Douluo’s Auxiliary System Upgrade Chapter 493


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In fact, there is no hard standard for Sea God’s assessment. After all, it is not a fixed computer program. It has a lot of operability.

For example, now, Bo Saixi says that it only takes the average duration to reach it, and it can be lazy in the first half year, just add it back at worst.

And even these are not fixed.

In the original work, Tang San sometimes completes the assessment in advance if the breakthrough is too big, so these Sea God assessments are extremely maneuverable.

At this time, Ma Hongjun said with a smile: “I thought the third exam was too difficult, and it was not much different from the first exam!”

Because everyone has a very high degree of control over spirit power, they are actually very good at this kind of stress test.

This pillar is not very different from Seagod’s Light. It’s all that stimulates its potential under pressure.

With Seagod’s Light experience ahead, everyone is not too nervous about the third exam.

Bo Saixi said: “The first test does not impose the slightest restriction on you, and there is not much danger. And this third test will restrict the auxiliary Spirit Ability of you all persons, and the waves are very If you get hit by a chain while you are out of your power, there is also a mortal danger.”

Bo Saixi is not alarmist. The formidable power of this wave is huge. If it is hit by a chain, it is normal to have a mortal danger!

“Because of the dangerous environment, when you are tested, I will always stand by. If you can’t hold it up, just shout and I will bring you out.”

Hearing what Bo Saixi said was so dangerous, everyone looked grim, no longer contemptuously.

And they also feel that the support system Spirit Ability within the body seems to be really restricted.

But Lin Feng’s words, he is not at all subject to this restriction, because he once again resisted the power of this seal outside.

Soon, he directly moved towards Dai Mubai and said: “This assessment is not very difficult, you can go to the mainland to hunt for a spirit ring first.”

Next, Lin Feng looked towards Tang San everyone, “As for you, you can experience it here for a few days, and we will come back soon.”

“Huh? Brother Feng, are you going too?” Everyone felt that Thanos would take Dai Mubai to go. If Lin Feng went, it would be a bit redundant.

And Lin Feng quickly found an excuse, said with a smile: “I have something to do when I go back, so we will be together this time.”

hearing this, everyone did not ask much, and obviously agreed with Lin Feng’s statement.

Dai Mubai is also nodded and agreed to this plan.

Seeing this, Bo Saixi also said timely: “Dai Mubai, since you made such a decision, then I will not stop you, I hope you can hold on to the test later.”

“I will.” Dai Mubai nodded and said.

“Let’s go, Master Thanos is already waiting for us.” Lin Feng said with a smile.

In this way, Lin Feng soon left with Dai Mubai.

On the spot, Tang San said: “Senior High Priest, then let’s start now, I will trouble you.”

After Lin Feng left, Tang San became the command of everyone.

“Okay, I will send you down.” The voice fell, and a dazzling blue light burst out of Bo Saixi’s body.

The blue light quickly penetrated into the bodies of the seven. They only felt that their bodies were floating, moving towards the seven pillars below and flying away.

This kind of pillar is called Shen Yinzhu. It is a fairly powerful training material. In the same volume, it weighs several times heavier than gold. The density is very large. It is estimated that this one has 100,000 Heavy!

At this time, the seven quickly flew onto the Immersion Silver Pillar, and the originally gray pillar instantly burst into blue rays of light.

The next second, five heavy silver rings appeared on the pillar, locking everyone on the pillar.

“Now, the trial begins!”

As Bo Saixi’s voice fell, the blue rays of light in her hand began to dissipate, and the calm sea instantly rushed, and huge waves tens of meters high began to move towards everyone.

At this moment, everyone felt a sense of pressure.

The pressure is not strong, but it makes everyone nervous. After all, this is the third test. According to Bo Saixi, it is much harder than the first test. They are still a little nervous.

But soon, when the waves hit everyone, their eyes were full of surprises.

Originally, they thought that the impact of this kind of huge wave would be terrifying and would make them feel tremendous pressure, but after being exposed to the huge wave, the fact is just the opposite.

This huge wave is too weak, it can even be said that it doesn’t feel at all.

