’s face condensed, but the attack in his hand did not stop at all.

A existence like Fahai must be destroyed as soon as possible.

“Ai, are you the Buddha of this world?”

With a sigh, Fahai looked up and looked at the falling Buddha Country illusory shadow, shook the head.

“I watched the river for a long time, and finally clear comprehension.”

As soon as the right hand was lifted, Fahai’s previously accumulated reward points were consumed in an instant. Next moment, a simple and technological weapon appeared in Fahai’s hands.

The metallic luster flickered, and energy shock waves were condensed on the dark muzzle.

“Truth is only in my gun.”

Slightly lifted, the six clean star cannons that had been exchanged at a high price were aimed at the fallen Buddha Country.

The energy of the muzzle is condensed, and the terrifying energy fluctuates all around, causing all around space distortion.

What kind of Immortal Grade is this fuck?

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