Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 455


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“Everyone! As a team, separate!” Seeing that Lin Feng couldn’t catch Lin Feng, Bibi Dong shouted instantly.

The main reason why they didn’t run separately before was because they were afraid of being besieged by Chen Xin and Tang Xiao.

There are Spirit Douluo of the Marvel family blocking around, they are afraid of being defeated one by one.

But now, not at all, there is only one Lin Feng who was beaten to the sky.

In addition, Bibi Dong suspects that someone has been marked by Lin Feng, so if you run separately at this time, it is the best choice.

And above the sky, Lin Feng, who saw this scene, was not at all obstructed.

He was so happy, as long as these people run separately, he has a chance to arrest people.

Of course, he couldn’t pretend to be too much. Seeing the group of people separated, he immediately chose to block it.

The people in Spirit Hall are not stupid. Under the command of Bibi Dong, they are divided into five teams, each with four people, moved towards the east to break through.

And the strength of each team is relatively equal. Powerhouse and the weaker cooperate with each other to use joint skills.

Lin Feng moved towards one of the squads at this time and attacked with a stick, which was actually blocked.

And they have just separated now, and the teams are not too far apart. After Lin Feng attacked, the team next to them still wanted to attack.

Seeing this, Lin Feng didn’t stay at all, and left instantly.

He doesn’t need to fight them all the time, just entangle them, and wait until these people separate, that’s when they are caught.

Mainly, Lin Feng’s injury has not fully recovered yet. At the same time, he is afraid that Bibi Dong can still borrow the divine force, so he is afraid to take action.

After all, there is only one life, even if Bibi Dong’s chance of borrowing divine force again is extremely low, he dare not gamble.

In this way, Lin Feng has been hanging behind this group of people, harassing them from time to time, consuming their spirit power.

After a few minutes, Lin Feng frowned tightly together.

He originally thought that these people would be completely separated, separated by a distance.

In the end, Lin Feng found out that he thought these people too stupidly.

In the case that Lin Feng didn’t call anyone, although the group of people separated, they always kept a distance and kept watching each other.

In this way, Lin Feng has been unable to win them except for constantly consuming their spirit power.

At this time, everyone is 20 kilometers away from Heaven Dou City. After chasing for a while, they will leave the sensing range of the doppelganger that Lin Feng placed on the square, and can’t wait any longer.

Thinking, Lin Feng thought, and in the forest of Shrek Academy, a hidden doppelganger instantly turned into Lin Feng’s appearance.

Then he came to the square.

“Brother Feng, you are back!” Ning Rongrong and they immediately surrounded them, with a look of concern.

When Tang San met, he hurried over and asked, “Brother Feng, how is Master Thanos? Why didn’t he come back with you?”

At this time, the toxins on his body still existed, and the burden on him was great, but Tang San knew that these were not important, the important thing was the situation of Tyrant.

Chen Xin and Tang Xiao also gathered around to listen to the situation.

After all, Thanos is too important for the Spirit Master Alliance, equivalent to a hub that links everyone together.

If something goes wrong with Thanos, maybe the Spirit Master Alliance will be dissolved in place today.

Looking at everyone’s anxious eyes, Lin Feng didn’t talk nonsense, and said: “Master Thanos is fighting with everyone in Spirit Hall, Elder, please come and help!”

The voice fell, the Immeasurable Florid in Lin Feng’s hand flew out, and the first Spirit Ability: Life Bloom started!

In an instant, the life force filled the square, and those Elders who had been infected with Bibi Dong spider web toxins were recovering quickly.

Five seconds later, Lin Feng put away the Spirit Ability, and Tang San and Chen Xin had been cleaned of toxins.

Actually, it is just a small doppelganger, the Spirit Ability effect used by Lin Feng will be greatly reduced.

But in the past, they have used spirit power to suppress most of the toxins, so now it is just the Spirit Ability of doppelganger, which can also get rid of the toxins within the body.

“This…is really amazing!” Everyone sighed at the power of Lin Feng Spirit Ability.

However, they also knew that the matter was urgent, and there was no nonsense, so they quickly followed Lin Feng and moved towards Thanos.

Of course, Lin Feng doesn’t need everyone to come over. On the one hand, it is unnecessary. On the other hand, the safety of the square must be guaranteed.

