Douluo’s All Heaven Upgrade Chapter 612


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“hmph, but a bunch of ants that’s all.”

The Divine Lord of Nightmare glanced down with cold eyes, and did not put a few people in his eyes.

“Leave you up to now, but do it at will for that’s all, today you will become my nourishment together.”

When the words fell, I saw the vast void vibrating, and the stars of endless time and space shining, and then directly attributed to Hei An.

With the nightmare Divine Lord as the center, everything all around started to be swallowed up.

Hei An struck, but it shocked the world.

The Sea of ​​Ten Thousand Boundaries is surging violently, and the billions of stars are dimly retreating, unable to shine in half.

Hei An was in the hearts of everyone for a while.

Everyone in Ten Thousand Worlds City, under this coercion, all of them trembled!

The Divine Lord of Nightmare is terrifying!


At the moment when everyone thought that those who were in their early days would be killed by the nightmare Divine Lord.

Among those people, a cold and beautiful woman stood up.

As soon as I took the shot, I saw the world shattered, and a terrifying Devouring Power swept through endless void.

next moment, Devouring Power and Hei An Nothingness meet each other.

The heaven and the earth are quiet, and in the weird Hei An, there is a terrifying white glow in the collision.

The white glow seems to travel through time and space, break free from time, and return everything to silence.

The terrifying energy is intertwined in Primal Chos, and the aftermath of every force spans endless time and space.

Countless Sun Moon and Stars shattered under the aftermath, and Primal Chos World was wiped out.

Devouring Power swallows toward Hei An Nothingness, seemingly to swallow all Hei An Nothingness.

“gu lu ………”

Everyone in the wait-and-see scene was shocked. Obviously, they did not expect such a powerhouse.

Swallowing Grand Dao actually cultivation to such a point.

Can swallow Myriad dao, can swallow Primal Chos, can swallow Nothingness!

“Good power, a pity, but a doppelganger that’s all, not worth mentioning.”

Nightmare Divine Lord’s words couldn’t hear any emotion, the next moment, the power of Hei An Nothingness swallowed reappeared.

Weirdly turns Devouring Power into Nothingness Primal Chos.

“pu .”

The terrifying power struck along the Devouring Power, the cold beautiful and alluring silhouette suddenly bleeds in the mouth, and the breath within the body suddenly stagnates.

“Not good, shoot!”

The rest of the people were all taken aback. Without hesitation, they understood the strength of the Nightmare Divine Lord, but they joined forces.


A simple yellow bell suddenly flew out, and a wave of majestic Time and Space Strength spread out, heading towards Hei An Nothingness.

While the small clock is spinning, the bell reverberates, conveying All Heavens Myriad Realms.

The sea of ​​Ten Thousand Worlds is raging, and the endless powerhouse in Ten Thousand Worlds City only feels that it has been hit by a heavy hammer.

“No beginning and no end!”

Without Beginning Bell flew out, enveloped the Divine Lord of the nightmare.

The terrifying force of suppression, ignoring time and space, immediately covered the nightmare Divine Lord.

“die for me!”

Hua Qiangu, who has been waiting for the opportunity, is also within the body divine force running to Extreme, with tens of thousands of Spirit Treasure and Supreme Treasure condensed, almost in the blink of an eye, turned into a surging spiritual river, toward the nightmare Divine Lord Washed away.


Countless Supreme Treasures shining with aura are transformed into the most essential energy at this moment, and the energy is gathered, but it is like a countless world.


Myriad Treasures hit the Divine Lord in the nightmare, and heard a loud noise, the next moment terrifying energy burst out.

The void of heaven and earth is a stagnation, and the sound passes through the world.

Over the Ten Thousand Realms City, the scorching radiance enveloped everything.

Countless powerhouses are horrified, watching the nightmare Divine Lord take such a blow, and they can’t help but have thoughts.

Divine Lord of the nightmare will not be killed, right?

“What a sad power!”

The brilliance gradually shrank, and next moment, the voice of Divine Lord of the nightmare spoke from the brilliance.

The shot Hua Qiangu brows tightly knit, watching this scene in disbelief.

“How is it possible!”

Frozen, she went all the way here in order to avenge Chen Xiaoming.

But he didn’t even hurt the opponent’s hair.

“Oh? Really?”

At the moment when Divine Lord of the nightmare sighed, next moment, a plain and unremarkable words came out.

Everyone followed the prestige and saw the nightmare Divine Lord above their heads.

An exquisite little palace is floating, inside the palace, there is a silhouette, above the silhouette, is staring at a Myriad Things Origin Energy Cauldron!

“Strengthen the universe!”

Ye Fan, sitting crouched in the Universe Palace, looked calm at the moment, looked at the nightmare Divine Lord below, and pointed out.

Qiankun Point and Myriad Things Origin Energy Cauldron vibrated instantly.

Just a shock, the endless Primal Chos void was directly shattered and turned into nothingness.

Seeing such a scene, Divine Lord, a peaceful nightmare, his expression changed for the first time.

The Universe Palace slowly fell, and the Primal Chos Nothingness one after another all around shattered.

It’s like a picture scroll, wiped out a little bit.

“You are worth my shot!”

The Divine Lord of Nightmare spoke seriously for the first time, next moment, a finger gently tapped towards Universe Palace.


In the Universe Palace, Ye Fan didn’t see anything and noticed the terrifying power coming.

The terrifying power penetrated the Universe Palace, Myriad Things Origin Energy Cauldron, and hit his body.

Ye Fan, who had turned his body into Primal Chos, was immediately injured.


Ye Fan has a terrified look in his eyes. What kind of strength is this?

“Don’t be distracted, leave it to me!”

Just when Ye Fan was horrified, the silhouette of Huang Celestial Emperor stepped out and came to the Universe Palace.

He looked at Divine Lord, the nightmare below, grim incomparably.


With a hand pull in front of you, next moment, behind the Huang Celestial Emperor, a long river of time emerged.

The long river of time winds around the Universe Palace all around, and the rolling Time and Space Strength resists all forces.

Huang Celestial Emperor looked at Divine Lord of the nightmare, feeling a bit unwilling in his heart.

At a glance, Huang Celestial Emperor knew the gap between them.

However, he won’t back down.

“He transforms the ages, he transforms the world!”

next moment, Huang Celestial Emperor’s eyes have a crazy color, and within the body, the method of his own freedom has run to Extreme.


Cry out secretly in my heart, in the long river, countless silhouettes stepped out of it.

Each silhouette is an illusory shadow that Chen Xiaoming has kept in the long river.

At this moment, one after another stepped out of the river for a long time, looking at Huang Celestial Emperor, and then all merged into his body.

The silhouette aura of Huang Celestial Emperor suddenly changed slowly.

When the rays of light faded away, Huang Celestial Emperor had disappeared.

In turn, Chen Xiaoming’s handsome face and extraordinary breath!

As soon as Chen Xiaoming silhouette appeared, Xiao Yan, Luo Feng and the others in Wanjie City were all surprised.

And Lin Xian in the distance was completely stunned.

When I saw this silhouette again, Lin Xian didn’t know why, there was a special emotion in Lin Xian’s heart.

Faced with Divine Lord, the nightmare of the Huang Celestial Emperor, and looked at Chen Xiaoming’s silhouette, I couldn’t help but raise his brows, a bit strange mood.

The Chen Xiaoming silhouette turned into by the Huang Celestial Emperor, turned his head indifferently and looked towards Divine Lord of the nightmare.

“Nightmare, I said, I will come back to take your dog’s life!”

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