Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 454


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“What am I going to do?” Lin Feng chuckled and jumped down from the tree.

“You are so courageous in Spirit Hall, you came to Heaven Dou Empire to prepare for a sneak attack on us. What do you want to ask me about?!”

For the previous sneak attack by Bibi Dong, Lin Feng was still a little surprised.

After all, they were hiding too deep, and it was because Bibi Dong was very greedy. He wanted to kill them all, so he waited and didn’t make a move.

Otherwise, if he takes action before he brings anyone over, there will be casualties in the square.

So at this time, he is still quite angry about this matter.

Just now, he wanted to find a Spirit Hall base destruction to vent, but now looking at Bibi Dong’s route, it is obvious that he has to go straight away.

So Lin Feng can only come to Bibi Dong and the others now. They don’t pay a price today, and he will never let them go.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Bibi Dong said directly: “You are the only one around you. You can’t stop us at all. Don’t think about delaying time. Let me go quickly, or you will be killed!”

She is also telling the truth. Now the Bibi Dong entire group is a powerhouse with twenty Tilted Douluo.

If there is only one person in Lin Feng, even if True God descends to the world, it will not be their opponent.

“Kill me? It’s really arrogant. I think you are very weak now. When the time comes, you will die first!” Lin Feng said with a smile.

“I won’t say much, you leave half of them, and become prisoners of the Spirit Master Alliance, otherwise everyone will die!”

“hahahaha…… Thanos, you are mad!”

Yue Guan said with a smile: “It’s you who has the mortal danger. You don’t want to run and talk bullshit here. It’s really courting death!”

Lin Feng squinted at him and said, “Bibi Dong, there are 20 of you, and you can leave if you leave ten!”

“Of the ten people, I don’t care about the other nine, but this Yue Guan must stay!”

Lin Feng’s tone is very affirmative, and full of confidence, like a will surely leave half of the people behind.

As for Bibi Dong’s words, she didn’t realize that Lin Feng was utterly talking here, but she was very puzzled, Lin Feng alone, how to stop them?

Thinking about it, Bibi Dong asked directly: “Who gave you the courage? How dare to say such a thing!”

“Courage?” Lin Feng said with a smile: “I am not brave, but if I just haunt you and wait for reinforcements, I am still very sure.”

“And don’t think about running away. My Marvel family has set up ambushes around. As long as you dare to run, I will kill them!”

The voice fell, and on the surrounding hills, with a jitter of jungle, nearly a hundred people emerged.

They are all wearing the costumes of the Marvel family, and each of them exudes Spirit Douluo-level powerhouse aura.

“The ambush of the Marvel family?!” The complexion changed in Spirit Hall.

The strength of the Marvel family is still very powerful, and their speed is extremely fast.

Although it is only a Spirit Master of the Spirit Douluo level, it is still very powerful with nearly a hundred people!

Bibi Dong sees this complexion sank, she is now in a weak state, and besides her, the strongest are the two 96 Spirit Hall worshipers.

With this kind of strength, if it really impacts this group of people, it is estimated that they can run around five people.

Thinking about it this way, it’s better to leave half of them.

But Bibi Dong knew that she could not do this, because that would be a major blow to Spirit Hall, and would even affect the majesty of her Supreme Pontiff Your Majesty.

So her only choice now is to charge ahead!

And there is a very important point, Bibi Dong feels that these Spirit Douluo have some problems.

During the previous investigation, she clearly did not find the slightest problem, the spirit power fluctuates normally, and it is impossible that someone is hiding nearby.

So she was a little suspicious about the situation at this time.

“Everyone! Be prepared, ready to charge!” She snorted.

When Lin Feng saw this, said with a smile: “What anxious! I haven’t finished speaking yet!”

Now, Lin Feng’s true strength is of course that he cannot manipulate nearly a hundred doppelgangers at the same time.

His limit is only thirty people. Other doppelgangers are just his blindfold that’s all.

If Spirit Hall’s entire group really hits, he can’t stop it at all.

But he has another way, he said directly: “Bibi Dong, I think you all know that the speed of our Marvel family is extremely fast.”

“If you don’t leave ten people, I will go to Spirit City now and kill all your bishop and so on!”