So in the end, Lin Feng only brought the strongest Titled Douluo, and some of the weaker ones were kept.

That’s it. Five minutes later, in a hill fifty kilometers away from Heaven Dou City, Thanos and the several Titled Douluo who came to help joined.

“Everyone Elder, since I have taken it to the location of Master Thanos, I will leave.” After speaking, Lin Feng’s doppelganger quickly left.

In place, Thanos and everyone clicked nodded each other, which was regarded as a greeting.

Next, Thanos quickly said: “Spirit Hall has a total of 20 people. Now it is divided into five teams, each with four people.”

“What we have to do now is to intercept these five teams! Of course, not all of them, our current strength is not enough to stop them all.”

“But 20 of them have been harassed by me all the time. Now the spirit power is not too much. We will try to stop four of them. As for the one with Bibi Dong, we will give up.”

A total of five teams, led by Bibi Dong, Ghost Douluo, Chrysanthemum Douluo, and two other worshipers.

I really want to speak of which, and now Bibi Dong’s team is the most likely to be intercepted, because Bibi Dong brings two Spirit Douluo and one Tilted Douluo.

But Lin Feng not at all asked people to intercept her, the main reason was that she was afraid that she would still burst out of special power, which would cause casualties.

In order to prevent this from happening, he didn’t think about intercepting Bibi Dong.

For the other four teams, Lin Feng will intercept the Yue Guan one, while the remaining three teams will be led by Howling Sky Douluo, Sword Douluo, and Golden Circle Douluo.

Lin Feng’s request is very simple. Four teams, a total of 16 people, will stop ten people conservatively, and at best, of course they will all be intercepted.

After expressing this meaning, everyone was too delayed, immediately followed along!

When Lin Feng doppelganger left, the spirit power for everyone was restored, so it was all in full at this time.

On the other side, the twenty people in Spirit Hall consume a lot of spirit power, and at this time they are all scared witless.

Chen Xin and Tang Xiao were shocked by this.

You know, Thanos is just a person, and he has been pestering the twenty powerhouses in Spirit Hall for so long.

In the end, not only did he not die, but he didn’t even suffer any injuries. This kind of strength is simply outrageous!

Of course, marvel and marvel, the most important task at the moment is to leave the people in Spirit Hall.

They even dared to sneak attack on their Spirit Master Alliance. Today, I must teach the people in Spirit Hall a lesson!

At this time, Bibi Dong also sensed the approach of many powerhouses.

Her face is extremely grim, and at this moment she directly shouted: “All teams, continue to disperse, and then…”

However, what Bibi Dong discovered was a little slower after all.

While she was speaking, Lin Feng rushed down with the entire group.

“Everyone, find the target and strike!”

Originally, when Lin Feng rushed down to entangle him alone, he would always be repulsed by the team.

But this time he was not alone. A group of people divided up their work, found a goal, and instantly interrupted their union.

For a time, almost everyone found their opponents and started fighting.

And Lin Feng’s words are also a stick moved towards Yue Guan, they drop it!

“Ninth Spirit Ability: The chrysanthemum is incomplete, the ground is wounded, the flowers are broken!” In the face of Lin Feng’s attack, Yue Guan did not dare to neglect, and without any help, he directly displayed the Ninth Spirit Ability.

Several teammates behind him also displayed powerful Spirit Ability while blocking Lin Feng.

A huge chrysanthemum is in full bloom, and the sky full of flowers is shaking, showing a strong spirit power fluctuation.

In this regard, Lin Feng disdainful smile, directly unfolding the nether body, turning into a shadow to dodge an attack, a stick also hit the big chrysanthemum of Yue Guan.

If it is Gui Mei, Lin Feng’s ghost body may be restrained, but Yue Guan’s attack is really useless to Lin Feng.


The long stick hit the chrysanthemum and gave a thud.

In the next second, the chrysanthemum shattered, Lin Feng’s long stick was slightly reduced, and he continued to move towards Yue Guan.

However, at this time, Yue Guan’s teammates behind him also attacked, and the two huge spirit powers collided instantly.


A muffled sound, after all, Lin Feng’s long stick formidable power was even better, blasting the joint attack of several people.

However, his long stick didn’t have much power in the end, and it hit everyone, only to fly their spit blood flying upside down.