However, everyone soon discovered that this kind of huge waves didn’t stop for a while, but were endless, one after another.

And the pressure of the huge waves will slowly start to stack up, maybe one or two hundred times is nothing, one or two thousand times can only be said to be fine.

But tens of thousands of times, hundreds of thousands of times, tens of millions of times, the pressure by then will make everyone desperate.

However, because of the different positions of the pillars, the pressure on each pillar is different. The higher the front, the stronger the impact, while the back, the weaker the impact.

Now, Tang San is at the top, Xiao Wu is second, Xue Qinghe is third, Zhu Zhuqing…

Anyway, according to the previous results in Seagod’s Light, everyone is ranked here.

At first, everyone thought that the third test was very easy, but after an hour, the impact they faced was already great, not worse than that of Seagod’s Light, which was about 100 floors.

The most important thing is that everyone found that when under pressure in Seagod’s Light, that pressure comes from one direction.

As a result of the impact of the huge wave, the power is wrapped around me, and the pressure is not very even. It is very troublesome to move from left to right.

Even if you have a strong spirit power control ability, in this case, you feel extremely stressed.

As time passed, I gradually became unable to hold on. One and a half hours later, Ning Rongrong, the weakest body, couldn’t hold on, and was brought out by Bo Saixi.

After five minutes, Oscar came out.

And two hours later, Ma Hongjun came out.

Two and a half hours later, Xue Qinghe came out.

Three and a half hours later, Xiao Wu came out.

As for the last Tang San, he persisted for six and a half hours before finally coming out.

For such outrageous results, Bo Saixi has been shocked and does not know what to say.

Especially Tang San, who participated in the assessment for the first time, persisted for six and a half hours, which was really scary.

Even Bo Saixi himself only had more than three hours back then, almost like Xiao Wu.

At that time, her strength had reached Spirit Douluo, and the highest person in front of her was Spirit Saint that’s all.

So, Bo Saixi was shocked.

And she guessed that if Lin Feng were here, the operation might be even more amazing!

When Bo Saixi thought about this, Lin Feng already took the identity of Thanos and took the two to the north forest.

Next, Lin Feng found an excuse to leave, only Thanos accompanied Dai Mubai, looking for Spirit Beast in the forest.

On the surface, it seems that only two people are looking for it. In fact, Lin Feng has sent nearly a hundred doppelgangers in the forest to search for suitable Spirit Beasts.

So, in less than an hour, Lin Feng found a very suitable Spirit Beast for Dai Mubai.

Of course, Thanos impossible directly said it, but moved towards that side and rushed there, and finally found this Spirit Beast by ‘coincidentally’.

In just one day, Dai Mubai successfully won the seventh spirit ring.

This is a colorful tiger with more than sixty thousand years. Whether it is Spirit Beast or its spirit ring age, it is perfect for Dai Mubai.

However, the longer the Spirit Beast of the spirit ring is absorbed, the longer it will take. When Dai Mubai is completely absorbed, it will already be dawn.

In this way, Thanos took Dai Mubai to find Lin Feng, and the three quickly returned to Sea God Island.

At this moment, everyone persisted among Shen Yinzhu.

Although Bo Saixi said, you don’t need to fight like that in the first half of the year, you can get used to it.

But everyone has always remembered what Lin Feng said, and it is best to complete a test within three months.

So in the past few days, everyone is very desperate. Except for the time to rest and restore spirit power, they spend the rest of their time with the impact of the waves.

In just three days, their progress is very obvious. Except for the two support system Spirit Masters and Tang San, everyone else can hold on for more than four hours at one time!

This kind of progress can only be described by the word terrifying. Anyway, the shocked expression on Bo Saixi’s face has not stopped.

There is no way, because the control of their own spirit power is too subtle, even if it is a huge wave with pressure all over the body, everyone quickly adapts, and the tolerance time is rapidly increasing.

After Lin Feng and Dai Mubai arrived, they didn’t talk nonsense, they chose a pillar each and jumped over.

Fortunately, Dai Mubai chose a pillar in the second row.

As for Lin Feng, he didn’t hesitate to choose the front one, in front of everyone, to withstand the impact of the most mighty waves.

Everyone saw this scene.