“And when passing major cities along the way, I will also destroy your Spirit sub-temples by the way, and the Spirit Master Alliance will completely declare war with your Spirit Hall!”

Since Spirit Hall has used sneak attack, Lin Feng is too lazy to talk about morals, so he just kills.

And speaking of which, Doctor Strange of the Marvel family was killed by Spirit Hall. He has to take revenge!

“shameless!” Bibi Dong loudly shouts.

If Lin Feng said he was going to Spirit City to kill, Bibi Dong would not be afraid at all.

Because Qian Daoliu is still in the city, even though the guy doesn’t deal with her, he is still very strong. Even if everyone in the Marvel family goes, there should be no problem.

But Lin Feng said that he would destroy the Spirit branch halls in the cities along the way. This is what Bibi Dong cannot accept.

“I am shameless?” Lin Feng sneered, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill them all. At most, I will kill the Spirit Master above Spirit Saint, and everyone else will stay.”

“You slaughtered so much, are you not afraid of the reputation of the Spirit Master Alliance?”

Bibi Dong questioned: “And you are not afraid that we will return to Heaven Dou City at this time and slaughter in the city? I believe this charge will also be placed on your Marvel family!”

The purpose of what Lin Feng said is the same. The remark that the two said at this time is not that they really want to do these things, but more as a means of threat that’s all.

“I’m not stupid. I wear a mask when I kill.” Lin Feng stared at Bibi Dong and said, “As for you slaughtering the residents of Heaven Dou City and then blame us? Is this possible?!” /p>

“Spirit Masters across the continent know that the Marvel family only learns and does not kill people, and has never disturbed civilians in three years. Today you said we slaughtered civilians. Who do you think will believe?”

Lin Feng didn’t care about Bibi Dong’s threat at all, because it didn’t hurt him at all.

After he finished speaking, the entire group of Spirit Hall didn’t look very good.

Because they also know that the Marvel family’s previous reputation is first, they can’t blame for success.

As for putting blame on the Spirit Alliance, this matter is too difficult.

The popularity of the main Spirit alliance is too low. Heaven Dou City may know a lot of people, but most people on the entire continent have never heard of it. They don’t even know what this alliance is, and it is difficult to succeed.

After trying to understand this, Bibi Dong’s thoughts quickly turned, and suddenly he shouted: “Everyone, break through!”

When Lin Feng was talking just now, she had been observing those of the Marvel family.

Originally, she hadn’t found anything, but as she continued to observe, Bibi Dong suddenly recalled what happened in Spirit City three years ago.

At that time, dozens of Spirit Douluo-level powerhouses rushed out of the Marvel family.

But those people just seem to bluff that’s all. When they really fight, they are not strong, or even weak.

As for the nearly a hundred people today, she guessed it should be the same, so she chose to rush!

When the voice fell, Bibi Dong led the crowd and moved towards Lin Feng directly!

Lin Feng was not surprised at this. The doppelganger immediately used various remote Spirit Ability moved towards Spirit Hall to attack the crowd, and he himself, not at all, just retreated, and then watched quietly.

Bibi Dong was a little surprised about Lin Feng’s retreat, but did not say much.

After dispersing the various attacks of the doppelganger, the Spirit Hall entire group quickly moved towards the front and ran forward at full speed.

And this scene was all seen by Lin Feng. The corner of his mouth under his mask was slightly upturned.

He knew that people like Bibi Dong would not compromise easily.

He said that leaving ten people is a humiliation to Bibi Dong, and breaking through directly is her most probable choice.

And Lin Feng doesn’t care about this.

He knows all the movements of the people in Spirit Hall. Even if they are running fast now, they disappear in an instant, and Lin Feng will be able to catch up soon.

At this time, in his mind, the light spots representing the people in Spirit Hall are moving towards the east at a fast speed.

After watching for a while, Lin Feng estimated their route. After putting away the doppelganger, he suddenly came to a place five kilometers ahead of them.

At this moment, Lin Feng repeated his old tricks. Doppelganger lay in ambush on the side, and he himself chose a big tree and sat on it.

Yes, Lin Feng’s plan is simple, just grinding!