“Old Chrysanthemum, didn’t you just scold you quite happily? Why don’t you talk now?” While cursing low, Lin Feng stepped directly on Yue Guan’s body.

At the same time, with a light wave of his left hand, Shadow Restraint mobilized and confined several other people in place.

His second Spirit Ability, now reaching 100,000 years later, although it is nothing for half a god level powerhouse.

But for the average Titled Douluo, the toxin is terrifying. In less than ten seconds, those toxins fainted several people.

At this time, Lin Feng had already poked the long stick into Yue Guan’s face, “Didn’t you old fellow be arrogant just now? Why are you not talking now?”

Originally, Lin Feng thought that Yue Guan would be stubborn.

However, he didn’t say a word at this time, just staring at Lin Feng bitterly.

“It’s really boring.” Seeing this, Lin Feng was too lazy to say anything.

With a flick of his wrist, the long stick directly hit Yue Guan’s head from the side… With a pong, the other person fainted.

these all are experience baby, it would be too wasteful to kill it, it is better to close it.

After shaking Shadow Restraint to tie Yue Guan, Lin Feng didn’t stop, and quickly went to help his teammates.

Before that, Bibi Dong had already left with someone.

She knew very well that if she went back to save people, they would all have to be killed, so it was better to run first at this time.

And most importantly, after a careful search when Bibi Dong just ran away, all the ‘trackers’ that Lin Feng placed on everyone were removed.

So Lin Feng has always been mental force on before, and he is tracking in the air.

In this case, people are not chased down, but now Bibi Dong runs straight away, it is very difficult for him to chase him anymore.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t plan to chase him.

At this time, it is most important to keep the other people behind. Thinking about it, he immediately came to Tang Xiao and the others to help tie up the four.

Lin Feng said before that if you can’t kill, you can’t kill. If there is no other way, then kill.

Because of Lin Feng’s fast movements, he finally turned around in a circle, and none of the Spirit Masters in Spirit Hall were killed.

However, three people ran away because of a delay.

It was Gui Mei and the other two worshipers. They were relatively strong and responded quickly, so they ran away.

Lin Feng didn’t say much about this, and just ran away. At this time, 13 people were caught, which exceeded his expectations of 10 people.

In fact, if Lin Feng continues to chase, there is a high probability that he will be able to catch one or two back.

But he is a bit tired now. He had been in a big battle before, and his mental force had been exhausted when he was chasing people.

Now that one thing is done, others are sighed in relief, and they are no longer ready to pursue it.

In this way, the entire group grabbed the thirteen powerhouses of Spirit Hall and got together.

“Happiness! Happiness! In a battle today, so many people were captured!” Jin Huan Douluo said with a laugh.

He has been in hiding for hundreds of years, and now he has experienced a great battle since he was born, and he is still very happy.

Others also said with a smile: “Yes, today is such a big victory, the momentum of our Spirit Master alliance will spread quickly.”

Tang Xiao also said: “This battle is mainly due to Thanos Elder. If he hadn’t consumed most of the spirit power of the people in Spirit Hall, we wouldn’t have won so easily, really powerful!”

Tang Xiao’s words are very reasonable. When fighting just now, everyone could easily see that the resistance of this group of people was not strong.

The reason is that their spirit power was too large before consumption.

At this time, everyone was talking, and they looked towards Lin Feng with admiration.

The latter waved his hand with a smile, “This is nothing, everyone, Elder, can become as strong as me in the future as long as they cultivate well.”

“Okay.” Lin Feng waved his hand: “Today, our Spirit Alliance captured 13 people from Spirit Hall, among them Titled Douluo 12, Spirit Douluo one, a big victory!”

“Big Victory!”

“Big Victory!”

Such a brilliant result, even if everyone is Titled Douluo, they are all very excited at this time.

While yelling, everyone hurried away with the captives moved towards Heaven Dou City.

At the same time, on the other side, Bibi Dong and Gui Mei joined together and quickly moved towards Spirit City.

Bibi Dong is not sure if Lin Feng will catch up with them again after removing those marks, so the safest way is to keep going back to Spirit City.

Along the way, everyone was silent and very silent.

Because they know that the remaining thirteen people may be killed in battle!


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