They are very curious as to how long Dai Mubai and Lin Feng will be able to sustain them if they bear the impact for the first time.

That’s it. Three hours later, Dai Mubai was pulled out by Bo Saixi.

When people are in the air, the spirit power is turbulent, and the breakthrough instantly becomes seventy Level 3.

After absorbing the spirit ring before, he reached Level 12. He didn’t expect to break through again under this pressure.

With excitement, Dai Mubai began to meditate to restore his physical strength and spirit power.

At this moment, on the wall of a sinking silver pillar in the forefront, Lin Feng easily bears the waves after another.

Compared with the first test of Seagod’s Light, this tidal body refinement is all about squeezing its own potential, but there are still differences.

The effect of this tide is a little stronger, because while squeezing the potential, it can also strengthen your body.

And these huge waves, constantly superimposed pressure, each impact will be stronger than the last.

This kind of combined pressure will temper your body and make your physical fitness stronger.

Lin Feng discovered that this superimposed pressure is not caused by the huge wave itself, but by the fusion of the special power of Sea God Island and the huge wave.

If your physical fitness is not strong enough, you will easily be squeezed out of the spirit power and physical strength by this force, and you can only withdraw.

Lin Feng’s words, his physical fitness is too strong, this level of huge wave impact is nothing at all, he will not be washed away.

The most important reason why he is here to bear the impact this time is not for assessment, but for experiencing that’s all.

He is experiencing the power of Sea God to see if he can analyze it.

However, it has been ten hours, and he still doesn’t care.

It seems that with his current strength, it is still too difficult to analyze the divine force.

Thinking about it, he didn’t endure the huge waves anymore, but broke free from the heavy silver ring, and grabbed the hundreds of thousands of kilograms of pillar with his backhand.

What is he going to do?

Bo Saixi has been watching everyone, so when Lin Feng changed, she found out.

At the same time, she is a little confused, what is Lin Feng going to do? Why didn’t you continue to bear the impact, but instead grabbed Shen Yinzhu.

Does…he is going to lift Shen Yinzhu? !

I have to say that Bo Saixi guessed very accurately, and Lin Feng just wanted to lift the pillar.

Because he can see that the main purpose of the third test of Sea God is to let people have a good physical fitness.

The current physical strength of Lin Feng clearly exceeds the upper limit of the third test.

What he has to do is to show the beyond.

As long as the show is successful, he should be able to complete the assessment directly!

Thinking about this, Lin Feng’s strength is fully utilized, and various Spirit Ability is secretly released and blessed on his body, and a faint golden rays of light appears on the surface of the whole person.

The next second, his hands pressed hard and suddenly pulled out!

ka ka! bang bang!

In Bo Saixi’s almost dull gaze, Lin Feng actually lifted the Shen Yinzhu a little bit.

At this moment, a special spirit power fluctuation centered on the Shen Yinzhu in Lin Feng’s hand, moving towards the four directions spread out.

The waves of the entire desperate situation disappeared instantly, appearing extremely quiet.

“What happened?” Many people closed their eyes and clenched their teeth, waiting for the arrival of the huge waves.

But at this time, they realized that there were no waves, and the surrounding area became quiet for an instant.

They hurriedly opened their eyes, and soon found out that Lin Feng raised Shen Yinzhu with both hands in the front.

“Fuck! Brother Feng, Niuban, this column is dead, and I can’t lift the column even with the energy I used to suckle. Didn’t expect Brother Feng to lift the column!” Ma Hongjun grew his mouth.

Tang San was also shocked in his eyes. He knew Lin Feng was strong, but lifting the 100,000 catties of Shen Yinzhu would be too vigorous!

Bo Saixi was also shocked, because she knew that the pillar was extremely heavy, and even she had to do her best to be able to lift this thing.

But how old is Lin Feng? He even lifted up directly at this time. Isn’t that strength about the same as her? This completely exceeded her expectations!

At this time, Lin Feng didn’t lift it for long, and quickly put it down.

The pillar is too heavy. If he does his best without disguising, he should be able to pick it up and walk a few steps.

But now it’s good to be able to lift it up because of the need to cover up.


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