Anyway, he has time, this group of people can’t run away, he just consumes it.

If they didn’t consume their spirit power, it was annoying for them. In the end, even if Bibi Dong didn’t want to, he would probably agree to his conditions.

After all, the distance from Heaven Dou City to Spirit City is too far, Lin Feng can do this countless times.

And Bibi Dong entire group, but dare not stop at all!

Because they are very close to Heaven Dou City, as long as they stop for a long time, if Ning Fengzhi and Tang Xiao also catch up with them, it will be over.

So when the critical moment comes, Bibi Dong will definitely make a choice.

Even if no one is left behind, she will choose to run away separately.

At that time, Lin Feng was so happy, as long as the group of people separated, he could easily grasp a part of it.

Just when Lin Feng was thinking about this, Bibi Dong led the people in Spirit Hall and rushed to him.

At this moment, the twenty powerhouses all stopped!

They looked at Lin Feng on the tree with shocked expressions on their faces.

This… how is this possible? !

If Lin Feng blocked them because they were discovered before, but this time, it makes no sense at all!

After they broke through Lin Feng’s blockade, they not only used Spirit Ability to speed up the escape, but also changed the direction of escape.

And when they ran away, they deliberately concealed their whereabouts, and they walked on jungle.

In this case, even if you follow the flight in the sky, it is possible to chase after the loss, and now Lin Feng not only has not chased the loss, but also waited in advance on their only path.

This is completely beyond the scope of everyone’s understanding, and Bibi Dong’s face is also full of surprise.

She was shocked differently from others. At the first moment, she started to check her own situation to see if there were any special marks.

She knows that some Spirit Master Spirit Ability is special, which can put a mark on a person and follow the enemy.

However, Bibi Dong searched all over his body and found nothing special about spirit power.

Then she used spirit power to sense other people and found nothing unusual.

After discovering this situation, Bibi Dong’s horror deepened.

Because she knew that Lin Feng was able to stop them in advance, definitely because there is a special way to locate them.

Now she hasn’t noticed it, which means that Bibi Dong can’t get rid of Lin Feng’s tracking!

“Bibi Dong, we met again, were you tired just now?” Lin Feng jumped from the tree, his tone relaxed.

I have to say that Bibi Dong’s strength is very strong, even in a weak state, the spirit power fluctuates strongly at this time.

And after running for so long, I have been running wildly, and my clothes are not messy at all. Standing there gives people an elegant and noble feeling.

Forcibly suppressing the shock of his heart, Bibi Dong said: “Where are your friends just now? Why are they not?”

Bibi Dong was talking about the Spirit Douluo-level powerhouses that surrounded them before, but now not at all appeared, so Bibi Dong asked.

And Lin Feng showed the doppelganger not at all at this time, but said with a smile: “They are still on the way, they will be there soon.”

“It’s you, how did I consider my proposal just now? You can leave with ten people. It’s easy, otherwise you really don’t want to go back. I’ve already asked for reinforcements!”

Lin Feng’s doppelganger does not appear at this time, it is just a small detail that’s all.

Just now, a group of Tilted Douluo ran wildly, very fast. It is normal and logical for him to be a Thanos.

But those Spirit Douluo-level doppelgangers, if they also arrive, there are some problems.

So in order to do a good job in the details, Lin Feng not at all immediately let the doppelganger around come out, but waited quietly.

As for the call for reinforcements, as before, it’s just a threat that’s all.

Lin Feng might actually shout, but not now, he will keep a good distance, take time to go back and detoxify everyone, and at the same time bring people over.

Of course, if he achieves the goal ahead of time, he won’t have to take people.

“Call for reinforcements? Don’t even think about having reinforcements today!” At this moment, Bibi Dong suddenly shouted loudly, “Go!”

Regardless of whether Lin Feng’s words are true or not, he is alone now. Bibi Dong knows that the best way to break the deadlock is to kill Lin Feng.

So at this time, she immediately led everyone moved towards Lin Feng to attack.

However, Lin Feng had already prepared, Wings of Thunderbolt unfolded behind him, and he flew into the sky easily.

His speed is extremely fast. Bibi Dong and Gui Mei did not catch Lin Feng even though they reacted fast enough.


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